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					                                                                                    Spring 2007 / Volume #1 / Number 3

                                    Sketch by 19th Century Vermont
                                    Painter Donated to Society

                                    A           Franklin Gilman (shown below) has been donated to the collections of the
                                                Vermont Historical Society by J. Brooks Buxton of Jericho. The Society owned
                                                  and operated the Kent Tavern, the centerpiece of the sketch, from the 1940s to
                                    the late 1990s.
                                         Gilman worked with a variety of mediums – oil, crayon, watercolor, or etching – in
                                    creating his detailed Vermont landscapes. Measuring 20 inches by 30 inches, the Kent’s
Inside this Issue                   Corners picture is noteworthy for Gilman’s inclusion of nine members of the Kent family
                                    in the scene. “This is the only one of Gilman’s landscapes of farm and family in which the
• Trapp Family photos               people look posed,” writes Adele Godchaux Dawson in her 1975 book, James Franklin
   acquired                         Gilman: Nineteenth-Century Painter. Family stories told by the Kent family say that
• Vermont Days, June 9 & 10         Gilman posed three different groups of people and made sketches of them, which he later
• Spanish III students              placed in the finished picture.
   translate exhibit                     “The Gilman drawing represents the best of what the Vermont Historical Society
• Postings from Vermont’s           is looking for in a new acquisition,” said VHS Curator Jackie Calder. “The visual
   Local Historical Societies       documentation of a known community within the Vermont landscape, the quality of
                                    the artist’s work, and information about the Kent family – which adds to the Society’s
• History Expo Update
                                    collection of Kent family papers – make this a very important addition to our collections.”
                                         VHS is home to the largest collection of Gilman paintings and drawings. Gilman
                                                                           worked in Vermont, principally in Washington
                                                                           County, from 1872 to 1891. During his long career
                                                                           he produced approximately 300 paintings of New
                                                                           England farms, homes, fields, and landscapes. The
                                                                           acquisition of the Kent’s Corners sketch adds to the
                                                                           39 Gilman prints, paintings, or drawings owned by
                                                                           the Society.
                                                                                J. Brooks Buxton is a trustee of the Vermont
                                                                           Historical Society and a prominent collector of
                                                                           Vermont art. He serves as co-chair of the VHS
                                                                           collections committee and has donated several
                                                                           important Vermont paintings to the Society in the
                                                                           past two years.
                                                                                The Society will display the Gilman picture at
                                                                           its museum facility in the Pavilion building on State
                                                                           Street in Montpelier. “This is a significant central
                                                                           Vermont picture,” VHS Director J. Kevin Graffagnino
                                    said, “and we want to make sure that residents of the area in which Gilman lived and
                                    worked will have the chance to see it in conjunction with our ‘Freedom and Unity: One
                                    Ideal, Many Stories’ permanent exhibit.”
                                                          F r o m            t h e        D i r e c t o r

                                            A Statewide History Community
      Volume #1, Number 3
          Spring 2007
History Connections is published
four times a year by the
Vermont Historical Society.
                                            M                 ost members and friends of the Vermont Historical Society know that
                                                              VHS is fortunate to be part of a strong, vibrant network of heritage
                                                              organizations in our state. Not a week goes by that we don’t interact
                                            substantively with local historical societies, state agencies, museums, libraries, and
                                            other entities working on some aspect of Vermont’s past. Sometimes VHS is in
                                            the lead; sometimes we’re part of the group; and occasionally we’re just helping
The Vermont Historical Society              out with a great initiative someone else has launched – but in almost every case
engages both Vermonters and                 Vermonters benefit from the collegial and collaborative spirit these cooperative
“Vermonters at heart” in the                ventures generate.
exploration of our state’s rich heritage.        The range of institutional resources available for anyone interested in Vermont
Our purpose is to reach a broad
                                            history is impressive. At the local level, there are 196 active town historical societies
audience through our outstanding
collections, statewide outreach and
                                            in Vermont, up from about 150 a decade ago. At VHS we like to think our Vermont
dynamic programming. We believe             History Expo, with its emphasis on providing a popular display venue for local
that an understanding of the past           heritage, has been a driving force in that increase, but whatever the reason it’s
changes lives and builds better             encouraging that almost every community in the state with a population over 300
communities.                                now has its own historical society. Take a look at the publications, lectures and
                                            presentations, school programs, and exhibits these organizations provide, and it’s
Executive Director:                         pleasing to see that Vermont natives and newcomers alike have easy access to
J. Kevin Graffagnino                         information about the history of their towns.
Editor: Kate Paine                               Move up a step in size, and you have to be proud of Vermont’s outstanding
Copy Editor: Alan Berolzheimer              historical entities. How many small states have museums like Shelburne Museum,
Design: RavenMark, Inc.                     Billings Farm and Museum, Bennington Museum, The Henry Sheldon Museum of
Printing: Ecolor Printers                   Vermont History, the Old Stone House in Brownington, Fairbanks Museum, Rokeby
                                            in Ferrisburgh, and the “Freedom and Unity: One Ideal, Many Stories” VHS exhibit at
Vermont History Center, Barre               the Pavilion in Montpelier? Or organizations like the Preservation Trust of Vermont
Tel: 802-479-8500                           and the Vermont Humanities Council? On the research collections side, all VHSers
Fax: 802-479-8510                           know that the Society’s library is extraordinary for its Vermont sources, but we’re
Museum & Store, Montpelier                  awfully glad to have the remarkable holdings of the Wilbur Collection at UVM, the
Tel: 802-828-2291                           libraries at Bennington and Sheldon, the state colleges, and the Vermont holdings at
Fax: 802-828-1415                           local libraries throughout the state available as well.                           And let’s not forget state government. Where would we be without the Division                        for Historic Preservation and its work on Vermont’s built environment, archaeology,
                                            highway markers, historic sites, downtown revitalization, historic barn programs, and
Business Hours:                             other services? Take away the rich collections of the State Archives and the Public
Vermont History Center, Barre               Records division, and there would be sizeable gaps in our knowledge of Vermont
Library: Tues-Fri / 9am -4:30pm             history. If State Curator David Schutz and the Friends of the State House organization
2nd Saturday of each month /                were not part of the equation, our splendid capitol and its furniture, artwork and
    9am-4pm                                 other treasures might languish unattended. The Division of Tourism and Marketing
Administrative Offices & Store:               puts substantial time and money into heritage tourism; the Department of Education
Mon-Fri / 9am -4:30pm                       has a position devoted to social studies and history in our schools; other state
Pavilion Building, Montpelier               agencies provide funding for heritage projects; the administration and legislature are
Museum & Store:                             always attentive to the role history plays in the quality of life in Vermont – add it
Tues-Sat / 10am -4pm                        all up, and we’re lucky indeed to have a state government that appreciates history’s
Sundays May to October:                     importance to our state.
    Noon-4pm                                     VHS is stronger for having these partners in our work. We’re proud that we’re
Museum Admission:                           the oldest heritage organization in Vermont, and we know our programs, services
Families: $12; Adults: $5; Students,        and activities are valuable to all Vermonters, but everyone at the Society is well
children, seniors: $3; Members &            aware that it’s a team effort. Vermont wins when VHS works as part of the whole,
children under 6: Free;                     and having such a strong roster of cultural heritage partners is gratifying indeed.
Student school groups: Free
     Call 802-828-2180
Library Admission:
Non-members: $5;                                 – J. Kevin Graffagnino, VHS Executive Director
Members and students: Free
                                   L i b r a r y           N e w s

Photos Wanted!

P          hotographs are some of the most popular materials in the collections
           of the VHS Library. Researchers and visitors love to look at old
           photographs and see what familiar places used to look like.
We can almost imagine ourselves stepping back in time when we look into
an old photograph.
     The VHS Library is always seeking additions to our photograph
collections. Sometimes, however, owners of historic photographs do not
want to part with the originals. In these cases it is possible to make digital
copies of selected photographs. Following up on that idea, for the second
year in a row, the VHS Library will have a booth at the Vermont History Expo
set up to scan photographs for the Society’s permanent collections. Library staff and    The Scanning Photographs
volunteers will be available to create digital copies of photographs brought to Expo.    for the Future table was
                                                                                         first featured at Vermont
     Ideally, photos should show some activity, structure, or landscape from the past.
                                                                                         History Expo last year.
Studio portraits, photocopies, and newspaper clippings will not be scanned. There
                                                                                         Members from the Library
will be a limit of five photographs per household. Copies of these photographs will
                                                                                         staff work with visitors to
become part of the Society’s collections for use by future generations. Owners will
                                                                                         scan their historic pictures.
be asked to sign a release and provide any known information about the images; if
they wish, owners will receive a CD containing copies of the images. People who
want to bring already scanned photographs on CDs may do so as long as they are
adequately identified.

Trapp Family Photographs at Library

O              ne of the most enduring tales of struggles for freedom in
               the 20th century is the story of the emigration of the von
               Trapp family from Austria to the United States in the 1939.
The family, chased out of their native country by the Nazis, first settled in
Pennsylvania. Then, in 1942, they purchased a 600-acre tract of land on
a hillside in Stowe, whose topography reminded them of their homeland.
There they built a home, a summer camp, and eventually a lodge and ski
center. For the past 65 years the family’s home and hostelry has been a
Vermont institution.
     The Vermont Historical Society recently purchased a collection of
photographs from the early years of the Trapp family in Vermont. In 1944
the family rented an old Civilian Conservation Corps camp near their
Stowe home and established a music camp there. Over a thousand
people of all ages and from all walks of life made their way to Stowe to
learn a cappella singing and recorder playing. The camp was discontinued
after the summer season in 1956, when the family began to develop new
avenues for their creativity and hospitality.
     The photo collection that is now in the Society’s library is comprised
of professional photographs of activities at the camp and publicity
photographs of the family. The collection includes a scrapbook with 26
images and about 35 loose postcards. From the markings on the images,
it appears that the postcards were created by the company that produced
the postcards for the family. Although some of these photographs were
already in the Society’s postcard collection, the new collection gives a broader         A photo of the Trapp family
view of the family’s activities and their early efforts to create one of the landmarks   now in the VHS collection.
of Vermont tourism.
                                                                                                                Page 3
                                                                                      M u s e u m N e w s

Ernie Haas Donates Painting

W               ell-known maritime
                artist Ernie Haas
                donated one of his
paintings to the Society this past year.
The Chateaugay in Burlington
Harbor Circa 1895 (right) depicts the
famous steamboat with the Burlington
waterfront in the background. Put
into service in 1888, The Chateaugay
was the first iron-hulled steamboat
on Lake Champlain. In 1937 it was
cut into pieces and moved on flatcars
to Lake Winnipesaukee in New
Hampshire. It was launched in 1940
and continues service today as the
diesel-powered M.S. Mount Washington II.                                                                      before retiring to South Burlington, has combined his
     This vibrant painting of Vermont’s bustling late-                                                        love of history and painting into a successful career. The
nineteenth-century waterfront city is a prime example                                                         painting makes a valuable addition to the VHS collections
of Haas’s beautifully rendered and historically accurate                                                      and can be seen on display at the Vermont History Center
artwork. The artist, who taught history for 20 years                                                          in Barre.

