Interoffice Memorandum CITY MANAGER (PDF) by liuhongmei


									                               Interoffice Memorandum
                                               FROM THE OFFICE OF THE
                                             CITY MANAGER

TO:             The Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Commission
FROM:           David L. Recor, ICMA-CM, City Manager
RE :            Department Activity Report
DATE:           June 30, 2011

The information that follows is intended to keep the Commission abreast of the on-going activities,
issues, programs and services within the City.

City Manager’s Office
        City Manager

           City Manager and the Building Official met with Lauri Lehr of Insurance Services Offices to sign
           documents for the Building Department’s five year Community Rating System Audit.

           City Manager held a conference call with Lyle Sumek of Lyle Sumek Associates to discuss the
           working Leadership and Strategic Planning document.

           City Manager attended the Westside Baptist Stormwater Assessment meeting.

           City Manager met with the Chief of Police and the City Attorney for a K-9 Pre Arbitration meeting.

           City Manager met with the Marina Manager to discuss Marina issues.

           City Manager met with the Commissioner Perona to discuss city issues.

           City Manager and the Code Compliance Manager met with Susan Perry and Janice Douglas of the
           United for Animals organization to discuss the Happy Hounds program.

           City Manager, Commissioner Becht, the City Attorney and the Communications and Marketing
           Manager met with Bill Thiess and Koby Koblegard of Fort Pierce Utilities to discuss the
           regionalization of utilities in St. Lucie County.

           City Manager met with Executive Director of the Sunrise Theatre and the Finance Director to
           discuss theater staffing and personnel costs.

           City Manager attended the continuation of a Step 3 grievance hearing.

           City Manager met with the Interim Planning Director to discuss PAL Park Funding.

           City Manager met with Planning Department Staff to discuss the Neighborhood Bibleway Revival
Department Activity Report
June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting                                                               Page 2

City Manager’s Office contd.
     City Manager contd.

         City Manager and Interim Assistant Planning Director met with Marcela Camblor to discuss the
         South Beach Charrette.

         City Manager, City Attorney, MIS Manager, and the Building Official met with Annabel North and
         Charlie Wilson of Asset Research and Recovery to discuss a public records request.

         City Manager attended the Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence Conference at Indian River
         State College on Wednesday, June 29.

         City Manager attended training at City Hall for the muniagenda program.

         City Manager and the Public Works Director participated in a conference call with Peter Engel of
         Kessler Consultants and Waste Management to further discuss solid waste disposal options.

     Communications & Marketing Manager

         Attended the annual Treasure Coast Public Relations Association Media Conference on media
         technology held at Indian River State College.

         Participated in an organizational meeting for Lincoln Park Main Street, BlueBird Productions, Fort
         Pierce Urban Redevelopment and City Engineer to discuss using a portion of Moore’s Creek Linear
         Park as a venue for a monthly jazz event.

         Participated in the Moore’s Creek Linear Park litter and debris clean-up with the Fort Pierce
         Explorers, Lincoln Park Main Street, Public Works and Commanding Heights community service

         Attended the FACC Summer Academy/continuing education in Orlando, FL.

         Met with Dean Kubitschek and Nick Mimms to discuss signage, improvements in and around
         Fisherman’s Wharf Marina and boat ramp.

         Met with Commissioner Becht, City Manager, City Attorney, Bill Theiss and FPUA attorney
         Koblegard to discuss annexation policy and possible utilities regionalization.

         Follow-up meeting with city staff on City’s 2011-2012 Flood Protection Plan after Community Rating
         System staff met to go over areas the City can improve upon for a lower rating. Updated
         information from committee to be completed by July 14.

         Attended website update meeting on public information items related to Flood Protection Plan for
         inclusion on the City’s site.
Department Activity Report
June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting                                                                     Page 3

City Clerk’s Office
          Gave assistance and answered questions to the walk-in public on various aspects of Business Tax
          Receipts which include but is not limited to:

              New Applications:    14              Renewals:    0              Transfers:     0

          Gave assistance and answered questions to the walk-in contractors on various aspects of
          Contractor’s Licensing which include but is not limited to:

              New Applications:    11              Renewals:    3

          Gave assistance and answered questions from the public who have contacted office by telephone:

          Gave assistance and answered questions received by the public via e-mail through the City’s web-

          Assisted the public with preparing necessary paperwork for animal registration: 1

          Assisted Code Enforcement Manager by processing animal registrations for the month of May 2011
          done through the St. Lucie County Humane Society.

