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thrills _ spills planning 5 and 6


									Author/Book Study MEDIUM TERM PLAN Year 5/6 Topic

                                                  Thrills &
   Investigate products & mechanisms                                                       Circle time
   Pulleys & Cogs                                                                          Golden Rules

   Visit from Machinations                                                                 Friends & Heroes
   Design & make own ride                                                                  Chocolate Fair-trade Game
   Evaluate own product

                                                                                           Striking and fielding games
                                                                                           PESS Street Dance (Citroen
   Sound – how sound is made,
   how it travels, how it is
   measured - decibels
   Pitch & Volume
   Investigate how to insulate                                                               Language
   sound.                                                                                    Storyteller visit – Michael
                                                                                             Story Writing – Invention based
   ICT                                         Singing practice                              on Aldar Kose’s Cloak.
   Internet safety                             Sounds of Music Scheme:                       Poetry – The Highwayman (top
   Use of Log Box in Science Inv.                                                            set), types of poems and
                                               Year 5 Unit 1.
   Use of spreadsheets to graph                                                              personal response, Haiku
   science data.                                                                             writing
   Use control & modelling                                                                   Guided Reading and related

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Author/Book Study MEDIUM TERM PLAN Year 5/6 Topic

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Author/Book Study MEDIUM TERM PLAN Year 5/6 Topic

Year Group: KS2               Year:       A                           Topic: Thrills and Spills: Fairgrounds
                                                                      Subject: History
LT:           Activities:                                             Resources:              Skills Framework        AFL/Assessment
                                                                                              Curriculum Orders
Understand    Fairground rides                                      Hamilton Trust            A: Knowledge &          Timeline with
history of    Use resources from Hamilton Trust to trace the        Resources                 understanding and       important and
fairgrounds   origins of fairground rides and how they have changed                           awareness of            interesting
              over time. Posters tacked on walls around classroom – Timeline in books.        chronology              facts to show
              use timeline to record findings.                                                B: Understanding        progression of
              Think – Pair – Share to stimulate discussion                                    characteristic          FG rides
                                                                                              features of past        through
                                                                                              societies and periods   history.
                                                                                              C: Knowledge of
                                                                                              events, people and

History Skills by strand
HIST Strand A: Knowledge & understanding and awareness of chronology
HIST Strand B: Understanding characteristic features of past societies and periods
HIST Strand C: Knowledge of events, people and changes
HIST Strand D: Making links between relevant causes and consequences
HIST Strand E: Understanding different interpretations of history
HIST Strand F: Asking historical questions and evaluating sources
HIST Strand G: Evaluating own methods of historical enquiry
HIST Strand H: Selecting and organising historical information

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Author/Book Study MEDIUM TERM PLAN Year 5/6 Topic

Year Group: KS2                   Year:       A                           Topic: Thrills and Spills: Fairgrounds
                                                                          Subject: ART & DESIGN
LT:             Activities:                                               Resources:              Skills Framework      AFL/Assessment
                                                                                                  Curriculum Orders
Apply finish    Model fairground ride                                     Paints                  C: Collecting &       Take pride in
to product      Work cooperatively to decide on and apply finish in       Glitter                 organising visual &   work, produce
                groups. Refer back to group Success Criteria. Create      Decorative paper        other resources       a finished and
                an attractive and appropriate finish in keeping with      Pipe cleaners           D: Using a range of   attractive
                the style of FG Rides. Ongoing evaluation.                String, glue            materials, tools &    design on
                                                                                                  techniques            their model.
                                                                                                  E: Reviewing &
                                                                                                  modifying work

Art & Design Skills by strand

ART Strand     A: Making Comparisons
ART Strand     B: Communicating ideas & feelings
ART Strand     C: Collecting & organising visual & other resources
ART Strand     D: Using a range of materials, tools & techniques
ART Strand     E: Reviewing & modifying work

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Author/Book Study MEDIUM TERM PLAN Year 5/6 Topic

