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									                                        Glenn A. Schneider
                                            4056 Nicholl Ave.
                                       Muskegon, Michigan 49444
                      H-(231) 773-2786 C-(231) 736-6350 Email:

Summary of Qualifications and Experience
        U.S. Navy Veteran; DOD Supply Chain Management Expert with 20 Years Experience
        15 + years of logistics and supply chain management experience
        Successfully completed professional logistics training requirements
        15 + years of management and supervision experience with military and commercial agencies
        Ability to work individually or as part of a team
        Skilled US Navy Logistics Officer at multiple levels of command
        Joint Military Logistics expertise in Supply, Transportation, Logistics, and Maintenance
        Green Belt Certified in Six Sigma
        Advanced practical experience with all Microsoft Office software, Enterprise Resource Planning
        (ERP )/Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
        Experienced with hardware and software troubleshooting, repair, and installation
        Experienced with computer network installation, troubleshooting, and repair
        Knowledgeable in Continuous Process Improvement and Lean
        Very knowledgeable in expense and accounting reconciliation reporting
        Proficient in military and private sector contracting processes

Employment History / Experience
(Sept. 2006 – Sept 2010) L-3, Communications; Combat Propulsion Systems Division
Position – Supply Systems Specialist
Location: Muskegon, Michigan
Hours per week: 45
L-3, CPS is a world-wide multi-billion dollar corporation supplying civilian and DOD materiel.

Duties and Achievements:

 Coordinated daily materiel requirements monitoring multiple customer contracts for both Private and
  Government agencies
 Effectively developed and utilized daily, weekly, and monthly supply schedules to fill customer orders
 Continuously reviewed Automated Logistics reporting system ensuring product availability
 Monitored company’s Technical Data Change process on a weekly basis. Job functions applicable to
  this duty included; Logistics, Supply and Maintenance policies, procedures and Work Instructions
 Successfully provided Supply processes training to personnel. Training process focused on “real time”
  “constant change” environment with the use of Six Sigma and Lean principles
 Global logistics experience includes validating OCONUS shipments in accordance with International
  Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Company achieved and sustained a zero incident record
  exceeding four consecutive years
 Processed over 4,800 Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) while maintaining a zero unpaid invoice
 Responsible for preparing and routing shipping and receipt documents. Corporate, Defense Contract
  Management Agency (DCMA), and customer audit ratings were consistently assessed at a flawless
  rating of 100%
 Scheduled the pick-up and delivery of materiel with internal and external customers per Contract
  Delivery Schedules

                                           Glenn A. Schneider
                                              4056 Nicholl Ave.
                                         Muskegon, Michigan 49444
                        H-(231) 773-2786 C-(231) 736-6350 Email:

 Company liaison for L-3 Shipping Department. Worked directly with HR, Operations, and Quality
  team leaders in addition with DCMA personnel to facilitate inspection and Authorization To Ship
  (ATS). DOD weapons systems supported;
   M1Abrams Main Battle Tank (MBT)
   M2 and M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle System (BFVS)
   RG41 Armored Combat Vehicle (8X8)
 Inspected and validated inbound and outbound materiel daily ensuring the flow of materiel to internal
  production and customer production lines were uninterrupted successfully achieving zero down time
  over a 4-year period

    Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course
    D.O.T. Hazardous Materials Regulations Training (49 CFR Subchapter C – Parts 171-180)

   Quarterly performance bonuses; Exceeded performance standards in production, product quality,
      and delivery schedules
   Annual performance bonuses

(Mar 2003-Sep 2006) Guardsmark Security Services
Position – Site Supervisor, Captain of Security
Location: Muskegon, Michigan
Hours per week: 45
Guardsmark Security Services is leading the world market in all phases of security. Their elite force of
officers extends reliable, effective, and courteous protection across a variety of client industries to include;
Colleges, Sales & Distribution, Healthcare, Research and Development, Financial Institutions, and Utility

Duties and Achievements:

 Successfully organized contract security and fire protection programs at two locations; L-3, Combat
  Propulsion Systems and General Dynamics Technical Center
 Supervised 18 employees
 Provided multiple training sessions for employees:
   Basic Life Saving techniques
   Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
   Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
   Physical Security
   Fire Safety
   International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
   Security Control Center Operations; Standard Operating Procedures training
 Managed various elements of logistical support including payroll, supplies, and personal protective
  equipment (PPE); 100% compliance with corporate regulations and zero downtime for security over a
  three-year period
 Recognized major program flaws with company’s certification as a DOD contractor. Aggressively
  researched and established standards that eventually exceeded requirements of ISO 14001, OSHA,
  Homeland Security, Fire Security services, and corporate security auditors. In recognition, I received
  Employee of the Month (EOM) and Employee of the Year (EOY) awards.

