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irr sch desc_registration 2011_1_


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									                         Landscape Industry Certification Program
                                           IRRIGATION SCHOOL
A 2 ½ day Short Course to train landscapers in the basic installation, operation and trouble shooting of
irrigation systems. This course will also prepare applicants for the Landscape Industry Certification
Irrigation exam.
Additional introductory evening courses in irrigation systems are also available.
See the registration form below
Cost: $250 for 2 ½ day session.
     Make check payable to LICH Foundation
Friday         July 29, 2011
Site: Diamond Head Sprinkler Training Center, Pearl City Industrial Park
Instructor: Martin Miyashiro, Diamond Head Irrigation Supply
         Class description:
         A thorough introduction to irrigation hydraulics, pipe sizing, basic irrigation design with proper head
layout and plan reading. Students will learn how to use a soil triangle to determine soil type in a landscape
and develop an understanding of the factors that influence infiltration rates and water holding capacity in
soils. Infiltration rates, evapotranspiration rates, and precipitation rates will be discussed and applied to work
sheets in order to determine the correct amount of water to apply to the landscape.

8 AM to 4:00 PM
Students should bring note pads, pens and pencils
8am to noon            Soils, Drip irrigation, Water management

Lunch                  Bring your own lunch, or fast food restaurants are also in the area

1 to 4:00 pm
                       Basic irrigation design, Hydraulics, Plan reading

Saturday        July 30, 2011
Site: Diamond Head Sprinkler Training Center, Pearl City Industrial Park
       8 AM to 3:30 PM
        Class description:
        Detailed instruction and hands on experience in plumbing an irrigation mainline and lateral layout
from point of connection to remote control valve and sprinkler heads using an irrigation plan; hands on
experience in sweating copper; hands on experience in wiring valves to a controller; an understanding of
basic field electronics and use of a multi meter; an understanding of programming basic solid state irrigation
controllers; and basic procedures for trouble shooting a remote control valve both electronically and
hydraulically. Bring a multi-meter if possible.
Lunch 11:30 to 12:30           Please provide your own lunch

Saturday August 6, 2011
Site: UH Experiment Station Farm Waimanalo
    9 AM to noon
    Hands-on operation of trencher and other pieces of field equipment
                          Registration Form Irrigation School
                      Diamond Head Sprinkler Training Center
July 29 & 30, August 6, 2011

COST: $250
               Partial payment for these classes may be available through the state ETF program,
                      http://hawaii.gov/labor/etf or call 808 586-8818 for more information

Name________________________________             Company_______________________________

Home Address: Street __________________________ City_____________________Zip__________

Phone number _____________________        Fax _________________

Need additional basic training in irrigation? Two evening classes are available at the
Pearl City Garden Center at an additional cost of $40 each. These classes are an
excellent introduction for those lacking prior experience or need a refresher in
You can register for one or both.

Wed 5 PM           July 27        Irrigation systems and parts ID                     _____
Thurs 5PM          July 28         Time clock programs & scheduling                   _____

Add $40 per class to registration fee.

Total enclosed ____________

Include check made to        LICH Foundation

Or pay by credit card (VISA or Master only)

Name on card_______________________ card number ________________________

Exp date __________

Mail to:               LICH / Irrigation School                        For information
                       PO Box 22938                                          Jay Deputy
                       Honolulu, HI 96823                                    Phone 779-4735
                                                                              FAX 261-7886

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