14 Ways to Breakthrough Mediocrity by MargaretHutchinson


You are filled with unlimited potential to accomplish anything? Living in mediocrity is living a defeated life, just letting circumstances rule your life. Why live average?

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									         14 Ways to Breakthrough Mediocrity
                            MAY 11, 2011 BY MARGARET HUTCHINSON

                    “There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells
the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.” Norman
Vincent Peale

According to www.merriam-webster.com , the definition of mediocre is: of
moderate or low quality, value, ability, or performance: ordinary, so-so.

Basically, mediocrity is living average. My question to you is why be average?
Since many people are trying to lose weight or get fit, I am going to relate
mediocrity with your health, body and fitness, but this can pertain to any area of
your life. In your day to day life and with everyone you meet with daily, how
many people are serious about their health? How many people are choosing
healthy foods and exercising daily or regularly? The answer is that the average
person is not choosing the healthy alternative lifestyle.

I am not advocating that everyone should be health freaks and work out
fanatics. The choice is an individual choice, we are our own individual and we
have been given the power of choice on how to live our lives. Everyone is not
over weight, suffering from health issues or have a negative body self-
image. These perfectly healthy people are content with their bodies and feel no
need to change their daily habits. There is nothing wrong with that.
I am targeting this article about the people who are experiencing health problems,
are overweight, want to improve their conditioning or are just not happy with their
bodies. If you fall into one of these categories, what are you doing about it? Are
you committed to doing anything about it, or are you choosing to be like the
average person and do nothing but complain about it? Are you just feeling sorry
for yourself and waiting for that miracle pill that will fix everything or the new
medical procedure that will quickly transform your body?

If you are unhappy with your current situation and you are not doing anything
about it, then you are falling into the trap of mediocrity because the average person
is doing nothing to change themselves.

      The average person is fooling themselves by waiting for the next new break
       in technology for their problems.
      The average person doesn’t even take the time to do real research into their
       problem to find the solution.
      The average person will talk about changing but end up doing nothing at all.
      The average person will ask for advice and end up not even attempting the
       advice that was given.
      The average person is skeptical about everything that may actually work
      The average person may get motivated enough to order some product but
       never use the item.
      If the average person finds enough motivation to start some type of new
       health regime, he/she will eventually give up for reasons that are too
       numerable to list.
      The average person may not even believe that it is possible for him/her to
       get better, which is pure malarkey by the way (nothing is impossible to
       him/her that believes).
      The average person loves complaining about themselves more than working
       on themselves

Now why live in mediocrity when the truth is that you CAN change your current
health condition and improve your body? Why live an average life when you are
filled with unlimited potential to accomplish anything? Living in mediocrity is
living a defeated life, just letting circumstances rule your life.

There are thousands of people transforming their bodies and lives by choosing to
ignore the average life of personal defeat. They have chosen to make a change and
have committed to change. How can you change your current health and body and
beat mediocrity?
1. Research – Do the research for solutions only, for your problem. Don’t
    research the problem itself because you may find confirmation on why you can’t
    change (which is fallacy).
2. More Research -Do deep research not just the first pages that come up in
3. Set Goals – From your deep research, determine your course of action by
    setting a healthy goal
4. Commit – Commit to your new goal and set daily tasks to ensure you stay on
5. Get Advice -Only get advice from people who are fit and healthy or from
    people who have transformed their bodies from similar situations as yours. This
    will add faith to your belief that change is possible.
6. Try the Advice – Don’t waste people’s valuable time if you are not even going
    to try the given advice. You may not use everything but try something.
7. Order the products or supplements and USE them. Everything does not
    work for everybody but at least see if the product will work for you. I am not
    advocating purchasing anything, but if you are going to purchase it, then you
    need to try it.
8. Keep Trying – If the your new regime, product or supplement is not working,
    try something else
9. Stop Complaining – Complaining about your body will not change it. That is
    an obvious and logical fact but for some reason people do it anyway.
10. Get Back on Track – If you get off track (you most likely will), don’t feel
sorry for yourself and stay off track, get back on track. Reset, regroup and go for
11. Don’t Quit – Whatever you do, please, please don’t ever quit. You can’t win
the game if you don’t play it.
12. Believe and Expect – Believe that your situation will change, get excited and
expect the change to come.
13. Don’t get discouraged – Don’t fall for the trick of discouragement when you
are not seeing progress. As long as you don’t quit, you will eventually see great
results. Small progressive changes = big outcomes
14. Feed Your Mind Daily – Read inspirational material to get or keep you
motivated to do the right thing daily and to overcome discouragement.

Unfortunately, it is easier to live just like the average, than to actually change your
life. Changing takes work and the average person would rather not do the extra
work to change. But the extra work is oh so worth it. Getting out mediocrity may
not even take that much or take that long, but the average person will never find
out. Getting out or your comfort zone can be the hardest thing to do, but it is the
only way out of mediocrity.

Decide today to improve your health or to transform your body and break away
from mediocrity and live your live to the fullest.

Margaret Hutchinson
Independent Team Beach Body Coach
Consultant and Helping others start their OWN Fitness Biz!
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