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					        History 290:
Finding and Managing
           Denis Lacroix
Romance Languages and Film Studies
A Revolution of Information and Ideas
               Session Outline
 Formulating research questions
 Finding guides and library services
 Finding resources using the library catalogue
 Finding Articles in Periodicals using Databases
 Managing information using RefWorks
            The Research Question



¿What is the contribution of women to
the French Revolutionary society?
           The Research Process
 Recognise an information need
 Define the problem
   limit, label, hypothesize
 Choose a search system
   books, electronic and print indexes, Web resources…
 Formulate a query depending on the search system
   semantic mapping and action mapping
 Execute the search
 Examine, assess/evaluate, and save the results
 Extract information
 Reflect, write, reiterate, stop      Saving might
History Resource Center: Student        involve using
  Research Guide                          RefWorks
Finding Basic Research Tools
         Useful Reference Resources
• Dictionnaire des personnages de la Révolution – DC 145 C262 1988 Ref.
• La Révolution française: dictionnaire biographique – DC 145 M26112 1989 Ref.
• A critical dictionary of the French Revolution -- DC 147 F983 E5 1989 Ref.
• Historical dictionary of the French Revolution – DC 147 H67 1985 v.1-2 Ref.
• Historical dictionary of the Napoleonic era -- DC 147 N34 2002 Ref.
• Companion to the French Revolution -- DC 147 P342 1988 Ref.
• Histoire et dictionnaire de la Révolution française 1789-1799 -- DC 148 T917 Ref.
• Bibliographie de la Révolution française – DC 148 Z9 F465 1989 v.1-2 Ref.
• The Gerritsen Collection - Women's History Online
     • E.g. Try searching the following Subject: Revolution, 1789-1799
• Biography and Genealogy Master Index
• Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
• Biography Resource Center
• History Reference Online
• History Resource Center: World 
• Encyclopaedia Universalis
• Gale Virtual Reference Library
         Let’s Practise
• Using History Reference Online find a
reference resource on Napoleon and try
locating an article on Beauharnais, Marie
Rose Joséphine de.
      Books vs. Periodical Articles

 Books are a good place to start for
  an author or subject that is well-known and not too
 Check book bibliographies for references to other
books and articles
 Use the NEOS Libraries Catalogue to find books
                     Primary Sources
What is a primary source?
• A record of a first-hand observation of an event, a report of scientific
   research, or an original work of fiction or art. Examples:
• Personal narratives, diaries, reminiscences, memoirs, autobiographies,
• Speeches, addresses, essays
• Short stories, poetry, drama, fairy tales, sheet music, works of art,
   photographs, maps, etc.
• Manuscripts of the above
• Government documents, newspaper articles, audio and video recordings of
   news, interviews, etc.
• Journal articles can also be primary sources, as long as the author observed
   the event first hand. In the sciences, journal articles are often primary
                Finding Books
 By author:

 By title                            Use « Starting
                                       With » with
                                       exact titles.

 By subject

 Request or place a hold on a book
                Advanced Searching
 Finding books about a topic using Advanced Search
   Divide topic into key concepts, e.g. Women AND Revolution
   Think of variant or similar terms for concepts
                                                      One key
   Use Boolean operators, e.g. and, or            concept per box
                                                       or field!
 Use truncation symbols to increase results: $ ?

 Finding Reference titles in advanced search
                             Increase your
                            results by using
                              variant terms
        This search
will find primary sources
Limit your results by
  adding concepts!
                                This search
                        will find primary sources
Sample Catalogue Record

                    If possible, add
                    relevant catalogue
                    subject terms to
                    your own search.
             Using Subject Headings
 Subject Headings : search in the Catalogue
   Diderot, Denis
   Revolution, 1789-1799
   Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1821
   France and Politics and government and 1774-1793
   18th century or Enlightenment
   Sources or personal narratives or correspondence or speeches or autobiograph$
   Culture or cultural or Political culture
   Conspiracies or violence
   Public Opinion
   Social Classes or Social Aspects or Social conditions
   Historiography or historicism or intellectual life
   Influence or causes
                  Let’s Practise

• Find the titles in the NEOS catalogue for
   • Food shortages or consumption during the French
      Books vs. Periodical Articles
 Periodical articles are a good place to start if
    an author’s reputation is recent or local
    you are looking for a detailed analysis
    (e.g. on the intellectual historian Robert Darnton)

                        Databases are
                                              To find articles,
                        searchable by    Use periodical databases
                           title, or

                        Databases are
                       also searchable
                         by subject.
    Finding Articles in Periodicals
 The library catalogue cannot be used to find
 articles on your research topic. Instead, you
 need to search databases.
 Databases are all different:
   some contain full-text articles,
   some list only citations and abstracts,
   some are interdisciplinary
   others are subject specific
 Use database Help features for
 searching assistance
Scholarly and Popular Journals

