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					Vol. LIII, No. 19                                              May 12, 2011                                                     8 Iyar 5771

           TEMPLE MEMBER SPOTLIGHT                                                             Alan Klinger Is
                                                                                               Nominated As
                                                                                               Next President
                                                                                               Election is Monday, June 6
                                                                                                    Alan Klinger has been selected to be the
                                                                                               next Temple president by the congregation’s
                                                                                               Nominating Committee. The committee also
                                                                                               recommended a slate of vice presidents and
                                                                                               members of the Board of Trustees.
                                                                                                    The election will be held at a General
                                                                                               Membership Meeting, on Monday, June 6,
                                                                                               at 8:15 P.M.
                                                                                                    Also to be voted upon at the meeting is
                                                                                               the annual budget, which will be sent to the
                                                                                               membership for review before the meeting.
                                                                                                    Nominated as vice presidents are Seth
                                                                                               Horowitz, Dr. Parviz Khodadadian, Dr. Rob-
                                                                                               ert Lopatkin, Dr. Robert Panzer, Rebecca
                                                                                               Yousefzadeh Sassouni, Gary Sazer and

   Elise and Richard Kestenbaum:                                                               Steven Shepsman.
                                                                                                    Named to a first three-year term on the
                                                                                               Board of Trustees are Jackie Astrof and
   Happy With Their Temple Accomplishments                                                     Pargol Khadavi. Trustees nominated to a
                                                                                               second three-year term are Joanna Eshag-

    And Ready To Take On New Challenges
                                                                                               hoff, Sam Husney, Robert Kahen, Marc
                                                                                               Langsner, Zina Rutkin-Becker and Steve
   By Marc Katz, Editor                                                                             Stepping down as officers are Alise
         When Richard Kestenbaum became president of Temple Israel, he really didn’t           Kreditor and Cheryl Eisberg Moin. Stepping
   know what the next five-and-a-half years had in store. The years were full of a non-        down from the Board of Trustees are Seth
   stop stream of major events that kept him busy beyond his imagination.                      Horowitz and Dr. Robert Lopatkin.
         The events had a profound effect on the congregation, too. There was the huge              According to the Temple by-laws, any
   fire that destroyed half of the Temple complex, the struggle to cope with the loss from     20 or more members in good standing can
   the fire and then rebuild the destroyed Beth HaGan Nursery School and Religious             nominate additional candidates to be voted
   School, the hurried arrangements to continue classes for all three Temple schools, the      upon at the annual election, provided the
   prolonged negotiations with the caterer to rebuild the Grand Ballroom, the untimely         name is filed with the secretary at least 20
   death of Temple Executive Director Harriet Schiff and the search for a suitable re-         days before the General Meeting. No other
   placement, the hiring of a new associate rabbi, bringing new leadership to the Waxman       nominations will be considered.
   High School and Youth House, and on and on.                                                      The Nominating Committee included
         “This job was nothing like I expected,” he said last week while looking back as his   Mike Delafraz, Barbara Levy, Jose Nebro,
   time in office—longer than any other Temple president served consecutively—that is          Ossie Spector, Barbara Spun, Dr. Michael
   now drawing to a close. “I really didn’t know what to expect, but this wasn’t it.”          Ziegelbaum, and Jonathan Hoffman, chair.
                                                                    ——Continued on page 8      Manny Alani was an alternate member of the
 A VOICE GUEST COLUMN                                                                                      FROM THE RABBI

    Kedoshim Part I: An Explanation                                                                                  Judgment
                                                                                 By Alan Klinger                             By Rabbi Seth Adelson

EDITOR’S NOTE: Temple Israel members, under the direction of Cantor Raphael Frieder,                            It is customary, when hearing of a death
conducted an all-female Shabbat service weekend, followed by an all-male counterpart. At                   or bad news to say the curtailed berakhah,
the all-female service, Susan Wagner delivered the D’var Torah. At the all-male service, her               “Barukh dayyan ha-emet” (Blessed is the Judge
husband, Alan Klinger, gave the D’var Torah. It was fitting, therefore, at last month’s Shabbat            of truth). For better or for worse, we
Koleinu, an all-member run Shabbat weekend of services, that both Susan Wagner and Alan                    understand this statement as one of
Klinger presented the D’var Torah.                                                                         condolence, i.e. “I’m sorry for your loss.”
     This Voice Guest Column and the one below contain excerpts from their D’vrei Torah.                   However, the plain meaning is more about
                                                                                                           our submission to divine will in giving life
     This week’s parsha, Kedoshim—the pur-           and practices of the priestly class, to those of      and taking it away than our human need for
suit of holiness—is the perfect pairing for          the Israelite people generally. What is pre-          comfort.
Shabbat Koleinu. The celebration of “our             sented here, in Chapter 19 of Leviticus, the cen-          It is not a statement with which I am
voices,” the collective participation of the         tral part of the center book of the Torah, is a       entirely comfortable. What this deceptively
                                                     prescription of how the people of Israel need         simple line says is, effectively, God made the
...if you were to read                               live if they are to attain holiness, oneness with
                                                     God. In a real sense, this is our “social contract”
                                                                                                           decision to take my great-aunt Sadie out of
                                                                                                           this world at this time. Perhaps it is easier to

  only one chapter                                   more than a thousand years before Rousseau.
                                                           There can be no mistake about the im-

  of the Torah, this
                                                     portance of holiness: Verse 2 lays it out: “You
                                                     shall be holy, for I, the Lord your God, am
                                                                                                               Would I have
should be the one...
                                                     holy.” Many commentators have this as an
                                                     order from God. I believe the Etz Chayim               rather seen a trial
                                                     commentary has it right: It is not an order,

women, men and children of our congrega-
                                                     but a promise of God that, if you follow these
                                                     rules, the people of Israel would be made
                                                                                                            of a live bin Laden
                                                                                                              at the hands of
tion leading services,…dovetails with the            holy.” At first reading, this chapter seems like
Torah’s change in focus from the obligations                                       Continued on page 6

