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					 Conducting baseline survey of Urban Health (RCH) in
                        Dehradun and Roorkee
The provision of assured and credible primary health services of acceptable quality
in urban areas has emerged as a priority for both the central and the state
governments in view of the increasing urbanization along with the growth of slums
and low income populations in the cities. Historically, the government focus has
been on development of a rural health system, having a three tier health delivery
structure (determined on the basis of the population) to cater to the largely rural
population,. On the other hand, efforts to create a well-organized health service
delivery structure in urban areas especially for poor people living in slums have
remained limited to a few cities based on pilot schemes and programs. Recognizing
the seriousness of the problem, the Government of India has accorded a high
priority to “Urban Health” in the Tenth Five-Year Plan; National Population Policy,
2000; National Health Policy 2002, the second phase of the Reproductive Child
Health (RCH) Program and NRHM. The NRHM Program is the umbrella program of
the Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, with in whose
framework and approaches all the services being coordinated by the department are
to be planned and delivered. The NRHM is based on the lessons learned from RCH
I (1997-2003) and includes a clearly articulated objective of expanding essential
RCH services in urban areas.

In the State of Uttrakhand under NRHM the urban health programme is being
implemented in Haridwar and Haldwani City since last financial year and will be
continued in the current financial year. Besides, these two cites another city
Dehradun and Roorkee will be added in the programme on the same line. Hence it
is an utmost important to conduct a Base Line Survey in these additional two cities
prior to launching the programme.

Accordingly the UKHFWS is looking for consultancy services of a competent
organization that has experience in conducting cross-sectional district/community
based health and related surveys using cluster methodology of sampling. Following
would be the proposed activities expected to be carried out by the organization
under this consultancy service:

   1. Finalizing field strategy document for conducting the survey in consultation
      with the UKHFWS.
   2. Preparing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) - A guide for interviewer on
      study questionnaire.
   3. Training of interviewer(s) and supervisor(s) on data collection using
      instruments to be administered.
   4. Making study instruments available to the interviewer(s) for data collection.
   5. Designing data entry template and ensuring simultaneous data entry.
   6. Preparing data analysis plan and analyzing the survey data.
   7. Writing report of the study and
   8. Preparing a power point presentation (maximum 20 slides) capturing
      background, methodology, result of the study with recommendations.

The organization will be given a short assignment for undertaking the survey, data
entry, data cleaning, data analysis, interpretation, report writing and preparing power
point      presentation      components          of      the       baseline      survey.

Duration of Contract
This would be a Consultancy Contract for duration of maximum 2 months.

Essential Qualification of the Organisation
   1. The organization has experience of conducting cross-sectional health and
      other related surveys.
   2. The Organization has experience of conducting surveys which involved RCH
   3. The organization has experience of data entry, data cleaning and report
      writing and has supervised survey work in past.
   4. The organization has experience in working with an international organization
      and/ or government organization and
   5. Organizations having experience of such work will be given priority

Procedure for Application:
    1. Interested organizations may please send their organization’s profile
        mentioning details of experience in conducting surveys and providing details
        of the research team.
    2. Organization must present their bids in two parts:
        a. Technical: providing an estimate of the sample size, methodology,
            methods to be used during data collection, plan of analysis and proposed
            timeframe for implementation; and
        b. Financial: mentioning the expected budget for accomplishing the
        complete work with detailed head-wise break up.
    3. The proposal should be addressed to the Executive Director, UKH&FWS,
        107 Chander Nagar, Dehradun.
    4. Only short-listed organizations will receive an acknowledgment and will be
        called for personal interactions, which would be held at UKH&FWS office

      The situational analysis of urban areas in Dehradun & Roorkee pertaining to
       the health seeking and care seeking behavior.
      Setting down the base line indicators on certain general, maternal and child
       health status.
      Benchmarking the health indicator of the slum areas of these two cities.
      Assessment of target couple, children for immunization, pregnant women in
       the urban area of Dehradun & Roorkee.
      Assessment of social & financial vulnerability (APL/BPL) in the Urban area of
       these two cities.
      To assess the health needs of Urban Slum Population of Dehradun and
      Assessment of RCH needs of Urban Slum Population of Dehradun and
      To evaluate the knowledge of ANC, Immunization, family planning etc.
       among the slum dweller of Dehradun and Roorkee.

Major tasks to be accomplished
The primary task to be carried out is the implementation and analysis of the baseline
survey of the proposed study. The work should be conducted according to the
following technical specifications.

       Sample Frame and Design A cross-sectional primary research using field
survey (within community settings) on a representative sample would be designed
to achieve the research objectives.

       Source of Information: The source of information for the survey would be
the slum dwellers of Dehradun and Roorkee.

      Sampling Plan: The sampling plan would be based on cross-sectional
survey design,      a   multistage   sampling    methodology,      where     Urban
Slums/Settings/Clusters are selected with probability proportionate to size (PPS).
The study will be planned for urban areas of Dehradun and Roorkee.

The agency has to highlight how it would estimate the sample size and go about
collecting the data.

        Based on this approach and framework, the consultant will need to specify in
detail the time requirements and implementation schedule for the activities listed
        1. Conduct Pilot testing and finalize baseline questionnaire.
        2. Develop training protocol, quality assurance procedures, and other
           recommendations for field training and field supervision.
        3. Develop training materials.
      4.   Recruit field staff (enumerators and/ cum interviewers).
      5.   Organize training and orientation for field enumerators.
      6.   Carry out the base line survey.
      7.   Process and analyze data and submit baseline report; and
      8.   Prepare power point presentation for dissemination of study findings.

It is expected that the whole assignment including fieldwork and report preparation
will be completed within a period of maximum 2 months.

Qualifications or specialized knowledge/ experience required
In order to effectively carry out this study, the agency must have experience in
evaluation of large-scale surveys on health/ other related programs. Such an
agency will need to have expertise in research, survey methods, data entry, data
analysis and report writing. The research team must comprise of the following
    Team Leader.
    Statistical Experts.
    Research Experts.
    Data Programmer/ Analyst.
    Field Supervisors; and
    Other staff (of which a list with name, qualification and work experience
       should be provided).

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