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					So, tell me again
   why we don’t have
  faculty who are
     Certified Online

Certified Online Instructor (COI)
the leading designation for online faculty in higher education
Certified Online Instructor (COI)

    Dear Administrator:
                                lopment is one of the
    Faculty professional deve
                                      hing online and
    top  issues right now with teac
    hybrid classes.
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     Give your faculty the com
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      That’s why more universit
                                       certification. COIs
      one  or more faculty with COI
                                 in other faculty, and
      model best practices, tra
                                  your decision making.
      provide valuable input on
                                  rior to other programs.
      Professors rate COI supe
                                   gistering ten or more
       For group discounts of re
                                       0-678-5376 or send
       facu lty for COI, call us at 80
       e-mail to info@lern.org.
                                  ing your institution.
        We look forward to serv

        William A. Draves
                                urces Network
        President, Learning Reso

2    phone:   1-800-678-5376   fax:   1-888-234-8633   e-mail:   info@lern.org
Certified Online Instructor (COI)
Now you can gain the professional development you want,
and receive the recognition you deserve. Taught by the
leading authorities in the field, the COI is the leading
certification for online faculty.

Who should participate                   • Document your expertise.
Any person who is teaching                 Perhaps the biggest reward
online should participate. The             is the internal satisfaction of
designation is relevant for faculty        having achieved this level of
teaching totally online, and               knowledge skills.
faculty teaching hybrid or blended
courses. The COI designation             Unique Benefits
was created for faculty in higher        1. Your instructors are the
education, but other teachers are           foremost authorities in online
eligible for the program as well.           learning.
                                         2. You get your own online
Why you should participate                  course personally critiqued.
There are two reasons why you
                                         3. Your students provide
should participate in the COI
                                            feedback and comments.
                                         4. Take home a framed
• Demonstrate your knowledge.
                                            certificate and a real medal.
  You can demonstrate to
  others in your institution that        5. You earn the right to have the
  your knowledge about online               initials COI after your name.
  teaching is benchmarked with
  a standard of achievement
  developed by the leading
  thinkers and practitioners in
  the field.

                                    “I highly recommend the COI
                                    program to everyone interested in
                                    online teaching and learning. I give
                                    it the maximum five-star rating.”
                                    David White, COI,
                                    Southwest Missouri State University

                    Monthly updates at www.LERN.org/faculty                  3
                                          “I am very proud of my certifica-
                                          tion and I thank you personally
                                          for the ‘spark’ you gave me in
                                          online learning.”
                                          Kristin Hokanson, COI,
                                          Notre Dame Virtual School

Taught by the foremost                      3. Have your online course
authorities in online learning                 critiqued.
• Rena Palloff and Keith                    4. Have your students evaluate
  Pratt, nationally renowned                   your online course.
  consultants and authors                   5. Pass a 50-question
  of Building Learning                         knowledge test.
  Communities in Cyberspace
• William A. Draves,                        Award
  internationally known                     Upon completing the
  speaker and author of                     requirements for the Certified
  Advanced Teaching Online                  Online Instructor designation,
                                            you will receive:
• Dr. Rita Marie Conrad,
  nationally known expert in                • A framed
  online student engagement and               certificate.
  designing online instruction,             • Approval
  author of The Faculty Guide                 to use the
  to Moving Teaching and                      initials COI
  Learning to the Web                         after your
Time to Complete                            • A letter and/or
Participants average six months               press release to your
to complete the COI but it can                institution.
be finished in as few as three
months. You have up to two years            • Listing on our faculty web site.
to complete the program.                    • A medal with ribbon,
                                              suitable for framing.
1. Take our three core one-                 COI Faculty
   week online courses.                     Advisory Committee
2. Teach at least two online                Dr. Mary Dereshiwsky, COI
   courses yourself.                        (Chair), Northern Arizona