A VOICE GUEST COLUMN                                                                                             American
   Part II: Bringing Kedoshim Home                                                                            jurisprudence?
                                                                                By Susan Wagner
      It is not hard to see the relevance of these   able to us to actively participate in our Jew-        accept this idea for those who have lived
messages for all of us here today. This Shab-        ish life.                                             long and fulfilling lives, rather than those
bat we have transitioned in just the same way              To pick up on the metaphor of                   who are taken from this world seemingly
the arc of Vyikrah anticipates. We have each         Kedoshim, our clergy, our so called priestly          before their time. Or, perhaps, for the
participated in different ways even if it is just    sect, on a daily basis actively challenge us—         scoundrels of this world rather than the
to lend support to a friend or family mem-                                                                 pious and the saintly.
ber through an encouraging word or smile.
With these actions, we have taken up the re-
                                                        Each one of us                                          In the case of the (not necessarily
                                                                                                           planned) execution of Osama bin Laden at
sponsibilities of being part of God’s holy
people.                                              has been enlightened                                  the hands of Navy SEALs in Pakistan I can
                                                                                                           only say, Barukh dayyan ha-emet. Would I have
      But, the interaction between God and
                                                         and elevated
                                                                                                           rather seen a trial of a live bin Laden at the
people, just as discussed in Kedoshim, is not                                                              hands of American jurisprudence? Surely.
static. Action, as Alan recounted, is required                                                             We will never hear the painful testimony of
on our part. I think the message of Kedoshim
is that we are obligated to move beyond our-          by this experience.                                  those who lost family members; we will
                                                                                                           never watch the details of the destruction of
selves and this may mean moving out of our                                                                 that day re-examined in court. We will never
comfort zones. Our thoughts and gestures             the congregation of Israel—to fulfill the             read the deadpan reports of bin Laden’s
need to go beyond simply not doing some-             opening lines of the parsha: “You shall be            stoic, bearded face as he is subjected to the
thing wrong or unethical, but to actively as-        holy, for I, the Lord your God, am holy.”             peculiarly Western revenge that is marked
sume communal responsibilities. Certainly,                Wherever you turn there is another op-           by long trials.
learning how to read from the Torah or lead-         portunity to participate in activities that are            All we have to fall back on is God’s
ing the congregation in tefillah reflects an ac-     designed to bring us together as a congrega-          verdict. The true Judge has made His
tive assumption of communal responsibili-            tion and to connect each of us spiritually to         decision, and this swift kill has denied us the
ties, and there are so many other ways avail-                                  Continued on page 6                                    Continued on page 7
Wanted: The Special                                        UPCOMING EVENTS AT TEMPLE ISRAEL
Love of a Grandparent
                                                  May       19      Temple Board of Trustees Meeting                              8:15 P.M.
                                                            26      Beth HaGan Nursery School Art and Literature Fair             5:30 P.M.
                                                            26      Men’s Club Texas Hold’em Night                                7:30 P.M.
By Barbara Spun
                                                            28      “Shabbat Talk” with Leah Guren                                1:00 P.M
     As the Passover season approaches each
                                                  June       5      Salute to Israel Day Parade in Manhattan
year, I vividly recall the warm memories of
                                                            7       Erev Shavuot – Tikkun Leyl Shavuot                            7:15 P.M.
sharing this special holiday with my grand-
                                                            8-9     Shavuot
parents. Though neither spoke English and
                                                            12      Annual Temple Journal Dinner Dance                           5:00 P.M.
depended on us to support them, my sister
                                                                    Honoring Elise and Hon. Richard Kestenbaum
and I always felt wrapped in a warm blan-
                                                            24-25   Annual Lillian Schiowitz Memorial Lecture
ket of their love. We loved being near them
                                                                    Scholar-in-Residence Weekend
any time of year.
     This Passover I wondered about those

                                                          “Life, Death and Afterlife”
children who, for one reason or another, don’t
have the ongoing experience of the special
kind of love and wisdom that grandparents
bring. I wondered if we could create a match
between these children and those who might                          with Rabbi Howard Stecker
be willing to offer a grandparent’s love.                Insights from the Talmud Tractate Sanhedrin into the law
     If you are interested in becoming part
                                                            and legend around capital cases, the meaning of life
of a circle of grandparents who are willing
to open their arms and hearts to establish this                  and speculation about what happens next.
unique relationship with children, please get
in touch with me at <>
or by calling 773-4116.                                     MAY 24, 31, JUNE 14, 28 and JULY 5
    MAZAL TOV TO . . .                                         Class will begin at 8:30 P.M. on May 24,
• Elissa and William Rosengarten on the              All other classes begin at 8:15 P.M. & conclude at 9:30 P.M.
birth of their grandson, Remy Jonah

• Shahnaz and Dr. Neil Goldman on the
birth of their granddaughter, Raquel Bracha
                                                                  A Friday Evening Service
D AILY M INYAN T IMES                                    May 20 at 6:30 P.M. in the Crystal Ballroom
        Attend the Daily Minyan!
Mon. & Thur.       6:45 A.M.         8:00 P.M.                    Welcome Shabbat with tuneful davening
Tues. & Wed.
                   7:00 A.M.
                   7:00 A.M.
                                     8:00 P.M.
                                     6:30 P.M.
                                                                      led by Cantor Raphael Frieder.
Sat., May 14       8:45 A.M.         7:25 P.M.      Join in an intimate and uplifting prayer experience. The service is
Sat., May 21       8:45 A.M.         7:30 P.M.        followed by a kiddush with light refreshments and socializing.
Sunday             8:15 A.M.         8:00 P.M.

