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					                                   WRITER HERO:
                                    ANNE FRANK
                                      by Jessica

 1 Anne Frank wrote on the first page of her diary:

    "I hope I will be able to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to
    confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and
5   Anne Frank has been called the "human face of the Holocaust." She kept a
    diary for 25 months, when she was in hiding from the Nazis. Her diary is a
    record of her spirit and hope in the face of cruelty and danger. Her words help
    us in our struggle to understand how to deal with the violence and hatred we
    find in the world today.

10 Anne Frank had been in hiding from the Nazis for 25 months with her family
   and friends when the Gestapo found them. The house was searched for
   everything of value. One of the men found Otto Frank’s briefcase, where
   Anne’s diary was kept. They were allowed to take five minutes to get ready.
   Anne left her diary behind.

15 After the family was arrested, they were all taken to concentration camps.
   Edith Frank, Anne’s mother, died of starvation in Auschwitz on January 6,
   1945, a day before the camp was liberated. Margot, Anne’s sister, and Anne
   herself both died of typhus in Bergen-Belsen, Margot in March, 1945 and Anne
   in April, 1945, a few weeks before it, too, was liberated. Otto Frank, her father,
20 was the only one left from the whole family (Anne Frank’s Timeline).

   When Otto Frank returned and entered the abandoned home and Annex, he
   noticed a drawer open in the antique wooden dresser in the corner. In the
   drawer there was a green folder marked in 'Miep Gies' handwriting, "Anne’s
   Diary." As Otto opened it, tears poured down his face. As he sat on the hard,
25 cold, wooden floor, he began to read aloud the first page: "I hope I will be able
   to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone,
   and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support..." (Frank, 1995).

   Anne was the type of person who always looked on the bright side of things.
   Even when she was in hiding, she never doubted the fact she would get out of
30 there alive. She said as one of her first impressions of the Annex, "The Annex
   is an ideal place to hide in. It may be damp and lopsided, but there’s probably
   not a more comfortable hiding place in all of Amsterdam. No, in all of
   Holland" (Frank, 1995). She would also sometimes prefer the Annex to the
   outside, because it protected her from the dangers of the street. She referred to
35 it once as "a little piece of blue heaven, surrounded by heavy black rain clouds"
   (Brown, 1991). A hero should always be positive, and that is what Anne was.
   She never gave up hope, not until the moment she died.
   Anne and her family lived in the Secret
   Annex for almost three years without
40 ever once setting foot outdoors. The
   eight members of the house couldn’t
   move from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM, so no
   one would hear them below.

   To keep herself strong, she used a diary
45 she received for her 13th birthday as an
   outlet for her fear. "When I write, I can
   shake off all my cares" (Anne Frank:
   Her Life and Times). She must have had
   to be extremely brave to sit in bed at
50 night and hear the sirens, taking away
   friends and family. She also heard the
   bombs and explosions, as the war raged
   around her. For her to be able to handle
   this, and still go on living a semi-
55 normal life, as recorded in her diary, proved that she was very brave.

    By writing her famous diary, Anne Frank helped the world understand that the
    6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust had faces, lives, and personalities. Her
    personal record of "her struggle to keep hope alive through the darkest days of
    this century has touched the hearts of millions" (Müller).

60 A boy, who was once so moved after he performed
   in a play about Anne, wrote to Otto Frank, and said
   that he realized that "not only does Anne stand for
   the Jews, but for any human being who suffered
   because of his beliefs, color, or race" (Brown,1991).

    Written by Jessica
Word bank:

                                                confide-‫לספר סוד‬

                                                Concentration camps-‫מחנות ריכוז‬


      damp-‫לחות, רטיבות‬

      lopsided-‫שנוטה לצד אחד‬


      outlet-‫פורקן, השתחררות‬

      refer-‫התייחס‬                              cruelty-‫אכזריות‬

      raged-‫זעם, השתולל‬                         Annex-‫אגף‬

      personalities- ‫אישיות‬                     struggle-‫מאבק‬

      race-‫גזע‬                                  folder-‫תיקיה‬

                                                Briefcase- ‫מזוודה‬

Tick true or false:     : ‫סמן נכון או לא נכון‬

                                                          true           false

    1. Anne Frank and her family were

          hiding for 3 years. (line 10)

   2. Anne Frank used the diary to keep

                 her busy. (line 44)
Answer the questions:

  1. Anne Frank has been called _______________________________________

_________________________________________________________. (Line 5)

  2. What was the sentence Anne wrote on the first page in her diary? (Line 1)




Circle the right answer:

   1. What was written in Anne's handwriting? (Line 23)

         a. Anne's Diary.

         b. Miep Gies'.

         c. Diary.

         d. Handwriting.

