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									                                                                                  Introducing a
                           Real Estate
                  Mortgage Partnership
                     The Genesis Capital Mortgage Fund Makes Low-Risk First Trust
                  Deed Loans on Entry-Level, Single Family Residences in California
                             THE GENESIS STRATEGY                                 THE GENESIS ADVANTAGE
                             Genesis Capital Mortgage Fund (Gen Cap)              Genesis Capital Partners serves as the fund’s
Mortgage Pool                serves as a hard-money lender providing              manager/administrator. We underwrite and
Statistics                   financing for highly-qualified and                   service all of our loans. To improve investor
                             experienced investors in the growing REO             yield, the interest rates paid and all points
I   The minimum
    investment is            market. We provide first trust deed loans to         on origination discount points are placed
    $100,000                 “A” quality borrowers seeking one of two             into the partnership pool.This has resulted
                             strategies, 1) fix and flip, or 2) fix and           in a yield to investors of approximately
I   Rate of return is
                             hold. The Fund benefits from the security            11-12% since inception. The industry
                             of first position loans on real property             standard is usually substantially lower. Most
I   All up-front points
                             with priority returns for its investors              importantly, the Fund provides investors
    are added into the
                             and with an above-average yield.                     with full financial disclosure and complete
    pool to increase yield
                                                                                  transparency including an annual certified
                                                                                  audit of the Fund’s books and records.
                             THE GENESIS DIFFERENCE
Who Can Invest               We lend on entry-level, single family
I   Individuals              residences that are being purchased from
I   Corporations             banks as REOs or as trustee sales. Our
I   Trusts                   clients are able to increase market
I   Self-directed IRA’s      penetration and profitability by increasing
                             their purchasing capacity up to 200-300%
I   Other qualified plans
                             by borrowing as much as 80% of the
                             purchase price through Gen Cap.                    Partnering For Investment, Security and Performance.™

      516 Pennsfield Place #207   I   Thousand Oaks, California 91360   I   800-967-1147   I
                                                                     Why Put Your
                                                                     Trust in Genesis
Allan Drazen                                                         Capital Mortgage?
Allan Drazen has more than 33 years of                               With Genesis Capital Mortgage, you can start earning a
                                                                     double-digit rate of return in a secure, very low-risk
experience in real estate lending. He is a
                                                                     income fund. Our investors are currently earning an
licensed California real estate broker specializing                  11–12% rate of return.
in mortgage financing. Beginning in 1980, Allan
                                                                     1. PRESERVATION OF CAPITAL
started a full service financial services company                    All of our loans are first trust deeds on California
                                                                     non-owner occupied single-family residences, which
that provided comprehensive advisory and
                                                                     insures that our investors are in a very secure position.
execution services for its clientele in the areas of
                                                                     2. PROFESSIONAL REHABBERS
securities, insurance and real estate. Over time,
                                                                     We only make loans to “A” quality borrowers.
the entity gravitated to a focus exclusively on                      They are highly experienced, professional rehabbers
real estate lending. Allan has successfully                          and contractors that purchase properties at a deep
                                                                     discount, usually 50% or less of the appraised value.
completed thousands of transactions of virtually
every shape and size.                                                3. PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP
                                                                     As a part of our due diligence it is essential that we
Education                                                            have a personal one-on-one relationship with every
                                                                     borrower. It is a requirement all borrowers must
I   BBA, Adelphi University
                                                                     have excellent credit, money in the bank, and a
I   MBA, City University of New York                                 successful track record.

I   Member of ProVisor’s since 1995
I   National Association of Mortgage Brokers
I   California Association of Mortgage Brokers
I   Greater Los Angeles Board of Realtors
I   Conejo Valley Board of Realtors
                                                                                   Partnering For Investment, Security and Performance.™

          516 Pennsfield Place #207    I   Thousand Oaks, California 91360   I   800-967-1147   I

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