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   OFFICE HOURS: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
PHONE: 480.982.0606 FAX:480.982.9354     ALUMINUM CANS – 75‟S SILVERHAWK
                                                SOFTBALL TEAM
                                       We would appreciate your aluminum cans. You can
                                       drop them off at:
                                              Dick Johnson’s, SP#939
                                             Dave Johnston’s, SP251
                                              Karl Hansen’s, SP#816
                                          Thank you!
                                         Bobbie Johnson, SP#939 (983-3983)


                                              BAZAAR AND LUNCH
                                          THURSDAY, JAN 13TH – REC. Hall
                                            SALE: 9:00AM – 1:00PM
                                            LUNCH: 11:00AM – 1:00PM
                                                 BEADING CLASS
                                        WEDNESDAY & SUNDAY 1:00 – 4:00PM
                                                 GOLD Room
                                          Sandy Thomas, SP#734 (621-1600)

                                                      BIBLE STUDY
                                        THURSDAY 7:00 – 8:30PM – GOLD Room
                                             Bible study will begin on Thursday,
                                       JANUARY 6th in the GOLD Room. We will
                                       begin the study of 2nd Peter.
                                         Just bring your Bibles and prepare to enjoy the
                                       study of God’s word.
 WELCOME HOME WINTER FRIENDS!           Bill Link, Teacher SP#721 (474-8230)

                                           TUESDAY 7:00 – 9:00PM – REC. Hall

                                             BILLARDS (Men‟s Pool)
                                         MONDAY & FRIDAY 12:30, play 1:00PM
                                       If you care to join in the fun, come shoot some games,
                                       and sign up to play. Any questions, feel free to contact
                                           Steve Weliever, SP#944 (765-376-2242)

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           BOWLERS                                       I’ll tell the story behind this area, and, as we did
  BOWLERS – BOWLERS – BOWLERS                            last year, we will take anyone who would like,
  You are needed. We bowl on Wednesdays @ 12:30PM        another ¼ mile back to the end of the box
At Mesa East Lanes on Broadway near Ellsworth. Cost      canyon for a nice view and picture spot.
is $9.00, Subs are also needed, you pay $5.00. Sign-up        Pictures of each hike are on website –
sheets are on the patio area. If you are a camp work
you can also bowl.                                       http:/ You can view the
   Any questions, call or stop by.                       pictures by double clicking on the picture to
       Barb Jordan, Secretary, SP#952                    open up the “album”, and can view as a
             (480-983-2016)                              slideshow. Any pictures you may want to
                                                         contribute may be emailed to Bob or Spenser at:
       BREAKFAST (Saturday)                    
 REC. HALL 7:30 – 9:00AM                                      The signup sheet is on the bulleting board in
 NEXT JAN 8TH                                            the pool area, between the sliding doors. Please
 BISCUITS & GRAVY                                        do sign up. As usual, we will meet in front of the
NEW RESIDENTS!!!! Each Saturday morning a                rec building by 7:5AM. If you have any question
breakfast is served, at a low cost. See newsletter for   about our hikes, please feel free to contact one
what is being served. Please bring your own place        of the leaders, below.
settings. Coffee is provided                                   Spencer Abbs, SP#460 (480-289-9247)
                                                               Bob Smith, SP#1138 (810-444-1743)
           FRIDAY 7:45AM REC. Hall                                       CAN TABS
              (Out-of-Park Hiking)                       Drop off at ACO, worth 1 a piece that contributes to
           Christmas Eve saw 17 of us hiking the         aide for underprivileged children medical bills.
Wind Cave Trail on Pass Mtn. In Usery Park. It
sure was a nice day for hiking, and we were                        CANS FOR BOWLERS
surprised with a few memorable experiences.               Jimmy the „CAN-MAN‟ is collecting cans for the
First, at about a mile up, and hiking along the          BOWLERS. Drop off at the Front Laundry or
                                                         Maintenance area or at my space.
cliffs, a mountain sheep decided to put on a              PLEASE don‟t throw in the dumpsters. NO GLASS,
show. Seeing a mountain sheep was a first for            PLASTIC, FOOD CANS, ONLY BEER OR SODA CANS.
many of us. He jumped around on the cliffs and                   Jimmie Carroll, SP#1027
finally disappeared down a slope. After reaching
Wind Cave, 13 of us braved the last 1/3 mile of                CANS FOR QUEEN BEES
steeper, more rigorous climbing, to reach the              The women‟s softball team is also again saving
very top of the mountain. All were extremely             aluminum cans to help support our team.
happy they met the challenge and were                      Bring to our space.
rewarded with an exceptional 360 degree view.              Thank you.
After just starting down, a helicopter full of folks           Shirley Bowden, SP#354 (288-0385)
flew into the valley and apparently spotted us on
the side of the mountain. They circled in closer,                         CAR PASS
all smiling and waving. Next, when almost down           PLEASE have your vehicle Park
to Wind Cave, we had a nice view of Fountain             Pass visible (drivers side, lower
Hills, and, just as we were enjoying that, the           Left) of windshield. The Gate
fountain went off – great timing. Pictures of the        Attendant must be able to verify at a glance.
hike and all three surprises are on the website.
    Next week, Friday, January 7, 2011, we will          CARPET, TILE & UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS
hike the Massacre Ridge trail. It is a “moderate”
rated hike, mostly up, and 2 miles each way.
And, finally, we have a trail to the MR trailhead.
We no longer will have to walk roads. I have
hiked and marked a nice trail across a couple
ridges, and down and up a couple washes to the
trailhead. This is ¾ of a mile each way, making
the total hike 5.5 miles. After reaching the ridge,
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            CASINO TRIPS                                             CRIBBAGE
   PAYSON MAZATZAL CASINO                                  MONDAY – REC. Hall Tickets available
JAN. 3 - MONDAY          FEB. 1 - TUESDAY                @6:45PM. Play starts @ 7:00PM
          MARCH 1 - TUESDAY                                 bring 25. EVERYONE WELCOME!
          APRIL 1 – FRIDAY                                   Carole Oslund (480-288-0307)
       7:30AM PARK PICK-UP
   Mary Hebert, SP#748 (982-3762)                                     CROCHET
 PRIMM WINTERBREAK JAN 10-13                                   WEDNESDAY – 9:00 – 11:00AM
                                                                  HAMILTON Room
  (Check Mary’s board for info and more trips)
                                                             NO CLASS DEC. 29TH OR JAN 5TH
                                                              Classes will resume JAN. 12th
             CHIMES                                           Paula, SP#111 (609-502-4432)
      THURSDAY 10:00 – 11:00AM
            GOLD Room                                                        DENTAL
  The Hand Chimes Choir meets on Thursday at
10:00AM in the GOLD Room.
  We enjoy putting together selections of music with
each member putting their notes in the correct place.
  Being able to read and understand basic music
notation is a great help, but is not mandatory.
   1st rehearsal of New Year is January 6,
    Roy Bowden, SP#354 (288-0385)

