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									                   COFTON PARISH HALL -TREASURER’S REPORT

                        COMMITTEE MEETING 9th September 2008

1.       Finance report at 3rd September 2008

Bank Balances

Lloyds TSB      £ 1249.16
Standard Life £ 6000.00
Total          £ 7249.16
(The balance at the start of our financial year was £4195.16)

Outstanding invoices.


2.       Signatories to the Bank Account

Jan Wright is now a signatory to the bank account in addition to Sally Stoneman and Mike Chamberlain.
Gloria Doherty, who has retired as Secretary, is no longer a signatory.

3.       Window Cleaning

Shane Manning is now cleaning windows on a regular basis. The front windows are cleaned monthly for
£8.50. The rear windows, the top light and front windows are cleaned every three months at a total cost of

4.       Insurance

I have paid the renewal premium of £166.13 to the Treasurer of St Mary’s Cofton for Buildings £135,085
and Contents £7,159. I am reminded that we agreed that an inventory should be drawn up before the next
accounts are due at the end of December.

5.       Meeting Dates

At this time last year we agreed meeting dates for 2008. I propose the following Committee Meeting
dates for 2009: Tuesday 10th February, Tuesday 5th May, Tuesday 8th September and Tuesday 3rd
November all at 6pm. Annual Meeting to be held on Tuesday 10th February at 7pm following the
Committee Meeting which needs to approve the accounts beforehand.

Mike Chamberlain
Hon Treasurer
3rd September, 2008

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