Jointer safety procedures

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             Safety Rules and Procedures

1) The main purpose of the jointer is to surface plane the edge of your wood.
2) Joint only natural hard or softwoods that are free of nails, screws, staple, loose knots,
   and paints or stains.
3) Do not joint manufactured boards such as plywood, OSB, Particle board, or melamine
4) Do not hold your hands over the knives or on the end of the stock, because stock
   might easily be jarred loose and you might come in contact with the knives.
5) Use a push block for face jointing, use a push stick for edge jointing when it is too
   narrow for your hands always keep a firm grip on the stock to prevent a kick-back.
6) The area directly over the cutter head is dangerous. Do not joint stock shorter than
   12”long, shorter then 1”high, or thinner than ½”wide.
7) Keep your hands at least 6” away from this area at all times.
8) Dull knives or too heavy a cut may cause a kick-back. When wood vibrates it is
   harder to cut; thus the wood under your hands will be thrown back and your hand will
   drop onto the knives.
9) When knives are replaced they are changed as a set they must be balanced.
10) Do not push the stock over the knives until the machine is running at full speed, and
   fed at a slow steady speed of (16ft/min.)
11) The maximum depth of cut on our machine is 1/16” for face planning, 1/8” for edge
   jointing and 1/32” for a finish cut.
12) If you have to remove more than 1/8” of material make more than one pass.
13) A finish cut is used to take off saw marks or burn marks made by the saw blade and
   are 1/32”.
14) When beveling or chamfering corners always tilt the fence towards the table.
15) Only adjust the handle (front one) under the in-feed table. All other knobs are to be
   adjusted only with the instructors’ permission and for special setups.
16) Always stand to the left of the in-feed table.
17) Feed the wood into the jointer so that it will plane with the grain.
18) Do not get hands to close to the back or the end of stock.
19) The dust collecting system must be turned on before operating the jointer.

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