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					                     Kensington &

Issue 8 Spring 2011

Spring into action!
GET COUNTED                                                         GET WHAT’S YOURS
Will you be counted this                                            It’s hard to pick up a
month? Inside this edition of                                       newspaper or listen to the
the newsletter, you’ll find                                         radio or TV without hearing
information about the                                               about funding cuts and
upcoming census and why it’s                                        reductions in public services.
important to complete the                                           In the face of austerity, please
form and to encourage                                               do make sure that you are
neighbours, family and friends    Campaign to End Lone-             making the most of your
to do the same. Much of the       liness (http://www.campaign       income.
financial settlement that the
                                  Recognising that isolation is     Our Information and Advice
                                  bad for physical and mental       team will be happy to help
                                  health, the campaign is           with benefits and other money
                                  encouraging organisations         matters
                                  and individuals to come up        FAREWELL
                                  with creative ways to make        Finally, at the end of February,
                                  connections in age-friendly       we said farewell to Susan
                                  neighbourhoods. On page 12        Wardman who managed our
                                  Tasio reports on a new            home bathing service and
                                  scheme that Age Concern           dementia support services
council gets from central         K&C/Sixty Plus is about to        over the past five years.
government is based on these      start with the aim of building
figures so every person           social networks within our        She heads off to semi-
counts. If you happen to suffer   communities.                      retirement with thanks and
from ‘Form-Phobia’ (and who                                         gratitude from us all for the
                                  If digital inclusion is an area   high standards she set.
doesn’t to some extent), give     you’d like to explore but are a
us ring.                          bit nervous to try, give Ben a    Best wishes for the
                                  ring and he can advise you        Spring –
GET CONNECTED                     about discovering the                               Cynthia Dize
A new initiative was launched     worldwide web – and possibly                         Chief Officer
nationwide in January – The       making thousands of new

          Age Concern Kensington & Chelsea (incorporating Sixty Plus), 1 Thorpe Close,
            Ladbroke Grove, London W10 5XL Tel: 020 8969 9105 Fax: 020 8969 5936
                  email: website:
    News + Features
The Census is coming!
On 27 March 2011 all                                                      call the census helpline on
households in the UK will be                                              0300 0201 101.
taking part in a census. The
census is vitally important for                                           Census completion
your community, making sure                                               centres
that the facilities and services
you need can be identified. All                                           Forms can be confusing so if
sorts of decisions are taken                                              you would like some assistance
based on census statistics, from                                          in completing your census form,
the number of car parking                                                 you can drop in to one of the
spaces needed at local                                                    completion centres to get some
supermarkets, to where to locate                                          help. At our office in 1 Thorpe
bank branches and even the           It is compulsory by law for all      Close, you can drop in on
allocation of fire engines.          residents to complete the            Wednesday, March 30th from
Numbers of school places,            census. It’s straightforward, but    4.00 to 8.00pm, or on Friday, 1st
development of traffic systems       for the few who fall behind, a       April from 10.00am to 4.00pm. If
and funding for your local           census collector will offer help     you need help in a language
authority are all heavily            and collect their questionnaire.     other than English, please let us
influenced by the census. It’s all                                        know and we will arrange for
                                     Importantly, the census should       someone who speaks your
about planning ahead.                be filled in by all residents, not   language to be present.
In mid March you will receive a      just by citizens. In the last
big white envelope with a purple     census in 2001, it was felt that     Completion centres are also
logo. This contains your house-      many non-UK citizens                 being held at:
hold’s census questionnaire. You     mistakenly believed that it did
                                     not apply to them and, in not        New Horizons, Cadogan Street,
can complete the census online,
                                     filling in the form, their           SW3 2PF
or post the paper questionnaire
                                     community was under-                 25 March, 9.30am–4.00pm
back (postage is pre-paid).
                                     represented.                         Kensington Town Hall, Hornton
                                     The answers that you give are        Street, W8 7NX
 Contents                            turned into numbers by               27 March, 1.00–4.00pm.
                                     statisticians and fed into the       Includes a celebration with food
 News + Features              2                                           and music from around the
                                     decision making process about
 Health + Well-Being          5      where resources should be            world.
 Volunteers                  12      allocated. All answers are totally   NOVA, 2 Acklam Road, off
 Information + Advice        13      confidential and are not             Portobello Road, W10 5QZ
                                     disclosed or given to anyone else.   28 March to 1 April, 10am–5pm
 Garden Guardians            17                                           daily
                                     There are numerous tools
 Community Safety            18      available to assist those who are    All local libraries will offer free
 Intergenerational           20      hard of hearing, visually            internet access to complete your
                                     impaired or require assistance       form on line.
 New Horizons                22
                                     with language translation in
                                                                          For more information about
 Activities + Leisure        23      completing their census
                                                                          completion centres, visit
 Final Page                  24      questionnaire. You can find these
                                     online at or
                                                                          ring 020 7598 4633.

2       Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being
 News + Features
Check your heating system now
Spring is in the air: a perfect      also think about getting it          available or would like any more
time to think about your heating     serviced or upgraded during the      information on saving energy at
system                               warmer months. As engineers          home, call the Healthy Homes
                                     are less busy seeing to winter       helpline free on 0808 202 6204.
Winter might finally be coming to
                                     breakdowns, it’s often much          The helpline is a single point of
an end and although it’s not
                                     quicker – and may even be            contact in Kensington and
quite warm enough to throw the
                                     cheaper! If you’re over 70 or on     Chelsea for advice on keeping
windows open and get your flip
                                     certain benefits you may be able     your home warm and reducing
flops out, now is a good time to
                                     to get grants for replacement        your fuel bills.
think about your heating system.
                                     heating or boiler repairs. Boilers
If it’s been on all day every day                                         Don’t wait until the cold gets
                                     account for around 60% of your
over the winter, even just turning                                        really bad again. By making
                                     yearly energy bills, so getting an
it down a few degrees or having                                           improvements now, you can help
                                     efficient boiler can make a big
it on for shorter periods could                                           keep yourself warm and well. If
save you a lot of money.                                                  you think a friend or neighbour
If your boiler has been playing      If you would like to find out        may benefit from advice, please
up during the winter you should      about the grants that are            help them to get in touch too.

New help for carers in Kensington & Chelsea
Carers Kensington & Chelsea          and NHS Kensington and               surgeries on Tuesdays 2–4pm at
is an exciting new project           Chelsea. In addition, the service    The Redcliffe Surgery, 10
provided by Carers UK in             will support the local carers’       Redcliffe Street, SW10 9DT and
partnership with the Royal           forum and organise carers’           on Wednesdays 2–4pm at The
Borough of Kensington and            events throughout the borough.       Portland Road Practice, 16
Chelsea and NHS Kensington                                                Portland Road, W11 4LA.
                                     To access the service or to
and Chelsea.
                                     make an appointment at one of        We look forward to hearing from
The project currently has two        our advice surgeries, please call    you!
advice workers, Norma                us on our freephone advice line
Campbell and Madi Gilkes, and        number: 0800 032 1089                Kensington & Chelsea
aims to be the first port of call    (Monday: 1–3pm; Tuesday              TMO Community Alarm
for carers in the borough.           3–5pm; Wednesday 5–7 pm;
                                     Thursday 9–11am; Friday
We can provide you with
                                     11am–1pm).                           ‘I was on my own when I fell …
information about a wide range
of carers’ issues and welfare        Alternatively, send an email to      but I wasn’t alone.’ If you live
benefits and where necessary, or come           on your own and would like the
will signpost you to statutory,      and see us at The Customer           extra security that a Telecare
voluntary and local services in      Service Centre, Kensington           Alarm can provide, ring 020
the borough.                         Town Hall, W8 7NX on                 7605 6509. They can tell you
                                     Mondays, 10am–12noon (drop-          about the whole range
Carers Kensington & Chelsea                                               ofTelecare products, the
                                     in and appointment sessions
has also taken over the
                                     available).                          charges and the process for
production of the News for
Carers newsletter from the           We are also holding
Kensington and Chelsea Council       appointment-only advice

   Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being                                  3
    News + Features
Planning update
Every year the council’s planning      be published for further
policy team consults local             consultation early in 2011.        Opening doors for
residents on the future uses and
                                      • Edenham SPD: Land adjacent        LGBT older people
development of specific sites in
                                        to Trellick Tower.
the borough. A sample of the up                                           Age Concern Kensington &
and coming council                    • Westway SPD.                      Chelsea is part of ‘Opening
consultations that you should be                                          Doors Central London’ which
                                      Further information is available
aware of include:                                                         aims to support Lesbian, Gay,
                                      from the council website or your
• Earl’s Court and West               local library: http://www.          Bisexual and Transgender older
  Kensington Opportunity Area             people.
  Supplementary Planning              conservation/planningpolicy/
                                                                          Their newsletter can always be
  Document (SPD): A joint             supplementaryplanning.aspx
                                                                          found as a link on our website,
  planning framework to guide
                                                          Sue Lines       or if you would like us to print
  potential redevelopment in the
                                       Design & Access Office, RBKC       you a hard copy, give our
  Earl’s Court & West Kensington
                                                      020 7361 3382       Information and Advice team a
  Opportunity Area. The draft will
                                           ring on 020 8969 9105 and they
                                                                          will be happy to send it to you.
Dear Reader                           and Friday, 1st April 2011 at the   Every month there is a list of
                                      Royal Society of Medicine. The      activities taking place in RBKC,
We are seeking patients’ views
                                      venue is situated at: 1 Wimpole     Westminster and Camden.
and opinions about the care
                                      Street, London, W1G 0AE.            These include IT classes,
they receive from clinical
nurse specialists and nurse           If you would like more              theatre trips, lunch clubs,
consultants, and also their           information about the project       speakers, walks, lectures, pub
ideas about the best ways of          please contact Mehreen              nights and film screenings.
assessing or measuring nurse          Chandan or Lynne Currie.
                                                                          Full project information is
                                      Thank you.                          available at: www.openingdoors
We are particularly keen to                                      or ring one of the
                                                   Lynne and Mehreen
obtain the views of patients who                                          project workers:
have accessed specialist or                              Lynne Currie
advanced nursing care within the                   Mehreen Chandan        Stacey Halls, Development
last twelve months for treatment                    Project Managers      Co-ordinator (women),
and/or advice across a wide            Quality Standards & Innovation     020 7121 3331,
range of health related issues or       Unit Learning & Development
disease-specific treatment.                                  Institute    uk
We will be inviting participants to    Phone Lynne on 01865 787133        Nick Maxwell, Development Co-
attend focus group meetings                or email: lynne.currie@rcn.    ordinator (men) 020 7121 3335,
which will take place in London                           n.maxwell@ageconcerncamden.
and will last no longer than two                                
                                         Phone Mehreen on 020 7647
hours (9.30–11.30am). The
                                                     3649 or email:
focus group meetings will take                                            The newsletter is packed with
place on Monday, 21st March                                               information so don’t delay!

4       Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being
 Health + Well-Being
Health Wise – dates for your diary
Date                  Activity                  Time              Location
Thurs, April 7th      Dementia Awareness        12:30–1:30pm Persian Care Centre, MRCF, 2 Thorpe
                      Talk                                   Close, W10 5XL
Tues, April 12th      My Memories Café          2:00–4:00pm       St Peter’s Church, 90 Kensington Park
                      – Gardening Session                         Road, W11 2PL
Friday, April 15th My Memories Café             2:00–4:00pm       New Horizons Centre, Cadogan Street,
                   – Gardening Session                            SW3 2PF
Tues, May 3rd         My Memories Café –        2:00–4:00pm       St Peter’s Church, 90 Kensington Park
                      Summer Party/Raffle                         Road, W11 2PL
Mon, May 9th          Ageing Well –             2:30–3:45pm       Alan Kelly House, 22 Pembridge Villas,
every week for        Memory and                                  W11 3EL
6 weeks – exc.        Healthy Living
Bank holidays)
Fri, May 27th         My Memories Café –        2:00–4:00pm       New Horizons Centre, Cadogan Street,
                      Summer Party/Raffle                         SW3 2PF
Tues, June 7th        My Memories Café          2:00–4:00pm       St Peter’s Church, 90 Kensington Park
                      – Music Quiz                                Road, W11 2PL
Weds, June 8th        Arthritis Seminar         2:00–3:30pm       St Mary Abbots Centre, Vicarage Gate,
                                                                  W8 4HN
Fri, June 24th        My Memories Café          2:00–4:00pm       New Horizons Centre, Cadogan Street,
                      – Music Quiz                                SW3 2PF

Osteopathy                             Reader’s tip for teeth
treatment offer                        Brushing and flossing your teeth
                                       and keeping your gums healthy
The Frazer Clinic in Hampstead         reduces the risk of heart disease
offers free osteopathic treatment      by 70%, by fighting the bacteria
to older people on pension             in the mouth, that causes
credit. They are part of the           inflammation in the body.
British College of Osteopathic
Medicine so clients are treated        Wait at least 20 minutes after        excess toothpaste but do not
by fourth year students (under         drinking or eating anything,          rinse as this washes the fluoride
supervision).                          before brushing your teeth.           away. The very last thing is to
                                       Acid in food and drink can soften     floss the spaces, between the
Their website is: http://www.          the teeth and brushing may be         teeth next to the gums. and the            destroying the surface enamel,
phone number is 020 7435                                                     So here you have it: a small
                                       (the creamy white compound
7830. There is also a reduced                                                daily task that can save your life!
                                       which makes up most of the
cost of £15 per half hour for all      tooth).                                                   John Mendes
over 65s.                                                                                       ACKC member
                                       After tooth brushing, spit out

   Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being                                       5
    Health + Well-Being
Eat Smart – tips from Lily
                                                                              However, regardless of the
                                                                              uncertainty surrounding the
                                                                              actual health benefits of tea
That cuppa that you reach for in      traditional belief that tea has         drinking, there is no arguing that
the morning, the afternoon, or        health promoting properties.            a good cup of tea at just the
whenever you need a soothing                                                  right time can soothe, invigorate,
                                      For instance, drinking both green
pick me up, is the result of a                                                and make the world seem a
                                      or black teas (black tea leaves
long and distinguished history.                                               brighter place.
                                      as opposed to tea drunk without
For over 5000 years, people the
                                      milk) may decrease the risk of          Healthy eating tip: Drinking
world over have been drinking
                                      heart disease and stroke,               caffeinated drinks such as tea,
tea for its restorative and
                                      possibly by lowering the                coffee or cola can interfere with
medicinal properties and, today,
                                      concentration of cholesterol and        your body’s absorption of iron,
tea is second only to water as
                                      other fats in the blood or by           which is needed to keep your
the world’s most popular
                                      having a positive effect on blood       blood healthy. Therefore, try to
beverage. Ranging from rare
                                      pressure. Some studies also             avoid drinking these beverages
varieties and expensive blends
                                      show that tea may protect               as part of your meals.
to ubiquitous brands, today’s
                                      against some cancers,                   To have your questions
teas come as loose leaf, packed
                                      especially gastrointestinal             answered, write to Eat Smart
in tea bags, or available as
                                      cancers. But other studies on the       c/o Age Concern K&C, 1
instant, bottled, or canned
                                      role of tea in cancer prevention        Thorpe Close, W10 5XL
drinks. The average person in
                                      are negative or inconclusive and
the UK drinks three to four cups                                              This column is not intended to give
                                      investigations are continuing.
of tea each day.                                                              medical advice. Consult your GP
                                      Other benefits of tea drinking          before changing your diet, taking up
The most popular non-herbal                                                   exercise, or if you have a persistent
                                      may include improved memory
teas, including English breakfast,                                            problem.
                                      and mental alertness, and a
Earl Grey, oolong, and green
and white teas all come from the                                              Food and friends
same plant, Camellia Sinensis,
                                                                              Would you like some company
via different production methods
                                                                              at mealtimes? Mealtimes are
and are packed full of important
                                                                              often much more enjoyable
plant chemicals known as
                                                                              when there is someone to share
phytochemicals. Among these
                                                                              them with.
are the flavonoids, antioxidant
compounds that are thought to                                                 Do you find that you eat less if
play a role in disease prevention.                                            you on your own? Feel like you
                                      boost in the immune system that
Found in many plant foods such                                                can’t be bothered with a proper
                                      could have a positive effect on
as fruits, vegetables, nuts,                                                  meal if it’s ‘just you’?
                                      bone and joint health. Tea also
seeds, dark chocolate and wine
                                      has antibacterial properties that       As we get older, good nutrition is
in addition to tea, flavonoids help
                                      keep gums and teeth healthy by          even more important for good
reduce the risk of cardiovascular
                                      destroying the bacteria                 health in both mind and body.
disease and certain cancers and
                                      responsible for cavities and            We have volunteer dining
offer protection from a variety of
                                      dental plaque.                          companions that can come and
other conditions. Scientists have
                                                                              join you during mealtimes (either
been studying the health              Because tea is drunk all over the
                                                                              lunch or dinner, whichever you
benefits of flavonoids in general,    world in so many different forms
                                                                              prefer – the volunteer will bring
and of tea drinking in particular     and as part of many varied diets,
                                                                              their own food!)
and, although the evidence is         it is difficult to identify and study
not conclusive, there is              any direct or indirect health           To find out more, ring Lak on
increasing support for the            benefits that it may impart.            020 8960 8137.