          Processed animal impoundment fines received for St. Lucie County Humane Society for the month
          of May 2011.

          On-going updating of contractors’ records for current Liability Insurance, Workman Compensation
          Insurance, and State License information.

          Assisted the public by doing research and providing copies of various public records: 1

          Attended and recorded the Board of Examiners of Contractors meeting on June 14, 2011.

          Input all necessary data to create an account for contractors approved by the Board of Examiners
          of Contractors at the June 14, 2011 meeting.

          Processed all necessary paperwork associated with payment of members of the Board of
          Examiners of Contractors and submitted to Director of Finance for checks to be run.

          Prepared legal advertisements, letters, resolutions, & ordinances for various departments for
          upcoming City Commission agenda items.

          Prepared several Proclamations for the June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting.

          Attended, recorded and transcribed the minutes of the June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting.

          Revenue Recovery working with Code Enforcement on new businesses that have not applied for a
          Business Tax Receipt.

          Daily balancing process of cash receipts and submittal to Finance Department for bank deposit.

          On-going implementation of computerization of annexation records.

          On-going implementation of scanning City Commission Agenda Packets onto DVD’s.
Department Activity Report
June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting                                                                   Page 4

City Clerk’s Office contd.
         On-going implementation of scanning City Commission Meeting minutes, ordinances, resolutions,
         and the Fort Pierce Redevelopment Meeting minutes into the Opti-View system.

         Assisted MIS Department in correcting and adding unit numbers to existing address data base.

         Prepared and delivered various paperwork to St Lucie County Courthouse recording division to be

         Assisted the Code Enforcement Department by providing certified copies of code liens to be filed
         by the Code Enforcement Department with the St. Lucie County Clerk of Court.

         Assisted the Finance Department by signing and affixing the City Seal to necessary paperwork
         associated with release of liens.

         Assisted the Finance Department by researching and providing information on the departments to
         be billed for various billings from Scripps Treasure Coast Newspaper and the St. Lucie County Clerk
         of Court Recording Division.

         Assisted Director of Urban Redevelopment by researching and providing copies of minutes and
         ordinances dating back to the 1920’s pertaining to changing street names and research pertaining
         to Lincoln Park and Avenue D.

         Assisted Planning Department personnel with various aspects of Business Tax application.

         City Clerk and Deputy City Clerk met with City Attorney to get clarification of recent legislation
         passed by the Florida House of Representatives pertaining to Business Tax.

         Deputy City Clerk reviewed report of Business Tax Receipts for correctness and accuracy, working
         with MIS Director to set up date for renewals to be run.

         Assisted Executive Assistant to City Manager by researching information necessary for her to
         comply with a record request.

         City Clerk, Communication & Marketing Manager, and Deputy City Clerk met to research prior
         materials pertaining to redistricting.
Department Activity Report
June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting                                                                  Page 5

Administrative Services Department
        Meetings –
        1. Attended one IUPA Union meeting.
        2. Attended Job Fair for area youths for the summer. Over 200 participants attended.
        3. Interviewed 30 applicants for positions as a result of the job fair.

        Procurement –
        1. Completed updates and renewals of annual contracts/FPUA & City.
        2. Prepared four solicitations for formal bid process for the FPUA.
        3. Prepared four solicitations for formal bid process for housing rehabilitation projects for the City
            of Fort Pierce.
        4. Processed and/or completed awards to vendors/contractors approved by Commission and
            FPUA Board.
        5. Updated Collective Bargaining Unit Agreement for the Police Department.

        Risk Management –
        1. Interim Administrative Service Director from June 20 - 27, 2011.
        2. Attended department head meeting on Monday June 20, 2011.
        3. Contact BC/BS regarding "Wellness" incentives.
        4. Processed new WC claims.
        5. Closed several WC claims for upcoming quarterly report.
        6. Interviewed additional Zumba instructors.

        Human Resources –
        1. Submitted 135 applications for Community Service Aide position in the Police Department.
        2. Coordinated pre-employment physicals and background checks.
        3. Created several Personnel Action forms for employees.
        4. Distributed monthly reports to each department such as accrual register, time sheets and
           payroll register to Police Department.
        5. Processed purchase orders and requisitions.
        6. Verified payroll.
        7. Processed June’s 2011 employee monthly evaluations.
        8. Completed Verification of Employment/Loss of Income forms.

