Druids Glen Fourball Matchplay 2011

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					                                                                                              Druids Glen IFSC Golf Society Fourball Matchplay 2011

Preliminary Round                                       First Round                                     Second Round                                              Quarter final                                               Semi final                                          Final
 (to be completed by April 20th 2011)        (to be completed by May 31st 2011)               (to be completed by June 30th 2011)                      (to be completed by July 31st 2011)                      (to be completed by August 31st 2011)           (to be completed by September 21st 2011)

      Thalius Heckscher/Jim Mountjoy    1         Brendan McCarthy/John Prosser
                    v                                           v
    Brendan McCarthy/John Prosser 3&2            Tony Murphy/John Skelly    3&2

                                        2          Paul Nunan/Damien McAree              17             Tony Murphy/John Skelly
                                                                v                                                  v
                                                 Karl Burden/Sean Moran    w/o                          Karl Burden/Sean Moran

                                        3              Pin Chung/Alan Barry                                                                    25               Tony Murphy/John Skelly
                                                                v                        18      Henry Withinshaw/Walker Rainey 2&1                                         v
                                               Henry Withinshaw/Walker Rainey      5&4                            v                                          Henry Withinshaw/Walker Rainey
                                                                                                   Kenneth McCarney/Brian O'Hara
                                        4       Kenneth McCarney/Brian O'Hara 5&3
                                                    Frank Monks/Michael Coyne            19          Alan Geraghty/Ian Duffy 1 up              26                Alan Geraghty/Ian Duffy                29                         Winner 25
                                                                                                                     v                                                       v                                                         v
                                        5         Paul Heffernan/Fearghal Woods                           Jim Kelly/Paul Sinnott                                 Brian Guyett/Colm Geary                                     Alan Geraghty/Ian Duffy
                                                                 v                                                                                                                                                                                                              Winner 29
                                                  Alan Geraghty/Ian Duffy   won                                                                                                                                                                                                     v
                                                                                         20            Brian Guyett/Colm Geary                                                                                                                                                  Winner 30
                                        6           Padraig Rushe/Gavin rylands                                    v                           27            Barry McConville/Ciaran Whooley            30                          Winner 27                                      Q
                                                                   v                                  John McCann/Kilian Buckley                                             v                                                           v
                                                Jim Kelly/Paul Sinnott won on 19th                                                                           Patrick O'Sullivan/John Conway                                Niall Murray/David Monahan

                                        7        Brian Guyett/Colm Geary       3&2       21         Barry McConville/Ciaran Whooley
                                                                  v                                                 v
                                                    Philip Clarke/Larry Sherin                      Brendan Malley/Clodagh Mulvaney            28              Ian Letchford/Nathaniel Healy
                                        8       John McCann/Kilian Buckley    3&2                                                                               Niall Murray/David Monahan
                                                                 v                       22         Patrick O'Sullivan/John Conway
                                                    Stephen Peters/Enda Doyle                                       v
                                                                                                    Peter Madden/Michael Hannon
                                        9            Gerry Brady/Seamas Brady
                                               Barry McConville/Ciaran Whooley won       23              Mike Dillon/Cathal Forde
                                        10       Brendan Malley/Clodagh Mulvaney                      Ian Letchford/Nathaniel Healy
                                                   Peter Nolan/Nigel McDonagh
                                                                                         24            Barry Cudmore/Karl Nolan
                                        11        Patrick O'Sullivan/John Conway                                    v
                                                                  v                                   Niall Murray/David Monahan
                                                    Joseph Keane/Tom Woulfe

                                        12           Paul Murray/Patrick Smyth
                                                                 v                                   Rules
                                                Peter Madden/Michael Hannon Win                 1. The format of the competition will be fourball better ball matchplay, off ¾ handicap.
                                                                                                2. The first round will be completed by end April with each round thereafter finishing by next month-end. The final must be completed by September 21st 2011.
                                        13      Michael Nugent/Holger Ertinghausen              3. The competition will be run and controlled by Druids Glen.
                                                                 v                              4. The top team listed on the pairings sheet is obliged to arrange match and tee-time.
                                                   Mike Dillon/Cathal Forde 2&1                 5. In the event of an unplayed match and in the absence of competitors’ agreement, the Secretary of the Society will decide the tie by toss of a coin.
                                                                                                6. Druids Glen will maintain the competition record, will adjudicate where necessary and will control the timesheet.
                                        14       Ian Letchford/Nathaniel Healy won            7. All match results should be notified to Peter Madden
                                                                  v                             8. Tee times can be booked by phoning Druids Glen at 01-2812504 and asking for Barry Dowling (
                                                     Liam Miley/Eamonn O'Neill                  9. All tee times are allocated at the discretion of the golf resort.
                                                                                                10. Matches are to be played on Druids Glen course, unless agreed by both participant teams to play Druids Heath.
                                        15        Barry Cudmore/Karl Nolan won                  11. The green fee cost is free. Any extras (trolleys, buggies, refreshments, etc) are payable by members.
                                                                  v                             12. Druids Glen will present the prizes to the winners in the Society’s September outing.
                                                     Terry Sadlier/John Bowden

                                        16       Niall Murray/David Monahan 2&1
                                                     Graham Waite/David Blair

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