6       Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being
 Health + Well-Being
Accessing stroke services in K&C
Hospital acute and                   and social support comparable        team should come through the
rehabilitation services              to that of an in-patient stroke      duty officer at World’s End
                                     unit. Patients need to be            Health Centre and family, carers
New cases of stroke are              medically stable, able to transfer   and individuals can refer.
normally treated in a Hyper          independently and be willing to
Acute Stroke Unit (HASU) for         engage with a rehabilitation         Social services
the first 72 hours. Our nearest      programme. Equipment such as
HASU is Charing Cross                                                     Clients who find themselves
                                     a hospital bed, commode or           unable to cope or needing social
Hospital, Fulham Palace Road.        walking frame may be provided
Once stabilised, patients are                                             services intervention (homecare,
                                     to help patients with their          medical equipment, emergency
transferred to a stroke ward,        mobility needs. A home visit will
where good outcomes after                                                 support) can contact the duty
                                     normally be made to assess           desk social services line on
stroke have been shown to be         what is required.
significantly higher. The nearest                                         020 7361 3013.
stroke ward (depending on
                                     Re-enablement service                Carer support
where you live) is Nell Gwynne
(Chelsea & Westminster               The re-enablement service            There are voluntary organisa-
Hospital), Charing Cross             may be put in place for stroke       tions that provide support for
Hospital or Grafton Ward             patients who are unable to           unpaid carers in the community
(St Mary’s Hospital). A multi-       manage by themselves initially       as well as programmes of
disciplinary stroke team is          and need support at home after       activity that encourage health
involved in all aspects of           they leave hospital or in-patient    and wellbeing. Contact the Age
treatment.                           rehabilitation. This is organised    Concern Information and Advice
                                     by the stroke team with social
If the patient would benefit from                                         team on 0208 969 9105 to find
                                     services and administered by
further rehabilitation, a referral                                        out more.
                                     care agency staff. It provides
will be discussed. Patients          daily support with everyday
whose condition makes them           tasks such as getting up,
                                                                          The Stroke Association
unsuitable for intensive therapy     washing, dressing, meals             To find out more about stroke
may be discharged to a nursing       preparation and getting to bed,      and local services ring the
or residential home, or back into    and rehabilitation goals are         national helpline on 0303 3033
the community with an                identified prior to discharge.       100 or go to
appropriate package of care.                                              A local stroke service has been
This is co-ordinated by the                                               in operation from 2008–2011
discharge team in liaison with
                                                                          funded by the NHS. This
family members and the stroke        rehabilitation team                  unfortunately is coming to an
team.                                A community rehabilitation team      end in April.
                                     and neuro-rehabilitation service
                                                                                        Florence Joseph
Early supported                      provide physiotherapists,
                                                                                  The Stroke Association
discharge                            speech therapists, occupational
                                                                                Family and Carer Support
                                     therapists, dieticians and
Early supported discharge is                                                     Service (Kensington and
                                     podiatry intervention in the
designed to facilitate an early                                                                 Chelsea)
                                     community. The team will review
return to the community and
                                     clients up to two years following    Ed note: Thanks to Florence for
reduce the hospital stay. It
                                     intervention. Referrals to the       her great work over these years.
provides specialist rehabilitation

   Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being                                 7
    Health + Well-Being
Moderate exercise helps memory power
Professor Kirk Erickson and
colleagues from the University of
Pittsburgh in the US set out to
investigate the impact that even
moderate exercise might have
on preserving memory. Going for
walks can make all the
difference, their study suggests
They split their 120 volunteers
into two groups. One group was
asked to begin an exercise
regimen of walking around a
track for 40 minutes a day, three
days a week, while the others
were limited to doing simple
stretching and toning exercises.
Brain scans and memory tests
were performed at the start of
the study, halfway through the
study and again at the end.
Scans revealed hippocampus
volume increased by around 2%
in people who did regular
aerobic exercise. The same
region of the brain decreased in
volume by 1.4% in those who
did stretching exercises,
consistent with the decrease
seen in normal ageing.                                                  regular exercise and a healthy
                                    “The brain at that stage remains
Both groups showed some             modifiable.”                        diet may help reduce our risk of
improvement on memory tests.                                            developing dementia as well as
                                    Dr Simon Ridley of the              reaping numerous other benefits
In the walking group, the
                                    Alzheimer’s Research Trust said     from living a healthy lifestyle.”
improvement appeared to be
                                    that although the study does not    Exercise may buffer against
linked with increased size of the
                                    look at memory loss in              dementia as well as age-related
                                    Alzheimer’s or dementia, it         memory loss.
Professor Erickson said: “We        suggests “it’s never too late to
think of the atrophy of the         start exercising to help keep our   If you would like more
hippocampus in later life as        brains healthy. Even modest         information on staying active and
almost inevitable. But we’ve        exercise may improve memory         getting out more, get in touch
shown that even moderate            and help protect the brain from     with Angela or Lak on 020 8960
exercise for one year can           normal decline caused by            8137.
increase the size of that           ageing.”                            Article taken from BBC news
structure.                                                              website
                                    “Increasing evidence suggests

8       Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being
 Health + Well-Being
Out and about for some of our members
In January the Dementia               We had a very different trip on
Support Team enjoyed a group          Valentine’s Day, to the Royal
outing to a special exhibit at the    College of Music for a lunchtime
Natural History Museum for the        concert. We had a quick lunch
Veolia Environment Photo-             and took advantage of the
grapher of the Year. The              opportunity to chat in the
photographs were taken all over       Student Café before heading
the world and included some           upstairs to the Amaryllis Fleming
amazing pictures of both              Concert Hall for the concert.
animals and people. All had
                                      The theme was ‘Music of the
either won awards or were
                                      Court’ and opened with a
runners-up in the competition.
                                      quartet of recorder players,
Our small group really enjoyed        covering pieces written by Henry
discussing the photos, and            VIII. This was followed by a
sometimes it took a team effort       pianist performing work by both      Browsing at the Natural History
to work out what we were              Handel and Scarlatti which was       Museum
seeing! We enjoyed a very             very much enjoyed by our group.      would welcome the chance to
relaxed lunch in the café behind      The concert was completed with       experience others like this in the
the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton,       a wonderful performance by a         future. Let’s hope there are
taking time to catch up and soak      young lady with an incredible        many more!
up the lively atmosphere. A great     voice singing opera by Handel.
time was had by all.                  Everyone said how much they                           Carole Walker
                                      had enjoyed the concert and                 Dementia Support Service

New dementia services in Kensington & Chelsea
In April important changes will       NHS Kensington and Chelsea           The aim of the single care
be taking place for people with       will be investing £450,000 in the    pathway is to join services
dementia and their carers. A          new service. K&C Council, Age        together and help patients and
new memory service will start,        Concern K&C and Chelsea and          carers to navigate their way
providing a single specialist         Westminster Hospital, with other     through NHS, social care and
service offering diagnosis,           NHS organisations, have all          voluntary sector services. Age
advice and treatment for people       participated in planning the new     Concern Dementia Services will
with dementia.                        service. It will comprise a multi-   be a key part of this care
                                      disciplinary team including          pathway and will link closely with
This is the local response to the
                                      doctor, nurses, social worker,       the new memory service. Staff at
national dementia strategy
                                      psychologist and occupational        all levels will be able to access a
launched in 2009. Its aim is to
                                      therapist. The service will          comprehensive training
diagnose more people at an
                                      receive referrals, mainly from       programme.
earlier stage in their illness. In
                                      GPs and will assess the patient
this way treatment can be                                                  If you think you would benefit
                                      and their carers to provide
provided to many people to slow                                            from this new service, ask your
                                      diagnosis and support with living
down its progression. Early                                                GP for more information.
                                      with the condition at home. Drug
diagnosis will also enable people
                                      treatment or therapy may be                            Chris Hume
with dementia, their carers and
                                      provided along with a full social         Project Manager, Dementia
services to put in place support
                                      care assessment, if appropriate.          NHS Kensington & Chelsea
and plan for care at a later stage.

   Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being                                     9
 Health + Well-Being
James Hill House activity sessions
In January, staff from the Health    beneficial in treating symptoms     dementia should just watch
and Wellbeing Team launched          of dementia. Group work also        ‘experts’. We come bearing
activity sessions at James Hill      encourages interaction for a very   musical instruments, song
House on Monday afternoons.          isolated section of society.        sheets, percussion and art
These were initially designed for                                        materials to make sure everyone
                                     The sessions have been led by
people living with dementia and                                          has a part.
                                     Claudius (Dementia Support
memory problems, but have
                                     Services) and Georgina, (My         We have had some great
been accessed by a high
                                     Memories), both musicians them-     moments so far, including a
number of residents at James
                                     selves, supported by Angela,        raucous rendition of Molly
Hill House and older people
                                     Ellen and Carole. Our aim is for    Malone, a wonderful solo of
living nearby. Around 20 people
                                     the group to create the content     Somewhere Over the Rainbow,
have attended these sessions.
                                     of the sessions, whether that is    fantastic percussion skills, and
Across the UK, arts-based            choosing the songs, playing an      members swapping their walking
initiatives drawing on music, art,   instrument, showing another         aids for the hands of an Age
drama, dance and reading are         member how to use the paints        Concern staff member on the
being introduced into community      or being part of a group dance.     dance floor. We will be
settings, hospitals and care         Some of the more successful Art     continuing to run these sessions
homes with the aim of                in Dementia programmes such         through March, gathering
increasing wellbeing. According      as Turtle Key Arts and Ladders      feedback as we go.
to the Alzheimer’s society, a        to the Moon emphasise
                                                                         For more information please
review of music therapy              participation. We wanted to avoid
                                                                         contact Angela, Claudius or Lak
concluded that it may be             the idea that people with
                                                                         on 020 8960 8137.

My Memories Café
The café provides a place for
anyone having difficulties with
their memory or who is
concerned about someone close
to them, to find out more about
what services are available. It
can also be a chance just to
have a chat with someone who
is going through something
similar. The atmosphere is
serene and the mood is just right
for socialising.
Earlier this year we ran a           If you or anyone you know living    Tuesday at St Peter’s Church
Valentine’s themed quiz. Our         with memory loss is looking to      and on the last Friday at New
patrons had a chance to prove        make social contacts, then we       Horizons centre. Have a look at
how ‘heart smart’ they were. It      look forward to welcoming you or    the health wise dates for your
was really fun and got us            them to one of our café             diary section, for the exact
sharing our knowledge on the         sessions.                           meeting times and dates. For
different aspects of celebrating                                         more information please call 020
                                     We meet monthly on the first
Valentine’s Day.                                                         8960 8137 and ask for Angela.

10      Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being
 Health + Well-Being
Advances in medication – latest news
Alzheimer’s drug treatments            disease show a loss of nerve        whether they can be helpful for
have made a significant                cells that use a chemical called    people with other forms of
difference to the quality of life of   acetylcholine as a chemical         dementia, although there is
thousands of people with               messenger (Tariot et al., 2004).    evidence that they may be
Alzheimer’s disease and their          The loss of these nerve cells is    effective in dementia with Lewy
carers. However, people with           related to the severity of          bodies and dementia related to
Alzheimer’s disease have been          impairment that people              Parkinson’s disease.
denied full access to the drugs        experience.
since 2007 when the National                                               Do these drugs work for
Institute for Health and Clinical      Acetylcholinesterase                everyone?
Excellence (NICE) restricted           inhibitors*
                                                                           Between 40 and 60 per cent of
their availability on the NHS to       These drugs prevent an enzyme       people with Alzheimer’s disease
people in the moderate stages.         known as acetylcholinesterase       benefit from cholinesterase
On Tuesday 18th January NICE           from breaking down                  inhibitor treatment, but it is not
confirmed its decision to extend       acetylcholine in the brain.         effective for everyone, and may
the availability of Alzheimer’s        Increased concentrations of         improve symptoms only
drugs, now recommending they           acetylcholine lead to increased     temporarily.
should be extended for people at       communication between the
                                       nerve cells that use                According to an Alzheimer’s
all stages of Alzheimer’s.
                                       acetylcholine as a chemical         Society survey of 4,000 people,
For those who have been                messenger, which may in turn        those using these treatments
campaigning for this change, the       temporarily improve or stabilise    often experience improvements
decision is an important victory.      the symptoms of Alzheimer’s         in motivation, anxiety and
It also supports the National          disease.                            confidence, in addition to
Dementia Strategy                                                          memory and thinking.
recommendation for early               Glutamate blockers (Ebixa)
                                       Ebixa is a different type of drug   Ebixa can temporarily slow down
diagnosis and treatment for
                                       which is more complex than          the progression of symptoms,
people living with dementia.
                                       Aricept, Exelon and Reminyl.        including everyday function, in
This decision is currently open        Ebixa blocks a messenger            people in the middle and later
to appeal. If no appeals are           chemical known as glutamate.        stages of the disease. Ebixa is
received then the final guidance       Glutamate is released in            licensed for the treatment of
will be published in March 2011        excessive amounts when brain        moderate-to-severe Alzheimer’s
and Primary Care Trusts will           cells are damaged by                disease. Recent evidence
have a legal duty to provide           Alzheimer’s disease, and this       suggests that Ebixa may also
funding for the drugs in late 2011.    causes the brain cells to be        help behavioural symptoms such
                                       damaged further. Ebixa can          as aggression and agitation.
Frequently asked questions –
information from the Alzheimer’s       protect brain cells by blocking     For more information about this
Society                                this release of excess glutamate.   topic, please contact the
                                                                           Alzheimer’s Society Dementia
What are these drugs                   Are these drugs suitable            Helpline on 0845 300 0336.
and what do they do?                   for any other dementias
Acetylcholinesterase                   other than Alzheimer’s?             *Aricept, Exelon and Reminyl are the
inhibitors                                                                 names of the three acetylcho-
                                       The drugs listed were developed     linesterase inhibitors.
Research has shown that the            specifically to treat Alzheimer’s
brains of people with Alzheimer’s      disease. It is not yet known

   Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being                                      11
Friends and neighbours
We hear a lot about isolation       The aim of the project is to
these days and we know that         support older people to establish
loneliness can have a very          and sustain their social               – a first step for people who may
detrimental effect on mental and    networks. London is a vibrant          have got stuck in a rut and need
physical health. In Kensington      city and there are many places         a bit of a boost to take
and Chelsea, one in three older     to go and things to do. With           advantage of groups and
people live alone and in Earl’s     Friends and Neighbours we want         activities in our borough and
Court and parts of Chelsea the      to take advantage of that              beyond. Ultimately, we hope that
proportion is even greater.         “infrastructure” and make sure         the project will contribute to
                                    it’s available for all those older     building a network of good
Because isolation can have such                                            neighbours who can look out for
                                    residents who want it.
a serious impact on later years,                                           each other and have fun at the
we, along with many local           The project is going to work with      same time.
organisations, are trying out new   small groups in a very flexible
ideas to help people to help        way. It aims to make connections       If you would like to make new
themselves. We’re pleased to        based on shared interests and          friends, share past interests or
announce that Age Concern           similar experiences – anything         volunteer to help us in the
K&C has got funding from the        from watching a cricket match to       planning stages, please give me
Big Lottery for the next five       visiting a gallery, or just having a   a ring. All ideas are welcome.
years to run a project called       cup of tea with new friends. We                            Tasio Cabello
Friends and Neighbours.             see this project as a ‘launch pad’             Volunteer and Community
                                                                                           Services Manager
For the past few years Age
Concern Kensington &                 Valentine’s Party
Chelsea, with the Venture
Centre and Open Age, have                  2011
been organising a Valentine’s
Party for W10 and W11 post-         We had a very good turnout of
code residents. This year we        nearly 100 guests. At 12.30
started preparations in autumn      guests were welcomed with a
of 2010, planning arrangements      drink and one-man-band Rick
on how to offer the best possible   King offered musical
party to our users.                 entertainment. Then lunch was
The Venture Centre kindly           served as prepared by a
offered their premises as in        professional caterer. Later,
previous years. After calculating   tables were cleared and George         down after 4.00pm with smiles of
the budget, donors were             and His Friends provided the           satisfaction from our guests.
approached, ensuring that the       dance music. Our guests didn’t         Thanks to all our wonderful
ticket cost offers extremely good   need much encouragement to             volunteers for their kind help.
value for money. Then               get out on the floor.
                                                                                               Martin Burke
arrangements had to be made         Good prizes were won in a quiz                     Volunteer Co-ordinator
for entertainment, catering and     and raffle, with most guests           These neighbourhood parties are a lot
transport and invitations were      coming away with something.            of fun and we hope to be able to offer
sent to about 650 eligible users.   Later on, afternoon tea was            ‘mini-tea dances’ in other parts of the
In addition, we contacted many      served accompanied by a huge           borough. If you would like to help plan
of our volunteers.                  cake. The party started to wind        one in your area, please ring Martin or
                                                                           Tasio on 020 8969 9105.

12      Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being
 Information + Advice
How to claim Attendance Allowance
You do not have to have a carer       AA is not means tested. In other        Housing Benefit and/or Council
attending to you to qualify for       words, it does not matter how           Tax Benefit. So, you cannot be
Attendance Allowance (AA).            much savings you have and it            financially worse off by claiming
Yes, if you do have a carer then      does not depend on your                 AA; you can only be better off.
you should qualify for AA.            income. You will not be asked for
                                                                              If you would like to try to
However, if you do not have a         this information. A millionaire
                                                                              claim AA or would like more
carer then you may still qualify.     can claim AA.
                                                                              information, you can contact us
Even if you manage to do
                                      AA is paid at two rates: from           on 020 8969 9105 and ask to
personal tasks (like washing,
                                      11th April 2011 the higher rate         speak to one of our Information
dressing and getting in and out
                                      will increase to £73.60 per week        and Advice workers. We will
of bed) yourself, but you do
                                      and a lower rate to £49.30 per          discuss with you, in confidence,
these tasks with difficulty
                                      week. It is not taxable and it          whether or not you are likely to
because of your health, then
                                      cannot adversely affect any             qualify for AA, and if you wish,
you might qualify for AA. But to
                                      benefit entitlements you may be         we can help you to complete the
receive AA you do have to be
                                      receiving. In fact, if you qualify to   claim form. This service is
65 years of age or over and you
                                      receive AA it may increase              completely free of charge.
must not already be receiving
                                      entitlements like Pension Credit,
Disability Living Allowance.

Changes to the Taxicard Scheme                                                Fax: 020 7361 3128
The Taxicard Scheme offers            and the allocation which is             Contact ACKC on 020 8969
subsidised transport costs for        currently in force in Kensington        9105 for advice and assistance
people who live in most parts of      and Chelsea is as follows:              with an application.
London. Membership is open to                                                 Advice about using London’s
                                      • 10 trips a month (which can
those who have a permanent                                                    transport is also available from
                                        be rolled over)
disability or health condition that                                           Transport for All’s Advocacy and
makes using public transport          • The minimum fare is £2.50             Advice Line on 020 7737 2339.
very difficult or impossible.
                                      • The maximum run in is £3.40
Automatic qualification for                                                    The ACKC Information and
                                      • The maximum subsidies per
membership is available for                                                    Advice service can provide
                                        trip are £8.30/£9.30/£10.80
those who meet the following                                                   you with copies of very
                                        according to the time of day.
criteria:                                                                      helpful, and regularly
                                      Double swiping is allowed which          updated fact sheets
• In receipt of the Higher Rate
                                      allows cards to be swiped twice          produced by the national
  Mobility Component of
                                      during a journey, allowing two           organisation, Age UK. The
  Disability Living Allowance
                                      trips and two subsidies to be            topics range from money
• In receipt of the War Pension       used to cover one long journey.          matters to health issues, to
  Mobility Supplement                                                          community safety. So for
                                      Further information from:
• Registered severely sight           RBKC Social Services                     any general queries,
  impaired                            Room BV118, Town Hall                    please ring the team on
                                      Hornton Street                           020 8969 9105. They can
Some changes have been made                                                    print any of the sheets and
                                      London, W8 7NX
which came into effect in most                                                 post them to you.
                                      Telephone: 020 7361 3108
Boroughs on 4th January, 2011
                                      Email: accessible.transport

   Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being                                     13
 Information + Advice
Establishing a Power of Attorney
Thanks to Roland Samm,             have the mental capacity to        make decisions as if they
New Horizons newsletter            do so. An LPA can be drawn         were the Donor themselves.
group, for suggesting and          up at any time, but cannot be      An Attorney must act in the
researching this article which     used until it is registered with   Donor’s best interests and
is an edited version of his        the government agency, (the        have regard to the Code of
original piece.                    Office of the Public Guardian)     Practice.
                                   either by yourself or your
                                                                      How to make and
Some practical tips
                                                                      register an LPA
At New Horizons I noticed
                                   Tip #1: Resolve to do it now;      An LPA can only be made by
many people who face
                                   the process takes several          someone aged 18 or over and
problems that are similar to
                                   months before it is valid.         anybody registering an LPA
my own. Last year I struggled
                                                                      must have the mental capacity
with the task of establishing a    Filling the forms with
                                                                      to do so when they make it. It
Power of Attorney. It reminded     signatures from people who
                                                                      is done by filling in a ‘Lasting
me to share with you a few         agree will take time. Then the
                                                                      Power of Attorney form’ and
experiences.                       government agency requires
                                                                      registering it with Office of the
A good place to start is to        13 weeks after receiving your
                                                                      Public Guardian (OPG). The
learn something about it. For      forms, which includes
                                                                      LPA form can be found in the
those familiar with the            statutory waiting periods.
                                                                      LPA application pack along
internet, please look up           Injury and disability can strike
                                                                      with guidance on how to fill it and type in      you quickly, or it can be the
                                                                      out. Contact the OPG at
LPA or ‘Lasting Power of           ‘progressive unwelcome
                                                                      telephone: 0300 456 0300.
Attorney’ in the Search box.       guest’ ruining your mental
                                   ability.                           • You can have help to write
Otherwise, ask at New                                                   it, but another person
Horizons for leaflets from         There are two types of LPAs
                                                                        cannot make an LPA for
some of the many                   and you can make one or
                                                                        you. If your affairs are
organisations (eg. Age             both:
                                                                        complex or you want to
Concern, Alzheimer’s Society)      • A property and financial           make unusual requests, you
which offer personal help.           affairs LPA is for decisions       may want to get legal
A ‘Lasting Power of Attorney’        about finances, such as            advice.
(LPA) is a legal document            selling the Donor’s house or
                                     managing their bank              Tip #2: Find someone to
which allows you to appoint
                                     account; and                     support you.
one or more people that you
trust to act as an ‘attorney’ to   • A health and welfare LPA is      There are a lot of forms.
make decisions on your               for decisions about both         They have to be filled out
behalf. Attorneys can make           health and personal welfare,     correctly, in accordance with
financial decisions for you          such as where to live, day-      law. I needed to discuss with
when you no longer wish to,          to-day care or having            someone else, the meaning of
or health and financial              medical treatment.               the terms, and to find the
decisions when you no longer                                                       Continued on page 15
                                   An Attorney is appointed to