  EDITOR’S NOTE: “In Quotes” calls attention to passages from              This issue’s quote is the beginning of the Aleinu prayer,
  Jewish prayers and writings frequently overlooked or said by rote,   which is recited in every daily service. What’s your favorite quote?
  but profoundly written.                                              Submit it to The Voice, c/o Temple Israel office.

       c We rise to our duty to praise the Master of all,
                                    to acclaim the Creator.
                                       God made our lot
                                  unlike that of other people,
                               assigning to us a unique destiny. d
B’nai/B’not Mitzvah In Our Temple Family

            Julia Shahery                                 Jessica Monahemi                                   Neeva Shafiian
Julia Leah Shahery will be called to the To-    Jessica Monahemi will be celebrating her Bat      Neeva Leila Shafiian will be called to the
rah as a Bat Mitzvah on May 14. She is the      Mitzvah on May 21. She is the daughter of         Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on May 21. She is the
daughter of Sheila and Farzad (Frank)           Sepideh and Elyas Monahemi and has a              daughter of Golareh Sina and Sohrab
Shahery and has two brothers, Kevin, 16,        brother, Levi, 12, and a sister, Kayla, 8. Jes-   (David) Shafiian and has two sisters, Saba,
and, Daniel, 9. Leah is a seventh grade honor   sica is a seventh grade student at Great Neck     17, and, Lana, 11. Neeva is a seventh grade
student at Great Neck North Middle School.      North Middle School. Jessica enjoys soccer,       student at Jericho Middle School, where she
She enjoys playing the piano, which she has     football, basketball, walking, and her favor-     is in an accelerated program and is a recipi-
been playing since she was 5 years old. Leah    ite sport, tennis. She will continue her Jew-     ent of the Personal Best Award and Aca-
also enjoys playing tennis and dancing. She     ish education through private tutoring and        demic Excellence Award. She enjoys per-
is currently attending the Waxman High          will attend the Waxman High School and            forming community service, cheerleading,
School and Youth House and read from the        Youth House next year. Jessica celebrated her     art and singing. She is excited about her up-
Torah at the Kotel last summer.                 Bat Mitzvah in Jerusalem this past summer.        coming visit to Israel this summer.

      Under this heading, the next issue
 of The Voice will publish the names of
 the daughters and sons of Temple fami-
 lies who will be receiving college or
 postgraduate degrees. To be listed, par-
 ents of students should complete the
 form below and return this coupon to
 The Voice, “Congratulations, Gradu-
 ates,” c/o the Temple office, by May 20.

 Name of Graduate: _________________

 ______________________________________                      Carly Weisen                                        Brian Klig
                                                Carly Weisen will be celebrating her Bat          Brian Parker Klig will be called to the Torah
 Son/Daughter of: __________________            Mitzvah on May 28. She is the daughter of         as a Bar Mitzvah on May 28. He is the son of
                                                Barbara and the late Stephen Weisen and has       Ellen and Steven Klig and has a brother, Ja-
 ______________________________________         a brother, Daniel, 17. Carly is a seventh grade   son, 17. Brian is a seventh grade student at
                                                honor student at Great Neck North Middle          Great Neck South Middle School. He enjoys
 College: ___________________________           School, where she was named Student of the        playing soccer and tennis on his school teams
                                                Month. She is an avid athlete and plays on        as well as being a black diamond skier. Brian
 ______________________________________         the school’s soccer, basketball, volleyball and   is currently attending the Waxman High
                                                lacrosse teams. Carly also enjoys mentoring       School and Youth House and plans to visit
 Degree: ___________________________            children with special needs. She is currently     Israel in the near future.
                                                attending the Waxman High School and
 Awards: ___________________________            Youth House. To mark her Bat Mitzvah she
                                                became a Life Member of Hadassah.
 !em$le 'srael of Great /eck Reli4ious 6chool 'n9ites:
               !"" T%&'"% (%&)%*+ ,-.

                    (Rain Location: Temple Israel Crystal Ballroom) 

Bring your own Kosher Dairy Lunch & Blanket, and
   the Temple will provide drinks and dessert!*

      Lots of Fun for Everyone!
Drum Circle w/Sara Shonfeld, Musical Minds
             Relay Races with Rabbi Klirs

      This is an official Family Education Event!
  *RSVP to Miriam Kobliner:, 829-3444
  Directions from Temple Israel: Turn Right on Old Mill Road, Right on Middle Neck Rd.,
                           Left on Allenwood Road to the end.

                   Kedoshim Part I: An Explanation
——Continued from page 2                              on ethical behavior; the second with ritual.         leave food to provide for the poor).
a hodge-podge of directives, some 52 of              Right up front, the Torah teaches us that both             The next set of verses ring familiar: “You
them, delivered in random order, with parts          aspects of observance are important.                 shall not steal, or deal deceitfully with one
of the Ten Commandments sprinkled in.                      Move to Verse 9: When you reap the             another, or profane the name of God,” again
Upon reflection, however, we see the genius          harvest of your land, you shall not reap all         combining broad ethical and religious pro-
of Kedoshim, for if you were to read only            the ways to the edges or gather the glean-           nouncements. Yet, Kedoshim quickly moves
one chapter of the Torah, this should be the         ings of your harvest; Verse 10, you shall not        to the more mundane: “The wages of a la-
one, to understand the principles of how             pick your vineyard bare. The commentator,            borer shall not remain with you until morn-
people are to relate to God and to each other.       Milgom, sees a similar pairing here. The             ing.” The Torah here shows concern for the
     Take the first two combined rules: You          message combines religious duty (not to har-         practicalities of day-to-day existence. People
shall revere your mother and father; and you         vest all the field) with principles of social jus-   should be paid timely; they have bills to cover.
are to keep God’s Sabbaths. The first centers        tice (that the people of Israel are obliged to             Without missing a beat, we turn to Verse
                                                                                                          14, offering a very different set of teachings:

    Part II: Bringing Kedoshim Home                                                                       “You shall not insult the deaf, or place a
                                                                                                          stumbling block before the blind.” What is
                                                                                                          meant here? For, if the person is deaf, insult-
——Continued from page 2                              ways to fulfill the imperative of holiness. But I    ing them is not likely to cause them pain, it
our heritage as Jews. This weekend was designed      think the point needs to be made that it is in       would go unnoticed. Similarly, a blind per-
with exactly that purpose in mind. For some of       the act of the fulfillment of this commandment       son won’t know who put a stumbling block
us it is a redo, for others we have entered new      that we reap the best consequences. It is the        before them. The Torah teaches us that it is
territory. In all circumstances, whether you read    people we meet, the friendships we make, the         morally wrong to act in such way, regard-
from the Torah, chanted the Haftorah, lead the       sense of accomplishment we feel and the sense        less of whether it would be discoverable. We

                                                     … we are obligated
congregation in tefillah or helped to organize the                                                        are not to take advantage of those, like the
event, you are one step closer to the participa-                                                          deaf and blind, who are vulnerable.
tion that brings us into harmony with God.                                                                      This brings us to the precise center of the
      Rabbi Rachel Esserman, in her commen-
tary on Kedoshim, explains the responsibility         to move beyond                                      chapter, the famous passage: “Love your fel-
                                                                                                          low as yourself.” Much has been written about

in a way each one of us can relate to: “We need                                                           this, with Rabbi Akiva labeling it, as reflected
to celebrate the holiness of our everyday lives.                                                          in the Etz Chayim commentary, “a basic prin-
While we may not be able to leave food in the                                                             ciple in the Torah.” Hillel’s version, offered
fields, we can carefully consider which of our
donations of time and money make us holy.            and this may mean                                    as a summary of the Torah, to me seems more
                                                                                                          apt: “What is distasteful to you, don’t do to

                                                       moving out of
While we certainly would not think of putting                                                             another person.” While it might be hard to
a stumbling block in front of a blind person,                                                             favor someone as much as you do yourself,
we should consider the holiness of our words
                                                     our comfort zones.
                                                                                                          the prescription not to act in a way you would
and actions towards our family and friends.                                                               not want, seems just and attainable.
She suggests that it may make sense to repeat                                                                   The rest of the chapter rounds out the
the words “You shall be holy for I the Lord          of spirituality which infuses us that inures our     areas of human relations covering topics as
your God am holy” every morning so that we           own benefit. I think the Torah has an excellent      diverse as respect for elders, sexual relations,
will be reminded each day to search for ways         psychological understanding of people; requir-       and business ethics, detailing how honest
to fulfill God’s commandment.                        ing us to live an active moral and social life       trade is to be conducted.
      While there are many ongoing activities        enhances our own existence. I know that we all             This brings me to the last point for this
at Temple Israel that assists us in our efforts      feel that emotion today. Each one of us has been     part. A few weeks ago, Rabbi Stecker oversaw
to be holy, I think that joining our next adult      enlightened and elevated by this experience.         a colloquy, addressing in part the issue whether
Bar and Bat Mitzvah group is an excellent way              We, at Temple Israel, come from diverse        the Jews are the chosen people. Some have ex-
to continue what was started here this Shab-         backgrounds and every Shabbat when vari-             pressed discomfort with that notion, and there
bat. And, while there are certainly many other       ous traditions are integrated into our service       is the well-known drash that speaks to Jews
opportunities, I would like to make special          it strikes me how lucky we are to be a part          being the “choosing people,” having accepted
mention of the upcoming Israel Day Parade,           of such a diverse range of voices. If you will,      the obligations of the Torah when others
which is another way to be actively engaged          Temple Israel’s “Koleinu” is so unique and           passed. Here, in Chapter 20, there can be no
as a Jew, to be part of the holy community.          it is a privilege to be a part of it.                mistake that the Torah speaks to a desired sepa-
       Undoubtedly there are so many other                  I know that we all sense the welcoming        ration of the Jewish people from others, echo-

  Temple Israel’s                                    nature of our clergy and our congregation and
                                                     that no one is a stranger here. But, feeling wel-
                                                                                                          ing portions of Chapter 18 and other places in
                                                                                                          the Torah. In considering the rationale, I be-
                                                     come is not enough. To really feel a part of         lieve there is comfort in the theme that the sepa-
    “Koleinu”                                        something necessitates taking your own steps.
                                                     That is the message of Kedoshim. Do not rely
                                                                                                          ration is being decreed not because we are bet-
                                                                                                          ter, but to avoid obstacles other groups may

   is so unique                                      on the actions of others, even the priests, to
                                                     bring you into a relationship with God. You
                                                                                                          pose to the path to holiness. The separation, I
                                                                                                          believe, is not meant as to all, but to those that

and it is a privilege
                                                     must act. Everyone here today has acted, ev-         don’t seek to satisfy the precepts of the social
                                                     eryone here today has taken those steps. And,        contract. And, in a parsha that commands that
                                                     as a result, we have all fulfilled the message       a stranger residing in your land is not to be

 to be a part of it.                                 of Kedoshim. Let us together as a congrega-
                                                     tion continue to be worthy of Kedoshim tihiyu.
                                                                                                          wronged, but is to be treated and loved, well,
                                                                                                          that is a sign of a good and inclusive people.

                                                             The Year at the Youth House
      Kindle the Sabbath Lights!
Friday, May 13……............…….…....7:44 P.M.
Friday, May 20...…...............………...7:51 P.M.

