Grade 9 Regular—choose one book from either list by Jordanpeterson


									                    Fairhope High School Independent Reading for All Students—2009-2010
Readers need to practice reading. This belief underscores the independent reading program at Fairhope High School. Improved
reading skills will increase students’ scores on the Alabama High School Graduation Exam, ACT, and SAT. The program also
encourages students to read for pleasure and enrichment, exploring worlds and perspectives beyond their everyday lives. Students are
encouraged to explore the titles on the list and pick books from their grade level that are the best fit for them.

Independent reading may be completed during the summer (for students who have English first term) or during the first term (for
students who have English second term). It will be evaluated in English classes at the beginning of each semester. Students taking
more than one English class should complete the independent reading for all of their English classes. The list is available on the
school website, in the school office, and throughout the libraries and bookstores in our community. Except for Advanced Placement
students, students who have English in the spring term of a school year may do their reading during the summer and will be given an
opportunity to take the reading evaluation in the fall if they wish. Please note that the books designated ‘YA’ are classified by
publishers as young adult literature. Books with an asterisk are part of the county-approved supplemental reading list. IB students
should see their teachers or for summer reading lists.

Grade 9 Regular—choose one book from either list                       Grade 11 Regular—choose one
Prom, Anderson (YA)                                                    A Break with Charity, Rinaldi (YA)
A Parting Gift, Erikson (YA)                                           Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Ralston
*Nothing but the Truth, Avi (YA)                                       *Death Be Not Proud, Gunter
An Acquaintance with Darkness, Rinaldi (YA)                            *Tuesdays with Morrie, Albom
*Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, Crutcher (YA)                           *Into Thin Air, Krakauer
*Alabama Moon, Key                                                     The Help, Stockett
                                                                       *Fallen Angels, Myers (YA)
Grade 9 Advanced—choose one book from each 9th grade
list (two total)                                                       Grade 11 Advanced—choose two
*Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Brown                                  *A Prayer for Owen Meany, Irving
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Angelou                               *Into Thin Air, Krakauer
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Smith                                        Water for Elephants, Gruen
*The Once and Future King, White                                       *The Things They Carried, O’Brien
                                                                       *Boy’s Life, McCammon
                                                                       *Catcher in the Rye, Salinger
Grade 10 Regular—choose one                                            *Poisonwood Bible, Kingsolver (omit if taking Novel class)
*The Good Earth, Buck                                                  *The Chosen, Potok
*The Count of Monte Cristo, Dumas                                      The Help, Stockett
*V for Victor, Childress
*Ellen Foster, Gibbons (YA)                                            Grade 11 AP, see list included with syllabus
*The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Twain
*The Mouse Trap, Christie                                              Grade 12 Regular (1 book)—choose one book (fiction or
A Lesson Before Dying, Gaines                                          nonfiction) from the lists below
*The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Douglass
                                                                       Grade 12 Advanced (2 books)—choose one nonfiction and
Grade 10 Advanced—choose two                                           one fiction from the lists below
*A Separate Peace, Knowles (YA)
The Red Badge of Courage, Crane                                        Grade 12 AP (3 books)—choose one from 12th grade
Les Miserables, Hugo                                                   nonfiction list and one from 12th grade fiction list;
*Wuthering Heights, Brontë                                             also read either Cry, the Beloved Country, Paton, or A
* The Count of Monte Cristo, Dumas                                     Passage to India, Forster
*The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Twain
*Ironman, Crutcher (YA)                                                Grade 12 nonfiction choices:
The Same Kind of Different as Me, Hall and Moore                       The Long Walk, Rawicz
*My Losing Season, Conroy                                              Three Cups of Tea, Mortenson and Relin
Falling Leaves Yen Mah                                                 Mockingbird: a Portrait of Harper Lee, Shields
Junction Boys Dent                                                     Into the Wild, Krakauer
A Painted House John Grisham                                           Grade 12 fiction choices:
                                                                       Maisie Dobbs, Winspear
                                                                       *Rebecca, du Maurier
                                                                       The Power of One, Courtenay (omit if taking Novel class)
                                                                       *The Picture of Dorian Gray, Wilde
                                                                       Catch 22, Heller
                                                                       *A Room with a View, Forster
                                                                       *1984, Orwell

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