6th Grade End of Year Exam Overview by xiaohuicaicai


									                                            6th Grade End of Year exam                               2009

The end of year exam for the 6th grade has been structured as follows:

1. It will take place during the exam period for the senior school which runs from Mon 15th June to the 18th

2. The time allotted is one and a half hours in total. Students will be expected to bring their own materials:
   Pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, calculator. There will be no borrowing of equipment from teachers or other
   students. Do not be late.

3. A minimum of 4 full lessons and two homework slots will be mandated for all the 6th grade groups in
   preparation for the exam. Review activities will be provided, but students are expected to be proactive
   in devising their own review schedule rather than simply expecting to be shown what to do.

4. The exam will test 3 of the 6 MYP criteria:

    C – Knowledge and understanding of science
    D – Scientific Enquiry
    E – Processing data

    Each of the criteria will be given a mark out of 6. The end of year exam will not carry any more ‘weight’
    as part of the term 3 grade as would a normal unit test.

    Criteria C will be assessed on the three latest science units
             Interactive Life (biology)
             Forces (physics)
             Chemical Concepts (chemistry)
    Each of the units will have the same number of questions at the same level. The students already have
    topic overviews for each of these three topics, showing the learning objectives. A slightly more ‘focused’
    version of what needs to be revised will be issued very shortly.

    The other two criteria will assess skills learnt through the year and will be based on one or two of our
    past labs. This does NOT mean that trying to learn each and every lab we have done throughout the year
    will be of benefit in the exam. This section will rely on SKILLS such as graphing, identification and control
    of variables, data processing and other analytical aspects of science investigation.

5. Students who have recently joined the school should liaise with their teachers. Students who do not sit
   the test during the allotted time will be expected to sit it on the catch up day Thursday 18th. Medical
   notes should be submitted to account for medical absences. Late completion of the test is at the final
   discretion of the head of department, under advisement by the class teacher.

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