Vermont Days Weekend June 9 and 10

 V                                                            ermont Days is a free statewide event celebrating Vermont’s natural resources, history, and talent brought
                                                              to you by the Dapartment of Forests, Parks & Recreation, Fish & Wildlife, Tourism & Marketing, and the
                                                              Division of Historic Preservation, Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets, Vermont Arts Council, Vermont
                                                                                                                                              Information Centers, and
                                                                                                                                              many supportive state
                                                                                                                                              employees and volunteers.
                                                                                                                                              Free admission is enjoyed
                                                                                                                                              to the following: day use
 Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, William Jenney

                                                                                                                                              at Vermont State Parks,
                                                                                                                                              fishing on Saturday, June
                                                                                                                                              9th, entrance to state-
                                                                                                                                              owned historic sites and the
                                                                                                                                              Vermont Historical Society
                                                                                                                                              Museum, entertainment
                                                                                                                                              including live music and
                                                                                                                                              artistic demonstrations, and
                                                                                                                                              Vermont dairy products. Find
                                                                                                                                              other special events and
                                                                                                                                              locations in your area at

Page 4
                              E d u c a t i o n a l              O u t r e a c h

Los estudiantes de Vermont traducen los
materiales del museo*

V           tors from all over the world come to explore
            e “Freedom and Unity: One Ideal, Many
          Stories” exhibit in Montpelier. Now, thanks to the
work of Montpelier High School’s Spanish III class,
Spanish-speaking visitors will have a more meaningful
                                                               soon after. “This has really been a meaningful experience,”
                                                               said Meredith Whitney, a member of the class. “I had the
                                                               chance to apply what I have learned in Spanish to
                                                               something outside the classroom. I felt like an expert in
                                                               something by sharing it with others and was able to make
museum experience. Under the guidance of teacher Ellen         a positive change. For me, it is one of the best ways to
Sholk and service learning coordinator Matt McLane, these      learn.”
students have completed a translation of an exhibit                 The philosophy of service leaning is to create
overview into Spanish.                                         opportunities for students to connect their studies with a
     Foreign language translations of the exhibit have been    community need. The Society has worked with local
on the Society’s “wish list” for some time, but Education      schools on service learning projects before. Last year, 7th
Director Amy Cunningham’s recent trip to Argentina made        graders from Main Street Middle School created a timeline
it a high priority. “From a visitor’s perspective,” Amy        of recent Montpelier history that is still on display at the
recalls, “I began to understand what a difference it made      museum.
in my museum experience to have a simple overview of                In addition, the French Club of South Burlington High
the exhibition in my native language. It really opened my      School, under the guidance of Marc Juneau, is currently
eyes to the importance of our providing the same resource      working on a French translation that will be ready this
to non-English speakers at our Montpelier museum.”             summer. They were inspired to undertake this project after
     The Spanish III class kicked off their project by         bringing an exchange group of Quebec students to the
inviting Amy to visit their classroom. She shared comment      museum in March.
cards with them in Spanish, written by museum visitors              We are grateful to these students and teachers for
from Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Belize. The students         their important contributions.
dove into the project with enthusiasm, visiting the            *Translation of heading: Vermont students translate
museum the next week and completing their translations         museum materials

Mystery Photo

L     st issue’s mystery photo was
       identified for us by Martha
       Howard, Assistant Director of the
Thetford Historical Society. Ms. Howard
recognized this scene as a section of old
Route 5, now known as Pavilion Road, in
Thetford. She even sent us a modern photo
of the same scene, which looks very similar
     This issue’s mystery photo is from a
glass plate negative in the recently processed
papers of Mabel and Milo Turner. Rev. Turner
served parishes in Coventry, Newbury, Burke,
East Haven, Franklin, Barton, Swanton,
Randolph, Bethel, Windsor, and Hartland.
This store may be located in one of these
communities. If you can identify this photo, l
please contact the Society’s librarian,
Paul Carnahan, at 802-479-8508 or

                                                                                                                   Page 5
                             Postings from
                  Vermont’s Local Historical Societies

Barre Historical Society                        entrance off the selectboard’s meeting room.      Bradford Historical Society
                                                We have dedicated our room to Richard
Chet Briggs, president                          Nye and his mother Mary Greene Nye, and           Larry Coffin, president
PO Box 496, Barre VT 05641                      also to Harold and Hilda Woodbury. The            67 Summer Street, Bradford VT 05033
802-476-0567                                    collection of Berlin memorabilia that Richard     802-222-4011                          Nye left to us provided the foundation for
     The Barre Historical Society is hosting    our entire collection and the money to get              The Bradford Historical Society owns
the following events during the Primo           us started. The house that the Woodburys          one of four remaining undated Wilson
Maggio Celebration 2007:                        bequeathed us provided the $30,000 that           globes sold in 1810. The Society is having
                                                we turned over to the town in return for the      the Williamstown Art Conservation Center
April 30: If Stone Could Speak (“Se la pietra
                             k                  space allotted to us as well as the funds to      examine its globe and propose a
sapesse parlare”)                               keep us in existence.                             restoration/conservation project. The
World Premiere and first public screening of          Our year has revolved around moving         Society has established a special globe fund
film by Randy Croce (University of              our collection out of the way before              to help raise the approximately $5000 that
Minnesota) on the Italian immigration to        construction on the renovation began in July      it will cost to have the globe restored.
Barre. Dessert and coffee served. At the        and then back into the new location about
                                                the middle of September. However, we are          April 14: Quilt Documentation Day,
Old Labor Hall, 46 Granite Street, 7:00 p.m.                                                      10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at the Bradford
Free admission.                                 all settled in now and our collection is again
                                                accessible.                                       Academy Auditorium. Vermont
May 1: “Primo Maggio: Origins and history             We participated in the Berlin festival in   Quiltsearch documented pre-1960 quilts.
of the Workers’ Holiday”                        September where we posted an exhibit at           Each quilt was photographed and an oral
Prof. Rudolph Vecoli (University of             the Berlin Elementary School. The grand           condition report given to the owner by the
Minnesota Emeritus), guest speaker.             marshall of the parade was our president,         appraisers. The information was then
Traditional Italian dinner, cash bar.           Norbert Rhinerson. Norb was so honored            entered into the Quiltsearch data bank.
Fundraiser for Labor Hall Restoration Fund.     for the many, many hours of service he has        April 25: “Bradford is a Baseball Town.”
At the Old Labor Hall, 46 Granite Street,       put in for the Town of Berlin. In addition to     A panel discussion about town/school
6:00 p.m. Tickets $18 per person. For           being the longtime president of the Berlin        baseball in Bradford’s history. Museum’s
reservations, email      Historical Society, he serves on the Sewer        baseball exhibit open for the event. 7:00 p.
or call 476-8777.                               Board and as chairman of the Cemetery             m., Bradford Academy Auditorium.
    The principal underwriter is The            Committee..
                                                                                                  May 19: Tour of the Ely Mine site. In
National Italian American Foundation                  Our meetings are held on the fourth
                                                                                                  cooperation with the West Fairlee
( With additional support         Tuesday of most months at 7:00 p.m. at the
                                                                                                  Historical Society, we will tour the site of
from the Vermont Labor History Society          town office building. The public is always
                                                                                                  the Ely Mine village, with optional climb to
and the Green Mountain Forum.                   welcome. If you are interested in receiving
                                                                                                  the mine site. Meet at West Fairlee
                                                email notices of our meetings, in joining our
                                                                                                  Museum (next to Bean Hall), Main St., West
Berlin Historical Society                       organization (dues are $10 a year), or
                                                                                                  Fairlee at 1:00 p.m. Rain date Sunday, May
                                                viewing any part of our collection, contact
Norbert Rhinerson, president                    any one of our officers:
                                                Norb Rhinerson, President -                       June 9: Alumni Day at the museum.
108 Shed Road, Berlin VT 05602
                                                                  Hours 10:00 a.m. – noon.
802-223-1203 or                       Vern Turner, Vice President -                     June 23-24: Vermont History Expo 2007                                   at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds. Our exhibit                        Richard Turner, Secretary -                       topic: “History of the Bradford Strawberry
                                                                    Industry.” We are looking for artifacts,
      This is the year when it finally          Mary Wells, Treasurer -                           pictures, and information on this topic.
happened. We now have permanent             
quarters in the town office building. For a                                                       July 6: Concert in the park by Newmont
number of years the selectboard has                  You may also email the Historical            Military Band, 7:00 p.m. Free-will
allowed us to maintain temporary residence      Society office computer at historicalsociety@     collection. Annual Strawberry Festival will
in a cubicle that was carved out of the large We still need your help in           begin at 1:00 p.m., sponsored by the
meeting room. But since the recently            preserving the history of Berlin. Your stories,   Eastern Star/Masons. Rain location:
completed renovation of the interior of the     pictures, and artifacts are vital to that         Bradford Academy Auditorium.
town office building, we now have a room        history. Please make a note this year to make
                                                                                                  July 18: Panel discussion on the history of
that is dedicated for our use. We have an       these treasures available for present and
                                                                                                  the Bradford strawberry industry. 7:00 p.
outside entrance, which was the old Berlin      future Berliners by sharing them with us.
                                                                                                  m., Bradford Academy Auditorium.
Police Department entrance, and another