CACTUS KICKERS , December does not have

DIRECTORY CHANGE, See under that Heading


                                                          Available in the Activity Office @ $2.00. If you bring in
                                                         your old copy, no charge.

                                                         BARDEN, JAMES & JILL (correct spelling)

         CRAZY QUILTERS                                              DOMINOES
    MONDAY 1:00PM COPPER Room                              MONDAY 6:30PM & WEDNESDAY 1:00PM
   We continue to work on piecing crazy quilts for             CONFERENCE Room
charity. Our group may be small but we are productive!      Sandra Goff, SP#432, (480-982-6202)
Interested? We meet on Mondays at 1:00PM in the
COPPER Room. Bring your scissors, your teacup, and
plan on having an enjoyable afternoon!                                   DUMPSTERS
        Sheilah Downey, SP#904
        Ruth Freeborn, SP#1064

                                                         Please help with proper trash disposal by
                                                         placing garbage only in our dumpsters. Resident

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pick-up is MON & THUR. Dumpsters emptied              FORT MC DOWELL BINGO BUS!
                                                 FRONT OF THE MAIN HALL.
                                                  LOOK FOR THE SIGN-UP SHEET ON THE
                                                 BULLETING BOARD.
                                                  THIS TRIP OFTEN SELLS OUT, SO SIGN UP TODAY.
                                                    FRAN LINK, HOSTESS, SP#721 (474-2830)

                                                             GOLF, MONDAY
                                                                   MONDAY – 11:00AM
DUMPSTERS. LANDFILL IS AT THE CORNER                      Sign-up sheet on Patio Bulletin Board.
OF BASELINE & TOMHAWK.                                   For further information:
                                                    Larry Stephenson, SP#838 (204-489-7047)
               RICK, “THE PLUMBER” WILL
               PICK-UP APPLIANCES @ NO           GOLF, TUESDAY
               CHARGE 480-553-2785.              We have 8 reserved Tee Times
                                                 At THE LINKS of Queen Creek
                                                 Every TUESDAY until early April.
                EUCHRE                           If you are interested in playing there is a sign-up sheet
     MONDAY 6:30PM – GOLD Room                   on the board in the pool alcove. You can sign up
                                                 anytime, however, if you sign in the first foursome spot
 Players, come on out! On Monday nights @        you are the designated driver for that day and should
6:30PM we play EUCHRE in the GOLD Room.          pick up those playing in your foursome.
Last Monday there were 3 tables of players.         Green fees are paid at the course when you sign in.
WINNERS WERE                                     If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact
   WOMEN: 1st Mary Abell, 2nd Betty Wilcoxon     me.
                                                     Tuesday December 28 , the weather a little
   MEN:            1st Emil Schoop, 2nd Wayne
                                                 cool but little wind made for a very pleasant day.
Carlson.                                         Scores again were pretty good. Team winners:
 Bring a quarter and join us for an evening of   Larry Stephenson and Hugh Neideffer took 1