4      phone:   1-800-678-5376   fax:   1-888-234-8633   e-mail:   info@lern.org
About the COI designation                   • Building Learning
The Certified Online Instructor               Communities in Cyberspace,
designation has been created to               offered twice a year. To pass
serve faculty in higher education             the course, you will need
and others teaching online who                to a) facilitate one day of
want to gain recognition for their            discussion; b) act as a key
knowledge skills.                             observer on an additional
                                              day of discussion; c) write a
The designation was created by                daily journal and summary
a Faculty Advisory Committee                  reflection.
working with outstanding experts
in online learning engaged in            2. Teach at least two online
writing and consulting on teaching          courses yourself. Simply
online.                                     provide documentation that you
                                            have taught at least two online
The designation is a voluntary              courses. Teaching the same
program. It is not a license. It            course twice is acceptable. A
does not substitute for any other           brochure description, web site,
professional degree or program.             internal list, or web access
COI recognition comes from the              to the courses will suffice as
Learning Resources Network                  documentation.
(LERN), an international education
association. More than 6,000             3. Pass a 50-question knowledge
faculty have taken online courses           test. The test is based on the
from LERN, making us the leading            critical knowledge areas covered
provider of online professional             in the three online courses. You
development for faculty in higher           may retake the test a second
education.                                  time if necessary. The test can
                                            be proctored locally or taken
COI Program Requirements                    online using a proctor.
1. Completion of our three core          4. Have your students evaluate
   online courses.                          your online course. You will
   • Teaching Online, offered 3             be given a URL and a code.
     or more times a year. To pass          Your students do a two-question
     the course, you will need to           online evaluation anonymously.
     a) make one comment a day              Student evaluations alone will
     for five days; b) take each            not disqualify a teacher from
     daily self quiz, passing grade         COI designation.
     is 80% (you may retake the
     quiz until you pass).               5. Have your online course
                                            critiqued. Simply provide us
   • Designing Online Instruction,
                                            with the URL, username and
     offered twice a year. To pass
                                            password to access your course.
     the course, you will need
                                            The course can be critiqued
     to a) respond to discussion
                                            before, during or after it is
     activities daily; b) write a
     daily journal; c) develop an
     abbreviated course plan.
                    Monthly updates at www.LERN.org/faculty               5
A few institutions with COI:
University of Utah                           St. Joseph’s University
Allegany College                             Stark State College
University of Alaska Fairbanks               Sullivan University
Appalachian Technical College                Texas Women’s University
Atlanta Technical College                    Tuscarora Intermediate Unit 11
Augusta Technical College                    University of Alabama Huntsville
Bainbridge College                           Washington State Community College
Bethany College                              West Georgia Technical College
Black Hills State University                 West Central Technical College
Center for Inquiry-Based Education           University of South Carolina
College of Technology                        University of Texas Health Science Center
Compass Knowledge Group                      at San Antonio
Conscious Living Strategies                  University of Texas Health Science Center
Daymar College                               University of Missouri St. Louis
East Central Technical College
Eastern Illinois University
Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell
                                             How to Apply
Flint River Technical College                             ONLINE: Just go to
Fort Hays State University                                www.lern.org/faculty
Fort Jackson                                              and look for the COI
Friends University                                        designation. You can
Georgia Virtual Technical College                         apply online.
Griffin Technical College
Heart of Georgia Technical College                        MAIL: Fill out the
Indiana University at South Bend
ITT Technical Institute
                                                          application form below
Jacksonville State University                             and mail it to us at
Keystone College                                          LERN, PO Box 9,
Lakeland Community College                                River Falls, WI 54022.
A. C. Swanson & Associates
Aakers Business College                                   PHONE: Call us at
AeroThrust Corporation                                    800-678-5376 weekdays
Mid-State Technical College                               between the hours of 8 am
Middle Tennessee State University
Mississippi State University                              and 5 pm Central Time.
Southwest Missouri State University
New Mexico State University Carlsbad         Cost
New Mexico State University at Alamogordo    The cost is just $795 including the
Northern Arizona University
Northwest Technical College
                                             three online courses, textbooks,
Northwestern College                         exam, course critique, medal,
Notre Dame Virtual School                    plaque and press release.
Ogeechee Technical College
Ozarks Technical Community College
Paine College
                                             Group Discount
Palm Beach Community College                 If you have ten or more faculty,
Piedmont College                             a group rate is available. Please
Pratt Community College                      email Tammy Peterson at
Seminole Community College                   TammyP@lern.org for a group rate.
Siena Heights University
Somerset Community College
Sonia Ford                                   Questions?
South Texas Community College                Just call us at 800-678-5376 or
Spartanburg Technical College                send e-mail to chris@lern.org.
6       phone:   1-800-678-5376   fax:   1-888-234-8633     e-mail:   info@lern.org
 Certified Online Instructor (COI)

Name                                         SC# (from mailing label)

Department (if any)



City                                         State/Province                 ZIP/Postal Code

Phone                                        Fax

E-mail Address

Please check:
q $795 check, PO or credit card information enclosed.

Card Number                                              Expiration Date

Cardholder's Name (please print)                   Cardholder's Signature

                                                          “You are making a great
                                                          contribution to education
                                                          by making all this available
                                                          and being there for us.”
                                                          Roger Ochse, COI,
                                                          Black Hills State University

                              Monthly updates at www.LERN.org/faculty                         7
             The leading certification
                for online faculty
Taught by the leading authorities in the field, the Certified
Online Instructor (COI) designation gives you the
expertise to offer your students the ultimate learning
experience. As a COI, you will learn
internet-specific techniques for
designing courses, promoting
collaborative learning, assessing
students in a virtual setting,
and more.
Electronic learning is different from
learning in a face-to-face classroom – and instructors
need special skills to ensure the success of their students.
The COI gives you that knowledge. In today’s increasingly
complex and highly-specialized world, this credential
gives you the expertise and recognition you deserve.

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Certified Online Instructor • 1/2/09 • Published annually by the Learning Resources Network (LERN), PO Box 9, River Falls, WI 54022 • (800) 678-5376

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