Page 6
August 3: Concert in the park by McLure           July 19: Daniel Bean will speak on “The            Cavendish Historical Society
Alumni Band. 7:00 p.m. Free-will collection.      Orphan Trains.”
Rain location: Bradford Academy                   August 16: Speaker Victor Rolando’s topic          Margo Caulfield, coordinator
Auditorium.                                       will be “Iron Mining.”                             PO Box 472, Cavendish VT 05142
August 17: Concert in the park by “Spare                                                             802-226-7807
                                                  Sept. 20: Adam Kane of Lake Champlain    
Parts.” 7:00 p.m. Free-will collection. Rain      Maritime Museum will present his new
location: Bradford Academy Auditorium.            program, entitled “Shipwrecks of Lake                    The Cavendish Historical Society has
September 8: Graveyard Gossip 2007:               Champlain.” This will entail some of the most      been gearing up its activities during the
“Ghosts of Main Street II.” Seventh annual        treacherous stories on the lake from the           past year with the hiring of Margo Caulfield
reenactment will feature residents of the         Revolutionary War to the present. As Adam’s        as the new coordinator. Archives, budget,
northern portion of Main Street. Time and         program brochure states, “With over 300            building, membership/fundraising, and
gathering place to be announced. Rain date:       wrecks in its dark, cold waters, Lake              programs committees have been created in
Sunday, Sept. 9.                                  Champlain has witnessed feats of heroism,          an effort to add new layers of organization
                                                  and terrible tragedies. Take a memorable           to the Society.
October 16: Annual pot luck supper.                                                                        The Society presented a Life Time
Program on the Vermont Women’s History            tour through slides, drawings and video of
                                                  what lies beneath the waves.”                      Achievement Award to Carmine Guica on
Project. Supper at 6:00 p.m., program to                                                             January 30. Guica, a former president of
follow. Those who wish to participate in the      October 18: Vincent Feeney, a member of            the Society, has used his passion for history
supper should bring a hot dish, salad, or         the Speakers Bureau of the Vermont                 and genealogy to greatly further the
other item to share. Dessert and beverages        Humanites Council, will present his program        understanding of Cavendish and the people
will be provided. Location: vestry of the         on “The Allen Brothers: Original Vermont           who have lived there. Whether it was
UCC Church.                                       Developers,” discussing Ira and Ethan Allen as     using a metal detector to explore
                                                  real estate developers.                            abandoned cellar holes, spending hours in
Bristol Historical Society                                                                           Montpelier researching family lines (the
                                                  Cambridge Historical Society                       results of which can be seen in the series,
Sylvia Coffin, president                                                                             “Families of Cavendish Vol. I-III”), or
19 West Street, Bristol VT 05443                  Ron Little, president                              learning about those buried in the
802-453-3439                                      PO Box 16, Jeffersonville VT 05464                 Revolutionary Cemetery on the Crown                                802-644-5675                                       Point Road, Cavendish is a richer
     At the 2006 meeting of the League of                              community thanks to Carmine. CHS
Local Historical Societies, our own Ted Lylis                              presented Carmine with a framed Winston
received recognition for his work with our             In 2006, the Cambridge Historical             Churchill photograph along with a picture
society. Ted has worked tirelessly for years to   Society published its first book, The              of the Tarbell Hill School, where Carmine
get the renovation of our Howden Hall off         Sugarhouses of Cambridge Vermont. The book,        was a student.
the ground. Our museum is housed here and         a compendium of sugarhouses in the town                  The Cavendish Historical Society and
needed serious work from its cupola to its        both past and present, was compiled by co-         Concerned Citizens for Cavendish are
basement. Ted worked with a local builder         president Roberta Marsh. The book proved           planning a series of economic workshops to
who had successfully bid on this first phase.     very successful, even winning an award from        emphasize local achievements, constructive
In addition, Ted has done research on local       VHS. Along with the society’s yearly               actions, relationships, and visions within our
topics and continues to bring fresh ideas to      fundraiser, Old Farm Days in October, the          community, which we can then build on,
our executive board. This past fall he became     book sales put the Cambridge Historical            ultimately contributing to a sustainable
the treasurer and does a remarkable job           Society on sound financial footing for the first   development and a secure future for
keeping records.                                  time since its incorporation in 2000.              Cavendish. The first workshop will take
     During the spring, summer, and fall we            In 2007, the Cambridge Historical             place on May 17 at 6:30 p.m. at the
invite the public to join us to hear our          Society is embarking on another significant        Cavendish Elementary School, with follow-
speakers. Our meeting is on Thursday              project. Funded by seed money from a               up sessions taking place throughout the
evening at Howden Hall in Bristol, across         generous member, CHS will begin to compile         summer and early fall.
from the St. Ambrose Catholic Church.             oral histories of community members.                                            7
                                                                                                           On May 26 and 27, the Society
Meetings are free and begin at 7:30 followed      Several CHS members attended a workshop            will be participating in the Fiber Arts
by refreshments. The business meeting ends        at the Vermont Folklife Center about oral          Festival, held in conjunction with the
the evening. Our speaker schedule is as           history projects over the winter and in May        statewide Open Studio program, on the
follows:                                          Greg Sharrow of the Folklife Center will           Proctorsville’s Green. Please stop by and
                                                  speak to the membership about the process          see us.
May 17: Local historian Gertrude Bingham
                                                  of collecting oral histories. The hope is that           The Society’s museum will open for
will speak on “Boarding House Living.”
                                                  these histories will become a permanent part       the season on June 3. Hours are every
June 21: Second Annual Artifact Night. A                                                             Sunday afternoon from 2-4 p.m.
                                                  of the CHS collection with others being
pot luck supper is followed by a “show and                                                                 There will be a two-part fundraiser on
                                                  added as time and money permit. The final
tell” from community members of their                                                                June 23, beginning with a dinner at the
                                                  product, a DVD or video, should help, once
family artifacts and the history behind these                                                        Golden Stage Inn at 5:30 p.m., and including
                                                  again, to fund other community projects.
artifacts. Last year we had a varied collection                                                      a barn dance after the dinner. Cost is $60.
that ranged from a family Delft milk pitcher                                                         Yankee Chank, the hot Cajun/Zydeco
to Revolutionary War documents.
                                                                                                                                           Page 7
dance band, featuring Bob Naess on fiddle,        numerous individuals acting out living history   May 19: Speaker Richard Allen will
will play for the barn dance at the Cavendish     events. The highlight will be a torchlight       present “Williston’s Historic District” from
Inn Barn. The dance starts at 7:30, with the      parade through Main Street at dusk, with all     11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. at the Dorothy Alling
barn opening at 7:00. Dance instruction is        regiments participating. The Green Mountain      Library. The event is co-sponsored by the
provided. Tickets for the dance only are $20      Railroad will offer excursions on the Green      Williston Historical Society. It will be
and includes snacks.                              Mountain Flyer from Bellows Falls to Chester.    followed by a walking tour, led by Ginger
      While the 4th of July Flea Market and       A dinner will be held at the elementary          Isham, and lunch at the Old Brick Café.
Plant Sale has been a tradition in Cavendish      school sponsored by the Rotary club. The              In keeping with this year’s Vermont
for many years, the Society has decided to go     Vermont Chamber of Commerce has                  History Expo theme of “Travel and
back even further by restarting “Cavendish        designated the Civil War Expo as one of the      Transportation: How Vermonters Got
Old Home Day” on the Saturday before the          top ten fall events in the state. (Civil War     There From Here,” CCHS’ exhibit at the
4th ((June 30). Visitors will be able to          Expo 2005 was named the Reenactment of           event on June 23-24 will be “Bicycling:
purchase plants and have a tour of the            the Year by the Civil War Preservation           Then and Now.”
museum, and there will also be new daylong        Trust.) The businesses here in town have         July 22: Our annual meeting will take
activities with many town groups                  enthusiastically donated funds to help           place from 2-4 p.m. at the Huntington
participating.                                    sponsor this great event.                        Community Library. Duncan Keir will
                                                                                                   speak on the “History of the Huntington
Charlotte Historical Society                      Chittenden County Historical                     Community Library.”
                                                  Society                                               The library has two painted theater
Mary Lighthall, secretary                                                                          curtains on view. The event is co-
4205 Ethan Allen Highway                          Ann Arms, program chair                          sponsored by the Huntington Historical
Charlotte VT 05445                                PO Box 3097, Burlington VT 05408                 Society, and will conclude with an ice
802-425-2410                                      802-863-5155                                     cream social.                     
     Last year the Charlotte Historical                During the month of March 2007, the         Dorset Historical Society
Society hosted two programs at different          Society’s History Expo 2006 exhibit, “The
venues. First, Professor Doyle showed “Life       Women of Chittenden County,” was on loan         Beth Meachem, board of directors
in Lamoille” at the Senior Center. At the         at the Brownell Library in Essex Junction in     PO Box 52, Dorset VT 05251
second program, we were co-hosts with the         commemoration of Vermont Women’s                 802-867-0331
Chittenden County Historical Society of a         History Month. A program, co-sponsored by
lecture by Peter Grenfell, grandson of Sir        the CCHS and the library, was held on March
Wilfred Grenfell, at the Charlotte UCC            7. Cable TV station RETN (Channel 16)                  The Dorset Historical Society has
church. The destruction of the Dog Team           recorded the program, which was broadcast        been more active in our efforts to develop
Tavern by fire the week before made a             on Tuesday, April 24, at 8:00 pm. The            new and different ways to engage our
change of venue necessary. (Sir Wilfred had       program stars several CCHS members and           community in our past and celebrate the
started the first tavern when he retired to       friends from the community and other             future. We are trying to get away from
Charlotte in the1930s.) Other activities took     historical societies telling about the           formal lectures and move towards greater
place during the year at the museum.              extraordinary women featured in the award-       community engagement.
     This season we will see “Life in Franklin”   winning exhibit.                                       On February 10, 2007 we tried a new
on May 3 at the Senior Center. Come                                                                program: a community poetry read around
                                                  Other events for 2007:
summer we will have professional help                                                              one of our local icons, Walter Hard. We
inventorying the contents of our museum.          March 18: Speaker Jim Flint presented
                                                                                                   invited his descendant, Dee Bort, to join
We hope a donated laptop will end up              “Chittenden County’s Community Gardens –
                                                                                                   us. We had an incredible turn out. We
“knowing” all our artifacts, in proper form.      a History and Slide Show” from 2-4 p.m. at
                                                                                                   printed up selected poems and passed
                                                  the Fletcher Free Library Community Room
                                                                                                   them around, encouraging people to read
Chester Historical Society                        in Burlington. Refreshments followed.
                                                                                                   aloud. Others who came brought their
                                                  March 27: Speakers Nancy Gallagher and           own favorites. Over the course of the
Ron Patch, president                              Judy Dow presented “A Research in Progress       afternoon we brought Walter Hard’s
PO Box 118, Chester VT 05143                      Seminar” from 7:30-9 p.m. at the UVM             poetry alive and chuckled together about
802-875-5459 (April-October)                      Memorial Lounge in the Waterman Building         his dry wit. People recalled events, which                                 in Burlington. The event was co-sponsored        led to particular poems being read. Our                          by the UVM Center for Research on                local cable access station filmed the event,
     The 11th annual Civil War Expo created       Vermont. Refreshments followed.                  and it has been broadcasting on our local
by the Eighteenth Vermont Regiment will be        May 6: Speaker Muriel More will present          cable access station. People were so
held Saturday, September 29, on the               “The Development of Burlington Parks” from       excited that they want to do something
grounds of the Chester Historical Society.        2:00-4:30 p.m. at the Firehouse Gallery on       similar later in the year.
We will also use the town green for exhibits      Burlington’s Church Street. The event is co-           Building off of our successful Walking
as well as the Masonic lodge. The day will        sponsored by the Burlington Parks &              and Driving Tour publication of Dorset, we
consist of reenactments of several regiments,     Recreation Department. Refreshments will         will be implementing a walking tour of our
guest speakers, and artillery units with          follow.                                          town beginning Memorial Day Weekend.