         Scholarly versus
         popular journals
        Databases for History 421
• General Databases: Academic Search Complete, Arts
  and Humanities Citation Index, BHI: British Humanities
  Index, Expanded Academic ASAP, Francis, Humanities
  Abstracts, Humanities International Complete,
  Humanities & Social Sciences Retrospective, IBZ, MLA
  International Bibliography, Periodicals Index Online,
  Readers’ Guide Full Text, Sociological Abstracts.
• Historical Databases: Historical Abstracts, Annales
  historiques de la Révolution française.
• French Databases: Francis, Repère, Érudit.
• Biographical Databases: Biography and Genealogy
  Master Index, Biography Resource Center, Oxford
  Dictionary of National Biography
                  Finding Book Reviews
Online Book Reviews:
• Book Review Digest Plus
• Book Index with Reviews
• Book Review Index Online Plus
In Print for older articles:
•   Combined retrospective index to book reviews in humanities journals, 1802-
    1974 – Z 1035 A1 C7 Indexes
•   Combined retrospective index to book reviews in scholarly journals, 1886-1974
    – Z 1035 A1 C72 1979 v.1-15 Indexes
•   An Index to book reviews in the humanities – Z 1035 A1 I3 Indexes
•   National Library Service cumulative book review index, 1905-1974
     – Z 1035 A1 N28 1975 v.1-6 Indexes
                    Sample Primary Sources
•    The Making of the Modern World and Making of Modern Law: Trials 1600-1926
•    Electronic Enlightenment
•    Eighteenth Century Collections Online
•    Eighteenth Century Journals II: Newspapers & Periodicals 1699-1812
•    History Resource Center: World
•    The Gerritsen Collection - Women's History Online
      – E.g. Try adding the following Subject from the list: France -- History -- Revolution,
          1789-1815 – Sources
•    Historical Newspapers Online (includes Palmer’s Index to The Times)
•    In the First Person: An Index to Letters, Diaries, Oral Histories and Personal
•    Bibliothèque nationale de France – Gallica- Bibliothèque numérique
•    Réimpression de l'ancien Moniteur – Online or DC 140 M74 Ruth. N.
•    Journal des débats et décrets (1789-1944) – DC 1 J86 BARD
•    Les hymnes et chansons de la révolution -- DC 140.9 P62 folio Ruth N.
•    Early American Imprints, 1639-1800 (microform resource) -- E 173 E12
•    Early English Newspapers (Microform obtained through Interlibrary loan)
•    Mercure de France – AP 20 M5419 1785-1791 Spec. Coll.
    More French Revolution
            Bibliographies and Indexes
• C.R.I.S. : the combined retrospective index set to journals in history,
  1838-1974 – E 171 C12 1977 v.1-11 Indexes
• The Subject index to periodicals – AI 3 S94 1915-1961 (microfilm reels)
• Bibliographie annuelle de l'histoire de France -- DC 35 Z9 B52 Ref.
• A bibliography of French revolutionary pamphlets on microfiche –
  DC 140 Z9 T47 1974
• French revolutionary pamphlets, 1787-1799 – DC 141 Z9 H74 1973
• Plume de Marat : pour une bibliographie générale -- DC 146 M3 Z9 G64
• Bibliographie de la Révolution française, 1940-1988 -- DC 148 Z9 F465
• Bibliographie des études canadiennes savantes sur la Révolution
  française et son influence, 1889-1987 – DC 148 Z9 B582 1987
• The era of the French Revolution : a bibliography of the history of
  western civilization, 1789-1799 – DC 148 Z9 C14 1985
• La société des Jacobins – DC 178 A92 v.1-6
• Bibliographie de l'histoire de Paris pendant la révolution française –
  DC 194 A2 T72 v.1-5
• Répertoire général des sources manuscrites de l'histoire de Paris
  pendant la révolution française –
  DC 194 A2 T9 folio v.1-11
             Historical Abstracts
 Searching examples:
  [Select a Field] France or French AND
   [Select a Field] Revolution*
   [Select a Field] Wom?n or Femini$

  To view full-text, click on HTML, PDF, or

  To save, mail, or print citations
      Click on Add to folder,
      Click on yellow Folder,
      Click on print, e-mail or save options.
         Send citations to RefWorks
Add the term
rights to limit

   Improve your

                    Save to

            Search using
           GetIt or NEOS
Library Guide to Citation Styles
                Let’s Practise
• Use the Historical Abstracts database and
  search for articles on
   – Women, Family, and the French

• Refine your search and limit it to only Peer
  Reviewed articles.
  Finding Periodicals in the Library
 Search the NEOS Libraries Catalogue
   Limit by Periodical Title in the drop-down menu
   Click on Starting With
   Click on the Search button
 Use the Getit Citation Linker
   Input all the article information into the boxes

     Journal is
    available in
  print and online
                     Journal Titles
 Located in Rutherford North or South
    Interfiled with books by call number
 Available online
 Six percent kept in Rutherford Sth 2nd floor (Reading Rm.)
    shelved around the perimeter
    organized alphabetically by title
                  Let’s Practise
• Find the following article using the library catalogue or
  the GetIt Citation Linker
     Corbett, Mary Jean.; ELH 1994 61(4): 877-897
     21p. Historical Period: 1790-1812 (AN:
             Inter-Library Loans
• When a periodical or a book is not located at the
  University of Alberta Libraries, request the items
  through ILL.
• Click on the link Request an Inter-Library loan on the
  right-hand side of the main library web page.
• Click on Request Material from another library
• Input your Library barcode number and pin.
• Fill in the form with as much information as you have.
• Check availability of document worldwide using the
  OCLC WorldCat database
• Allow 2 weeks for ILL requests
Proquest Dissertations and Theses - Full Text
Click here!
    How to Export from Other Databases
Mark the records you wish to export                            Check Tip Sheets
                                                                if you are unsure
View marked records                                             about exporting
Export records from the database to RefWorks                     from a specific
   Click on the RefWorks link in the tool bar, OR
   Click on Save and/or Export
                                        Example from Web of Science :

                                       Check as many fields as you need.
Exporting from NEOS
  Add a new reference
manually, without having to
       import one.
Preview your references in any style.
    Always check your
bibliography for any errors.
 The error was corrected
using the reference’s Edit
                     Let’s Practice
 Use Historical Abstracts to find a peer-reviewed article on
cooking during the French revolution.
 Find Davis, Jennifer J. dissertation on French Culinary
 Send the bibliographical information about Jennifer Davis’
dissertation to RefWorks using either Historical Abstracts or
another database of your choice.
Reference Services

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