Congregation Thanks                                                                                                  By Rabbi Seth Adelson

Kiddush Sponsors                                        As this is the last Waxman High School and Youth House column of the school year,
     Appreciation is expressed by the              and therefore the last one that I will write as Youth House director, I would like to walk
Temple officers and Board of Trustees to           back through my brief yet moving tenure in that position.
members who have generously sponsored                   The view from my second-floor office has, like all the rooms in the Youth House, glass
and enhanced the Sabbath kiddush.                  walls; it affords me a slightly removed perspective on the goings-on in the building. I see the
     A contribution toward the kiddush on          door and those coming in and out; I can supervise the lobby and some of the well, and I can
April 9 was made by Rebecca and Dr. Nasser         get a sense of some of the classrooms. Over the past year I have learned that in working with
Monahemi in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of            teens, there are times to watch from above, and times to roll up one’s sleeves and dive in.
their son, Jonathan.                                    We began the year in an understated way, with a burial of holy books in the backyard.
     The congregational kiddush on April 26        In the second year of the genizah project, we did not have as much material to bury, but we
was sponsored by Robert Cooperman in               had just as much fun digging in the soil and getting ourselves dirty, concluding with a
honor of reading haftorah on the occasion          somber ceremony. The next event was a trip to Lido Beach on the south shore, and although
of the yahrzeit for his father, Albert J.          Moji was almost carried away by the riptide, we all managed to return safe and slightly
Cooperman.                                         tanned.
                                                        The High Holidays for 5771 were front-loaded, so Itamar and Joe pulled together Rosh

           Judgment                                Hashanah and Yom Kippur programs for teens even as we were trying to get our classes off
                                                   the ground. The Limo Scavenger Hunt, an annual tradition, took place in the middle of
——Continued from page 2                            Sukkot, and one of the stops was in the
earthly beit din in favor of the heavenly one.
     You will not see me celebrating this
                                                   Adelson sukkah, which was brightly lit with
                                                   what some call “Christmas lights,” although         Join us to help
                                                                                                     build on what was
death, like the crowds of people who showed        I prefer the term “holiday lights.” Just after
up in the middle of the night at Ground Zero       Simhat Torah, we took off for the Fall Retreat
and the White House. Osama’s impromptu             at Camp Ramah in Nyack. The weather was
death will not bring back a single one of his
nearly 3,000 victims. Maybe it will ease the
                                                   crisp, the food was great, and the sky was
                                                   clear enough for star-gazing on Saturday             a stellar year.
pain of a few, and allow the rest of us to sleep   night. We bonded and hiked down to the
just a wee bit easier, notwithstanding the         Hudson for Sunday morning tefillot before taking the worst-ever bus ride home.
eager successors back at Al Qaeda head-                 On Martin Luther King Day weekend, we took a trip to Jiminy Peak, my hometown ski
quarters.                                          area, to play in the snow, and donned tefillin while crowded into a budget motel room.
     Rather than rejoice in the death of the       February saw the madly successful trip to Israel, which took 39 teenagers to Eretz haQodesh,
most notoriously successful sponsor of             many of whom for the first time, with the extraordinarily generous support of the Khorshid
international terrorism, let us instead            Dina Harounian Israel Education Fund.
acknowledge the true Judge, and hope that               On Purim we read Megillat Esther for the whole congregation, and during Pesach we
the bad actors of this world are in retreat.       took over the Sanctuary to lead services, and our parents and friends swooned to the lovely
Barukh dayyan ha-emet.                             voices of our teen volunteers. And then the following week we sauntered out to the Catskills
                                                   for our Spring Retreat, where we made our own pizzas and discussed aspects of being holy.
                                                        And let’s not forget that we hosted nearly 150 guests for the USY Chazak Division’s

      Want                                         Annual Spring Kinnus, a gargantuan feat that many in our community contributed to.
                                                        A new program called Team Tikkun, coordinated by Zina Rutkin-Becker, helped a group
                                                   of our teens determine their charitable goals and find appropriate charities that met them.

      Daily                                        Their efforts to repair the world, accomplished with the generous assistance of the Benjamin
                                                   Ziegelbaum Memorial Trust Fund, will give back to others in powerful ways.
                                                        Five of our seniors went out on another Temple Israel first: March of the Living, a
  Temple Israel                                    program that takes high school juniors and seniors to Poland and to Israel; as I write this,
                                                   they are celebrating Yom Haatzmaut in Jerusalem.

    Job Bank                                            And, of course, throughout the year were scattered our assortment of Family Friday
                                                   Night Dinners, sometimes accompanied by our own service, and more often in conjunction
                                                   with Cantor Frieder’s moving, musical N’ranenah service. And we also had regular shul-