Page 8
      On June 21 we will host our annual          nine files and three large map chests. In         including Hyde descendants. The mission of
ice cream social event, which always draws a      addition, there is a work table and a             the Society is to disseminate information of
crowd. We will include in this event some of      computer. This gives us the opportunity to        historical nature and to preserve historical
the home industries in our community such         share our holdings with the public six days a     artifacts and buildings in Grand Isle. In the
as spinning, weaving, and ceramics, and give      week when it is open for 38 hours. The            fall of 2003, the Society moved and restored
the public an opportunity to try out these        room is well lit, comfortable, heated, and        the historic one-room Corners Schoolhouse
activities.                                       cheerful. We are very grateful for this           #4. Officers are: Jan DeSarno, president;
      We are happy to be back in our newly        opportunity to safely house our historical,       Maggie Lawliss, vice-president; Janet Wert,
renovated building and getting our exhibits       genealogical, and broadside files. Our photo      secretary; and Sharon Croteau, treasurer.
out of hiding. We currently have a wonderful      files are also available. In contrast, our one-         The Schoolhouse (also known as the
exhibit of stencil ware by Jessica Bond who       room brick school museum is open only in          “Block Schoolhouse”) was built in 1814 of
lived here in Dorset. Our permanent marble        summer for a total of 48 hours.                   squared-off, or blocked, cedar logs. The
quarry exhibit is being worked on. We hope              The so-so news is that we continue to       Hyde Log Cabin, circa 1784, is the oldest in
to work with local school children in the         struggle with raising money, adding               New England, with furniture, clothing, and
writing of a local history around the quarries.   membership, and sorting other artifacts.          artifacts attractively arranged as a home
In our continued effort to collaborate with       We are constantly watching for ideas that         setting. There are two glass display cases to
our local school, we are going to mount a         would help us with these chronic problems.        view small items and books. This is a great
special exhibit of student journals in April            We commend the Vermont Historical           place to bring your out-of-town guests to
that will be on display for the month.            Society in its effort to provide opportunities    enjoy this special treasure of the Islands.
      We are pleased to receive back our          for struggling societies to exchange ideas that   The Cabin and Schoolhouse are on Route 2,
collection of Civil War memorabilia and will      might aid us with our frustrating situations.     adjacent to the Grand Isle Elementary
be continuing to bring out more of what we        We urge you to broaden these opportunities!       School, and are open to visitors every day
have in our archives so that people can see                                                         (except Tuesday and Wednesday) from 11
the collection.                                   Grafton Historical Society                        a.m. to 5 p.m. from Memorial Day until
      The new building has definitely                                                               Columbus Day. Admission is $2.00 for
energized us and we look forward to sharing       Eli Prouty, curator                               adults; children under age 14 are free.
it with others in the state as well as with       802-843-1010                                      Docent Charlene Southwick is in attendance
visitors from beyond our borders.                 Lynn Morgan, registrar                            to welcome visitors.
                                                  802-843-2584                                            The public is invited to attend free
Dummerston Historical Society                     PO Box 202, Grafton VT 05146                      programs that often include music or slides
                                                                    on topics relevant to Island and Vermont
Jody Normandeau, president                                          history at the Schoolhouse on the following
PO Box 8064                                                                                         dates: Monday, May 7; Monday,
                                                        The Grafton Historical Society’s History
North Brattleboro VT 05304                                                                          September 10; and Monday,
                                                  Museum is open every Friday, Saturday,
802-254-9037                                                                                        November 5. All programs are at 7:00 p.
                                                  Sunday, and Monday between Memorial Day
                                                                                                    m. and will be announced in the “Islander.”
     The Dummerston Historical Society            weekend and Columbus Day weekend from
                                                                                                          The annual pot-luck picnic for members
hosted a program on April 19, 2007 featuring      10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and every day during
                                                                                                    will be on the Hyde Log Cabin/Schoolhouse
high school teacher Bill Holiday, who spoke       foliage season from September 1 – October
                                                                                                    grounds on Monday, July 9th, at 6 p.m.
about the assassination of President John F.      8. We are located on Main Street (Route
                                                                                                          The annual “Old Tyme Crafts Day” will
Kennedy. Holiday was named National               121) just east of the Old Tavern in the middle
                                                                                                    be on Saturday, September 1, from 10 a.
Teacher of the Year in 1999 by the J.F.K.         of Grafton, 12 miles west of Bellows Falls and
                                                                                                    m. to 3 p.m. on the Log Cabin/Schoolhouse
Lancer Organization for his research into         I-91. Schedule of 2007 events:
                                                                                                    grounds. There will be an 18th century
Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. The              May 26: Museum open house with free               Abenaki encampment with Native American
program was held at the Grange Hall in            lemonade and cookies                              lifestyle demonstrations, as well as fireplace
Dummerston Center at 7:30 p.m.
                                                  August 2: Summer program and annual               cooking in the Cabin with free samples of
     The Society features ongoing rotating
                                                  meeting (program speaker TBA; check the           switchel, biscuits, chicken, etc.; and
exhibits at its museum. Visitors may contact
                                                  website in July).                                 demonstrations of quilting, weaving, basket
Jody Normandeau for more information
                                                  September 1: Labor Day bake sale                  making, rug hooking, butter churning, hand-
about hours of operation and the subjects
                                                                                                    cranked ice cream, chair caning, penny rugs,
of the changing exhibits.                         Annual winter program and dinner: Check
                                                                                                    blacksmithing, and more. Handmade
                                                  the website in the fall for program details.
                                                                                                    crafts and some antiques will be for sale.
Georgia Historical Society                                                                                The events are sponsored by the Grand
                                                  Grand Isle Historical Society                     Isle Historical Society, are free and open to
Peter Mallett, president                                                                            the public, handicap accessible, and
PO Box 2072, Georgia VT 05468                     Jan DeSarno, president                            refreshments will be served. New members
802-524-4539                                      PO Box 23, Grand Isle VT 05458                    are warmly welcome to this small, active
     The 2006 news from the Georgia               802-372-4058                                      group – please join us! Membership is $5.00
Historical Society is both very good and                                and may be mailed to the address above.
so-so. The good part lies in the fact that our          The Society was formed by a small group
town library has provided a space for our         of five in 2000 and has grown to about 90
historical society. This space has room for       members from several towns and states,
                                                                                                                                          Page 9
Greensboro Historical Society                    on Vermont historical documentaries and
                                                 shows some of his work.
Jenny Stoner, president                          May 17: 9:00 a.m. Cleaning of museum,
PO Box 151, Greensboro VT 05841                  meeting house, school house. Help is
802-586-6913                                     needed. Bring own materials.                            June 2: 10:00 to 2:00 p.m. Museum open
Spring & Summer 2007:                            for summer. Every Tues and Sat.
March 4: 2:00 p.m. Program: “Shaping             June 23/24: Vermont History Expo.
Lives – the Role of the Grange and 4H            Worlds Fairgrounds, Tunbridge, Vermont.
Clubs” – a panel discussion and sharing of       July 4: 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Museum and
stories about the vital roles of these           meeting house open. 4:00 p.m. Annual
organizations. Fellowship Hall, Greensboro       parade and picnic: Grange Hall.
United Church.
                                                 July 15: 2:00 p.m. Quarterly meeting:
Summer exhibit: “Shaping Lives: the              Center Meeting House. Vermont History
Grange, 4H Clubs and More.” Exhibit of           Expo exhibit and talk.
100 years of the Greensboro Grange, boys’
                                                 August 12: 2:00 p.m. Ice cream social
and girls’ 4H Clubs, and other volunteer
                                                 and music at Mineral Springs Farm, Guilford    Addie Minott of the Guilford Historical
groups that played important roles in village
                                                 Center.                                        Society receives recognition from VHS
                                                 Sept. 2/3: 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. Annual            director Kevin Graffagnino last fall at the
July 9: 7:30 p.m. Summer program at              Guilford Labor Day Fair.                       League of Local Historical Societies annual
Fellowship Hall, Greensboro United Church.
                                                 Date TBA: Welcome Center Annual                meeting.
Topic TBA.
                                                 Coffee Hour Fund Raiser.                       residents met at the Hubbardton town hall
August 6: 7:30 p.m. Summer program at
                                                 October 13: 2:00 p.m. Close museum             with members of the Pittsford Historical
Fellowship Hall, Greensboro United Church.
                                                 for season.                                    Society. After an entertaining afternoon it was
Topic TBA.
                                                 October 20: 5:00 and 6:30 p.m.                 decided by the group for form a historical
                                                 Annual roast pork supper at the Guilford       society in Hubbardton. More people came
Groton Historical Society                                                                       to the following local meetings and we formally
                                                 Community Church.
                                                                                                organized in 2000 by filing with the Secretary
Richard Brooks, president                        October 29: 7:30 p.m. Annual meeting
                                                                                                of State.
PO Box 89, Groton VT 05046                       at Broad Brook Grange. History of the local
802-584-3417                                     Grange, and raffle draw.                       February 17: Center Grange #290 of                                                                                Hubbardton hosted a community potluck
                                                     For information or questions on any
                                                                                                dinner and variety show at 5:00 p.m.
      The Groton Historical Society meets        these events, contact Addie Minott at
the second Tuesday of each month from            254-5910 or Fred Humphrey at 257-7306.         March 31: Hubbardton Town Hall was the
March to November, at the Peter Paul                                                            location for Tavern Night. The fun started at
House on 1203 Scott Highway. The house,                                                         7:00 p.m. There was food and drink served by
                                                 Hardwick Historical Society
built in 1840 by early settler Peter Paul, has                                                  voluptuous serving wenches, bar keeps to keep
been used by the Society since 1989 to                                                          the peace, and of course, all the neighbors.
                                                 Mary Brochu, president
display and store historical records and                                                        Paul Loding, the British Brigadier, and Jim
                                                 PO Box 177, Hardwick VT 05843
artifacts.                                                                                      Dassatti, representing the Americans, turned
      The Society has an active genealogy                                                       back time to what life was like in 1777.
research focus. With the addition of new                                                        June 23-24: This year our Vermont History
                                                 March 17: Corned Beef and Cabbage
information submitted for three additional                                                      Expo exhibit will tell the story of John Selleck,
                                                 Dinner and Dance to benefi t the depot
local families in 2006, there are now 38,005                                                    Jr., a British sympathizer who fled to
                                                 restoration project. Dinner 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
names listed in the Groton Historical Society                                                   Connecticut to escape the war. He purchased
                                                 Dance 8:00 – 11:00 p.m. at the American
Family Records computer file.                                                                   a farm in Hubbardton for his family. The farm
                                                 Legion Hall, North Main Street. Donations
                                                                                                became the site of the Battle of Hubbardton.
Guilford Historical Society                                                                     Our story will also tell how Mrs. Boardman and
                                                                                                her two children survived the Battle of
                                                 Hubbardton Historical Society                  Hubbardton by hiding under a bed in the
Adelaide Minott, president
236 School Road, Guilford VT 05301                                                              vacant Selleck cabin.
                                                 Grace Calvin, president
802-254-5910                                     PO Box 383, Castleton VT 05735                 July 7-8: This year is the 230th anniversary                             802-273-3901                                   of the Battle of Hubbardton. We expect that
March 24: 7:30 p.m. Celtic/Irish Variety                         several hundred people will visit Hubbardton
Show, a benefi t for Guilford Historical                             for the anniversary. To symbolize the sending
Society. Community Church. Adults $5.00,                                                        of the battle news from Hubbardton to
                                                     As we look forward to 2007 with            Windsor, there will be a relay using many
Children thru grade 12 $2.50.                    renewed energy, we reflect on how far we       modes of transportation that will begin after
April 23: 7:30 p.m. Quarterly meeting at         have come as a historical society. In          the battle reenactment. Plans are still being
Guilford Central School. Marty Cain speaks       November of 1999, several Hubbardton           developed, but it is expected that in a little
Page 10
ceremony at Hubbardton, a reenactor will be        Vermont Painted Theater Curtains Project.
sent out on foot down Monument Hill Road           We have several noteworthy curtains,
with the news, and head toward Windsor on          including the large stage curtain painted by
the Connecticut River.                             the Huiest Studio of Troy, New York, titled
                                                   “View of the Rhine.” We are very excited
Island Pond Historical Society                     to hear what she has to say about our
                                                   treasures. Refreshments will be served and
John Carbonneau, president emeritus                the public is welcome to attend.
PO Box 408, Island Pond VT 05846                        On Saturday, July 21, from10:00
802-251-2686                                       a.m. – 4:00 p.m. the tenth annual Secret                                  Garden Tour will be held. This is a co-
                                                   operative effort between the Mountain
August 5: The Island Pond Historical
                                                   Valley Garden Club and our historical
Society, Inc. will hold its 40th annual meeting
                                                   society. This tour features some of the
onSunday, August 5, 2007 at the American
                                                   most interesting gardens in the area.
Legion Hall in Island Pond. Social hour begins
                                                        The August exhibit will feature
at 12:30 p.m., meeting at 1:00 p.m. Featured
                                                   artwork from our collection and further
resentation: “For the Delights of Discovery:
                                                   information can be obtained by contacting
History of the Northeast Kingdom,” by
                                                   the LHS.
historian Charles T. Morrissey, former
                                                        The Custer Sharp House will be open
director of Vermont Historical Society. All
                                                   from 10:00 a.m. - noon on Saturdays in July
are cordially invited to attend.
                                                   and August. It is on the Middletown Road
                                                                                                   copies having completely sold out after three
                                                   just up from Route 11. It is a short walk
Londonderry Historical Society                     from the Londonderry Farmer’s Market;
                                                                                                   months. Before printing the second edition,
                                                                                                   the authors took the opportunity to make
                                                   plan to visit us when you are there.
Sally Ogden, vice president                                                                        corrections and add additional photographs
PO Box 114, South Londonderry VT 05155                                                             and oral history interviews that had come to
                                                   Middlesex Historical Society                    light after the first edition was published.                                                                                        The Middlesex Historical Society has
                                                   Patricia Wiley, president                       very few active members, and is always
                                                   c/o 307 Culver Hill Road                        looking for ways to increase membership.
      The Londonderry Historical Society is        Middlesex VT 05602
housed in an 18th century cape that belonged                                                       The Society has no home for its collections
                                                   802-229-0499                                    at present, and is hoping to obtain space
to Bernadine Custer Sharp and her husband,
Jimmy Sharp. They were both respected                                                              from the Town of Middlesex after a
                                                                     proposed new town hall is completed in
artists. We have an extensive collection of
                                                        The Middlesex Historical Society           the future.
her art as well as an interesting collection of
                                                   experienced a momentous year. In March
artifacts from the Londonderry area.
                                                   2006, after thirteen years of work, the         Milton Historical Society
      We start the summer season with our
                                                   Society finally published the first complete
annual Children’s Art Show. Drawing from
                                                   history of the town of Middlesex,               Bill Kaigle, president
our local elementary schools (Flood Brook,
                                                   Middlesex in the Making: History and            PO Box 2, Milton VT 05468
Jamaica, and Windham) we exhibit the work
                                                   Memories of a Small Vermont Town, by Sarah      802-893-1604
of our youngest artists. The show runs for
                                                   Seidman and Patricia Wiley. This lively and
two weekends, the last weekend of May and
                                                   readable history of the first town settled in
the first weekend of June. There will be an                                                              Are you interested in Milton’s history?
                                                   Washington County includes stories about
opening reception on May 25 from 4:00 –                                                             It has changed during the past fifty years
                                                   “Crazy” Chase, the musician who could
6:00 p.m. with refreshments and music. Then,                                                       from a rural farming community of 2,000
                                                   play any tune by ear and enjoyed
on Saturday and Sunday (May 26th and                                                               people with 125 small operating farms to a
                                                   performing in women’s clothing; the
27th), as well as June 2nd and 3rd, we will                                                        bedroom community of over 10,000 people
                                                   Balancing Rock, a boulder so carefully
be open for viewing.                                                                               and less than ten large operating farms. The
                                                   balanced that it could be see-sawed on its
      At the Vermont History Expo on June                                                          Milton Historical Society was organized in
                                                   perch; and the CCC workers who came in
23rd and 24th our exhibit will show                                                                1978 to collect, preserve, promote, and
                                                   the 1930s to build a flood control dam in
Londonderry as a “destination resort” of 100                                                       document two hundred years of this
                                                   the tiny hamlet of Wrightsville following
years ago. There were many fine hotels and                                                         important history. Generations ago family
                                                   the Great Flood of 1927. The 264-page
summer camps and easy access on the                                                                and town histories were shared orally and a
                                                   book contains oral histories collected from
railroad from the big cities. After Expo we will                                                   town district reflected its past culture and
                                                   82 longtime residents and over 200
move the exhibit to the Custer Sharp House                                                         activities. With a mobile population and the
                                                   photos, including rare shots of the hermits
for the month of July.                                                                             fast changing landscape of today, it is
                                                   who used to populate Bear Swamp and
      We will hold our annual business meeting                                                     important that people have a knowledge of
                                                   the abandoned “Notch” area between
starting at 5:00 p.m. on June 27th at the                                                          their town’s past, which gives them a greater
                                                   Middlesex and Waterbury.
South Londonderry Town Hall on                                                                     appreciation, a sense of pride, and an interest
                                                        The book is already in its second
Middletown Road. It will be immediately                                                            in their town’s future. We encourage you to
                                                   edition, the entire first print-run of 500
followed by a talk by Christine Hasdel of the                                                      visit the Milton Museum, which opened in