fun.                                             place with plus four, Bill Link and Dale Fosjord at
      Carol & Keith Hayden, SP#455               plus 1 took 2 and Homer Thomas and Joe
                                                 Burkhardt at minus 1 grabbed 3 place.
                    FAXES                           Individual scoring was pretty good – Don
All incoming and outgoing                        Yadlosky had 74, Larry Stephenson shot 77 and
Faxes for the residents of                       Pete Cordes rounded out the 70 shooters with 79.
Rock Shadows must go                             John Pestal shot his age 82, Bill Link, Al Frey
Through the Activity Office.                     and Homer Thomas also had 82‟s but I don‟t think
(480-982-9354) $1.00 per sheet.                  they were close to their ages.
(cover Sheet is free)                               Weather forecast for next week is a little iffy,
                                                 lets hope it turns out better than they are
               FOOD BANK                            Hope everyone has a great New Year.
                Please do continue to remember
to help the food bank through the holidays and          Don Yadlosky, Coordinator, SP#353
the winter month’s as the needs are never                     (671-9427)
   Nonperishable foods of all kinds and                    GOSPEL FELLOWSHIP
household paper goods may be left in the                       SUNDAY 8:30AM – REC. Hall
“FOOD BANK” box in the back of the hall at any          Everyone      is     invited    to the
time. Items or monetary donations may be left     nondenominational service each Sunday
with anyone of us on the committee.               morning in the main hall at 8:30AM.
      Doris Matson, SP#243 (486-671-5780)           This past Sunday Oz & Lil Hamilton greeted
     Hazel Persels, SP#750                        each one as they entered the service.
     Joy Reynolds, SP#821 (602-585-9252             George Branstad gave the call to worship
                                                  and the opening prayer. George also thanked
                                                                                             Page 4 of 13
 those who helped put on the Christmas Eve            Tuesday, January 4, we host Tower Point here
 service. He then announced that Bible study        in the park.
 starts Jan 6 at 7:00PM in the GOLD Room with             Lawrence Abell, SP#947
 Bill Link, leading.
    Bob Carnahan lit the Christ candle as Pat                 JAM SESSION
 Carnahan read from the book of Isaiah.               SATURDAY, 12:30 – 3:00PM – REC. Hall
   The congregation sang “Wonderful Words of        NO JAM ON JAN. 1ST, NEXT JAM ON JAN.
 Life”, “Joy to the World” & “O come, All Ye        8TH
 Faithful” with Bev Galloway leading the singing       Lunch for sale (chili, hot dogs, nacho‟s) Come out
 and Wally Friesen accompanying on his guitar.      and enjoy local music. We serve cookies, bars, coffee
   Praise & Prayer was given by Lois Jung.          and lemonade at the intermission. We would appreciate
                                                    donations of cookies and bars.
   Special music was provided by Wally               Thank you.
 Friesen. He played his guitar and sang “ I                      Ginny Mady, SP#852
 Know Who Holds Tomorrow”.
   Chris Baker gave the message for the day.
 Simplicity will bring your life joy and balance.
 Desire one thing – Purity of Heart. He stressed
 Matthew 7: 7 - 8.
   The service ended with the congregation
                                                             JAM SESSION, GOSPEL
 singing “Silent Night”.
                                                        SUNDAY – REC. HALL 7:00 – 9:00PM
   Coffee fellowship followed the service.
   See you next Sunday                               Jan. 2, 2011/Jan. 23, 2011/Feb. 6, 2011/Mar.
      Shirley Bowden, SP#354 - Reporter             13, 2011/Mar. 27, 2011.
                                                          Wally Friesen (480-982-5942)
                 HEALTHY EATING
                                                    MONDAY – FRIDAY, REC. Hall 8:30-9:00AM
                                                       Are you making New Year‟s resolutions? Lose
                                      FRIDAY        Weight, feel better, better mobility.
9:30 – 11:00AM Hamilton Room                          If this is your goal or if you just want to enjoy some
Friday, December 24, Healthy Eating members         time with a great group, Jazzercise will be a help.
took time from the holiday preparations to weigh       Thanks to all for the very nice Christmas gift. It is
                                                    most appreciated.
in for a loss of 8.6 lbs!
                                                         Vi Matlick (983-5176) & Sandy Walsh
   Weigh-ins will be available Friday, Dec. 31
beginning at 9:15. Take a few minutes to stop by
to reinforce your weight loss goals for the new                KNITTING
year.                                                 WEDNESDAY, COPPER Room1:00 – 4:00PM
 Jill Barden, 455-9938, Ruth Klassen 623-698-
                                                       Come and enjoy an afternoon of knitting and
9186, Janey Hair 671-9711, Carol Frieson 982-       camaraderie.      Everyone      is   invited,  beginners,
5942                                                intermediate and experienced. We have chosen some
                                                    excellent patters for all levels of experience. Come and
          HORSESHOE LEAGUE                          see and try.
                                                       Bring the work you are working on, if you are having
        Rock Shadows Horseshoe Club hosted          problems there should be someone here who can help