Finance Department
         Met with Chief of Police & Staff.
         Attend Health Insurance Conference.
         Met with Urban Redevelopment Director & FEMA Specialist.
         Met with City Manager & Sunrise Theatre Director.
         Met with City Attorney.
         Met with Public Works Director.
         Met with General Retirement Board.
         Prepared Documents for Budget Workshop.
         Preparing Financials for Month End Closing.
Department Activity Report
June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting                                                              Page 6

MIS Department
         Working with GSI Hosting & SunGard HTE on Click2Gov Building Permits (on-going).

          Working with SunGard HTE staff for cost of new and updated applications that will enhance our
         current technological needs.

         Working on Blade Center servers and remote site servers (ongoing).

         Severe virus attack Citywide, tightening computer controls while updating employees PCs with
         current applications software including anti-virus software to help mitigate attacks (ongoing).

         Working with Public Works/Fleet Maintenance and Finance on a resolution to our fuel system.

         Software integrations citywide (on-going).

         Working with Diebold on security issues.

         Ordering and installing/updating computer equipment and servers.

         Working with Seacoast Bank, SunGard HTE and Finance on the new banking system check

         Currently working on installation of switches for City Hall and remote sites.

         Working with AT&T and State of Florida on the fiber optic installation preparation for Public
         Works/Solid Waste (ongoing).

         Lotus Notes IQsuite e-mail spam, and archiving (ongoing).

         Updated all licenses of IQsuite renewals.

         Processing the firewall upgrades for all sites to enhance network security (ongoing).

         Updating MIS documentation and procedural policies (on-going).

         Received 54 new work orders and completed 75.
Department Activity Report
June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting                                                                 Page 7

Planning Department
         Current Planning/Development Review –
         1. Ordinances in process: Arcades; Impact Fee update preparation; Ag Zoning District.
         2. Projects in staff review: Precious Lambs Day Care Conditional Use and Site Plan; American
             Legion Post 40 Alleyway Abandonment; Freeze Grocery Waiver of Distance; Kiwi Condos Major
             Amendment to Site Plan and Conditional Use for a dock facility; Grace Way Village Conditional
             Use and Site Plan; Sunrise Country Preschool Site Plan and Conditional Use; Pee Wee Day Care
             Conditional Use; Mayfair at Lawnwood Review; Prepared City Commission packet for Mayfair
             at Lawnwood.
         3. PAL Park: Project management, planning improvements, purchasing bike improvements.
         4. US-1 upgrade plans: Midway to Edwards: Meeting with City Engineer and TPO.
         5. Proposed use by applicant: Internet Gaming/Sweepstakes. Similar to Arcades, except these
             are permitted to distribute cash. Staff held courtesy meeting with owner to discuss business
         6. Planning Board Meeting: Site Plan & Conditional Use: Mount Bethel Baptist Church
             (recommended approval); Site Plan & Conditional Use: Neighborhood Bibleway Revival Center
             (recommended approval).
         7. Technical Review Committee Meeting: 4 items heard.
         8. Pre-Application: Church 3115 Jenkins Road.
         9. Daily Responsibilities: Counter & Phone inquiries, Reviews of all Building Permits, Business Tax
             Applications and Home Occupation Applications.

         Long Term/Comprehensive Planning –
         1. National Flood Insurance Program: CRS update to lower City’s rates for all ratepayers. Involves
            data gathering and analysis, GIS layer creation for repetitive loss areas.
         2. LDR Rewrite: LDR Advisory Committee and Planning Board Technical Workshops held,
            additional workshops scheduled through the end of September.
         3. Capital Improvements Plan (CIP): Meeting with City Engineer to update plan.
         4. House Bill (HB) 7207: Review and analysis on local impacts.
         5. Comprehensive Plan Amendment: Bicycle facilities plan.
         6. Port Master Plan: Response to DCA regarding adoption of plan.
         7. Comp Plan EAR: Reviewing consultant’s product to close out contract, identifying deficiencies,
            notifying consultant.