                                                                                                                                        Page 11
2001 in the historic former Trinity Episcopal   noteworthy life of the Rev. Ruth Powell        On Wed. March 2, Jane Williamson
Church at 13 School Street, and enjoy the       (1921-2000). A “Crusader for the Role of       presented “The Evolution of an
interesting exhibits that include a pictorial   Women in the Church,” she served the           Underground Railroad Historic Site” – the
timeline of major events (1763-2000), a map     Milton United Church from 1976-1983. The       story of Ferrisburgh’s Rokeby Museum and
of early Milton Farms (1940-1950), and a        information, photographs, and interviews       its famous Robinson family. In late March, we
photograph collection of early local            gathered for this project were videotaped      again hosted our “Maple Sugar-Off” at the
photographer J.K. Smith (1870-1918).            for the VHS educational web site.              Milton Grange Hall. Sugar on snow, maple
     During 2006 we participated in many              The Society received an Award of         donuts and baked goods, music & fun! On
activities involving the community, the         Merit at the Annual Meeting of Local           Wed. April 5, a discussion on “The History
Vermont Historical Society, and most            Historical Societies in October. We were       and Future of Milton Cemeteries” preceded
importantly, we have worked with students       recognized for our newsletter and the 2006     our annual meeting.
from the Milton schools. The 24th annual        calendar interpreting Milton’s healthcare
Fourth Grade History Contest, focusing on       history, which featured photographs of         North Bennington Museum
the importance and history of Vermont’s         persons, places, and practices involved with   and Historical Society
changing landscape and natural resources,       our medical history.
was held in April. Over 150 parents and               In November, we were hosts for one
                                                                                               John Huling, coordinator
students enjoyed a live impersonation of an     of the five informational meetings held
                                                                                               Larry Powers, coordinator
early logger by Peggy Pearl, a Fairbanks        throughout the state to discuss the 8th
                                                                                               PO Box 460
Museum curator and educator on May 3rd at       annual Vermont History Expo to be held
                                                                                               North Bennington VT 05257
Herrick Avenue School. Forty students were      on June 23rd and 24th, 2007 at the
awarded history books and all students          Tunbridge Fairgrounds.
received certificates acknowledging their             We held two open houses in 2006.
participation. During June, several classes     On Memorial Day a new flag was dedicated
scheduled field trips to the museum.            honoring the late Lyndon Sheldon and the
     During September and October, fifteen      American Legion Auxiliary #57, promoters            The North Bennington Museum and
7th and 8th grade students from the I-leap      of patriotism and community service. A         Historical Society is the state of Vermont’s
language arts class with their teacher had      well attended Christmas open house was         newest local historical society, having been
several work meetings at the museum. They       held on December 10th, which included          formed in late 2006 by a number of residents
wanted to learn about Milton’s history,         traditional music played by three members      who wish to preserve the stories and
especially during the 1930s-1940s. Many         of the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra, Toy Man       buildings of the village of North Bennington.
residents and veterans of World War II were     Stan Henry with his homemade wooden            The Society plans to be in full operation by
interviewed about the impact of the war on      toys, a beautiful Christmas tree, and a        June 1, 2007. Its mission is to record, collect,
the community and the memories of the           festive food table of sandwiches, desserts,    and archive historical information exclusive
veterans on and off the battlefield. Each       popcorn balls, and fudge.                      to the village of North Bennington.
student compiled an audio-visual                      Programs at our monthly meetings         The Society’s first project was creating a
presentation, which they shared with their      included “Vermont Then & Now: A                website, which features current and historic
parents and Society members at the              Photograph Tour” by UVM Geology                photographs of North Bennington, as well
November meeting.                               professor Paul Bierman; Adam Boyce’s           as an oral history interview with Larry
     On March 26th, the Society and the         “History of Vermont’s Contra and Square        Powers, who recounts memories of his
Grange sponsored a sugar-on-snow party at       Dancing”; Ken Peck’s video “The Old            father, Michael Powers, and the history of
the Grange Hall. About 100 people enjoyed       Intervale and the New Intervale”; and          the Powers Market in North Bennington.
one of our rural traditions with sugar on       Adam Kane’s “Life Onboard: Studying Lake
snow, homemade donuts, and a variety of         Champlain’s Sunken Canal Boats,”               Northfield Historical Society
maple desserts.                                 documenting the research of five canal
     Many people visited the museum during      boats discovered in the Pine Street Barge      Mary Comiskey, secretary
the Poetry Hop, one of the activities held      Canal in the late 1900s.                       PO Box 422
during the Milton Community Peace Event in            Monthly meetings are held the first      Northfield VT 05663
April. The Milton Artists’ Guild conducted a    Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at         802-485-4792
workshop supplying materials, ideas, and        the museum. Watch the local newspaper
palettes. The participants created original     for special events or any changes. Museum            The Northfield Historical Society’s
decorated pieces of art, which were displayed   hours are the first and third weekend from     summer exhibit, “Trains and Transportation,”
throughout the community.                       April through October (Hours: 1:00 p.m. to     opens in mid-June. Our museum is open
     An exhibit of early farm implements and    4:00 p.m.); during November-March, call        from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, or by
a video of early Milton farms were displayed    893-2340 for an appointment.                   appointment. Upcoming event: appraisal fair
at an open house at the Grange Hall. A raffle         Also, our historic 2007 calendar,        in the fall – date TBA.
of a hand-painted Adirondack chair and sap      “History of Milton’s Schools,” is now                We have been organizing our
bucket was held to help fund some of our        available at the Milton Town Clerk’s office    collections. Our curator, Kelly Nolin, has
projects.                                       or by calling 893-7387; a great collector’s    created a professional and workable museum
     For the Vermont History Expo, we           item! A number of early 2007 programs          environment for the collection. The project
joined the collaborative exhibit with the       have been planned. On Wed. February 1,         will be complete by the end of the summer.
unifying theme titled “Vermont Women in         Gary Furlong presented“History Online –        After that time, our records will be accessible
History.” Our exhibit reflected on the          Using Technology to Discover our Past.”        to the public for research.
Page 12
Norwich Historical Society                      February 18: Collector’s Fair at             Braintree School, opened in 1852) and
                                                Orleans Elementary School                    participate in school day activities of the
Nancy Osgood, president                                                                      period, enjoy a pig roast, craft vendors, craft
                                                March 21: Northeast Kingdom
PO Box 1680, Norwich VT 05055                                                                demonstrations, Victorian games, maple sugar
802-649-0124                                    History Fair at IROC for grades 6-12         house, and more! At the Pawlet Cemetery                                     March 31 – April 21: Spring                  and Braintree School on Route 153,                       workshops. Registration required. Call       10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.                               for details.
    Calendar of events for Norwich              April 28: Spring work bee                    Peacham Historical Association
Historical Society through June 2007 (all       May 15 & 22: Spring Field Days for
events are free and open to the public):        grades 3-6                                   Mary Ellen Reis, president
                                                                                             PO Box 101, Peacham VT 05862
April 5: 7:00 p.m., Union Village. The          May 29: Volunteer tea.                       802-592-3208
Thetford and Norwich Historical Societies
                                                June 16-17: Antique gas and steam  
co-sponsored a talk by author and Civil War
                                                engine show                        
historian Howard Coffin, who spoke about
the Battle of Cedar Creek and the               July 7: Big band benefi t dance at           April 7: Sugar on Snow Ski-In.
Shenandoah Campaign. The event took             Irasburg town hall                           Cross-country skiing with sugar on snow.
place at the Village School House on Main                                                    10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m
                                                July 10: OCHS annual meeting
Street.                                                                                      June 23: “Forging Ahead” celebration at
                                                July 9-14: Heritage crafts workshops.
May 16: 7:00 p.m. The Norwich                                                                the Ashbel Goodenough blacksmith shop.
                                                Registration required. Call for details.
Historical Society and the Norwich                                                           This is a fundraising event to raise money to
                                                July 23-27: Time Traveler’s Day              pay for the preservation of the roof of the
Women’s Club are co-sponsoring a talk by
Dartmouth professor Annelise Orleck             Camp for ages 8-12. Registration             blacksmith shop (about $1,200). Blacksmith
entitled “What if Poor Women Ran the            required. Call for details.                  demonstrations by Joe Miller. Open grill to
World?: Some Lessons from Las Vegas,” at        August 12: Old Stone House Day               cook lunch/hot dogs, etc. Raffle item TBD.
the Norwich Public Library.                                                                  July 4 – October 7: Historic House
                                                Sept. 25: Fall Harvest Day for grades
June 5: 7:00 p.m. Jane Williamson of the                                                     open, Sundays 2:00-4:00 p.m.
                                                3-6. Registration required. Call for
Rokeby Museum will speak on “Abolition                                                       July 4: Peacham July 4th celebration.
and the Underground Railroad” at Tracy                                                       Historic House open, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Hall.                                           Late September: Fall craft classes.          Theme and events TBA.
                                                Registration required. Call for details.     July 4: Tenth Anniversary Ghost Walk.
Orleans County                                                                               2:00 p.m., Peacham Cemetery. (In case of
                                                Pawlett Historical Society                   rain, meet at the Peacham Congregational
Historical Society
                                                Steve Williams, president                    July 21 or 28 (to coincide with Library
Peggy Day Gibson, museum director
                                                PO Box 113, Pawlett VT 05761                 Antiques Show): Self-guided garden tours.
Old Stone House Museum
                                                802-645-9529                                 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. $5.00 per person.