  2. What was Otto's reaction when he opened "Anne's Diary"? (Line 24)

         a. He read it.

         b. He sat down.

         c. He cried.

         d. He took it with him.

Find the word used in the text for the following words:

   1. The word "hunger" refers to: _____________________. (line 16)

   2. The word "break" refers to; _____________________. (line 46)

   3. The word "country" refers to; ____________________. (line 40)
4. Vocabulary; match A and B;

a. value            1. Leaning to one side.

b. damp             2. Something that keeps a few papers together.

c. lopsided         3. How much something or someone worth.

d. Typhus           4. Disease that passes by lice and flies.

                    5. A group of people who are related by something in
e. cruelty

f. Annex            6. To have trust when telling a secret.

g. folder           7. Something that is a little wet.

h. race             8. Very angry, with a felt of violence.

i. rage             9. A room which was added to a building.

j. confide          10. An act that causes pain and suffering.
                               Writing assignment:

Imagine yourself hiding for a very long time with your family in a secret room.

Write about a day in the hiding place, as if you were writing a diary.

Write about your feelings and thoughts. Write between 100-150 words.
























Teacher Name: Keren Drimer

Student Name: _____________________________

Date: _________________

Project: Writer Hero: Anne Frank


Conventions             My paragraphs have more than one sentence.
                        I have used correct grammar.
                        I have checked my spelling.
                        My handwriting is legible.

Fluency                 The meaning of each of my sentences is clear.

Ideas                   My report is clear and focused. I stay on topic.
                        I understand my topic and could explain it to someone
                    else easily.

Organization            My introduction is interesting and inviting.

                       A period, question mark, or exclamation mark ends
                    every sentence.

Word Choice            I use descriptive words (adjectives and adverbs)
                        My words paint pictures in the reader's mind.
                                 Oral assignment:

Choose one of the two options and prepare to present it in class using visual aides you

need (poster, movie, music, flash cards, pictures and so on):

   1. Try to find someone from your family who survived the Holocaust. Ask him/her

   very gently if he/she could answer some questions about the Holocaust. Write or

   record everything he/she says and present it in class.

   ** remember to show your teacher the questions before the interview.

   2. Role play- You can present in pairs.

            An interview for television about a survivor from the Holocaust, who was

             hiding during the war in a very small hiding place.

    Make up questions and answers and find a way to present it in class.
                            Double Puzzle: Anne Frank

Unscramble each of the clue words.
Take the letters that appear in boxes and unscramble them for the
final message, use the words in the table.

    holocaust, concentration camp, struggle, source, outlet, doubt, value, lopsided,
briefcase, damp, annex, confide, world, impression, outdoors, two, starvation, cruelty,
                                     war, folder.
                          Word Search: Anne Frank

Circle the words below you may use:

              U   V   U    G   R   A   G   Z   W   W   G   H   M   Y   A
              L   J   E    N   K   E   U   K   E   N   X   A   G   L   F
              G   M   G    I   S   C   F   S   I   F   D   M   A   I   M
              X   Q   Z    T   X   F   B   D   C   R   U   S   N   M   K
              X   G   A    I   K   G   I   T   E   H   O   B   N   A   S
              Y   P   I    R   L   H   Y   T   S   N   W   S   E   F   T
              O   G   S    W   F   F   S   E   H   U   A   I   X   V   R
              S   P   B    D   P   M   E   G   A   R   R   Z   T   C   U
              D   Z   X    N   A   T   R   O   F   M   O   C   I   Z   G
              U   N   U    A   V   X   H   L   K   S   L   T   X   S   G
              A   D   A    H   H   O   L   O   C   A   U   S   T   R   L
              D   P   U    L   P   V   U   R   T   T   Q   G   Y   Q   E
              X   X   V    E   L   V   D   A   N   G   E   R   C   M   V
              X   W   J    U   C   O   E   X   Y   R   X   X   V   Q   I
              Q   T   Y    J   W   I   H   Q   M   L   G   H   I   R   M

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