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					                        Effective Literacy for Grades 2- 4
                            Professional Texts - 2008

All participants need the following texts:

Bringing Words to Life by Beck et al (1-57230-753-6)
Craft Lessons by Fletcher and Portalupi (1-57110-073-3)
Guiding Readers and Writers Grades 3-6 by Fountas and Pinnell (0-325-00310-6)
Literature Circles, 2nd edition by Harvey Daniels (1-55138-139-7)
Strategies That Work, 2nd edition by Harvey and Goudvis (978-157110-481-6)
Teaching for Deep Comprehension by Dorn and Soffos (1-57110-403-8)
The Fluent Reader by Rasinski (0-439-33208-7)
Word Journeys by Ganske (1-57230-559-2)
Word Sorts for Within Word Pattern Spellers by Invernizzi et al (0-13-183816-4)
Writing Workshop, The Essential Guide by Fletcher (0-325-00362-9)

*Note grade levels for the following texts:
Word Sorts for Letter Name-Alphabetic Spellers by Johnston et al (2nd grade & Sp.Ed)
Word Sorts for Syllable Juncture Spellers by Johnston (4th grade)
Developmental Reading Assessment K-3 by Beavers (2nd, 3rd, and Sp. Ed)
Developmental Reading Assessment 4-8 by Beavers (4th)
(Developmental Reading Assessment only available through Pearson Learning)

              Classroom Materials Needed for Implementation

Guided reading book sets
Classroom library books
Writer’s notebook for each student
Pocket charts
Chart tablets
Index cards for weekly word study
Sentence strips