109 Old Stone House Road
Brownington VT 05860                                                                         Month of July: Artists at the Historic
802-754-2022                                    May 5: Opening of the Purple Fox             House. Artist: Cecelia Garvin, botanical artist.             Gallery and its Pawlett Historical Society   Opening reception, Sunday, July 8, 2:00 –                     Room and exhibits. At the Purple Fox         4:00 p.m..
                                                Gallery in Pawlet Village Square, 10:00
      The Orleans County Historical Society                                                  Month of August: Artists at the
                                                a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
has embarked upon a new project, the                                                         Historic House. Artist: Rodney Reis. Rodney
purchase and restoration of the Samuel          August 24: “Oh Victoria”: a one-             will display oil landscape paintings and also his
Read Hall House on the corner of the            woman mini-musical written and               restoration of antique gold leaf frames and
Hinman Road. Samuel Read Hall was the           performed by Sarah L. Payne on the           the process involved.
first teacher educator in the United State,     subject of Victoria Woodhull, who ran for
                                                                                             August 7: Annual meeting. Peacham
founding the first Normal School in             U.S. president in 1872. She was also an
                                                                                             Congregational Church. 6:00 p.m. dessert
Concord, Vermont in 1823. He wrote              advocate of free love, the world’s first
                                                                                             and conversation, 7:00 p.m. meeting begins,
Lessons in School Keeping, which went           female stockbroker, and a scandal-
                                                                                             7:30 keynote speaker: Dr. Alan Searls.
through ten printings, and is still relevant    mongering newspaper editor! Event
                                                sponsored by the Vermont Humanities          Month of September: Artists at the
today. The museum plans to use the house                                                     Historic House. Artist: Alex Garvin. Alex
to expand the education program, with           Council. At the Pawlett Community
                                                Church on Route 133 in Pawlet Village.       is a landscape painter in oil.
traditional craft classes, teacher workshops,
                                                6:30 p.m. potluck supper and annual          October 4: Fall foliage celebration.
and space for events.
                                                general meeting; 7:30 program.               9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Historic House and
      The Old Stone House Museum is open
                                                                                             blacksmith shop open. Theme TBD.
from May 15 through October 15,                 September 16: “Pawlet Olden Days”:
Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00 a.m. –           a celebration of Pawlet’s history. Attend    October 4: Tenth Anniversary Ghost
5:00 p.m. Closed Monday and Tuesday.            ghost walks at the cemetery, tour an         Walk. 2:00 p.m., Peacham Cemetery. (In
                                                historic one-room schoolhouse (the           case of rain, meet at the Peacham
Events for 2007:
                                                                                             Congregational Church.)
                                                                                                                                     Page 13
Historical Society of Peru                        Eaton Hall Office & Museum                      paintings of kittens to print on postcards
                                                  3399 US Rte. 7, Pittsford                       and notepaper.
Karen Utiger, president                                 The Society welcomed nine new                  We are cataloging about 45 letters
PO Box 325, Peru VT 05152                         members in 2006, making a total of 175          written in the 1860s to A. M. Caverly in reply
802-824-6583                                      including 24 life members. At the October       to his request for family records and town                            annual meeting, Otter Valley UHS English        events. Dr. Caverly was writing his “History
     We began our 2006 season with an art         teacher Michael Dwyer described Irish,          of Pittsford,” published in 1872. Our
show in the first floor of the Cheese Factory     French Canadian, and Polish families who        scheduled events for 2007 are as follows
in June during Studio Week. Natalee Everett       immigrated to Pittsford between the 1840s       (unless otherwise noted, all meetings are at
and Karen Utiger did a wonderful job of           and early 1900s. Several descendants of         Pittsford Congregational Church on Route 7):
displaying paintings of Peru. It was well         those immigrants were in the audience.          March 4: Potluck dessert 1:30 p.m..
attended by both area residents and visitors.           2007 board members: Peggy Armitage,       Program: “Climate Change in Vermont,”
We also sponsored our annual Flea Market,         president; Anne Pelkey, vice president;         Dr. Alan Betts
held on the Town Green on September 30.           Rebecca Davenport, recording secretary;
                                                                                                  May 20: Potluck supper, 5:30 p.m.
     The big event of the year was the            Jane Welch, corresponding secretary;
                                                  Barbara Poljacik, treasurer. Trustees: Betty    May 28: Memorial Day ceremonies.
unveiling of the Town Quilt on October 14 at
                                                  Atwood, Ernie Brod, Joe Flory, and past         Parade at 12:30 p.m. to museum.
the Cheese Factory. The first one, done in
1976, currently hangs in the Town Center.         president Len Lumsden. We honored               June 23: Tag and bake sale, Eaton Hall.
Now, thirty years later, sixty property owners    retiring treasurer Jean Harvie Beatty with a    8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
stitched, drew, painted, and pasted with great    framed certificate of appreciation for 25       July 1: Booth at Pittsford Day, Rec.
imagination and ingenuity their 10 ½ inch         years of faithful service.                      Area. 12:00-6:00 p.m.
squares of cloth, depicting family-related              Highlights: The Society’s exhibit of
                                                                                                  September 16: Potluck supper,
subjects. Karen Utiger and her crew stitched      Pittsford photographers Mary (Randall) and
                                                                                                  5:30 p.m.
them all together and the result was fabulous.    Leslie Allen, May Manley, and Dr. H. H. Swift
                                                  received many compliments at the Vermont        October 21: Potluck supper & annual
Thank you, Karen, for all your work. They will
                                                  History Expo 2006. On July 2 we                 meeting, 5:30.
sew on the backing and do the quilting during
the winter, and decide on a permanent place       participated in the second highly successful    November 18: Open House,
for the new Town Quilt.                           Pittsford Day at the Recreation Area.           2:00-4:00 p.m., Eaton Hall.
     Thanks to the talents of Glen Frank of       When the planning commission solicited
South Londonderry and a grant from the            suggestions for the revised Town Plan, we       Poultney Historical Society
Stratton Foundation for $1000 and $500 from       urged more attention to maintaining the
the Ladies Aid Society, we have a refurbished     character of our three historic districts and   Gail Vreeland
library in the entrance to the Cheese Factory.    curbing excess noise and speed on our           PO Box 21, Poultney VT 05764
New bookshelves and newly painted walls           streets. We taught 40 Lothrop School            802-287-2330
and ceiling make this a great place to browse     students studying town and state history
through our donated books. The policy is          how to research our documents and
                                                                                                  August 11: Poultney Historical Society’s
take a book or books, and, if possible, replace   collections, as well as hosting dozens of
                                                                                                  72nd annual East Poultney Day. 9:00 a.m. –
them.                                             visitors from April through November. We
                                                                                                  4:00 p.m. East Poultney Village Green on
     Our donations this year included photos      attended a joint meeting with Pittsfield and
                                                                                                  Vermont Route 140 East. Vendors, music,
of Bromley from Stewart Beattie, and of the       Chittenden Historical Societies in the fall.
                                                                                                  dancing, raffle, museums, demonstrations.
Beard family from Priscilla Ochocki. Kermit             Our $50,000 investment fund at the
                                                                                                  As part of the celebration, J. Kevin
Reilly brought in a letter to Mabel Brown         Vermont Community Foundation earned
                                                                                                  Graffagnino, director of the Vermont
Williams from her father, a House                 over $2,000 for the Society, and life
                                                                                                  Historical Society, will give a talk entitled
representative. Dave Farum stopped by with        member Mary (Phillips) Smith’s family made
                                                                                                  “A Hard Founding Father to Love: Ira Allen
a program of the town celebrating receiving       a very gracious gift in her memory. Pittsford
                                                                                                  of Vermont.” For more info call 287-2330.
electric service on December 12, 1939. Many       voters supported our work with a $5,200
thanks to everyone who has added to our           appropriation. The November open house
                                                  and silent auction netted over $450. We         Pownal Historical Society
collection of Peru artifacts.
     Our final event of 2006 was a festive        ended a productive year as guests at the St.
                                                  Alphonsus Church holiday fair with items        Ken Held, president
holiday celebration at the Cheese Factory on
                                                  from the museum shop.                           PO Box 313, Pownal VT 05261
December 10, which included singing around
                                                        Among this year’s many gifts are Don
our antique organ and enjoying samplings of
                                                  Carrigan’s American flag from his U.S.
wine and cheese.
                                                  Government office and fur-trimmed slippers           The Pownal Historical Society had an
                                                  made by Elvira Harris. John Rouleau’s son       active year in 2006. One successful goal was
Pittsford Historical Society, Inc.
                                                  gave a framed panoramic photo of Pittsford      increased community involvement, evidenced
                                                  ca. 1930 and a U.S. fish hatchery glass         by the Society’s work with the Pownal
Peggy Armitage, president.
                                                  spawning jar. Katherine (Rantanen) and          Elementary School’s fourth grade. With the
PO Box 423, Pittsford, VT 05763
                                                  Robert Wyman gave a 1920 U.S. Census            Society’s help, the students created a book
                                                  report for Pittsford. Christopher Belcher       on the “ABCs of Pownal.” Working with the
                                                  sent color photos of Hilda Belcher’s            children and talking about different places,