    Updates?                                       ins, all-night-long gatherings of junk food and teen camaraderie.
                                                        Congratulations to our fearless president, Ari Panzer, for stepping up to the plate as a
                                                   leader and helping to cultivate a new Board. Yishar koach to Joe and Itamar for making all of
                                                   our activities worthwhile, fun, and educational. Immense gratitude goes to Moji for being
    send your e-mail                               there to help me make all the important decisions, and to the rest of the teaching staff,
                                                   Tziona, Brandon, Lauren, Rabbi Stecker, and Cantor Frieder, for making the academic side
       address to                                  of the Youth House flourish this year.
                                                        As we make a transition to our new director, I will be spending more time watching                                 from above than getting my hands dirty. But I will surely be at the Youth House to teach as
                                                   well as to help out when I can, moving forward.
                                                        Join us to help build on what was a stellar year.
Elise and Richard Kestenbaum:
               Happy With Their Temple Accomplishments
                And Ready To Take On New Challenges
——Continued from front page                        his own style, but because the officers know      strumental in developing the “Rapping with
     As his term as president winds down,          current issues, they will be a great help to      the Rabbi” and “Pre-College Jewish Identity
the congregation is gearing up to honor him        the new president. They don’t always agree        Program” for high school students. She has
and his wife, Elise, at the congregation’s 47th    on everything, but all are respectful of each     been part of several dinner dance commit-
Annual Journal Dinner Dance, to be held            other. They are comfortable working with          tees and recently helped plan the hosting of
Sunday, June 12, beginning at 5 P.M.               each other and can easily help carry on.          music students from Israel’s Afula Conser-
     “The upcoming Journal Dinner Dance                 “My advice to the next president,” he
on June 12 will be the first congregational
affair of its kind on synagogue property since
                                                   said, “is to be open, be available, and recog-
                                                   nize that a lot of the leaders of the congrega-        I am very glad
                                                                                                             I had the
2005,” Dinner Dance Chairs Dr. Lois Sazer,         tion are not elected. This Temple is some-
Rebecca Sassouni and Dr. Michael Ziegel-           thing like an ocean liner. You can’t make any
baum said in a Voice Guest Column last             sharp turns. You just have to pick a direc-
month. “We have held such affairs at other
sites, but as we all know, there is no place
                                                   tion and work towards achieving it.”
                                                        Does he have any regrets? “The only                opportunity.
                                                                                                        I would certainly
like home.”                                        problem I couldn’t solve as president is hav-
     Dinner Dance invitations were mailed          ing the temperature in the Sanctuary be
to members of the congregation last week,          pleasing for everybody!”
along with journal ad forms. An additional
journal ad form is on page nine of this issue
                                                        What is next for the Temple president?
                                                   He says he plans to continue to be active in
                                                                                                            do it again.
of The Voice.                                      Temple Israel affairs, as many other past
     “There was a lot to learn in this job,”       presidents have done, and will continue to        vatory when they visited the community
President Kestenbaum said. “I learned it is        be active in community projects where he          earlier this spring. She has served on the
very important for the rabbi and the presi-        can make a difference.                            United Parent Teacher Council and PTA
dent to be rowing in the same direction. I              President Kestenbaum first came to the       Boards for many years, the Board of the
learned that part of my job is to help further     congregation’s attention as a star in the         Lulav Group of Great Neck Hadassah, and
the Rabbi’s vision. I learned to trust the Rabbi   Temple Israel Players’ production of “Fid-        currently serves as president of the Great
and he learned to trust me. Together we            dler on the Roof,” followed by the role of        Neck Student Aid Fund, which provides
found our way.                                     Big Julie in “Guys and Dolls.” He joined the      scholarships for area students, enabling
                                                   House Committee, directed the Finance             them to attend college.
   Some of the best                                Committee, and eventually was elected to
                                                   the Temple Board of Trustees. When Dr.
                                                                                                          She is an education lawyer and is a
                                                                                                     newly appointed impartial hearing officer

     experiences                                   Jerome Seiler was elected President of
                                                   Temple Israel, one of his vice presidents was
                                                                                                     for the New York State Education Depart-
                                                   Richard Kestenbaum.                                    But, she says her greatest joy is spend-
      I have had                                        As an active member of the community,
                                                   he has served as a member of the Board of
                                                                                                     ing time with her four boys, the couple’s
                                                                                                     three sons, Jonathan, Scott and Matthew, and

      in my life,                                  Zoning and Appeals, village prosecutor and
                                                   acting justice of the Village of Great Neck
                                                                                                     “my other boy, President Richard.”
                                                                                                          “I really enjoyed the relationships I have

        I had as
                                                   Plaza. He is also a long-time member of the       had with people,” the president said.
                                                   Ethics Board of the Town of North                      “I never had a day I said I wish I didn’t
                                                   Hempstead. As an attorney specializing in         take this job. I learned to work with all kinds

  Temple president.                                civil and criminal tax litigation, he is the
                                                   founding member of the law firm Kesten-
                                                                                                     of people.
                                                                                                          “I certainly grew as a person in this job.
                                                   baum and Mark, based in Great Neck Plaza.         Some of the best experiences I have had in
     “And,” he continued, “I learned there              The congregation’s first lady has been       my life, I had as Temple president. I am very
are lots of leaders of this congregation and       active in the Beth HaGan PTA and Religious        glad I had this opportunity. I would certainly
they are not all elected. The Temple gains a       School Education Committee, and was in-           do it again.”
lot by letting people feel they have owner-
ship of the congregation. It is absolutely
amazing how many smart, talented people                    JEWS AND THE NEWS
there are in this shul. Our responsibility as
officers is to make the membership feel that
                                                                     with Rabbi Howard Stecker
the time they spend with us is worthwhile.”                Exploring international and local issues on interest.
     He said he is leaving office with the
members of the Executive Committee—most
                                                                     Monday, May 24 & June 21
who will continue in their current posi-                              11 A.M. in the Blue Room
tions—well prepared. “Each president has
                                           From Generation
TEMPLE ISRAEL FUND                                                                                    In memory of:
In appreciation of:                                                                                       Pauline Seiler
     Ronnie Katz for her help                                                                                 Harriet Seiler

