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					                                                                                   PLEASE CALL the school and
INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF BEAUTY, Inc Palm Desert                                    press extension 21 to schedule an
72-261 Hwy. 111, Ste. 121-B * Palm Desert, CA 92260 * 760-674-1624                 appointment to register for the next
                                                                                   class start or to take a tour of the
ESTHETICIAN PROGRAM – 600 HOURS                                                      New classes start every six weeks.

STANDARD TUITION $11.23 per clock hour x 600 required hours                                                $6754.00
REGISTRATION FEE (non refundable after 3rd day of start of first class                                        75.00
  *Includes all supplies and instruments needed to complete all State Board Requirements
  *Includes text book, workbooks, exam review book and two-disc DVD                                           685.00

                                                                                       Total $7,500.00
 *CASH DISCOUNT: Deduct additional $685 if tuition is paid in full at the time of enrollment
                                                                 Tuition cost would then be $6,815.00
ADDITIONAL Course Costs:
**You may expect the following additional expense of $124.00 to be paid directly to State Board of
Barbering & Cosmetology for Application fees as follows:
Pre-App (at 450 hours) $9.00 + Application/Exam Fee $40.00 + Initial License Fee $75.00= $124.00
TUITION PAYMENT OPTIONS: (at time of enrollment)
   Tuition paid in full for any full or part time program: deduct Cash Discount of $685.00
   Sallie Mae Career Training Loan                  available from SLM Financial: A Sallie Mae Company, for qualified
      applicants. Application for approval can be made online at or you can call them at 1-888-
      272-5543. When applying online you will need the school code (606238) and other information. Please request an
      instruction sheet to guide you. The instructional guide and other qualification criteria are available from the school
   Federal Student Aid available for Qualified Applicants. Student must complete a FAFSA by going
      online to and obtain a PIN # and complete the Free Application for Student
   School Payment Plan: Down payment $2,500. Pay the balance (interest free) in equal payments over
      the number of months needed to complete the 1600 hours.
            $7,500.00 less $2500 = $5000.00 balance divided by 3 payments equals $1,666.66 per month
            $7,500.00 less $2500 = $5000.00.00 balance divided by 5 payments equals $1000.00 per month

                 PROGRAMS: Please Note: Saturdays are MANDATORY on all programs
    1. Standard Full-time Program: Tuesday through Saturday 8/hrs a day
                                   8:30am to 5:00 pm for 40 weeks (Approx. 10 Months)
    2. Standard Part time Program: Tuesday through Saturday – 6 /hrs a day 5 days
                                   8:30am – 2:30pm for 53 weeks – (Approx. 12 months)
TRANSFER STUDENTS: $11.50 per Clock Hour of remaining hours plus the registration fee of $75. Please Note: We do
not normally accept transfer students who have completed ス or more of the course hours from another school. However,
upon evaluation exception may be made on a case-by-case basis. Any products or equipment needed to bring your kit up to
our standard can be purchased at student discount cost. Pivot Point text book and workbook are required.

ADMISSION POLICY:Students must take a brief, Skills Assessment Test given by the School. Student must have
graduated from High School or have a General Education Diploma (GED). If the student is 16 years old or beyond the
compulsory age for school (18 years old) and/or does not have a High School Diploma or GED the student must take and
pass an approved Assessment Test administered by an approved test site prior to enrollment and must supply
documentation providing that he/she has completed education through the 10th grade. On the day of your appointment to
register for school please bring the following documents: your diploma or GED, or proof of having passed an approved
Assessment test and proof of 10th grade education, Driver’s License or other Government-issued picture ID, your Social
Security Card and tuition deposit or payment in full. If applying for student loans, grants or other private funding, student
must present proof of eligibility and have approved funding prior to registration. Prices and policies current as of 01/01/09

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