        Good Life Park on Tuesday, 28               you out. We have patterns to work on for charity if you
December. The results were very good for us.        are so inclined. This is a fun afternoon for anyone with
We won the Singles 17 to 5 and in the Doubles       a love for knitting or who wants to learn to knit.
we won 5 to 4.                                           Joy Abbs, SP#460 (480-289-9247)
  Highlights for Rock Shadows in the Singles
were Russ Kaplan 3 – 0, Ken Relitz 3 – 0, Karl                     LAUNDRY
Hansen 2 – 0, Keith Flockhart 2 – 1, Lawrence                  LAUNDRY FACILITIES ARE FOR
Abell 2 – 1, Ralph Stephens 2 – 1, Bud Ebbers 1              ROCK SHADOWS RESIDENT ONLY!
– 1 and Lloyd Wilcoxson 1 – 1. In the Doubles              The WEB machine located in the Office
Bud Ebbers and Lloyd Wilcoxson had 2 wins.                 Lobby hours: Mon – Fri 9:00AM-
                                                    4:00PM, Sat 9:00AM – 1:00PM
                                                                                                Page 5 of 13
                                                         Republic newspaper. When you contact me to get your
                                                         paper started each season.
              LINE DANCING                                 My Mother, Phillis Sherwood continues to benefit
 MONDAYS – REC. Hall                                     from your loyalty. Bert & Phillis started here in rock
3:00 – 4:00PM. Bring $1.00                               Shadows, 25 years ago! At 89 years old, mom
and your dancing feet.                                   continues to own the contract!
                                                           Please visit me at SP#307 or call me (early) to start
 Jan, SP#704 (480-982-1562)                              your delivery the next day, at the lowest prices
            MAH JONG                                          Greg Sherwood, SP#307 (288-9872)
    MONDAY 1:00PM – AGATE Room
         Gletha (982-7140)                                           NOTICES
                  MEDI-FILE                              WILL BE SERVICING ROCK SHADOWS
  Important information for responding emergency         ON A REGULAR BASIS, LOOK FOR START
personnel. ACO has the necessary forms/holders.          DATE ON BULLETIN BOARD OR IN
                                                                          CITRUS TREE’S
      Ruth Freeborn, SP#1064                             Just a wee note to inform newcomers and
                                                         visitors to the park about the citrus trees here in
               MONDAY COFFEE                             the Park. THEY DO NOT BELONG TO THE
          MONDAY JAN 3rd @ 9:30AM                        PARK. These trees and have been bought and
               REC. Hall                                 paid for by the people who live on the lots where
           SPONSOR: HORSESHOE                            the citrus trees grow. They have lovingly
           ENTERTAINMENT: Ken Noble                      planted, fertilized and cared for these trees for a
           Bring some $$ for drawings.                   number of years at considerable expense.
           SPEAKER: MASA (Medical Air                    Owners would appreciate it if you do not pick the
Services Association). Info includes benefits,           fruit. If you would like some, go to the door and
such as ground and helicopter ambulances.                ask. Some people give away all or most of the
Transport to special care and much more.                 fruit grown but others like to enjoy the fruits of
                                                         their labors for themselves and their families.
      MONDAY NIGHT CHOIR                                 Some put the fruit out in front of their units so
  MONDAY – GOLD Room – 4:00PM                            you can help yourself. I would hate to see
 The Monday Night Chorus choir practices in the          someone cut down another citrus tree because
GOLD Room at 4:00PM on Mondays. We will begin the        somebody helped themselves to fruit that was
season rehearsals on JANUARY 3, 2011.                    not theirs to pick. We hope you enjoy our park
   Music varies from year to year with a well rounded
selection of Choral Music. Standard Choir Works,         as much as we do and we welcome you all here
Show tunes, Popular tunes of different time frames are   to Rock Shadows.
all sung in three part harmony.                            A Citrus Lover
   It is not necessary to read music to enjoy being a
                                                                         FOR SALE
part of this group.
     Roy Bowden, SP#354 (288-0385)                               1 set of steps for sale, lot #838
                                                                 480-399-3863 – Larry $150.00
        MORNING AQUASIZE                                           Wanted a HIGH CHAIR
                                                         Does anyone in the park have a high chair that I
    MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:00 – 9:00AM
  Welcome to all interested people both new and          could rent or borrow? I need it for Jan 6 to 13,
former exerciser‟s as we join for a great hour of fun    for a 1 year old.
and exercise.                                            Thanks.
  For more information call:                             Penny Swanson, #346 or call 480-474-9065
     Grace Lunt, SP#905 (288-7337)                        _____________________________________
      NEWSPAPER SUBSCRIPTIONS                                Is there anyone in our park that plays the
   Rock Shadows neighbor‟s, thank you so much for        piano and could play for our Thursday Morning
allowing me to start your subscriptions to the Arizona   Chorus?