                                            to Generation
     and hard work in running
     the weekly Toddler Shabbat                                                                       RABBI STECKER’S
     service                                                                                          DISCRETIONARY FUND
          Drs. Sharon and                                                                             In appreciation of:
          Adam Bloom                                                                                       Rabbi Stecker for
     Wendy Carnel and Dr.                                                                                  providing comfort to their
     Michael Ziegelbaum for                                                                                family
     their kindness and caring                                                                                  The Rosenbaum
     Lori and Paul Freudman         Temple Israel Gratefully Acknowledges                                       family
     for their kindness                 The Following Contributions                                        Rabbi Stecker for
          Maxine Vogel                                                                                     officiating at the funeral of
                                      William Seskin                SAMUEL BARON                           Goldie Schwartz and for
In honor of:                               Dr. Leonard Seskin       MUSIC FUND                             his support during the
     The marriage of Kerry            Rose Sanders                  In honor of:                           shiva
     Cooperman, son of Jamie               Marylin Goldberg              The marriage of Grant                  Linda and Brent
     and Dr. Arthur                   Bernard Richer                     Dolgin, son of Neil and                Greenspan
     Cooperman, to Emily                   Barbara and Daniel            Cindy Dolgin, to Cartney               Beth and Lewis
          Joyce and Burton                 Dicker                             Elayne Bernstein                  Schwartz
          Weston                      Dora Teamkin                       Dr. Parviz Khodadadian                 Sharon Raifaizen
                                           Rosalind Teamkin                   Alise Kreditor and
In memory of:                         Marta Salomon                           Jeffrey Englander       In honor of:
    Bernard Richer                         Eric Salomon                                                    The baby naming of their
         Joyce and Burton             Martin Glasner                In memory of:                          daughter, Jillian Mia
         Weston                            Warren Glasner               Fran Pernick                       Bilenker
         Simone and Robert            Arlene Stieglitz                  Herb Rieders                            Valerie and Noah
         Kahen                             Dr. Marc Tarras                  Elayne Bernstein                    Bilenker
    Ruth Mack                         Abraham Vogel                     Bernard Richer                     Mae Anderman
         Elise and Hon.                    Allen Vogel                      Elise and Hon.                      Anita Glickman
         Richard Kestenbaum           Bessie DeLott                         Richard Kestenbaum             Elissa and William
    Asher Harooni Shirazi                  Stuart Delott                                                   Rosengarten becoming
         Gloria and Stuart                                          TEMPLE MUSEUM FUND                     grandparents of Remy
         DeLott                   KHORSHID DINA                     In memory of:                          Jonah Pokrassa
    Benjamin Smith                HAROUNIAN ISRAEL                      Shirley Nemerov                    The birth of Remy Jonah
         Sandra Levine            EDUCATION FUND                        Leo Sussman                        Pokrassa
    Jacob Bratman                 In appreciation of:                   Rita Emanuel                            Ellen and Arnold
         Anne Hardis                   The Harounian family for         George Gimpel                           Gruber
    Abe Fieman                         their support of the Youth       Rosalyn Ullman
         Fredi Queen                   House Israel Trip                Herb Adise                    In memory of:
    Francine Pickard                        Sharon and Behrooz               Elayne Bernstein             Bernard Richer
    Maxine Davis                            Torkian                                                           Jill and Mitchell
         Robin and Alexander                                        ABRAHAM ROSENFELD                         Friedman
         Rosenau                  In memory of:                     MEMORIAL FUND                         Rose Abrahams
    Miriam Platt Winter Roth          Bernard Richer                In memory of:                             Jill and Mitchell
         Debra Janoff                     Fariba and Hercel             Ruth Mack                             Friedman
    Asher Abroon                          Harounian                     Irwin Harelick                        Ellen and Arnold
         Elana Mirjani                Ed Kalimian                           Roberta and David                 Gruber
    Lola Herrmann                         Moji and Omid                     Harounian                     Ruth Mack
         Ruth Zielenziger                 Pourmoradi                                                          Jill and Mitchell
    Gertrude Rashti                                                 PASTORAL FUND                             Friedman
         Florence Davis           EDUCATIONAL                       In honor of:                              The Koeppel
    Jack Blondman                 RESOURCE FUND                          Ann Spunberg’s 100th                 families
         Dr. Alan Blondman        In honor of:                           birthday                             Ann and Robert
    Lillian Lehman                     The birth of Jacob Miles               Elise and Hon.                  Fromer
         Leslie Schweber               Ortner, grandson of Bracha             Richard Kestenbaum          Ed Kalimian
    Philip Silverstein                 and Marty Werber and                   Teresa and Al Shapiro           Ellen and Arnold
         Stanley Silverstein           Mel and Rita Ortner                    Donna and Dr. Irving            Gruber
    Benjamin Fleischer                      Cheryl Eisberg Moin               Rabe
         Elliot Fleischer                   and Seth Moin                                             For the recovery of:
    Bernard Gerber                                                YAD B’YAD FUND                           Susan Lopatkin
         Bari Fagin               PRAYERBOOK FUND                 In honor of:                                  The Temple Israel
    Gershon Shapiro               In memory of:                        The birth of Isaac Andrew                Players’ producers
         Marcia Shapiro               Rose Abrahams                    Sahn, great-grandson of
    Sonia Becker                          Carol and Steve              Thelma and Jack Sahn           Contribution:
         Dr. Eugene Becker                Halper                            Harriet Seiler                Dr. Ana Cohen
                                                    From Generation
RABBI ADELSON’S                       CANTOR FRIEDER’S                                                                 In the recovery of:
                                                                                                                       Forhonor of:
In honor of:
In appreciation of:
                                      DISCRETIONARY FUND
                                      In appreciation of:
                                                                Separation & Divorce                                        His son, Brandon
                                                                                                                            Susan Lopatkin
                                                                                                                                 Carol a Bar Mitzvah
                                                                                                                             becomingand Steve