         Historic Preservation/Urban Design –
         1. South Beach Charrette: Consensus building and project scope meeting with City Manager and
         2. Ordinances in process: Green Energy Design Guidelines for Historic Sites and Districts;
             Comprehensive update to the Historic Preservation Ordinance.
         3. Historic Preservation Awards planning: Date has been moved to January.
         4. Courtesy pre-application meetings with applicants regarding historic preservation and design
         5. Ellis Barber Shop Designation 516 & 518 Means Court: Site Visit, research, designation report.
         6. Designation of 1510 Avenue M: Intake meeting for designation application, discussion of
             potential uses and required processes for Conditional Uses. Applicant desires a conditional use
             for boarding house.
         7. Coordination/Site Visit with Code Enforcement on 101 Avenue D located in Edgartown.

         Urban Forestry/Natural Resources –
         1. Beach Erosion at Jetty Park – SLC publicly announced that the State of Florida and the ACOE
            have approved funding for the spring 2012 full beach sand replacement. Monitoring replanted
            sea oats that were removed as part of the emergency project.
         2. Inlet Linear Park – FDOT contractor has completed work at the east end of Inlet Linear Park and
            repaired the temporary parking area. Working on updated cost of phase II.
Department Activity Report
June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting                                                                     Page 8

Planning Department contd.
        Urban Forestry/Natural Resources contd. –
        3. Jetty Park – Assisting city staff with FDOT grant process and coordination of spring 2012 sand
            replacement project.
        4. Melody Lane fishing pier – Working with city grant writer on FIND Grant application.
        5. Heathcote Botanical Gardens / Park – Working with City Stormwater Engineer on the request
            for SFWMD stormwater grant and coordination of Phase I construction.
        6. Everglades Restoration Project – Coordinating the project with the Engineering Department’s
            stormwater master plan, Heathcote Botanical Park and the Savannas Recreation area with the
            greenway and trails connectivity with SLC and the TPO on proposed new and completed
            restoration projects that fall within the City limits of Ft. Pierce. Additionally added Platt’s creek
            connectivity to the project.
        7. Planning GIS work –Worked on the proposed Platt’s creek connectivity to multipurpose trail
            system from the Savannas Recreation area to Ten Mile Creek on 25 th Street.
        8. Greenways and trails – Continue working on the exact location of the proposed trail locations
            and connectivity with the East Coast (Key West to Canada) bike trail, Heathcote Botanical Park
            and county environmental land preserves.
        9. Tree Board – Working on Tree Board and Code update.
        10. Landscape coordination – PAL Park, proposed Zapper Plant and Carriage Point.

        Geographic Information Systems/City Website/Naviline –
        1. GIS: 2010 Annexations added to official City map; Analysis of inconsistencies, omissions and
           errors on current annexation map layer; New map layers integrated: Coastal Construction
           Control Line, Beach Erosion Line; GeoBlade Map Viewer maintenance.
        2. City Website: Updates completed for: City Commission, City Clerk, Human Resources,
           Planning, LDR Technical Workshops, Main Street Fort Pierce, Golf Course, River Walk Center,
           and FPRA.
        3. General Systems: Standard Operation Procedure creation for: ARC GIS product renewal; Web
           Site maintenance (removal).
Department Activity Report
June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting                                                                  Page 9

Building Department
        Developments –

        1.   ISO/CRS Site Visit: On June 13-14, 2011, Lori Lehr, ISO Specialist, conducted our site visit to
             review our CRS ranking. Each municipality is only visited once every five years thus, this visit
             was very important. We are pleased to report that the visit went very well. Lori commented
             that all the staff members involved with the CRS Committee were knowledgeable and
             extremely cooperative. She stated that based on her findings the City of Fort Pierce will
             definitely improve their ranking from an 8 to 7 with the possibility of obtaining a 6. This is a
             tremendous improvement and represents a substantial reduction for the cost of flood
             insurance to the Citizens of Ft. Pierce. The Flood Plain Committee is to be congratulated for
             their diligence, expertise and cooperativeness.

        2.   Flood Plain Committee Meeting: Various members of the Flood Plain Committee met this week
             to review the findings of the recent ISO site visit. Each member was tasked with gathering
             information that Lori Lehr requested in order to complete her audit. The committee members
             also discussed ways to continue improving our CRS ranking.

        3.   Unlicensed Contractors: Building Department staff met staff from the City Attorney’s Office to
             develop a procedure for dealing with unlicensed contractors. Unlicensed contracting is
             rampant within the City of Fort Pierce and negatively impacts many aspects of our local
             economy. The establishment of this procedure will allow the Building Department to actively
             prosecute unlicensed contractors and will bring Fort Pierce in line with the standards all of our
             surrounding municipalities are enforcing.