                                                                                                    Page 6 of 13
  Please contact Bobbie Johnson @ 480-983-              1997 Traveleze Park Model for sale. Very good
3983 or Roy Bowden @ 354-288-0385                     condition, furnished. 8 x 38 w/2 popouts. SP#561.
                                                      $3,600.00 or OBO
      HAIR, PERMS, PEDICURES                           Inquire @ SP#647 or call 480-288-2489
Need your hair done? Will come to your place.          CONSTITUTION BASIC CLASS
Cut, Shampoo Sets, Perms and pedicures.               NEED TO FIND THOSE WHO ARE
      Connie SP#1220 (303-523-7702)                   INTERESTED. Come and get acquainted with
             BICYCLE REPAIR                           our US Constitution. Sharon Krey will
Pat Wilcox, SP#1141 (941-345-6050)                    introduce the US Constitution in a unique way.
          HANDYMAN FOR HIRE                             More information will be posted. Contact
Marshall Matijevich, SP#229 (608-295-5213)            Sharon Krey, SP#1148 (253-376-4525).
Fully Insured, 45 years experience. Not a                             FOR SALE
Licensed Contractor.                                  Sofa bed – neutral tones, nice condition.
           PERSONAL PRINTING                                      SP#1034 (671-4523)
  I am available for all your personal printing                        FOR SALE
needs. Business/calling cards, labels, letters etc.   Octagon Kitchen Table, Medium Oak with glass
I do have a fax machine at my unit.                   top. Four brown chairs on rollers.
  See me at SP#346 or at the Bazaar. Merry                    SP#610 (480-983-0559)
Christmas!                                                             FOR SALE
      Penny Swanson (480-474-9065)                    New Toaster Oven, asking $20.00 (paid $39.95)
 Master Trainer/Fitness Instructor ERIC MEIIER        SP# 1220, Connie 303-523-7702
Will be in the EXERCISE Room the 2nd & 4th
                                                                      FOR SALE
Thursday @ 11:30AM
                                                      Movie Camera (medium size), only used couple
    Once again this year we are collecting
UNOPENED bottles of shampoo, lotions, etc.,
                                                      of times, selling for $85.00 (paid $189.95)
from Hotels and Motels to be given to the Crises      SP# 1220, Connie 303-523-7702
Abuse Center. If we are not home, please leave                   SWEDISH WEAVING
them on our patio table.                              INTERESTED? Last season several people
       Thank you and God Bless.                       asked me about teaching a class of Swedish
  Ralph & Mary Jane Hagen, SP#805                     Weaving. If anyone is still interested see me at:
ICE for sale (7# bag), located on Pool Patio.         SP#521 or call 602-459-9354. Ardis Relitz
$1.00 per bag, pay in Activity Office.                        FOR YOUR INFORMATION
Pedicures. I come to your house. Nail Polish and        I received an update on Mildred Jones Jackson
foot massage.                                         from her son, Art. She is holding her own. Good
  Call Carol (cell) 701-730-6024. Will do vitamin     and bad days, but generally happy with her home.
injections and dressing changes.                          There are 2 pictures on the picture board in
                                                      hall-way (located near the restrooms, off Rec.
                                                      Hall. Many of the old timers knew her as she was
          DOG GROOMING
                                                      very active in the park. She loves getting mail, so
Stop by or call after 3:00PM on weekdays, call        here is her address:
anytime on weekends.                                      Mildred Jones- Jackson
    Becky, SP#1044 (989-820-0293)                        % Hilltop Care Center
                                                          1812 Zenith Ave.
                                                          Spirit Lake, IA 51380