                                                     to GenerationParenting Issues
     The birth
In memory of: of theirsupport
     Rabbi Adelson’s                       Cantor Frieder                                                                        Robert Rosenbaum
     grandson, Ethan Solomon
     Sidney Farkas period for
     during the                            participating in the funeral                                                     Pesach
     Kaufman shiva family
          The Farkas
     Goldie Schwartz
     Pearl Leah andand
          Drs. Rena
          Linda CohenBrent
                                           of Goldie Schwartz and
                                           support during shiva
                                                                  Cancer Wellness                                      SHOAH Carol and Paul
                                                                                                                                 Burstein FUND
                                                                                                                       REMEMBRANCEand family
          Jonathan Horwitz
          Dr. Ira Cohen
     Arthur Budick
                                                Linda and Brent            Bereavement                                 In honor of: Stecker
                                                                                                                                 Josh Smolinsky
                                                                                                                            The birth of Aron Fishman,
In memory of: and Lewis                         Greenspan
          Joanne Rubin-Budick
     Goldie Nemerov
     Shirley Schwartz                           Beth and Lewis              Caregiving                                      grandson of of their
                                                                                                                            The Auf Ruf Anne and
                                                                                                                                 Jerry Lauren,
                                                                                                                            daughter,Hirsh and
                                          Temple Israel Gratefully
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          Sharon Raifaizen                      Schwartz
                                              The Following Contributions YOU NEED US,
     Arthur Nemerov
          Robert and Sylvia                                        Acknowledges
     The Waxman High School                     Sharon Raifaizen                                                            Adam Alter David Mandel
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          Wendy Maurer
     and Youth House trip to                  The  Following Contributions                                                       The Brash family
                                                                                    memory of:YOU!
                                                                    WE’RE HEREInFOR Szanto FUND
     Ed Kalimian
     Ed Kalimian
          Mitchell Koeppel            SHALOM CLUB
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     Sylvan KleinhausEric             WAXMAN HIGH SCHOOL
          Polland and family
          Itzkowitz                   In appreciation of:
                                      In memory of:
                                      AND YOUTH HOUSE FUND
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                                                                                     Rabbi Stecker’s kindness
                                                                                    Elise and Hon. Richard         In memory of:
          Barbara Choit
     Francine Pickard                      Rabbi Stecker’s                                 Rachel • Short-Term Counseling and Manny
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          Kristina and Mark                assistance                                      family                             Jannette Meyrowitz
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     Herb Glick
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                                           Rabbi Stecker’s warmth                  There is no cost to speak with the caring,and David Mandel
                                                                                    exhibit Lopatkin
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In memory of:                                   Naomi Schulman
                                                Elise and Hon.
TORAH Marion and Jerry
          FUND                             and compassion during a                         The Temple Israel All calls the recovery of:
                                                                                           social work staff.          are confidential.
                                                                                          Carol and Steve          In memory of:
     Ed Kalimian family                         Richard Kestenbaum
          Stein and
In memory of: Richer
                                           difficult time
                                      JEWISH IDENTITY FUND
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                                           Samuel Rosen Robert
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                                      TEMPLE STAFF
 Howard A. Stecker.......................................................................Senior Rabbi
 Raphael Frieder..................................................................................Cantor
 Seth Adelson.......................................................................Associate Rabbi
 Mordecai Waxman*............................................................Rabbi Emeritus
 Leon Silverberg..............................................................Executive Director
 Rachel Mathless.......................................................Director, Beth HaGan
 Rabbi Tracy Guren Klirs......................................Director, Religious School
 Rabbi Seth Adelson....................................Director, Waxman High School

 Hon. Richard Kestenbaum..............................................................President
 Dr. Parviz Khodadadian..........................................................Vice President
 Alan Klinger...............................................................................Vice President
 Alise Kreditor.............................................................................Vice President
 Cheryl Eisberg Moin................................................................Vice President
 Dr. Robert Panzer......................................................................Vice President
 Gary Sazer................................................................................. Vice President
 Steven Shepsman......................................................................Vice President
 Irving H. Lurie*..........................................................Honorary President
                   AFFILIATED WITH

                                            D’VAR TORAH                                                                                    SABBATH SERVICES
                                      By Rabbi Marim D. Charry                                                                                      Friday, May 13
                                                                                                                             Evening Service                                      6:30 P.M.
Behar                                                                                                     Saturday, May 14                                •
     The Holiness Code continues with a group of laws that are to                                                                                  Saturday, May 14
take effect when the Israelites enter the Promised Land, in this por-                                                        Morning Service                                     8:45 A.M.
tion, The people will be permitted to work the land for six years,                                                                                Weekly Portion: Behar
but the seventh year is to be a Sabbatical year of complete rest for                                                                               Leviticus 25:1 – 26:2
the land. In order to provide sufficient food, God promises that the                                                                           Haftarah: Jeremiah 32:6 – 27
crop of the sixth year will yield enough for three years. Further,                                                           Sabbath Service Officers: Dan Goldberger and Larry Greengrass
after seven cycles of seven years, the 50th year is to be a Jubilee—a                                                        Havurah Service                                    10:00 A.M.
year of release for the land and all of its inhabitants. There follow a                                                      Junior Congregation                                10:30 A.M.
series of laws concerning redemption of land and persons. The ba-                                                            Waxman High School Shabbat Service                 10:30 A.M.
sic principle of land redemption is that all land belongs to God, and                                                        Toddler Service                                    11:15 A.M.
human owners possess it only as land holding. It is not the owners’                                                                                    B’nai Mitzvah
right to dispose of as they wish, and it cannot be permanently alien-                                                                           NATHAN GILARDIAN
ated. As for persons, if one had to indenture himself to work off                                                                          son of Gloria and Albert Gilardian
debt, he was not to be abused and was to be redeemed as quickly as                                                                                  JULIA SHAHERY
possible. The portion ends with a prohibition against idolatry and                                                                   daughter of Sheila and Farzad (Frank) Shahery
an admonition to keep God’s Sabbaths.                                                                                                                        •
                                                                                                                                                     Friday, May 20
Behukotai                                                                                             Saturday, May 21       N’Ranenah Evening Service                            6:30 P.M.
     This portion concludes the Book of Leviticus. The Holiness Code                                                                                         •
ends with a promise and a curse. If the Israelites follow God’s laws                                                                                Saturday, May 21
and commandments, they will be blessed with peace, prosperity                                                                Morning Service                                     8:45 A.M.
and security. If they do not obey, however, a long list of the most                                                                            Weekly Portion: Behukotai
dire consequences will ensue. The final chapter of Leviticus deals                                                                                Leviticus 26:3 – 27:34
with providing funding for the Mishkan. Offerings may be made in                                                                            Haftarah: Jeremiah 16:19 – 17:14
silver equivalent to the value of a person, and a scale of equivalents                                                         Sabbath Service Officers: Seth Horowitz and Bracha Werber
is provided. Offerings may also be made in the form of animals and                                                           Toddler Service                                    11:15 A.M.
property. Finally, provision is made for tithes. Thus, the entire de-                                                                                  B’not Mitzvah
scription of the sanctuary, its functioning and the type of life it is                                                                           JESSICA MONAHEMI
supposed to engender in the Israelites concludes with the establish-                                                                   daughter of Sepideh and Elyas Monahemi
ment of a pattern of generosity toward our places of worship which                                                                                 NEEVA SHAFIIAN
continues down to our own time and becomes a basic element of                                                                    daughter of Golareh Sina and Sohrab (David) Shafiian
community life wherever Jews settle.

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