Pillow Case with French Seams

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					                         PILLOW CASE WITH FRENCH SEAMS
                              Created by Linda Troutman

Step 1: →
      Purchase 27” of fabric for the body of
      the case, 14” for the cuff and 3” for the

                                                  Step 2: ←
                                                  Press and straighten the edge of each fabric
                                                  before cutting to correct size. Press the trim
                                                  and cuff in half length-wise by the width of the
Step 3: →
      Lay the folded trim along the edge of
      the opened main case fabric, matching
      the raw edges of both pieces and the
      right sides together. Be sure direction
      of the main fabric is correct. Next place
      the folded cuff on top of the trim with
      the raw edges even and the right sides
      together. Pin the fabrics together along
      the raw edges, except for the second
      side of the cuff, which should be laid

                                                  Step 4: ←
                                                        Roll up the main fabric and wrap the
                                                        cuff fabric to the backside of the pinned
                                                        fabrics. The right side of the cuff will
                                                        now be against the wrong side of the
                                                        main fabric. Re-pin all the fabrics
                                                        together at the raw edges.
Step 5: →
      Stitch along the pinned edges with a ¼”

                                                  Step 6: ←
                                                        Turn the cuff tube inside out by pulling
                                                        on the main case.
Step 7: →
      Press the cuff on both sides to ensure no
      seam puckers.

                                                  Step 8: ←
                                                        Straighten both side edges of the pillow
                                                        case by cutting off excess fabric and any
                                                        selvage seams.
Step 9: →
      Pin the raw edges of the case together
      matching the wrong sides of the case
      fabric, the bottom edge of the cuff and
      the border trim. Pin both the side and
      the top edge of the pillow case.

                                                  Step 10: ←
                                                        Sew the pinned edges together using a
                                                        ¼” seam.
Step 11: →
      Trim the corners to eliminate bulk when
      case is turned inside out.

                                                Step 12: ←
                                                      Turn the case inside out and press the
                                                      seams evenly and to eliminate puckers.

Step 13: →
      With the fabric of the case right sides
      together, stitch the side and top seams
      making a ⅜” seam. This forms the
      French Seams which leaves no exposed
      seams inside the case.

                                                Step 14: ←
                                                      Turn the case right side out and press
                                                      the entire pillow case.

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