Year Group: KS2                  Year:       A                             Topic: Thrills and Spills: Fairgrounds
                                                                           Subject: Design & Technology
LT:            Activities:                                                 Resources:               Skills Framework        AFL/Assessment
                                                                                                    Curriculum Orders       Opportunity:

Identify       Fairground CD ROM Animation                                 Fairground Rides CD      C – Showing detail of   Detailed and
mechanisms     Look at Drayton Manor website, CD Animation                                          designs                 accurate
of             Observe closely, discuss types of rides, share                                                               drawings,
movement       experiences. Identify types of movement. Vocabulary                                                          correct use of
               focus to describe motion.                                                                                    descriptive
               Draw 2 contrasting rides with description.                                                                   vocabulary.
Find out the   Exploring everyday mechanisms                               Everyday objects         C – Showing detail of   Clear
mechanisms     Observe mechanisms around school (door hinges,              around classroom and     designs                 recording and
that make      handles, scissors, bikes, scissors, blinds, tray hinges).   school                                           sharing of
things move    Use observational skills, appropriate vocabulary                                                             observations
               (hinge, roller, chain, gears, etc. as relevant)
Observe        Mechanical Models (Machinations Visitor)                    Wooden models from       C – Showing detail of   Clear and
and deduce     Observe wooden models closely, explain mechanisms.          Machinations,            designs                 accurate
how            Draw clear and accurate diagrams of moving parts.           Machinations visitor                             diagrams and
mechanisms     Vocabulary: Cam, cam follower, drive shaft, crown                                                            explanation of
work           wheel                                                                                                        mechanisms
Observe        Pulleys and drivebelts                                      Everyday items           C – Showing detail of   Clear and
and deduce     Identify products which use a pulley and drivebelt.         (Upright vacuum          designs                 accurate
how            Observe closely, recognise parts, link mechanism to         cleaner, roller blind,                           diagrams and
mechanisms     outcome. Use prior knowledge of everyday                    car fanbelt, carpet                              explanation of
work           mechanisms.                                                 sweeper, etc.)                                   mechanisms
Investigate    Pulley and drivebelt variations                             Pulley model board,      B – Developing ideas    Verbal and
drivebelts     Use model board to name parts and predict effect of         elastic bands                                    written
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Author/Book Study MEDIUM TERM PLAN Year 5/6 Topic
and pulleys changing size of pulleys / position of drivebelt.                                                          explanations
            Explain predictions, then observations. Draw labelled                                                      of changes in
            diagrams and justify explanations.                                                                         mechanism
                                                                                                                       and movement
Investigate    Geo-strip frames                                         Geo strips              A - Designing and      Systematic
shapes for     Use geostrips to make a shape that is strong. Look       Split pins              making                 record of
strength       for triangles within shapes. Record shapes made and                              B – Developing ideas   investigation
               relative strength rating.                                                        E – Evaluating work as process, find
               Use mathematical vocab, show trial and improvement,                              it develops            significance
               systematic assembly, careful use of tools.                                                              of triangles.
Investigate    Fairground rides                                         Models of fairground    B – Developing ideas   Close
complex        Observe models closely, draw diagram and explanation     rides (from kit)        C – Showing detail of examination
mechanisms     of how it works using learned vocabulary. Relate to                              designs; sequencing    of models,
               corresponding ride on CD ROM.                            Fairground rides        manufacture            clear drawing
                                                                        CD ROM                                         & explanation
Identify       Fairground Rides                                                                 B – Developing ideas   Predictions
how            Use CD ROM to investigate how changing the size of       Fairground rides                               made using
mechanisms     pulleys, cogs, bevels changes the functioning of the     CD ROM                                         prior learning
can be         ride. Make predictions before changing.                                                                 with reasons
modified       Identify mechansisms using correct vocabulary,                                                          to justify.
               explain processes, observe & describe modifications.
Identify       Success Criteria for Design and Make Task                Information cards on    A - Designing &         Relevant and
criteria for   Use Info Cards to decide on type of ride in groups of    rides in kit.           making                  complete
product        4. Select from a range of resources to create                                    D – Selecting           success
               Resource List. Identify finish needed. Write up                                  appropriate tools and   criteria and
               Success Criteria for characteristics of finished ride.                           materials               resource list
Create         Plan and make mock-up of ride                            Resources to make       A - Designing and       Cooperative
mock-up of     Use resources in groups to make mock up of               rides.                  making                  groupwork to
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Author/Book Study MEDIUM TERM PLAN Year 5/6 Topic
fairground  fairground ride. Experiment with size of pulleys/                                D – Selecting and      complete
ride        gears. Make correct use of circuit equipment. Trial        Circuit equipment.    using appropriate      mock-up, then
            and improvement, ongoing evaluation using Success Cr.                            tools and materials    take it apart.
Create a    Work with mock-up of Ride                                  Success Criteria from E – Evaluating work as Use Success
rotating    Following on from previous lesson – manual testing of      previous lesson.      it develops            Criteria.
part        mechanism, ability to attach motor and drive-belt.
            Work safely with care and attention.
Make model Make a Fairground Ride                                      Model making and        A - Designing and         Completed
fairground  Follow instructions, work cooperatively, work safely.      circuit equipment.      making                    model with
ride        Follow instructions precisely, solve problems.             Success Criteria from   D – Selecting and using   working and
            Use planned Success Criteria                               previous lesson.        appropriate tools and     securely
                                                                                               E – Evaluating work as
                                                                                               it develops

