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                How to Choose the Best Laptop Bag for

                   How to Choose the Best Laptop Bag for                    other way. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a
                                Traveling                                   sturdy bag. On the other hand, if you basically take
                                                                            your laptop computer back and forth to work you
                                              If you spend a lot of         might choose a bag that offers more style while
                                              time on an airplane,          allowing you to store your important folders and
                                              in your car, or if you        other documents.
                                              use another mode
                                              for traveling; or, if         If you are waiting for your laptop offer but you have
                                              you frequently take           already returned to school you might want to select
                                              your laptop with you          a bag that can also hold your textbooks. There are
                                              when you have your            several backpacks on the market that are specifi-
                                              morning coffee, it is         cally designed to hold your laptop. In addition, you
                                              important to have a           can pack your books, notebooks, and other school
                                              good fitting bag for          materials inside.
                                              your laptop. This is
                                              important because it
                                              will help to protect
                                              your laptop from dif-                                   See Also:
                                              ferent types of da-
                                              mage. Most bags also
                provide for extra items to be stored such as a pen
                and notepad, your documents you are presently
                working on, or even an extra battery. If you are
                lucky enough to have a laptop computer this is all          Most laptop bags are constructed from different
                the more reason to choose the best laptop bag.              materials. Once might be made from vinyl while
                                                                            the more expensive one is made from leather. Aside
                When you are ready to purchase your bag for your            from the material you also have other options avai-
                laptop, make certain you are looking at the ‘right’         lable when purchasing your bag for your laptop.
                size. If you do not you will return home and disco-         One of these options is the protective sleeve. This
                ver that your 15.6 screen laptop will not fit in a bag      sleeve slips over your laptop and provides an extra
                made for laptops up to 15 in size. Before making that       layer of cushioning. If you do not want to purchase a
                purchase, even if you are waiting on a laptop offer,        sleeve you can make your own out of plastic bubble
                you will need to first determine if you will need to        wrap. This offers a great deal of protection for your

                remove the laptop from the bag on a frequent basis          laptop computer.
                (such as at an airport). If so, make certain the bag
                you choose allows for easy access. If you do a lot of       Your laptop bag can be purchased in a number of
                traveling then you are exposing your laptop to the          colors and styles. The important thing to remember
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                possibility of being dropped or damaged in some             is to purchase the bag that meets your personal lifes-


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                How to Choose the Best Laptop Bag for Traveling

                tyle while accommodating your transporting needs.           usually has a sliding pad to help distribute the weight
                Another important thing to remember is that this            of the laptop on your shoulder. Many laptop mes-
                bag is designed to protect your investment – even if        sengers have removable shoulder straps, so they
                you have a laptop. Whatever choice you make you             can be converted into briefcases for a professional
                can be assured that your laptop will receive the pro-       look and converted back into messengers when you
                tection it needs in the bag you choose to store it in.      need both hands free. The best messenger bag will
                                                                            have a padded or soft-grip handle for easy carrying
                                                                            as well as a thick shoulder pad and adjustable strap.


                                                                            Style: Laptop messenger bags come in a wide variety
                                                                            of styles to fit many different uses and personali-
                                                                            ties. Many laptop bags are designed to resemble
                                                                            briefcases in professionalism and elegance, making
                                                                            them great bags to take to work. Other laptop mes-
                                                                            senger bags look like fashion tote bags; these can be
                                                                            great laptop bags for working women and stylish
                                                                            moms on the go. Durable laptop messenger bags
                                                                            and brightly colored or designed messenger bags
                                                                            are perfect for the student. Another factor of style
                                                                            to consider is the alignment of the bag, since verti-
                                                                            cal laptop messenger bags are currently in vogue.
                 Screen size: The screen size specification of mes-
                senger bags is one of the most important factors            Material: A large part of style is the material of
                when you’re choosing computer messenger bags.               the laptop messenger bag. Leather messenger
                You wouldn’t want to carry your small netbook in            bags are almost always the most professional, and
                a 17-inch laptop bag, since the extra room would            they are often the bags with removable shoulder
                jostle your laptop or tablet, and a large computer          straps. Leather messenger bags are also some of
                simply won’t fit in a notebook messenger bag de-            the most durable, since leather is a naturally strong
                signed for much smaller notebooks, netbooks and             and resilient material. Canvas is a natural material
                tablets. Most laptop messengers range from about            and makes messenger bags easy to clean and care
                15-inch to 17-inch laptop bags, although you can            for. Other materials, such as polyester and nylon,
                find notebook messenger bags fitting 13-inch, 10-           are also popular materials for laptop messenger
                inch and smaller laptops and netbooks.                      bags. Many bags will use more than one of these
                                                                            materials to maximize the benefits of each. Don’t

                   1.                                                       forget the padding of a laptop messenger bag; next
                                                                            to screen size, padding is the most important fea-
                Straps and handles: Laptop messenger bags are               ture to investigate before buying a laptop bag, as it
                often defined by two handles: one adjustable shoul-         cushions and protects your laptop computer from
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                der strap and one top handle. The shoulder strap            jostles and bumps.


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                How to Choose the Best Laptop Bag for Traveling


                Features: Laptop messenger bags have many fea-
                tures for you to consider. One of the more common
                features is a removable laptop sleeve that provides
                extra padding for your laptop inside the case and
                out. If you want to choose a laptop sleeve and laptop
                messenger bag separately, choose a laptop bag with a
                screen size that can hold the added dimension. Other
                features might include organizer pockets for pens
                and business cards, accessory pouches for power
                cords and flash drives, multiple pockets, locking and
                self-repairing zippers, and pass-through earphone
                access for internal MP3-player pockets. The best
                messenger bag will combine useful features with
                bold or timeless design to meet your laptop traveling

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