Multimedia Project Animoto Author Study and Book Report

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					            Multimedia Project : Animoto Author Study and Book Report

Name:                                       Class: ____________________________

Sources:         Source              Source               Source              Very little or no
                 information         information          information         source
                 collected for all   collected for all    collected for       information was
                 graphics, facts     graphics, facts      graphics, facts     collected.
                 and quotes. All     and quotes. Most     and quotes, but
                 documented in       documented in        not documented
                 desired format.     desired format.      in desired

                         4                   3                    2                    1
Organization:    Content is well     Uses headings or     Content is          There was no
                 organized using     bulleted lists to    logically           clear or logical
                 headings or         organize, but the    organized for the   organizational
                 bulleted lists to   overall              most part.          structure, just lots
                 group related       organization of                          of facts.
                 material.           topics appears

                         4                   3                    2                    1
Content :        Covers topic in-    Includes             Includes            Content is
                 depth with          essential            essential           minimal OR there
                 details and         knowledge about      information         are several
                 examples.           the topic. Subject   about the topic     factual errors.
                 Subject             knowledge            but there are 1-2
                 knowledge is        appears to be        factual errors.
                 excellent.          good.

                         4                   3                    2                    1
Presentation:    Well-rehearsed      Rehearsed with       Delivery not        Delivery not
                 with smooth         fairly smooth        smooth, but able    smooth and
                 delivery that       delivery that        to maintain         audience
                 holds audience      holds audience       interest of the     attention often
                 attention.          attention most of    audience most of    lost.
                                     the time.            the time.

                         4                   3                    2                    1

Total:              /16
Date Created: February 23, 2009