A - Designing and making
B – Developing ideas; sustainability
C – Showing detail of designs; sequencing manufacture
D – Selecting and using appropriate tools and materials
E – Evaluating work as it develops

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Author/Book Study MEDIUM TERM PLAN Year 5/6 Topic

Year Group: KS2                 Year:       A                           Topic: Thrills and Spills: Fairgrounds
                                                                        Subject: ICT
LT:            Activities:                                              Resources:              Skills Framework     AFL/Assessment
                                                                                                Curriculum Orders    Opportunity:

Use            Model Shop – Traffic Lights                              ICT Suite               ICT Strand D:        Ability to
techniques     Introduce context using Levels 1 and 2. Pupils work on   Model Shop Program      Managing modules &   predict
of control     L3 in ICT Suite.                                                                 simulations          outcomes and
                  - Think logically to predict outcomes                                                              successfully
                  - Explain reasoning                                                                                control the
                  - Control lights successfully to manage traffic                                                    program.
Use            Mission Control                                          ICT Suite               ICT Strand D:        Ability to
techniques     Think carefully about how best to control program.       Mission Control         Managing modules &   predict
of control     Use logical thinking and explain reasoning.              Program.                simulations          outcomes and
                                                                                                                     control the

ICT Skills by strand

ICT Strand   A: Creating & developing ideas, with a sense of purpose & audience
ICT Strand   B: Selecting, synthesizing and evaluating information
ICT Strand   C: Managing databases
ICT Strand   D: Managing modules & simulations
ICT Strand   E: Sending & receiving information
ICT Strand   F: Awareness of safety issues/misuse of internet etc.
ICT Strand   G: Awareness of functions of hardware & software

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Author/Book Study MEDIUM TERM PLAN Year 5/6 Topic

Year Group: KS2                       Year:          A                          Topic: Thrills and Spills: Fairgrounds
                                                                                Subject: Music
LT:               Activities:                                                   Resources:              Skills Framework          AFL/Assessment
                                                                                                        Curriculum Orders
Compose a         Inch Worm                                                     xylophones              Music Strand B: Playing   Creative
repeating         Identify and use 3-4 time. Adapt using different                                      Music Strand C:           ideas, follow
sequence          notes. Trial and improvement. Practice in group.                                      Composing and working     success
using 3-4                                                                                               with others; evaluating   criteria
                                                                                                        and refining
                  Composing a slow waltz

                  Noting Around


Music   Strand A: Singing
Music   Strand B: Playing
Music   Strand C: Composing and working with others; evaluating and refining
Music   Strand D: Discriminating within musical elements
Music   NC: Performing
Music   NC: Composing
Music   NC: Appraising

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Author/Book Study MEDIUM TERM PLAN Year 5/6 Topic