Page 14
people, and things of yesteryear brought the     Shoreham Historical Society                      Tunbridge entitled “Til the Cows Come
history of Pownal alive for the students. The                                                     Home,” highlighting the Smith/Sharrow dairy
children were excited to learn about their       Dale Birdsall, president                         farm in Shrewsbury for nine generations.
town and worked hard to put together a very      91 Dolittle Road, Shoreham VT 05770              This exhibit is now in the museum.
informative book. In December, the Society       802-897-2572                                           In late summer, the Society was involved
presented each of the children in grades 3-6                             in a town-wide celebration of our neighbors,
with a dictionary. The dictionaries were                  Senator Jim Jeffords and his wife, Liz, upon
obtained through The Dictionary Project, a       SHShome.htm                                      the senator’s retirement from Congress. The
national group dedicated to putting a                                                             planning for the event began the year before.
                                                 March 7: Dinner at the Inn. Planning
dictionary into the hands of every student.                                                       The Society prepared five large boards filled
                                                 meeting & election of officers.
     On January 15, 2007, Ursula Smith                                                            with many photographs of the Jeffords,
and Linda Peavy alternated their voices in       April 4: Rose Paul – Director of                 spanning the years from Jim’s birth to the
recreating the lives of women who followed       Science & Stewardship, The Nature                present, and the Society also videotaped
their husbands and sons west out of Vermont.     Conservancy of Vermont. This                     the short formal presentation and many
Their January 14, 2007 presentation at the       presentation introduced our native spring        comments from friends and neighbors.
Pownal Historical Society, supported by a        wildflowers and identified the habitats that     The videotape is being added to the archives
grant from the Vermont Humanities Council,       each prefer. Rose also reviewed the tools        in the museum.
grew from research into the letters that         of identification that help the beginner               In the fall, a special program was
women sent back home to families and             identify flowers.                                presented by life members Barbara and
friends, as well as other written documents.     May 2: Burt Porter – The British ballad          Barry Griffi th about the Crown Point Road
     February 11: Joe Hall of the                tradition in New England.                        as it passes through Shrewsbury.
Bennington Historical Society talked at 2:00     June 6: David Perrin – Coin silver and                 The inside of the museum was repainted
p.m. about the trolleys from Pittsfield and      Vermont silver makers.                           this past winter and new tin tiles added to
North Adams through Pownal and                   July 4: Gravestone transcribing at               match the ceiling in the vestibule.
Bennington and on to Hoosic Falls.               Lakeview Cemetery. Party & fireworks                   The Society continues to receive many
     March 9: Steve Perkins, director of the     afterwards.                                      genealogical questions via e-mail, plus
Bennington Museum, gave a presentation on                                                         requests for our town’s history book,
                                                 August 1: Jim Peden – Nineteenth
historic postcards at 2:00 p.m. at the Pownal                                                     Shrewsbury, Vermont – Our Town As It Was.
                                                 century firearms.
Public Library. Perkins used examples from
                                                 Sept. 5: Vince Feeney – The Allen
the Bennington Museum collection and from                                                         Stowe Historical Society
                                                 brothers, original Vermont developers.
the broader Bennington area.
                                                 Oct. 3: Elsa Gilbertson – David Rusco:
     April 15: Annual meeting at 1:00                                                             Babara Baraw, president
                                                 A Revolutionary War soldier and his
p.m. in the Pownal Public Library.                                                                PO Box 730, Stowe VT 05672
                                                 Mount Independence powder horn.
      April 15: Joe Manning described his                                                         802-253-8428
                                                 Nov. 7: Sue MacIntire – A PowerPoint   
searches to discover what happened to the        show of people, places, and industry in
children who worked in the area’s cotton                                                                2006 was an important year for the
                                                 nineteenth century Shoreham.
mills. Joe discovered what happened to                                                            Stowe Historical Society. We have begun an
                                                 Dec. 5: Christmas dinner at the                  enormous project to move the historic West
Addie Card, the 12-year old North Pownal
mill girl whose photograph, taken by Lewis       Shoreham Inn (pot luck).                         Branch Schoolhouse, a one-room school that
Hine in 1910, has now become famous, and                                                          was donated to us and is currently patiently
whose story was the basis for Elizabeth          Shrewsbury Historical Society                    sitting on cribbing and wheels awaiting its
Winthrop’s book, Counting on Grace. His                                                           trip to the village and its new home on the
website,          Marguerite Ponton, president                     corner of Pond and School Streets, next to
addiesearch1.html, summarizes his work as an     Ruth Winkler, secretary                          the Bloody Brook School. The site plan,
historian of North Adams, Massachusetts and      5410 Route 103, Cuttingsville VT 05738           elevations, and interior design have been
the region.                                      802-492-2175                                     planned for us by a local architect. Once our
                                                                  permit has been issued by the Design Review
     May 19: The Bennington Museum will
                                                                                                  Board, working drawings can be completed.
host the statewide opening event for the               The Shrewsbury Historical Society          With those in hand, we can then obtain the
Vermont Reads program, with a variety of         museum officially opens the first weekend        various contractors and proceed with the
events related to Elizabeth Winthrop’s book,     in July on Sundays only from 1 to 3 p.m.,        move.
Counting on Grace. Call the museum at            through October. Appointments can be                   As this is being done, we will be working
802-447-1571 for the schedule.                   made by calling 492-3324.                        on the major part of our building fund
     June 23-24: The Vermont History                   Fundraising activities will consist of a   campaign. To date, we have received several
Expo will take place at the Tunbridge World’s    plant and bake sale in May and in the fall,      substantial gifts that demonstrate support for
Fairgrounds on June 23-24. The Pownal            the annual Fall Food Fest, which are two         the project. We will need many more gifts,
Historical Society will be joining the           popular events. In 2006, the fundraising         large and small, from every part of the town
Bennington Historical Society and the            committee presented for sale a Memories          and the community in order for the project
Shaftsbury Historical Society in developing an   2007 Calendar, which was very well               to be completed.
exhibit around the trolleys that once ran        received.                                              After the schoolhouse is moved, we will
through our town into Bennington, North                The Society presented an exhibit at        have three historic schoolhouse buildings set
Adams, and Pittsfield.                           the 2006 Vermont History Expo in                 close together. We hope to create a “cultural
                                                                                                                                         Page 15
                                                   fabled basket-maker, Jeffery Gale, to make a       bridges and factories in the dam area that
                                                   split-ash market basket, using pioneer             have disappeared.
                                                   methods, for us to raffle at the Vermont
                                                   History Expo and at our July 4th celebration       Waitsfield Historical Society
                                                   in town.
                                                         March 2007 begins our fifth Family           Juddy Dodds, curator
                                                   History Exhibit, to feature eight generations      PO Box 816, Waitsfield VT 05673
                                                   of the David Brown family in Strafford. This       802-496-2027
                                                   will begin the season of regular open hours:
                                                   Saturday and Wednesday mornings from     
                                                   10:00-12:00; after the winter hours (open by
                                                                                                            Our historical society is located at the
                                                   appointment only) observed during January
                                                                                                      Wait House in Waitsfield. This house was
L to R, Stowe Historical Society President         and February.
                                                                                                      originally the home of General George Wait
Barbara Baraw, Wendy Parrish, and                        Planned for the summer is an
                                                                                                      and was moved to its present location in
Ed Rhodes at last fall’s League of Local           enactment in Old City Cemetery of the lives
                                                                                                      1830. It was renovated in 1997 with help
Historical Societies meeting.                      of notable people buried there over the past
                                                                                                      from the Waitsfield Historical Society. We
                                                   two centuries. It will be performed by
campus,” including the creation of new                                                                have offices upstairs and maintain historical
                                                   Strafford’s drama group, Thistle, in
headquarters for our Society, as well as a                                                            exhibits in the downstairs room. The exhibits
                                                   collaboration with the Historical Society.
museum for our artifacts.                                                                             are changed periodically and are open to the
                                                   During the fall, we hope to have the video of
                                                                                                      public when the Wait House is open.
March 20: Working meeting, 12:00-3:00              the history of the Elizabeth Copper Mine
                                                                                                      We have the book History of Waitsfield, and
p.m., Bloody Brook School.                         completed, and start work on possible
                                                                                                      the DVDs The Way We Were and
April 16: Program: “Moscow,” 7:00 p.m.             informational sites in the vicinity of the mine.
                                                                                                      The Heart of Hooking for sale at the
Moscow is an old mill village on the south                                                            Wait House.
end of town. John Johnson will be the guest        Thetford Historical Society                              This year one of our members, Judy
speaker and he will report fascinating                                                                Dodds, was awarded the Vermont Historical
information he has put together as a result of     Charles Latham, president                          Society Local Societies Achievement Award
researching for an application nominating the      PO Box 33, Thetford, VT 05074                      in the category of Publication/Oral History.
historic village for the National Historic         802-785-2068                                       The award was for “the initiation and
Register. The event will be held at the Grace                 completion of a project to record, edit, and
Bible Church in Moscow.                                    publish recollections relating to a specific
May 15: Working meeting. 7:00 p.m.,                      Last fall we had a gallery exhibit of the    aspect of a community.” Judy is the curator of
Memorial Room.                                     Thetford photographs of Clara Sipprell             the WHS and has been instrumental in
June 23 & 24: Vermont History Expo,                (1885-1915), who had a studio in Thetford in       setting up many exhibits at the Wait House
Tunbridge Fairgrounds. We will have a              the 1920s and 1930s. We also had a well-           and at the Vermont History Expo in
collaborative double booth with Waterbury          attended talk by Peter Fox Smith, who              Tunbridge. She and her husband, Jim Dodds,
about the Mt. Mansfield Electric Railway that      worked with Sipprell in her last years.            spent two years on this project, interviewing
once ran between the two towns. This is in               In our library, we are processing six        and videotaping rug hookers from Waitsfield
direct correlation with Waterbury’s recent         large boxes of property research left by           and around Vermont. The award was
renovation of its historic train depot.            longtime Thetford lister, Arthur Bacon.            presented on October 13, 2006 at the
                                                         This year’s town report carried an           Vermont State House. The proceeds from
August: Annual meeting. Place, date, and
                                                   historical article about Dwight Goddard                                              g
                                                                                                      the sale of The Heart of Hooking will benefi t
time TBA. Will hopefully include an ice
                                                   (1861-1939), a successful engineer who             the barn project.
cream social.
                                                   became a Buddhist monk and published a                   The Society is in the early stages of
                                                   series of volumes on Zen Buddhism from his         renovating the carriage barn at the Wait
Strafford Historical Society                       home in Thetford.                                  House. In August 2006 we held a barn party
                                                         On April 5, we joined the Norwich            and visitors were able to view the barn’s
Stefanie Johnston, curator                         Historical Society in hosting a talk in the        interior and see the work that needs to be
PO Box 100, Strafford VT 05072                     Union Village Church Hall by Civil War             done to make the barn a center for Society                                 historian Howard Coffin. On May 12, we             events and exhibits. Members of the Society
     A popular exhibit in fall 2006 at the         will have a potluck supper in the North            worked very hard cleaning the interior of the
Strafford Historical Society in the Brick Store,   Thetford Church to hear a talk by Bill Gove        barn. We hope to start a fundraising
Strafford, showed old postcards of our town,       about log drives on the nearby Connecticut         campaign in the near future.
many from local collectors. A subsequent           River.                                                   Thanks to members Shirley Viens, Ilene
display of old maps of Strafford inspired a              We plan to have an exhibit at the            Joslin, and Ray Joslin, our historical society
local equestrienne to use a map of early           Vermont History Expo in June about the             won first prize for the second year in the
roads, and add discontinued roads that she         Union Village flood control dam. The exhibit       “Festival of the Lights” Christmas decoration
has discovered, to map an extensive network        will include photographs of the great 1927         contest in Waitsfield. Their amazing creation
of riding trails in Strafford.                     and 1936 floods, which resulted in planning        was featured on the porch of the Wait
     Our December exhibit of local                 for the dam; the actual construction of the        House and included an antique sleigh with
traditional handcrafts has led to an offer by      dam after World War II; and of houses,             Santa Claus peeking through the window and
                                                                                                      “snow” falling.
Page 16
     Our annual dinner was held on October       letters, diaries, Sloan Hospital bed cards,          The Society received a $25,000 grant
25, 2006. A slide show entitled “As We           GAR records, cemetery records, and more.       from the Freeman Foundation and the
Were” was shown, which featured                                                                 Preservation Trust of Vermont, and the
photographs of the Mad River Valley from         Williston Historical Society                   funds are being used for the exterior
1870-1915. These were pictures created                                                          painting and the new roof. A Cultural
from our collection of over 800 glass slides.    Ginger Isham, secretary                        Facilities grant in the amount of $1,400
Judy Dodds, Jim Dodds, and Jack Smith            PO Box 995, Williston VT 05495                 (matching funds) was used for the start of
produced the slide show. This show is also       802-878-3872                                   the electrical upgrade. The Town of
available on a DVD.                                   The Williston Historical Society’s        Worcester also appropriated $2,000 for
     Other projects for the year 2006            collection is housed in the Vermont Room       renovations at the 2006 Town Meeting
included financing the cleaning of the three     in the Dorothy Alling Memorial Library.              The Society was involved in numerous
war memorials in Waitsfield. An exhibit of                                                      events during 2006: serving Town Meeting
oral history done by the students at the         May 19: Speaker Richard Allen will             dinner, a sugar-on-snow party with guest
Waitsfield Elementary School was put up in       present “Williston’s Historic District” from   speakers Burr and Elliot Morse (Morse
the Wait House. Society members were             11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. at the Dorothy Alling     Farm), organizing the 4th of July
among the residents of the community             Library. The event is co-sponsored by the      celebration, a window restoration
interviewed by the students.                     Williston Historical Society. It will be       workshop, annual meeting and program
     The year 2007 promises to be a busy         followed by a walking tour, led by Ginger      (history of the bell and bell tower by Jerry
one for the Society. We will be celebrating      Isham, and lunch at the Old Brick Café.        Nelson), our 2007 Calendar, Fall Dinner
the 10th anniversary of the restoration of       May 24: The Society will host its own          and Vermont Fiddle Orchestra Concert,
the Wait House and plan to have a big party.     version of public television’s “Antiques       and the first annual Love Light Tree
We hope to make further progress on              Road Show” at the Old Brick Church. In         celebration.
renovating the carriage barn at the Wait         preparation, the students of Phoenix House           In 2007, renovation projects continue
House.                                           at Williston Central School visited the        to be the top priorities, such as the
                                                 Vermont Room in January for a second           restoration of the windows, chimney
Waterbury Historical Society                     time to review artifacts they are studying.    repair, ongoing restoration projects, and a
                                                 Time TBA.                                      membership drive. A Society-sponsored
Brian Lindner, president                         June 23-24: The Society will have a            Contra Dance was held on Jan. 27, 2007
PO Box 708, Waterbury VT 05676                   booth at this year’s Vermont History Expo      (proceeds went toward renovations). We           in Tunbridge, where the theme will be          will participate in the Vermont History                         “Transportation: How Vermonters Got            Expo with an exhibit of kitchen gadgets of
      This year is the 50th anniversary of the   from Here to There.”                           the past.
Waterbury Historical Society, with the first                                                          Officers for 2007 are: David Book,
                                                 July 3: Each year the Society holds its ice
meeting having been held in April 1957. We                                                      president; Mary Ann Powers, vice
                                                 cream social as part of Williston’s annual
are pleased that Marion Moulton, who was                                                        president; Judy Knapp, treasurer; Dell
                                                 4th of July celebration. It is an
one of our charter members, has been a                                                          Waterhouse, secretary; and Elizabeth
                                                 accompaniment to the band concert on the
member for the entire fifty years. The April                                                    Schwartz, Cathy Hull, Audrey Richardson,
                                                 Green and net proceeds (donations only)
25, 2007 meeting was our official                                                               Gordon Cole, and Vivienne Adair,
                                                 go to a local charity.
anniversary celebration. Regular meetings                                                       directors.
are held on the last Wednesday of January,                                                            Please order your 2007 Calendar
                                                 Worcester Historical Society                   (Worcester’s Sawmills - $13 including S&H)
April, July, and October. The quarterly 12-
page newsletter is mailed just before the                                                       now: call Judy at 223-8635 or mail a check
                                                 David Book, president                          made payable to WHS to the address
meetings. Other regularly scheduled events       PO Box 329, Worcester VT 05682
are a baked bean & ham supper the Saturday                                                      above.
of Presidents’ weekend in February, and a
Meal of Remembrance the first Saturday in
                                                      The Worcester Historical Society had
November. This year’s Meal of
                                                 a very busy and productive year in 2006.
Remembrance will be “Class of 1957,”
                                                 Four major projects to renovate our
presented by Brian Lindner.
                                                 headquarters building, the 1892 Village
      In 2006 the Society published two
                                                 School, had been completed by year’s end.
books. The Best of the Waterbury Newsletter,
                                                 The highlight of the year was the repair and
Volume 1 is a compilation of articles
                                                 reconstruction of the bell and bell tower.
concerning Waterbury history from our
                                                 There was a landmark celebration when
newsletter submitters. The twenty stories
                                                 the bell sounded for the first time in many,
contained in the forty-one page book are
                                                 many years at our annual meeting and
about the old movie theater, a favorite
                                                 potluck supper on September 21.
school teacher, a disastrous fire, and more.
                                                      The next projects to be accomplished
Civil War Volunteers from Waterbury, Vermont
                                                 were the exterior painting, the new
& Duxbury is a 148-page book dealing with
                                                 standing seam roof, and the beginning of
the volunteers from the two neighboring
                                                 the electrical upgrade of our building.
towns. Information was gathered from