        4.   SLC Clerk of Courts Remodel: Permits have been issued for the remodeling of the third and
             fourth floors of the SLC Clerk of Courts Building.
Department Activity Report
June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting                                                                    Page 10

Code Enforcement
         Hearings –
         1. No hearings during this time.

         Code Enforcement –
         1. Received 97 complaints.
         2. Initiated 37 new cases – 26 lot clearings, 11 general.
         3. Conducted 251 follow-up inspections.
         4. Closed 97 cases.
         5. Continued investigation of businesses without current Business Tax Receipts in conjunction
            with the City Clerk’s office.

         Animal Control –
         1. Responded to 112 dispatched calls.
         2. Conducted 145 self-initiated calls.
         3. Conducted 70 follow-up investigations.
         4. Responded to 5 bite reports.
         5. Issued 3 citations.
         6. Issued 2 written warnings.
         7. Impounded 25 animals – 8 dogs, 11 domestic cats, 2 kitten litters, 2 feral cat, 2 other/wildlife.

         Income & Expenses –
         1. All lien & fine case folders are being manually reviewed and updated to address past due
             accounts (on-going).
         2. Processed 13 lien / title searches.

         Miscellaneous –
         1. Continued communication with the Humane Society regarding billing issues. We agreed to
             open negotiations to re-write contract. Waiting for formal written request from HS.
         2. Met with Mr. Jason Block regarding lien reductions on Seaway Drive properties.
         3. Met with City Manager Recor for bi-weekly meeting.
         4. Reviewed information and provided comments for items presented at Technical Review
             Committee meeting (was unable to attend meeting).
         5. Met with Gerri Murphy, newly appointed CEB member, to explain duties and procedures.
         6. Met with City Manager Recor, Mayor Benton and representatives of United for Animals to
             discuss volunteer issues.
         7. Created new guidelines for Happy Hounds program and created new forms.
         8. Created new bite report, quarantine agreement and witness statement in Naviline system for
             use by Animal Control.
         9. Attended 2nd budget workshop.
         10. Updating Naviline System to close inactive / old case files (on-going).
         11. Updating Naviline System to correct errors that occurred when cases transferred from the old
             system to the new system (on-going).
Department Activity Report
June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting                                                               Page 11

Engineering Department
        A1A – Phase I – Drainage installation underway along South Ocean as is the roadway construction.
        Northbound Traffic has been routed to the temporary bypass lane along South Ocean from Seaway
        to Porpoise while southbound vehicles are being bypassed via Hernando and Avalon before
        merging on to South Ocean. This detour will remain in effect for three months in order to allow the
        contractor to build this section of southbound roadway and the subsequent northbound section.
        Local access will remain in effect during the duration of the construction. The water main and
        underground electric conversion construction along Seaway is underway. Being as the new water
        main is situated in the middle of the existing eastbound travel lane, detours will have to be

        13th Street (Orange Ave to south of Ave D) – Close-out documents being prepared for submittal.
        Final Change Order to be on July 5, 2011 City Commission agenda.

        Oleander Ave. / Sunrise Blvd. Sidewalk and Bike Paths – Construction commencement is scheduled
        for January 2012.

        29th Street (Orange Ave to Ave Q) – FDOT will administer a design/build contract which will include
        milling and resurfacing, sidewalk construction and curb and gutter installation. FDOT awarded this
        design/build project under the same contract as the Oleander/Sunrise project. Construction
        commencement is scheduled for January 2012.

        Development Reviews – Intake of four Building Permits, Site Plans, and Certificate of Occupancy

        10th Street Reconstruction – 100% design plans are expected to be submitted to the City for review
        on 6-27-11. The proposed work includes the reconstruction of 10 th Street from Citrus Avenue to
        Moore’s Creek. The 10th Street improvements include the undergrounding of electric, infrastructure
        replacement, sidewalks, curb & gutter, street lighting, and landscaping in accordance with the $1.9
        million CDBG Grant. Final construction completion May 2012.

        Pinecrest Subdivision Drainage Improvements – This project is a CDBG Disaster Fund project being
        done through a joint partnership with St. Lucie County. Project entails canal widening, bank
        stabilization, construction of outfall structure and landscaping. A public information meeting was
        held at City Hall on 06/07/11 to allow residents surrounding the project to review the design plans
        and ask questions. 100% design review plans were submitted 06/16/11.