Year Group: KS2                   Year:        A                             Topic: Thrills and Spills: Fairgrounds
                                                                             Subject: Language
LT:             Activities:                                                  Resources:            Skills Framework              AFL/Assessment
                                                                                                   Curriculum Orders
Identify       Aldar Kose’s Cloak                                            CD                    Reading A – Find              Ability to
story          Listen to Pie Corbett story on CD.                                                  meaning and                   contribute to
structure      Identify main characters, recall and sequence events          Flowchart on board    information in a range        shared event
               to create flowchart.                                                                of texts                      sequencing
Build up story Aldar Kose’s Cloak                                            CD                    B – Responding to             Participation
detail         Listen to CD – Pause retelling to differentiate chunks                              texts, including              in class and
               of story. Listen for detail. Record in note / pictorial                             appreciation of style         group
               form. Add suitable actions. Rehearse as a class, then                                                             retelling with
               in groups. Think pair share.                                                                                      actions.
Create story AK Story Map                                                    Story map in books    Oracy C: Making               Contribution
map            Consider groups ideas, draw together to create                                      contributions, listening to   to shared
               shared story map using apt pictorial cues. Connect                                                                story map and
                                                                                                   Reading A – Find meaning
               story map to corresponding actions.                                                 and information in a range    retelling with
                                                                                                   of texts                      actions.
Rehearse and    Tell it to a tree!                                           Story map             Oracy A: Talk in a            Accurate and
develop story   Use actions to jog memory, use expression. Retell as                               range of contexts –           detailed
retelling       class, then groups, then pairs, finally tell it to a tree.                         structure, style,             retelling using
                Evaluate own retelling.                                                            register                      story map.
Empathise       Hotseating Characters                                        Hotseat               B: Adapting to                Ability to get
with            Thoughtful questions and character development. Use                                audience-                     into character
characters      expression and intonation. Appropriate body language,                              expression,                   and improvise.
                confident performance in character.                                                vocabulary                    Confident
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Author/Book Study MEDIUM TERM PLAN Year 5/6 Topic
Innovate     Plan Innovation                                             Writing books           A: Style of writing in   Detailed
setting and  Create new character, substitution for cloak. Create                                a range of forms –       setting and
character    detailed setting using ‘I can see’ activity. Follow story                           audience and purpose     character
             pattern.                                                                                                     paragraph
Innovate       Shared Writing - Innovate a known story                   Story Flowchart,        A: Style of writing in   Contribute
story          Keep to original story structure (Use flowchart) and      story map               a range of forms –       ideas to
structure      change details for innovation. Use list of possible       Writing books           audience and purpose     shared
               story openers to choose one for shared writing.                                                            writing.
               Write first paragraph together (Shared), 2nd in pairs.
Write first    AK Innovation                                             Story Flowchart,        A: Style of writing in   Independent
draft of       Retell own innovation to talking partner, then to a       story map               a range of forms –       extended
story          wall. Add detail. Follow story plan, use paragraphs and   Writing books           audience and purpose     writing using
               apt punctuation.                                                                  B: Vocabulary            Success
Identify       Response partnering                                       Response partnering     C: Paragraphs,           Identify
improvements Agree on and use Success Criteria. Use language skills      checklist               Sentences, Grammar       targets for
to first draft ladders. Work with TP for response partnering to          First draft             D: Spelling              second draft,
               evaluate and improve own and others work.                 Skills ladder           E: Punctuation           correct simple
Write final    AK Innovation                                             First draft             F: Handwriting           Improve on
draft of       Examine examples of common errors.                        Dictionaries            C: Paragraphs,           first draft,
story          Work on second draft using targets from previous          Thesauruses             Sentences, Grammar       add detail and
               lesson.                                                                           D: Spelling              correct
                                                                                                 E: Punctuation           mistakes.

A: Style of writing in a range of forms – audience and purpose
B: Vocabulary

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Author/Book Study MEDIUM TERM PLAN Year 5/6 Topic
C: Paragraphs, Sentences, Grammar
D: Spelling
E: Punctuation
F: Handwriting

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