                                                             COMPUTER REPAIR
Hair on wheels                                            Gene Lingenfelter, SP#428
                                                       814-594-4337. 43 years experience
                                                              WOULD LIKE TO BUY
                                                             SHUFFLEBOARD STICK
                                                        Jack or Daphne, SP#452, 403-304-4966

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               LOST & FOUND                                           PET GROOMING
At last weeks Bowling Party someone left a
small pyrex dish that had salsa in it, if it is yours,
I have it. Barb, the secretary at SP#952 or call

          OPEN SEWING
   MONDAY 9:00AM – 12:OOPM
    FRIDAY 9:00AM – 12:00PM
         AGATE Room
WELCOME BACK! We are ready to start sewing. Open             WWW.APACHETAILSPETSALON.COM
sewing is for anyone with any project. Meeting dates     (Check WEB site for coupons, pricing, services)
and times are listed above.
  Any questions, please call:
       Ardis Relitz, SP#521 (602-459-9354)                               PET OWNERS
      Linda Flood, SP#838 (480-399-3917)
                                                                       PLEASE pick-up after your pets,
              PAYMENTS                                   please walk your pet in the designated area.
 The accepted forms of payment in our office
CHECKS. If paying your utility bill with cash,
bring the exact amount.

                 PARKING                                              PIN PUSHERS (Bowlers Corner)
                 PLEASE don’t park on vacant                        WEDNESDAY 12:30PM
                 Lots! You can be charged space                   MESA EAST BOWLING LANES
                 Rent. Plus, we need to park                     Happy    Belated     Christmas,   hope
                 Incoming RV.’s.                         everyone’s was good. A Happy Happy New
                                                         Year to everyone and all.
                                                            Low Average – good scores this week. Bob
                                                         Watson 159, Irene Ouse 142, Gary Willoughby
  WEDNESDAY 6:30PM – AGATE Room                          139, Jill Barden and Carl Halti each had 131,
    We are playing bridge on Wednesdays and Sundays
in the AGATE Room. Please give either of us a call and   Mary ann Farr had (2) 127, Susan Willoughby
leave your local phone number and space number.          126.
Please sign your name and space on the sign up sheet     GALS: Jan Harris 198, Linda Cordes 193, Sandy
on the Bulleting Board.                                  Walsh 183, Katie Yadlosky 180, Shirley Watson
    We play Wednesday at 6:30PM and Sunday at
6:30PM. All levels of players are welcome as we are a    179, Joan Jorgenson 178, Alfrieda Dornbush
fun group.                                               173, Darlene Johnson 172, Bev Klum 166 (sub)
   BRIDGE HAS BEEN CANCELLED UNTIL                       Shirley Bowden and Sally Cullimore each had
WED. JAN 5.                                              165, Mary Pludeman 162, Barb Jordan 159,
  Irv Swanson, SP#346 (480-474-9065)                     Ruth Klassen 156, Cookie Irwin 155.
 Flo Young, SP#846 (515-371-7329)                        SPLITS: Barb Jordan had quite a day, she
                                                         picked up the 6-10-7 in the 2nd game and in the
       PARTY BRIDGE (FRIDAY)                             3rd game, she again picked up the 6-7 GREAT.
     FRIDAY 1:00PM – AGATE ROOM                          Shirley Watson, Bev Klum, Tom Larsh, Jim
          Gletha (982-7140)                              Carroll, Nancy Ecker, Colleen Mackin each all
                                                         picked up 3-10’s, Larry Watson and George
                                                         Schuman each did a 2-7, Joe Burkhardt and
                                                         (sub) Ruth Fisher each did a 5-6, Richard
                                                         Roberts and Jill Barden each did a 5-10, Kit
                                                         Carstens 3-7, Cookie Irwin 6-8, Pat Carnahan 3-
                                                                                              Page 8 of 13
4-6-10, Katie Yadlosky 5-6-10, Roy Bowden 5-7-                            PLUMBING
8, George Dayne 2-7 & 3-10. Keep up the good
work on splits and writing them all down, they
count towards your score.
GUYS: Ken Krinke 232/563, Dennis Morgan
224/585, Jimmie Carroll 217/595, Paul Walsh
217/586, Kit Carstens 213/604, Larry Watson
213/555, Del Dvorak 215/604, Dan Sawers 215,
Pete Cordes 211/581, Jim Barden 206/546,
Merle Pludeman and Joe Burkhardt each had
192, Bill Harris 192/520, Al Frey 194/543, Roy
Bowden 177, Ron Wentz 176, Eldon Johnson
174, Tom Larsh 172.
     Barb Jordan, Sec. SP#952 (983-2016)

      Gletha (982-7140) & Ione (982-1324)

     WEDNESDAY & SUNDAY 6:15PM                                     PORCELAIN CHINA PAINTING
            GOLD Room                                           We hope everyone has a Blessed Christmas
     FRIDAY 6:15PM – COMPUTER Hall                         with Peace, Grace and Hope for the New Year.
  Double Deck is a great game, which requires some            Starting in the New Year we will again be
easy math and is a great way to „prolong‟ the arrival of   holding lessons for my faithful students who
Dementia. There are never enough arrivals after
6:15PM to fill the tables, so please arrive before         enjoy the ancient art of china painting. It is called
6:15PM.                                                    that because it originated in the country of China
  For further information see John Smrek at SP#352 or      over 2000 years ago.
call 671-7366. We have a handout you could pick up in         If anyone is new but interested in learning I
advance. We switch partners 5 times during the
evening. Great socialization.
                                                           have all supplies for the first session including
        John Smrek, SP#352 (671-7366)                      paints, oil, brushes and pieces to paint.
                                                               Bring a notebook, pen or pencil, scissors and
                                                           scotch tape and I will teach you step by step.
               PLASTIC CANVAS
                                                           This art is open to men as well as women, and
 TUESDAY 9:00 – 11:30AM AGATE Room                         there have been some.
   Class is on Tuesday, Jan. 4th from 9:00 –                   Though plates are something flat to begin
11:30AM in the AGATE Room. We’re going to                  with, there are many other pieces that can be
start an old fashioned stove tissue box. Bring             painted for collector’s items such as baby gifts,
yarn needle, black yarn, 1 sheet of 7 count                bells, cups & saucers, and numerous other
colored plastic canvas, and 2 sheets of 7 count            items on which to paint.
clear plastic.                                                 Classes begin at my studio at #613 on
      Any questions, call or stop by.                      Monday or Wednesday from 9:00 to 11:00AM.
         Barb Jordan, SP#952 (983-2016)                       My phone number is 480-474-9176.
                                                              I will be happy to answer questions.
                                                              Instructor Helen Blunk, SP#613

                                                                      POST OFFICE
                                                                 9:30-10:30AM MON-SAT.
                                                                   MAILING ADDRESS
                                                                600 S. IDAHO RD., # LOT
                                                             APACHE JUNCTION, AZ. 85119-5249

                                                                                                    Page 9 of 13
 Post Office has a card addressed to                                   RENT/SALE
“GRANDPA” from Jennifer M. Cralfield 6233                          If you rent or sell your home, the
W. 60th Ave. #303 Arvana, CO 80003.                    prospective buyer needs to be pre-approved by
        CARD TO: “Granny&Grandpa Ray                   the Office (before they can take occupancy) NO
 From: Melissa & Garrin Fuerst, Beausjour MB           EXCEPTIONS.
        CHRIS & BOB SHIVELY                                          RESTAURANT
From: 2903 12th St. W. Palmetto, FL 34221
    Can be picked up at the window.