                                                                                                                                    Page 17
                                           N e w s            &   N o t e s

All Aboard for History Expo in June!

T          he Vermont History Expo is
           creating a buzz with the theme
           developed for this year.
Travel and Transportation: How
Vermonters got There from Here has
inspired over half of the participating local
historical societies to call upon their
memories and collections to come up with
some really fun exhibits. For example, Bethel
will highlight a valiant and often de-railed railroad,
Richmond has found lots of information on one of the
first Vermont auto dealers, and Waterbury and Stowe
are teaming up to present an electric trolley that ran
between the two towns. Other exhibits will feature
roads and turnpikes now past, bridges, bicycles, and

                                                                                                                             Phoo by Nancy Cassidy
     We’ll be treated to winter in June in Dashing
Through the Snow, history buff Brooke Paige’s latest
project featuring multiple modes of 19th-century winter
transport. We’ve engaged lots of antique and interesting
vehicles to grace the fairgrounds plus a wonderful
garden railroad display to admire and another one to              you a Sunday ticket! Plus, we’ve added a Weekend
build! A VIC Tent (Very Important Car) will showcase              Family Pass for $20. As always, visitors in period dress
some of the premier autos that folks drive to Tunbridge.          are encouraged with half-price admission.
     Not all of Expo is related to the transportation
theme – we’ll still have our Revolutionary and Civil              NEW FOR MEMBERS! To show our thanks for your
War re-enactors, History Quest, the ever-popular Clara’s          pledge to become a member of the Vermont Historical
Games, heirloom animals, music and performances,                  Society, we are offering a 25% discount on the above
the author’s tent, the live country auction, genealogy            prices for all Expo tickets purchased in advance of the
searches, great food, and parades – one on each day!              event. Please contact: Rilla Brown at 802-479-8500.
There will be lots of fresh and interesting exhibits and               We look forward to seeing you at The
events for the first-timer as well as the seasoned Expo            Vermont History Expo! For more details, visit
visitor.                                                 or call
                                                                  802-479-8500 for a program in advance.
     Support for this 8th Vermont History Expo has been
wonderful. The Expo has earned another designation
from the Vermont State Chamber of Commerce as a Top
Ten Event for the summer of 2007. We’ve also received                  Ben Lane Award Given
grants from the Vermont Humanities Council and a
brand-new program through the Vermont Department
of Tourism and Marketing. The latter grant allows us to
focus advertising out of state to attract tourists to Expo.
We’ve decided to reach out to the Albany and Boston
areas to promote travel for a day or two in Vermont.
                                                                      E         very couple of years the Publications and
                                                                                Research Committee of the VHS bestows
                                                                       the Ben Lane Award, a $250 prize for the best
                                                                       article published in Vermont History. The current
     We’d like to note some changes that have been                     winner, for articles published in volumes 72 and
made to our admission prices: entrance to Expo will still              73, is Keith Erekson, “The Joseph Smith Memorial
cost $8 for general admission, $4 for students up to 18                Monument and Royalton’s ‘Mormon Affair’: Religion,
years old, and children under 5 are admitted for free.                 Community, Memory, and Politics in Progressive
What’s new is that these prices are good for both days,
                                                                       Vermont,” which appeared in the Summer/Fall 2005
so if you want to return on Sunday because you had so
much fun on Saturday, just let us know and we’ll issue

Page 18
                                D e v e l o p m e n t                    N e w s

New Prints of Vermont Scenes Acquired

O          ur winter programs give Vermonters the
           opportunity to explore specific aspects of
           Vermont’s history – such as women in
government, Vermonters’ participation in the civil rights
movement or the changing role of media in our state.
    Many thanks to our sponsors for making these
programs possible!

    Barry T. Chouinard, Inc.
    Bates & Murray, Inc.
    Cabot Creamery Cooperative, Inc.
    Cargill Animal Nutrition
    Chittenden Bank Community Fund
    Denis, Ricker & Brown, Inc.
    Sarah L. Dopp
    Greensboro Garage, Inc.
    Robin N. Lloyd
    Main Street Landing Company                               One of the Society’s winter programs includes the Legislative
    Rubin, Kidney, Myer & DeWolfe                             Reception held in January. This year’s speaker was the
                                                              Honorable Madeleine Kunin who spoke about the importance
    Benson D. Scotch
                                                              of women in politics both in the national and statewide
    TD Banknorth                                              political scene. She shared many personal stories to a crowd
    The World Publication, Inc.                               of over 100 legislators and friends of the VHS. Pictured above
    Vermont Community Foundation                              is VHS Trustee Peter Mallary giving thanks to Governor
    Vermont Mutual Insurance Group                            Kunin for her participation.
    Wisdom Connection

Keep Vermont’s heritage alive!
Members help bring Vermont’s rich history to children and adults throughout the state. Members also get discounts on
books and events, free admission to the library and museum, and subscriptions to the History Connections newsletter
and Vermont History journal. Please join – we need your support!

❏ $35       Institutional (libraries, historical societies, schools)
❏ $40       Individual (benefits for one adult)
❏ $35       Senior Individual (age 65+)
❏ $50       Household (benefits for two adults & children under 18)
❏ $100      Associate
❏ $250      Contributing
❏ $500      Sustaining
❏ $1,000+   Freedom & Unity Circle

Name                                                            Email
Address                                                         Phone
❏   Check is enclosed or ❏ Credit Card #                                        Exp. Date
    Signature                                                                   CCV#
Please mail to: Vermont Historical Society, 60 Washington St., Barre, VT 05641 or join at
Please call 802-479-8503 with questions.

                                                                                                                    Page 19
                            E v e n t s   C a l e n d a r

                                                            Poster artwork by Ginny Joyner

       Join us on June 23 and 24, 2007
       Vermont History Expo 2007!
       8th annual History Expo –
       Travel and Transportation: How
       Vermonters got There from Here
       Tunbridge World Fairgrounds,
       Tunbridge, VT
       10 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day,

                                                                            Nonprofit Org.
                                                                             U.S. Postage
                                                                               Barre, VT
                                                                             Permit #222

Vermont History Center
60 Washington Street
Barre, Vermont 05641-4209

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