        Frances Avenue Storm Drainage Replacement – Existing system consists of a mixture of metal pipe
        and concrete pipe. Field investigation of existing pipe found that the entire existing system is
        failing and located outside of the right-of-way. Complete replacement is recommended. Bid plans
        and cost estimate are 90%. The bid documents are being prepared.

        Atlantic Avenue Storm Drainage Replacement – Preparation of design plans for the retrofit of the
        existing decrepit storm drainage system along Atlantic Avenue from 5 th Street to 7th Street.

        Avenue “F” and 6th Street Drainage Improvements – Staff is currently designing a storm drainage
        treatment/conveyance system to service stormwater runoff that collects along the west side of 6th
        Street at Avenue “F”. This area currently has a substandard system that will be upgraded to an
        exfiltration system with a positive connection. Bid plans and cost estimate are 90% complete. The
        bid documents are being prepared along with the Frances Avenue bid documents.

        Stormwater Division – Working together with Building Department preparing information for CRS
        (Community Rating Services). This information is used for the determination of flood insurance
        rates for the citizens of Fort Pierce. Stormwater Division also working on stormwater fee
        information to be included with tax trim notices to be sent in July.
Department Activity Report
June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting                                                                 Page 12

Engineering Department contd.
        Traffic Control - Continued monitoring and coordination of the City’s traffic control system. We are
        working with FDOT to establish our 2011-2014 Work Program JPA for the computerized traffic
        control system. McMahon and Associates is finalizing preparation of signal timing generation and
        validation. Signal Group is upgrading signal cabinet equipment along Orange Ave from 5 th Street to
        13th Street in preparation of switch over to fiber optic centralized control for SR 68 and SR 615. PCS
        will complete splicing to cabinets and testing of the fiber link once Signal Group completes
        equipment upgrades.

        Jetty Park Reconstruction – Engineering and FPRA are reviewing the possibility of relocating the
        proposed A1A roundabout at Seaway and South Ocean Drives to a locale which would eliminate any
        impacts to the Jetty Park property. FDOT has mentioned there are some environmental
        assessments that need to be addressed and that they would forward a letter highlighting the areas
        that need to be addressed.

        S. 21st Street / Havana Ave. Sidewalk Project – Grant application completed and submitted to TPO
        for the traffic enhancement project funding cycle for FY 14-15. Project is for the construction of
        sidewalk along 21st St./ Birch Avenue, Kaufman Ave., and Havana Avenue in the vicinity of the old
        YMCA facility. Project was approved by the TPO and submitted to FDOT for funding award.

Public Works Department
         Solid Waste Disposal Options – Results and recommendations of the contractual services provided
         by Kessler Consulting were presented to the City Commission on June 6, 2011 following detailed
         discussions with Waste Management and Saint Lucie County representatives. Additional meetings
         and negotiation will be conducted throughout the next month, and an updated report will be
         presented to the City Commission on August 1, 2011.

         PAL Park – The project currently has a budget of $250,000 to be drawn from impact fees and Parks
         MSTU funds. Asbestos and lead based paint abatement is complete. Playground equipment
         restoration is complete. Interior demolition is complete. Perimeter sidewalk construction will be
         complete within the next 7 calendar days. The Police Athletic League is tentatively scheduled to
         move in to the facility by Labor Day 2011.

         Energy Efficiency & Conservation – Public Works Department staff is continuing to install energy
         savings equipment throughout the City that was funded by the Energy Efficiency & Conservation
         Block Grant (EECBG) Program. The EECT along with Commissioner Eddie Becht be acting as an
         evaluation committee for an upcoming request for qualifications for energy savings performance
         contracting, which is scheduled to receive responses by June 28, 2011.

         Summer Youth Program – Public Works Department representatives attended the inaugural
         Summer Youth Job Fair on June 11, 2011 at the Human Development Resource Center.
         Subsequently, 26 prospective candidates were interviewed, and 11 were offered temporary
         employment by the City of Fort Pierce and 4 have been offered temporary employment by the Fort
         Pierce Housing Authority.
Department Activity Report
June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting                                                                Page 13

Police Department
         PAL Gym/Park – Public Works has made considerable progress on renovations to PAL Park and the
         Gymnasium (former YMCA facility). Interior and exterior demolition has begun and sidewalks have
         been poured. Interim Planning Director David Carlin will be submitting a draft site design and
         funding plan to the City Commission on July 5. Staff determined that the gymnasium could not be
         opened for public use prior to the completion of the building renovation, which is expected to be
         complete by Labor Day. Chief Baldwin has scheduled meetings with the two community
         organizations that submitted proposals to occupy the gymnasium in order to develop partnership

         2011 Law Enforcement Games – The Florida Law Enforcement Games were hosted on the Treasure
         Coast during the week of June 19, 2011. Several events were held in Fort Pierce and attracted
         thousands of people to our community. Additionally, several members of FPPD competed in events
         and won medals… a listing to follow.