The Post Office staff thanks Ken Krinke, Merlin
Dornbush, Merle Pludeman and Paul Walsh for
delivering all of the packages on Christmas Eve day.

             PUTTING GREEN
        The next Saturday morning putting will
be Saturday, JANUARY 8, 2011. Your hosts for
January 8th have not yet been determined but
come to the green for sign in at 9:45AM for a
10:00 start.                                           ROCKCOMP.ORG. (Computer Club)
  Bring a putter, marker and ball and expect a         WEDNESDAY 9:30 – 11:00AM - REC Hall
fun time.                                      
    Richard and Norma Lundeen, SP#1105 480-
983-4412                                                       There was no meeting this week, but I
                                                       thought I would still write a little something.
    QUEEN BEES HAMBURGER FEED                                  I hope you all had a wonderful
   The annual Queen Bees Hamburger feed is             Christmas. I did. I spent it with my family as
Thursday, Jan. 20th from 4:30 – 6:00PM in the          most of them live out here so there was about
REC. Hall. Tickets are pre-sale only. Ticket price     twenty of us Christmas Eve at my sisters and
is $6.00. Tickets available at:                        the same amount Christmas Day at my nieces.
 Shirley Bowden, SP#354                                We all ate too much but loved it. The weather
Arlene Kaplan, SP#537                                  was just perfect. Not as nice back home in
Kathy Wilson, SP#964                                   Wisconsin.
Marcia Glason, SP#823                                          Speaking of Wisconsin, I will be cheering
Activity Office                                        the Badgers on New Years Day watching the
  Shirley Bowden, SP354 (288-0385)                     Rose Bowl. I sure hope they win.
                                                               Our weather forecast does not sound too
                                                       good. I will look forward to warmer weather next
             RECYCLE SERVICE                           year.
                                                               We will be having our monthly business
         TUESDAY & FRIDAY 7:00AM
                                                       meeting on Wednesday, January 5th at 9:30 am.
                                                       I hope everyone will be able to attend.
    PLASTIC: Binders, Bottles, Cups, Flatware,
                                                               At this time I want to thank everyone who
Garbage Bags (empty), Milk Containers,
                                                       volunteers their time to our computer club. You
Packaging Material.
                                                       all know who you are.
   PAPER: Cardboard, Newspapers, Magazines,
                                                               I sincerely wish everyone a Very Happy
Catalogs, Phone Books, Junk Mail, Bingo Cards,
                                                       and Healthy New Year.
Paper Bags, Pizza & Schwans, Cereal Boxes.
                                                               See you all next year.
   Place items (separated) at the end of your
                                                       Pat Mueller, SP#1024 (480.671.9501)

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               PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE                                   RV REPAIR
               ARTICLE’S HAVE IT
               SUBMITTED BY NOON
              ON WEDNESDAY’S


                 ROCK SHOP
   Thanks to all who supported us for the
Monday 50/50. We hope the winners of the rock                     SHUFFLEBOARD
prizes were pleased with them. Thanks also to
the people who work in the rock shop (& friends)             Bob Kucharczyk, SP#759
for the prize donations of their work.
  The Rock Shop is open and we are cutting                           SHUTTLE
rock. The shop is open 9:00 to Noon on Mon,
Tues, Thurs & Fri. The cost is $1.00 per hour
and the cost of cutting is 25 per lineal inch.
   Hands on training and advice is now
available. We will be glad to see all the old faces
and welcome new ones as well. Remember this
is a unisex hobby so both guys & gals are
welcome. Bob will have the coffee pot going.
  We will be CLOSED for the holidays. OPEN
on JANUARY 3, 2011. If you need to do                                 (480-982-9767)
anything during this period of time please                             SINGLES
contact one of the monitors.                            WEDNESDAY 9:30 – 11:30AM GOLD Room
  Merry Christmas to all from the Rock Shop!             FRIDAY 6:00 – 10:00PM GOLD Room
           Bob Carrig, SP#760 (402-270-3353)              Singles met at the GOLD Room at 9:30AM.
           Herb Price, SP#637 (515-490-7433)          Several cards of correspondence were read
           Irv Swanson, SP#346 (480-474-9065)         from former members. The Treasurer report was
                                                      given by Vi Matlick.
         ROUND DANCING                                  Remember to bring food next Wed. for the
   TUESDAY, REC. HALL 1:00 – 4:00PM                   Food Bank.
                                                         New Year’s Eve party on the 31st, will be
            RV POWER WASH                             snacks, brought by all. Party starts at 6:30PM.
                                                         Bus will be going to Globe on Jan. 4, 2011.
                                                      Bus will be leaving at 9:00AM.
                                                         Sally Van Zandt gave a list of some of the
                                                      things going on at Apache High School.
                                                         Lunch today will be at Arby’s at 11:00AM.
                                                      WE INVITE ALL SINGLES TO JOIN US.
                                                          Betty J. Wilcoxon, Sec. (480-288-2191)

