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Investor Funding Alternatives_ LLC


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									Investor Funding Alternatives, LLC

      “Transactional Funding”

     Wholesale R.E. Investors
         The Real Estate Market
- 861,000 Lost homes to Foreclosure in 2008.
- Record 800k filed 1st Qtr. 2009 . More to Come? – Yes.
- 8/09 Record – Roughly 10% of ALL mortgages behind on payments (Unchanged)
- Option ARM Loan Adjustments: Now $4-5B/mo. ($11B/mo. By Fall 2011)
        $29B recast in 2009, $67B in 2010, Ave. Payment Increase 63%
 - Approximately 27% of all homes are “under water” (Value versus Debt).

- Unemployment: 26 yr. high 10.0% - Now Upper 9%. Recovery? – Not without jobs!
- US Credit Card defaults near a Record 10%.

- 1/2010 – Amazing 1.8mm Homes is some stage of Foreclosure.
- Foreclosures Lost 2009 – 1 million, 2010 - 1.050,000, 2011 Est. 1.2 million

BAD NEWS above means OPPORTUNITY for you!
Bank REO’s: Banks taking discounts
Short Sales: More Wholesalers are actively pursuing
My Estimated Market Timeline:
 – Foreclosures near/above current level:             12-24 months (2nd Wave?)
 – Values begin stabilizing (very regional):          18-36 months
      What Do We Have?
The Perfect Storm

    Leading to Real Estate Opportunities!!
 Upcoming Waves of Foreclosures

Potentially LARGER Foreclosure waves Mid 2010 and Mid-Late 2011
The Next Big Wave
                   Your Opportunity
   Not since the RTC in late 1980’s and early 1990’s have
   investors had such an opportunity (Most of us could not
   participate – mostly commercial properties and large
   cash needed)
   Great opportunity NOW to “Flip” for CASH:
    – Short Sales, REO, Pre-foreclosure, Foreclosure

What to Do?
- Get Educated!!

- Get a Coach/Mentor!
- TAKE ACTION: Find Buyers, Find Motivated Sellers, MAKE OFFERS
   The Wholesale Business
Real Estate “Wholesalers” contract to
purchase discounted property for resale

Wholesalers Resale the Property:
Timeframe:      Funding Options:
– 1+ days     =   Private Lender/Hard Money
– Same Day    = “Transactional Funding”
   The Wholesale Transaction

   PURCHASE                   SALE

  A          B            B           C
 Seller   Wholesaler   Wholesaler    Buyer

If purchased AND Sold Same Day =
“Transactional Funding”
               The Old Way
        Simultaneous “Dry” Closing

     PURCHASE                         SALE

    A           B                 B            C
  Seller    Wholesaler       Wholesaler      Buyer

Buyer “C” $$$ used to close the
Purchase from A to B
                                       (We can no longer
(No $$ from “B” Wholesaler)            “Float” Funds from “C”)
            The New Way
“Back-to-Back”/Separate “Wet” Closings

    PURCHASE                    SALE

   A          B            B               C
  Seller   Wholesaler   Wholesaler       Buyer

“Transactional Funding”        Buyers Funds / Loan
      The Current Reality
Changes: by Banks, Title, and State Law
No more “Dry Closings” without Wholesaler $$$ to complete
the Purchase and Banks require Proof Of Funds submitted with

Now Requires “Wet Closings”:
             Many REO’s
             Other Wholesale deals – Avoids Assignment Fee Issues

We provide a legal way for you as a Wholesaler to
complete a same day Purchase and Sale.
  The Solution to the New Way

Investor Funding Alternatives, LLC


What is “Transactional Funding”?
A 100% “liquidity” Purchase “Funding”.
    It is not a traditional Loan – it is “Funding”.

NO QUALIFYING – No Credit or Income Qualification

Conditioned on the same-day “B” to “C” Sale “Transaction”

Also know as “Flash Cash”, Dough for a Day, or Flip Funding.

Much less expensive than “Hard Money”.
The Legal Way to accomplish Wholesale “Flips”.

Another “Tool” in your belt.
NO Down Payment - 100% LTV (including Closing Costs)
NO Credit Check
Poor Credit/BK/Foreclosure - OK
NO Financials
You Provide Only:
Purchase and Sale Contracts and Title
Your Business Entity evidence (Must be an Entity)
   (LLC, Trust, Corp, Partnership, LP)
End-Buyer’s Funding – Mtg. Approval or Cash
Investor Funding Alternatives
SERVICE First – To Build Relationships!
Fast Commitments & Funding
Our Title or yours (no Fee increase for yours)
 (Purchase and Sale to be at same Title Co.)

Lowest Funding Fee
Low Administration Fee
Lower Minimum Fees on smaller loans
Much Lower Funding Fees above $1M
On-Line Proof of Funds Letters
On-Line Funding Request
      Transactional Fee Schedule
$ 20,000 – $90,000     $1,800 Flat Fee

$90,001 – $1,000,000   1.75 pts.         Only $495 Application Fees
$1M - $50 Million      2.75 pts.         (Only Loan sizes > $90k)
$50M - $100 Million    3.00 pts          Proof of Funds Letter – $0.00

        = MORE                           (Auto Generated at Website)

                                   TO YOU!!!!
      Exceptional Service for
      Transactional Funding

Investor Funding Alternatives, LLC

            Ted Akers

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