         Award – On July 18, Detective David Jones received the Officer of the Year Award from American
         Legion Post # 40.

         Mentoring Program - Chief Baldwin worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters and City Manager David
         Recor to initiate a Citywide employee mentoring program for school children in Fort Pierce. This
         program will allow employees to volunteer one hour of work time each week to mentor a child in
         one of our local schools. Big Brothers Big Sisters will be conducting orientation sessions in August
         to introduce employees to the program.

         Collective Bargaining Update - Chief Baldwin worked with City Attorney Robert Schwerer and City
         Manager David Recor to resolve a pending grievance for K9 Care Pay and reach an agreement on
         furloughs for IUPA (officers) that reduces the requirement from 96 to 72 hours. This agreement
         has been accepted by IUPA membership and is pending formal acceptance by the City. Negotiating
         team members have also reached tentative agreement on the PBA’s (sergeant and lieutenants)
         collective bargaining agreement. This should be processed for consideration by the City
         Commission in the next few weeks.
Department Activity Report
June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting                                                             Page 14

Urban Redevelopment
         Held initial FEMA staff meeting with Finance, Purchasing and Police Department to update disaster
         recovery strategies with regard to accurate records and claim submission.

         Submitted $500k CDBG-DREF grant proposal for five City projects.

         Prepared agreements for initial FPAT grant awards to six local businesses.

         Completed rewrite of CDBG Rehab policies and procedures.

         Coordinated Intermodal Bus Terminal issues with County staff.

         Gave presentation and tour to regional Main Street conference.

         Prepared for and conducted week-long HUD monitoring visit re: CDBG housing programs.

         Issued four CDBG RFP's for residential repairs/rehab work.

         Secured one-year extension for NSP program implementation.

         Re-designed Atlantic Avenue NSP remodel per Historic Preservation Board comments.

         Oversee daily operations for City Marina and Fisherman's Wharf Marina.

         Working with seasonal dockage and events (see weekly email "Marina Happenings" newsletter for

         Working on master plan for marina expansion.

         Met with Ann Satterlee and Nick Mimms re: Fisherman’s Wharf marina master plan and boat ramp

         Continuing to install security cameras throughout marina.

         Preparing Fisherman’s Wharf marina dock area for new charter boat to operate out of marina
         starting July 1, 2011

Golf Course
         Hosted a Twin County golf tournament on June 22nd.

         Hosted a Moose Lodge golf tournament.

         Summer projects continuing on the golf course.
Department Activity Report
June 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting                                                                  Page 15

River Walk Center
     Room Rental:                  $250.00
     Special Events:               $350.00
     Park Permits:               $2,200.00
     Programming:                  $337.06

     Total:                      $ 3,137.06

Sunrise Theatre
         Performances in the Black Box Theatre included: The Fort Pierce Jazz & Blues Society and the
         Sunrise Theatre co-presented Jazz Jams on June 7 & 14; Groucho's Comedy on Saturday, June 11;
         BlueBird Educational Productions presented John Lee Hooker, Jr., on June 17.

         Performances on the main stage included: The Beatles tribute show RAIN on June 5; Local dance
         school Simply Dance held their recital on Sunday, June 12.

         Upcoming performances over coming weeks include: Sunrise Theatre/Missoula Children's Theatre
         Workshop performance of The Jungle Book on June 24.

         Sunrise Theatre/Missoula Children’s Theatre Summer 2011 program registration began on May 2, for
         all four sessions. Preparations are currently being made to accommodate the campers and
         staff/volunteers involved with the program.

         On a daily basis offers and contracts are being negotiated with artists and their representatives as
         part of the programming process for the 2011/12 Season.

         The Sunrise Theatre/Fort Pierce Jazz and Blues Society’s Jazz Jams continue in the Black Box
         Theatre every Tuesday evenings at 7 PM and Groucho’s Comedy Club presents nationally-known
         comedians every second and forth Saturdays.

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