14      Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being
 Information + Advice
Continued from page 14             Friends and relatives are          • NHS Choices website:
correct words to describe          usually affected, so it is           The Mental Capacity Act
what I intended. The OPG           worthwhile to use a trusted          describes how mental
does not help you with this. If    solicitor. Be sure the advice is     capacity is determined;
something is wrong, they will      reputable.                           Making decisions for
reject the application and you                                          someone; Checklist of
                                   Tip #4: Here are some places
lose the time and cost of fees.                                         things to consider when
                                   that I found where you can
                                                                        deciding what is in a
There are separate                 call or visit a website:
                                                                        person’s ‘best interests’.
registration fees payable for      • Carers Direct: 0808 802   – search lpa or
Property and Affairs and             0202 has a service 8am–            mental capacity and watch
Personal Welfare Lasting             9pm that is offered in many        a short video which explains
Powers of Attorney of                languages when you                 the ‘need to hold on to a
£120.00, but there are               request a call back. Also          person’.
reductions or exemptions if          textphone, text relay and
your gross annual income is                                           • Age Concern Kensington
                                     type talk are avaialble. You
less than £16,500. Details are                                          and Chelsea, telephone
                                     can also contact Carers
in the OPG guidance booklet                                             020 8969 9105. The
                                     Kensington and Chelsea on
OPG506, or on the website.                                              Information and Advice
                                     a free phone number 0800
                                                                        team can offer practical
Tip #3: Get impartial advice.        032 1089.
                                                                        advice and support.

 One day at a time                                                     Local Housing
 Talks with discussion for relatives and                               Allowance
 friends of people with dementia                                       The government has
                                                                       introduced changes to
Next meeting: Monday 28 March, 2–4pm                                   Local Housing
Please feel free to arrive from 1.45pm onwards for light               Allowance for private
refreshments.                                                          sector tenants which will
These regular meetings are held in Miranda Barry Day
                                                                       affect new Housing
Centre, 367a Fulham Palace Road, SW10 9TN                              Benefit claimants from
                                                                       1st April, 2011 and
Legal session: Liz Gale, Mental Capacity Act Lead                      existing claimants after
Practitioner from RBKC, will be joining us for this session.           that time.
She will talk about the Mental Capacity Act, including how it aims
to support people with dementia to make as many of their own           For further information
decisions as possible; who can make a decision when the person         contact Age Concern
can’t; and ways of planning, including Lasting Power of Attorney.      Kensington and Chelsea
There will be plenty of opportuniy for discussion and questions.       on 020 8969 9015.
Contact: Josie Elroy, Dementia Development Worker, RBKC
Tel: 020 7349 6891 email:

   Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being                           15
 Information + Advice
Know your benefit rights campaign
The Mayor of London, Boris               with the rising cost of living, fuel
Johnson, has launched a Know             bills, council tax, health care and
Your Rights Welfare Benefits             any other bills. Many people do
Campaign. To augment this,               not claim what they are entitled
Age Concern K&C (SixtyPlus)              to because they do not know
can advise people aged 55 plus           about the benefits or are put off
about their welfare benefit              by the long claim forms. Age
entitlements. Where appropriate,         Concern can advise you about
we can help you complete claim           your benefit entitlements and
forms for entitlements like              help you complete the forms. For
Attendance Allowance, Disability         more information or help on how
Living Allowance, Carer’s                to make a claim, please phone
Allowance, Pension Credit,               020 8969 9105 and ask to speak
Housing Benefit and Council Tax          to one of our Information and
Benefit.                                 Advice workers. If English is not
                                         your first language, we will find
At least two million people over
                                         an interpreter.
the age of 55 fail to claim these
entitlements and more than two           Many people in RBK&C are
billion pounds goes unclaimed            missing out on their benefit
each year.                               entitlements. Make sure that you
                                         are not one of them.
These entitlements can help you

Help with your bills from Campden Charities
Would you like a bit of extra            • Live in rented accommodation         Pensioners living alone and on
cash or has a household item               and receive basic benefits.          middle or high Disability Living
broken down and you can’t                                                       Allowance or Attendance
                                         • Be of pensionable age, now
afford to replace it? Then we                                                   allowance will usually not be
                                           65 for men and 61 for women
may be able to help.                                                            eligible for help as their income
                                           and have little or no savings.
                                                                                is above the threshold allowed.
Campden Charities is a local
                                         Applicants can live alone, as a
charity serving the older                                                       If you are interested or do not
                                         couple or in a mixed age
residents of Kensington on a low                                                know if this applies to you
                                         household. The financial
income. Listed below are our                                                    contact us Jan Gates or
                                         circumstances of the whole
eligibility criteria. If you think you                                          Maureen Burrell on 020 7313
                                         household are required for all
might be eligible, give us a ring                                               3794 or 020 7313 3796 or email:
                                         applications. The income is
on the numbers below.                                                           maureen-burrell@campden
                                         calculated using all monies
                                                                       or jan-gates@
• Applicants have to have lived          coming in, including disability
  for two years continuously in          benefits. The grants officer
  the former Royal Borough of            calculates income against              Ed note: If you would like to run
  Kensington, (not Chelsea).             outgoings including any rent/          through these criteria, please
                                         council tax, water rates and           feel free to ring the Age
• Be a British or European
                                         utility costs. A calculation is then   Concern Information and Advice
  citizen or have indefinite leave
                                         made using the threshold               Team on 020 8969 9105.
  to remain.
                                         agreed by the Trustees.

16       Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being
 Garden Guardians
Garden Guardians update
                                                                             garden and no doubt looking for
                                                                             our other friends, the worms.
                                                                             Was surprised to learn that the
Spring has sprung at last after        For example, the head is always       French, Italians and some Arabic
our wonderful snowy winter and         nearer the clittelum (saddle),        people eat them and consider
it’s good to see all the daffs         which looks like a saddle, (see       them a delicacy. Just hope they
popping up all around. The delay       picture taken through the             don’t get worms.
in their appearance is due to the      microscope). You count the            Our volunteers are here and
frozen soil and reluctance of the      segments from the head to the         ready to give you a hand in the
bulbs to bud and risk catching a       ‘saddle’ and this helps to identify   garden with tidying, planting,
chill.                                 the worm. There are other parts       weeding and any other tasks
                                       of the worm to look at but it gets    needed. Just give us a call on
               Worms                   quite technical (really, worms are    020 8969 9105.
                 As we are             complex creatures) as you need
                 members of the        to know the names for all the         A few topical tips: Now is a
                 Earthworm             different parts and to pronounce      good time to prune back your
                 Society of Britain    the Latin properly.                   shrubs for the new growing
( )                                                   season and also a good time
I attended the annual general          Overall it was very educational       to take hardwood cuttings from
meeting and worm identification        and interesting. Though worms         your shrubs to create more
on behalf of Age Concern/Sixty         usually get a bad press they          plants. Give us a call.
Plus. I tried to get another           have made it easier for us to
                                       cultivate the land. Read Darwin’s     Plant lily and gladioli bulbs now
member of staff to come along                                                and clear your paths and patios
but they all wriggled out of it with   The Formation for more facts
                                       about those quiet tillers of the      of moss and algae. You can
the usual excuses. Well it was a                                             water hanging baskets using ice
Sunday morning but you know            soil. Finally the ESB are
                                       conducting a UK-wide Compost          cubes on the top but make sure
what they say about the early                                                the ice doesn’t touch the plants
bird.                                  Earthworm Project – details on
                                       the website – so get out to your      as they may cause damage.
The meeting was held in the            compost heap and start looking        A small length of hose placed
salubrious surroundings of the         for worms.                            between plants will deter cats
Natural History Museum which is                                              and birds as they don’t like
always a pleasure to visit and                         Speaking of
                                                       worms, it’s good      snakes.
commune with the dinosaurs
and admire the diligence of all                        to see one of their   Line flowerpots with damp paper
those Victorian botanists,                             predators in most     when planting as this will help to
entomologists, naturalists and         of the gardens I visit, the robin     preserve moisture.
bone collectors, rushing around        redbreast, who always brings a
                                       bit of colour to the winter garden.   God makes rainy days so the
with their butterfly nets. The                                               gardener can get the housework
main business of the meeting           Robins seem very sociable but
                                       in reality they are quite             done.
was dealt with and then out
came the microscopes and test-         aggressive and territorial and        And finally thanks to all our
tubes with the worms                   after singing they like to fight      volunteers for all the help and
languishing in an alcohol              with other robins before              hard work they put in and
solution. Mmm pickled worm – I         indulging in a bit of mating.         looking forward to finding more
was tempted, but we needed the         Sounds like some of my friends        hard work for them to do.
worms for the ID exercise. We          from the old days. Regardless of
                                       their aggression it is always                          John Nugent
use a key, which helps us                                                     Garden Guardians Co-ordinator
differentiate the different species.   good to see them foraging in the

   Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being                                      17
 Community Safety
Working together for safer neighbourhoods
Police, residents and the       The order was extended by           ‘The Closure Order means
Council are working             District Judge Simpson in           that residents can live in the
together for safer              December after he                   area without fear of drug
neighbourhoods. A district      considered evidence from            dealing and antisocial
judge has extended a            the police and the Tenant           behaviour on their door-
Closure Order on a              Management Organisation             steps. This is a great
Kensington flat after hearing   (TMO) that showed the               example of residents and
from residents that the area    order was still needed to           authorities working together.’
had improved following the      prevent further problems
                                                                    Sergeant Annalisa
original order issued last      with drugs and antisocial
                                                                    Andrews, Manager of the
September.                      behaviour. He also took into
                                                                    joint Council and police
                                account residents’
In September, West London                                           Community Antisocial
                                statements that the area
Magistrates’ Court heard                                            Behaviour Action Team,
                                had improved since
that the property was being                                         said: ‘The closure has given
used as a drugs den,                                                residents a better quality of
creating problems for           The Council’s Cabinet               life and enabled the TMO to
people living in the area.      Member for Civil Society,           successfully obtain outright
                                Councillor Tim Ahern, said:         possession of the property.’

Con artists target residents                                        increasingly aware of cases
                                                                    where residents have been
Con artists have been           virus problems, and then            contacted in this way.
targeting borough residents     directed to a website that          Luckily there have been no
posing as computer              hands over remote control           reports of any money being
technicians in an attempt       of the consumer and the             stolen.”
to steal bank details.          caller ‘installs’ various ‘fixes’
                                                                    “However, residents should
                                to their computer. For this
K&C Trading Standards                                               stay vigilant. For this, or any
                                the consumer pays a fee.
have received a number of                                           other cold call you receive,
complaints from residents       Not only has a fee been             always be on your guard
who had been called by          paid for something that is          and do not give out any
people claiming to be from      not needed, access to the           personal details to people
Microsoft. This is bogus –      computer may have been              you do not know.”
Microsoft do not contact        given to the scammers.
                                                                    To report anything
consumers directly.
                                Andrew Neal from the                suspicious, contact
People are told that their      Council’s Trading Standards         Consumer Direct on
computers have serious          team says “We are                   08454 04 05 06.

18     Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being
 Community Safety
Report it – don’t ignore it
Residents are being                 affects the community and
encouraged to report any grot-      encourages them to provide a
spots in their neighbourhood to     service to the community.
the Council through an
                                    To report any area that has an
innovative initiative called Eyes
                                    ongoing problem with graffiti
and Ears for Reparation.
                                    and fly-tipping, please email
The scheme involves young 
people from the Council’s Youth     uk outlining the issue, the
Offending Team going out into       location, name of the road or
the borough every week and          street, along with any             Graffiti on a wall in a residential area
                                                                       of the Borough
reporting ongoing issues like       photographs and your contact
graffiti, fly-tipping and unsafe    details.
                                                                       Ed note: If you don’t have
street furniture to the Council’s
                                    The issue and location will then   access to email, drop into our
Streetline service.
                                    be added to a list of hotspot      office and someone will help
Eyes and Ears gives                 areas that can be regularly        you to report the grot spot
youngsters an insight into how      visited and maintained.            you’ve identified.
crime and antisocial behaviour

After a number of reported                                             either refund the money directly
Council Tax scams operating in
the UK, Councils are warning           Council tax                     if it had been paid by direct
                                                                       debit, or send a credit notice to
residents not to give out their
bank details to fraudsters
                                         scam                          the bill payer’s address.”
                                                                       Any concerned residents
claiming to be from the
                                                                       should call the Council Tax
Council.                            resident is then given another     team at the council on
The Royal Borough of                number to call which informs       020 7361 3005.
Kensington and Chelsea is           them that they need to pay an
                                    administration fee to get the      You can raise any concerns
warning residents to be on their
                                    refund.                            regarding fraud and corruption
guard against a scam offering
                                                                       within or against the Council
fake council tax refunds in an      Cllr Warwick Lightfoot, the        and get advice about
attempt to get bank account         Royal Borough of Kensington        safeguarding yourself against
details.                            and Chelsea’s Cabinet Member       fraud by visiting
Scammers pretending to work         for Finance said: “You should      uk/businessandenterprise/fraud
for the Council are phoning         never give your bank details to    awareness
residents and claiming they are     anyone who calls out of the
                                    blue claiming to be a member       You can also report fraud direct
from its council tax section.
                                    of our staff.                      to the council on 020 7361
They then inform residents that
                                                                       2777 or email investigations
they have overpaid their council    “The Council would never ring
tax. The caller then requests       a resident to ask for their bank
bank details with the promise       details to issue a refund. If an                     Andrew Neal
of a refund for the alleged         overpayment had been made,                 RBKC Trading Standards
overpayment. If successful, the     and a refund is due, we would

   Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being                                    19
 Computer Corner
 Our mobile phone surgeries are always popular and we get a lot of
 questions about different phones. In this newsletter, Computer
 Corner is going to look at Smartphones.

 Smartphones are much like small handheld computers with the
 capabilities to be a camera and a mobile phone. They use
 operating systems which allow people using them to add additional
 applications (apps). Wikipedia provides a full definition and insight:

 In 2002 the first Blackberry was released and they remain the first choice within the world of business.
 The handsets are designed to make emailing wirelessly whilst on the move as easy as possible.
 There is an ever growing range of Blackberry’s:

 The iPhone first released in 2007 was one of the first smartphones with a full touchcreen. Initially it
 had a number of restrictions, but people learnt how to modify them and the term ‘jailbreaking’ was
 coined. This allowed people to use applications from anyone, not just Apple. Apps are designed to
 assist and for fun. They can allow you to use your phone as a spirit level, find your nearest bank when
 out and about or find out what an unknown item is and how much it costs simply by taking a picture of

 Increasingly you will hear the term Android being used. Android is an operating system for
 smartphones. Its development was backed by Google and is described as open source, which means
 that the technology is open to everyone so people can use it, share it and make changes without
                                    having to pay a fee to the developers.

                                    Although the sales of smartphones are growing faster than any
                                    other phone market, they aren’t for everyone. There are an
                                    increasing number of phones with accessible features and it is still
                                    possible just to buy a phone which only makes calls. The RNIB
                                    stock a good range of phones and although more expensive than
                                    ones from a high street shop, they might be more suitable to your

 See page 21 to find out about the next Mobile Phone surgeries.