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                STAIN GLASS                                   God Bless you all. Merry Christmas
                                                              Fran Link, director, SP#721 (474-8230)
 We will not start until after JAN. 1, 2011. Any
questions call or stop by.
                                                               THURSDAY PM QUILTING & SEWING
  Gordon & Sandra Goff, SP#432 (982-6202)
                                                               THURSDAY 1:00 – 4:30PM – COPPER
                                                                   We are working on a variety of projects.
              THANK YOU „S
                                                               Come join us.
                                                                  Jeanette Kucharczyk, SP#759
                                                                (480-982-5698) Or (906-235-1695)

                                                                                 UPCOMING EVENTS

    Many thanks to Bob & Joette Thomas for the time
they spent bringing Christmas music to all of us in the
Park. I think your “Mule” brought joy to many of us and      JAN. 6TH THURSDAY – CHRISTMAS EVE
to our Christmas visitors. You did us all a great
service. Thank you.                                                REC. HALL @ 5:00PM
  The #346 coffee crew.                                         BYOB, covered dish and table service
                                                                  Coffee and tea will be provided.
                                                                Last year we had a grand time, sharing stories,
     We would like to “THANK” everybody for the              songs, ethnic foods.
cookies, gifts, (and hugs & kisses )and all the “Thank-        We planned the “GET TOGETHER” when we heard of
you’s” we received while doing the Christmas music,          those who celebrated JAN 7 CHRISTMAS. Ukranian,
we love to do.                                               Amer. Carpatho-Russian, Greek, Byzantine, etc. After,
   We really appreciated all the “hand shakes” and           others expressed interest in joining us.
sightseer’s too!                                               Questions: Call Mary Smrek (480-671-7366) or cell#
   Hope everyone had a good Christmas and have a             (480-620-7065).
“Happy New Year”.                                               JAN. 7TH FRIDAY – HALE THEATRE
          Bob & Joette Thomas, SP#835
                                                               COMEDY BY JEREMY TROY (about 2
   We would like to thank all of our many friends in the
park for the beautiful cards, food, visits, calls and most
                                                             lawyers) $20.00 pay in Activity Office.
of all your prayers. The good Lord is certainly listening    JAN. 8th SATURDAY –
and Bill continues to improve.                               ISLAND/DANCE
  We wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.             7 – 10PM - $5.00
   Bill & Sheilah Downey, SP#904
                                                             with KEVEN MOEN
      THURSDAY MORNING CHORUS                                ______________________________________
    THURSDAY 9:00AM – GOLD Room
   Hello to all my faithful singers at Rock Shadows. It
is so good to be back here in the valley. It is time to
                                                             JAN.  29TH   SATURDAY         –    GASLIGHT
begin practice for the spring concert, however, we           THEATRE $40.00 (pay in Activity Office)
have a slight problem. The doctors have told me to
take it easy this winter. I no longer can sing and have
less energy. I am working on getting my strength back,
but that will take some time. NOW…I need your help!! I                      VEHICLE‟S
desperately need someone to direct our group this                           PLEASE OBSERVE SPEED
season. Roy did a wonderful job putting together the
Christmas Concert and I am most grateful. Roy already                       LIMIT. REMEMBER TO
has the responsibility of directing the Monday Mixed                        STOP WHERE POSTED.
Chorus as well as directing the chimes. I don‟t think it
would be fair for us to expect him to take on this
additional responsibility. We also need a piano player.
  So what say you? Will anyone step forward to help
me? Let‟s meet on Thursday January 6 at 9:00AM in
the GOLD Room for a meet & greet session. I have faith
in you that someone will step forward and help keep          Cut out being rude!
this group going.
   With your prayers and mine, God may return my
voice and energy level so that I can take over next
                                                                                                       Page 12 of 13
 MONDAY – FRIDAY 7:30 – 8:00AM REC.Hall
  Come join my LOW IMPACT exercise program. The
exercise programs are 30 minutes will be done with a
DVD by Leslie Sansone. FOR INFORMATION:
  Sharon Wilcox, SP#1141 (941-345-6049)

    MONDAY-FRIDAY 10:00 – 11:00AM
       Sandy Walsh, SP#1062

         TUESDAY 10:00AM – 12:00PM REC.
             Hall (Kitchen)
JANUARY 4, 2011.
Sharon Zellmer, Sec. SP#834 (608-269-2338)

   MONDAY 1:00 – 4:00PM REC. Hall
      John Young, SP#322

MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:00AM – 12:00PM
    Art Hitchings, SP#412 (480-982-0785)

            X‟LENT JOURNEY II
 It is hard to imagine
(thank goodness for pictures)
the awesome beauty of this area
of the United States in the Fall.
I have never seen so many
Hardwoods, ever.
  Searching for place to park for a bit of time,
I was researching amenities offered. I am
definitely in the Northeast. Firewood, Laundry,
Mushing, Snowmobile, Snowshoe Trails available.
   No offense intended, but SNOW is another 4
letter word to me.
   Going to visit Elogene and Steve Weliever in St.
Johnsbury, VT. Talk about lovely people. Enjoyed
myself a lot. Very gracious host’s. Beautiful
country, I liked Delaware, New Hampshire, and
Vermont a bunch, could return there!
  Intention is..head to upstate New York.

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