                                        Glenn A. Schneider
                                            4056 Nicholl Ave.
                                       Muskegon, Michigan 49444
                      H-(231) 773-2786 C-(231) 736-6350 Email:

 Company representative for all matters related to physical security. Worked directly with L-3
  Communication and General Dynamics Security Managers each day. Agenda items included but were
  not limited to;
   Readiness status
   Training status
   Work schedules
   Fingerprinting
   Background investigation reports
 Enforced facility access requirements for external contract personnel
 Received several nominations for Security Officer of the Month and Security Officer of the Quarter for
  process improvement of security procedures and personnel safety measures

    Standard and Advanced First Aid and Life Saving Techniques to include Cardio Pulmonary
       Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

   Letter of appreciation (multiple)
   Security Officer of the Month Award
   Guardsmark World Class Service Leadership Award; Employee of the Year (EOY)

(Sept 2001-Mar 2003) Hayes-Lemmerz Incorporated
Position – Shipping/Receiving Supervisor
Location: Montague, Michigan
Hours per week: 45-60
Hayes-Lemmerz is a world-wide producer of automotive parts to include wheel assemblies and suspension
units. Hayes-Lemmerz has twenty facilities located in twelve countries

Duties and Achievements:

   Coordinated daily material movement throughout a one-million square-foot facility
   Provided logistical support of production demands and final shipment delivery schedules
   Direct supervision of twenty-eight employees
   Coach and mentor for newly appointed personnel. Provides information about company policies,
    procedures, and regulations
   Well versed in the use of ERP Trans4M database and Internet protocol(IP) researching tools for
    rectifying Electronic Data Interchange material quantity and quality discrepancies
   Monitored inventories of raw and finished material ensuring proper FIFO usage
   Planned and proposed monthly departmental budgets
   Responsible for acquiring supplies required for daily operations
   Monitored daily use of forklifts and set standardized preventive maintenance schedules to prevent lost
    manpower and down equipment
   Calculated timekeeping and monitored employee vacation schedules utilizing Kronos software

                                        Glenn A. Schneider
                                            4056 Nicholl Ave.
                                       Muskegon, Michigan 49444
                      H-(231) 773-2786 C-(231) 736-6350 Email:


       Advanced Trans4M course; software utilized for tracking and scheduling by the automotive
       Basic Understanding and Use of Microsoft Office Software course
       Kronos Software training; software for timekeeping

   Quarterly and annual cash award

(1999-2001) Naval Reserve Center
Aviation Storekeeper, Aviation Warfare Specialist First Class, (US Navy Logistics Support Officer)
Location: Saginaw, Michigan
Hours per week: 50-55

Duties and Achievements:

 Responsible for $225K OPTAR (operating target) budget including accounts payable activities
 Established a lodging and dining program for approximately 550 personnel
 Facilitated Logistics training and training support to include; professional training and supply systems
 Responsible for determining supply demand, ordering, and tracking of all supplies required for reserve
  training and deployment of mission
 Liaison for Active Duty commands and Naval Reservists. Coordinated unit and individual training and
  deployment orders. Reserve personnel provided direct support of Joint Military Forces missions
 Served as the command representative during the Commander Naval Reserve Force triennial
  inspection. Command received zero discrepancies noted
 Facilitated and participated in joint military training with missions between U.S. Marine Corps and
  Naval Seabee’s (U.S. Naval Construction Force) units; supporting and promoting joint military
  operations and value added cross training

   Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal; for superior achievement in Logistics and Waste

(1995-1999) Naval Air Reserve Center
Aviation Storekeeper, Aviation Warfare Specialist First Class, US Navy Logistics Support Officer,
Facilities Manager, Program Manager
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Hours per week: 50-55

Duties and Achievements:

 Manager of two departments; Base Facilities Department and Supply Department
 Program Manager for Naval Reserve Unit
   Facilitated and monitored training for naval reserve unit consisting of approximately 200
     personnel obtaining and maintaining the highest readiness status of R1

                                         Glenn A. Schneider
                                             4056 Nicholl Ave.
                                        Muskegon, Michigan 49444
                       H-(231) 773-2786 C-(231) 736-6350 Email:

       Guided reserve personnel on proper methods and procedures for documenting and maintaining
        training records
   Technical Data Change Manager
     Monitored technical publications on a daily basis, ordering, receiving and incorporating changes
        and updates
     Maintained the integrity of classified documents
   Facilities Management Action Officer
     Facilities management of nine buildings, twenty-two acres of federal property, and base
        equipment. Duties included but were not limited to; repair, maintenance and physical security, of
        all buildings, land within the property boundaries, and GSA vehicles & support equipment
     Team Lead for a special project to improve quality of life. As the project lead, I directed the
        refurbishment of an aircraft hangar for conversion to a ceremony hall, class rooms, fitness center,
        and office spaces. Cost avoidance exceeded $100,000. As a result of our efforts, each team
        member received individual recognition. Collectively the team was awarded;
              Navy Commendation Medal
              Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medals (2 awardees)
              Letter of Commendation
              Command “Bronze Hammer” Award
   Ordered computer material and assisted in setup and upkeep of a base-wide computer network
   Logistics Support Officer
     Monitored $300K OPTAR (operating target) budget including accounts payable activities
     Established lodging and dining program for approximately 600 personnel
     Naval Supply and Logistics Subject Matter Expert. Command representative for all supply and
        logistics related issues that affect mobilization and deployment of Naval Reservists assigned
   Navy Instructor
     Taught or facilitated professional training, supply systems management, Navy Rights and
        Responsibilities & Sexual Harassment (Civilian EEO equivalent course), and military leadership

    Supply Systems Specialist, FL Navy Enlisted Classification Code (NEC) 2813
    Supply & Fiscal/Contracting Officer School

   Letter of Commendation (multiple) awarded for the following;
       Outstanding leadership of unit personnel
       Major facilities upgrades
       Command receipt of the “Bronze Hammer” award
       Materiel reutilization saving the government over $6 Million
       Directing the shipment of 4 million pounds of freight with zero discrepancies
   Sailor of the Quarter (Employee of the Quarter)
   Navy Good Conduct Medal
   USN Certificate of Superior Achievement
   Letter of Appreciation (multiple) awarded for the following;
       Superior Leadership of Reserve Unit Troops
       Superior Logistical Support of Tenant Commands (2 awards)


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