20     Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being
Cooking up a storm in Earl’s Court
Age Concern Kensington               On Wednesdays from 4–5pm at
and Chelsea and Earl’s Court         Earl’s Court Youth Club we have
Youth Club have started two          also been running an arts and
new intergenerational projects.      crafts session. The participants
                                     started off with learning how to
The first is ‘What’s Cooking?’, a
                                     create stencil portraits using
skill share cooking session for
                                     digital technology and will move
people who want to learn how to
                                     onto mosaic, embroidery and
cook and for experienced cooks
                                     mixed medium drawing and
to pass on their recipes and
techniques. The sessions have
been well attended by young          If you are experienced in any of
people cooking up homemade           these skills it would be great if
burgers and delicious stir fry. If   you could come and teach the
you would like to learn how to       younger people, or if you are
cook simple, quick and healthy       keen to learn a new skill, then
dishes or to share your skills       you would be most welcome.
with young and older people,         Again, please call Ben Long on
please call Ben Long on 020          020 8969 9105. 9105. Earl’s          Making delicious food in Earl’s Court
8969 9105. Sessions take place       Court Youth Club is at 120 Ifield
on Tuesdays from 4–5pm at            Rd, SW10 9AF; transport can be
Earl’s Court Youth Club.             provided if required.                Mobile phone and digital
                                                                          camera surgeries
Getting together for creative fun                                         If you are interested in learning
                                                                          how to send a text message,
Young and old have been busy                                              change your ring tone or add a
over the winter months. An                                                contact, then come along to one
intergenerational pantomime –                                             of our mobile phone surgeries
Cinderella – was performed to                                             this Spring. Assistance with
appreciative audiences by Age                                             digital cameras can also be
Concern members and young                                                 provided. Volunteers will be on
people from Dalgarno                                                      hand to provide one-to-one
Community Trust with help from                                            tuition.
St Francis Church (the vicar was
a great ‘Prince Charmingpants).                                           New Horizons: Friday 1st April
                                                                          drop-in between 10–12.
Thanks to the Electric Cinema
for providing one of the                                                  Friday 6th May drop-in between
performance venues.                                                       10–12.
The second project was an                                                 1 Thorpe Close: Friday 1st April
exhibition of ten portraits of our   The people in the pictures are all   drop-in between 2–4pm.
members accompanied by a             Age Concern members and              Friday 6th May drop-in between
number of photographs. The           worked with the photographer to      2–4pm.
portraits were based on              create and choose the images.
photographs taken at home            The artists are all street artists   To register interest or for more
during the summer.                   using different mediums – spray      information please call Ben Long
                                     paint, pen and ink, and oil paint.   on 020 8969 9105.

   Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being                                    21
 New Horizons
Building a reputation to be proud of
The New Horizons Drama
Group has shown how a
common interest and a
commitment to mutual co-
operation (not to mention many
hours of hard work) can unite a
group of people with a wide
range of backgrounds, abilities
and experiences. Under the
guidance of tutor Carol Allen,
who has been teaching the class
for just over a year, the group
has blossomed from a small and
fledgling circle of individuals,
many who had never acted
before, to a troupe of confident
and impressive actors worthy of
their increasingly public profile.   New Horizons Drama Group practice their moves
In October, the group performed      As if this hasn’t kept them busy      New Horizons quiz
at the Open Age AGM, where           enough, since autumn 2010, the
they presented an extract from       group has also been hard at           The New Horizons quiz was a
Miss Threadgold, a 25-minute         work on a film version of Miss        fundraising event, and Cynthia
play written for the class by two    Threadgold. This is being done        and I took some of our older
of its members. This led to an       as a ‘no-budget’ project, with        volunteers, forming a team, ‘The
invitation to the Kensington and     members of the class providing        Ladbrokers’ (not very original,
Chelsea ‘Tackling Isolation          furniture, props, and the main        we admit). Quizmaster Gary
Among Older People’                  location as well as undertaking       read out fiendish questions set
Conference, for which the group      crewing duties such as clapper        by New Horizons staff, Lily,
developed a presentation which       board and props. Young                Roshan and Carly. And we
was a mixture of mime,               volunteers have been recruited        came 2nd!! Not bad we think –
improvisation, and a simple          to assist in technical aspects        we won’t say ‘we was robbed’.
movement sequence. The piece         and music, giving the project an      As well as some chocolates, we
was very well received and the       interesting intergenerational         won some vouchers to try out
audience found it very moving,       twist. The intention is to have the   New Horizons classes for free.
so much so that the group was        film ready for a launch event         If you’ve never been to New
invited by the Campaign to End       around Easter.                        Horizons before and would like
Loneliness (whose director had                                             to try out a class or two, please
                                     The drama group meets every
been present at the conference)                                            give me a ring. We can get a
                                     Tuesday from 2pm–4pm at New
to present the piece again at the                                          volunteer to show you the way –
                                     Horizons and welcomes new
launch of their national                                                   it could open a whole new world!
campaign on 1st February. Ten
students performed to a packed                                                              Tasio Cabello
                                     New Horizons is a multi-activity           Volunteer Support Services
audience, with a large number of     centre for people 50 and over, run
the attendees saying how they                                                                     Manager
                                     by a consortium led by Open Age
were moved and inspired by the       with Age Concern Kensington &
performance.                         Chelsea and the Guinness Trust.

22      Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being
 Activities + Leisure
Zumba Dance – what’s that?
Open Age’s Zumba Dance
Class fuses hypnotic Latin
rhythms with easy-to-follow
repetitive moves to create a one
of a kind fitness programme. The
fast and slow rhythms and
resistance training, tone and
sculpt your body whilst burning
some fat – it can be quite
energetic, but participants do as
much or as little as they can!
Classes are supported by the
National Lottery through the Big
Lottery Fund and take place at
the Portobello Green Fitness
Centre on Tuesdays at 1.00pm –
we also offer taster sessions at
various venues, and are looking
to add sessions at other venues
                                     Zumba – a new kind of fitness programme
including New Horizons.
                                     absolutely wonderful – in fact it’s   (HEALTH WARNING: As there
Alexandra Balkin says she ‘likes
                                     fantastic!’; and Richard Dalton       is some twisting and pivoting,
the mix of ballroom and Latin
                                     said, ‘Zumba is good exercise for     Zumba is not recommended for
moves, the music is great, and it
                                     men too; it makes me feel good        people with knee of lower back
helps to keep me fit!’; Anita
                                     and fit and healthy – you should      problems).
Ballester said, ‘The class is
                                     try it!’

                                                                           Line dancing class
                                                                           A beginners’ Line Dancing class
 Faces of Earl’s Court Art Project                                         started last month at Mary Smith
 April 29th 2011, 12:30–2:30pm                                             Court every Monday from 2.00–
                                                                           3.30pm. The fee per class is £2
 Length: 12 weeks                                                          and all are welcome. For a small
 Art Tutor: Elspeth Scott, Local Artist   Target Group: 50+                donation you can just come
                                                                           along to listen to the lively music
 Response Community Projects, 300 Old Brompton Road,                       and enjoy tea and biscuits.
 London SW5 9JF
                                                                           For more information, ring
 £1 a session                                                              Gabriella at Mary Smith Court
 Contact: Linda on 020 7370 4606 or           on 0207 370 5878. The address
                                                                           is 17–21 Trebovir Road, SW5
 Socialise while learning to create and develop your life drawing          9NF. So, come along and see if
 and painting skills under the personal guidance of a local artist.        line dancing is for you!
 Visit popular art galleries and have your work displayed in a local
 exhibition to be held in 2012 celebrating the multiculturalism of                       Gabriella Baranek
 Earl’s Court. Have a go!                                                                 Mary Smith Court

   Supporting older people to maintain their independence and well-being                                   23
 Final Page

Use the great outdoors to
get fit and meet people.
Groundwork London is
organising a series of
outdoor activities including
walks and talks, gardening
workshops, conservation
activities and trips to parks.
These are all free and you
can book by ringing Moira
on 020 8762 0336 or email
Activities are running all
through the spring and into
the summer.

 Call us on 020 8969
 9105 if you have
 difficulty reading this
 newsletter. You can
 request your copy in
 large print or on tape. We
 can also email the                    THANK YOU!                                 still need to raise extra funds
                                                                                  for a number of our projects,
 newsletter to you which               We’d like to say a big thank               including Garden Guardians,
 will be more                          you for all the donations that             much of our intergenerational
 environmentally friendly.             Age Concern K&C/Sixty Plus                 work and all of the trips,
                                       members make over the year.                outings and events that we
                                       Whatever the size, these are               manage to hold. That’s a big
                                       most welcome.                              target every year, so donations
 EDITOR: Cynthia Dize                                                             from individuals are very
 LAYOUT: Wayzgoose                     As many of you know, we                    important and very
                                       receive funding from the                   appreciated. Thanks!
 PRINTER: Rapspiderweb                 Council and the NHS, but we

      Age Concern Kensington & Chelsea/Sixty Plus is funded by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea,
        NHS Kensington & Chelsea, City Bridge, Notting Hill Methodist Church, Notting Hill Parishes Charity
                                  Committee and Kensington Housing Trust.
24                          Reg. Charity No. 1082658 Company limited by guarantee no. 03926026

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