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					     Investment banking Job
 Investment banking Job Profile and Description
   Investment banking means to advise companies on their finances and help them select
   the best route to arrange for funds. Investment bankers work in corporate finance to
   help companies acquire necessary funds for various projects, expansions, paying
   debts etc. Some deal with the financing of mergers and acquisitions. Those with a
   sales aptitude work in the trading of securities.

 Duties and Responsibilities
    The duties and responsibilities of an investment banker are as follows:

      PRIMARY DUTY: the primary duty of an investment banker is to buy, sell and
       trading securities for big companies and government entities

      ADVICE COMPANIES: he or she has to advice the companies related to
       investment by managing the investment portfolios

      WORK AS A REPRESENTATIVE: He or she has to work as a representative of
       a financial institution (investment bank) where he or she is working.

      WORK FOR THE CORPORATE COMPAMIES: he or she has to work with the
       corporate companies They do not give loans or accept deposits from the public
       like general banks

      PROVIDE HELP IN THE PRESENTATIONS: He or she has to advise in case of
       mergers and acquisitions and help in the negotiations either representing the
       buyers or the sellers

      CORPOPRATE RESTRUCTURING: Corporate restructuring is one of the most
       common duties of an investment banker

      PROVIDE PLACEMENTS: Some Investment bankers also help in facilitating
       private placements

 Skills and Specifications
     The candidate desiring to do the job of an investment banker should have the
following skills and specifications:
       The most important skill is that one requires strong aptitude for math and
        accounting and must be very good working with numbers

       He or she should have excellent analytical and deduction skills as will have to
        work with corporate companies.

       He or she should have analytical skills to understand the clients requirements and
        advising them based on their analysis

       He or she should be very hard working and will have the ability to work under

 Education and Qualifications
   BASIC DEGREE: the basic degree which is required for the job is a bachelor’s
    degree in commerce with specialization in finance or accounting.

   The other requirement for the job is a MBA in most companies nowadays.

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