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					                                Stonehill College
                               Microfiche Discards
                                    June 2011
                                    List # 4M
                             D 1.1/9: TO ED 1.328/5:

SuDoc Number                             Title
D 1.1/9:990                              Semiannual report to the congress
D 1.1/9:991                              Semiannual report to the congress
D 1.1/9:993                              Department of defense inspector general
D 1.1/9:999                              Semiannual report to the congress
D 1.1/9:999/2                            Semiannual report to the congress
D 114.2:V 66                             An unknown future and doubtful present
D 114.19:R 64/2                          The role of federal military forces in domestic
E 3.1/A-2:981                            Energy data report, annual energy summary,
                                         1981…May 1982
ED 1.215/2:6                             Disability statistics report…June 1996
ED 1.215/2:7                             Disability statistics report…August 1996
ED 1.215/2:8                             Disability statistics report…September 1996
ED 1.215/2:9                             Disability statistics report…April 1997
ED 1.215/2:10                            Disability statistics report…June 1997
ED 1.215/2:10                            Disability statistics report…September 1997
ED 1.328:H 53                            Enrollment, completion, attrition, and
                                         vocational course-taking
ED 1.328/3:OC 1                          Occupational programs and the use of skill
                                         competencies at the secondary and postsecondary
                                         levels, 1999…February 1999
ED 1.328/5:P 75                          Institutional policies and practices regarding
                                         faculty in higher education…November 1996
ED 1.328/5:ST 9/2/999-2000/EXEC.SUM      Student financing of graduate & first-professional
                                         education, 1999-2000…July 2002
ED 1.328/5:ST 9/2/995/96                 Student financing of graduate and first-professional
                                         education, 1995-96…May 1998
ED 1.328/5:ST 9/2/992-93                 Statistical analysis report…November 1995
ED 1.328/5:ST 9/2                        Statistical analysis report…March 1993

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