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									Lifestyle Assistant Services
Your Lifestyle Assistant & PA provides a range of lifestyle services for the busy individual or
spouse who have to contend with running a busy household, and children’s needs and
requirements. They know your busy schedule. Our unique lifestyle service, serves and providing
you with unmatched benefits to the highest standards.

These services include:

      Answering inbound calls to your home phone and/or mobile.
      Arranging flowers for anniversary's and other special occasions.
      Arranging gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversary's, weddings and other special
      Arrange parties, organize caterers, set lunch dates.
      Automatically drafting or sending emails to family and friends for their special occasions
       such as birthdays.
      Booking & confirming restaurants, shows, travel, holidays & accommodation, doctors
       dentists and friends.
      Drafting documents and typing of your correspondence.
      Email weather forecasts & reports for a particular time, place and day.
      Emailing you, checking & researching your child’s homework.
      Handling all your correspondence electronically.
      Handling and responding to your email traffic.
      Information to teach your child to tie their shoelaces.
      Investment property management.
      Keeping records of personal deductible expenses.
      Maintaining your important documents in an electronic Family Document Management
       extranet system that you can access worldwide by password.
      Maintaining a calendar of special dates, such as anniversary's and birthdays to ensure that
       those dates are not missed.
      Ordering food & Provisions for home.
      Organizing household payment of bills.
      Personal lifestyle manager who is your single point of contact that allocates your work.
      Preparing budgets for home and holidays.
      Receiving and converting fax to email.
      Research & preparation of school projects.
      Researching restaurants travel, holidays.
      Scheduling appointments in accordance with predetermined criteria.
      Screening your calls and dealing with them in a predetermined way e.g., for unsolicited
       marketing the response may be "thank you, but no thanks".
      Sending Apologies.
      Sending flowers to Relatives, Friends and Clients.
      Sourcing & arranging parking for your car in cities on your trip.
      Sourcing Trades people.
      Taking messages and forwarding by email or text.
      Trace and record your family tree.
       Tracking your diet plan, reminding you regularly, & ordering food based on that plan.
       Voice recorded dictation service.
       Wake up calls & Reminders to get up, attend Meetings, Pay bills, what dress to wear,
        what not to eat & what to avoid.

Our Lifestyle Assistant provides a professional, trustworthy service to ensure your work & life is
balanced, so you can focus on your needs, whether that’s business, travelling or living life your

With a mix of hardware and software solutions, your services will be routed to your dedicated
Lifestyle Assistant, located in our office. Who is there to coordinate and look after your every

The service can be extended into our corporate services, which include: mail service, gift service,
invoice service, debt collection, human resources assistants, and virtual secretary assistant, BAS
bookkeeping and detailed Research. As well as a lot more.

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