Pedometer and Heart Rate Monitor by fjzhangxiaoquan


									Picture of Pedometer   Information                      Prices

                       Counts steps to 99,999
                       ,measures distance up to         $12-$35
                       1000 miles in .01 mile/km
                       increments ,tracks calories
                       burned ,patented advanced
                       pendulum design (apd)
                       ensures accurate
                       step/distance measurement
                       - single button stride set &
                       reset - easy mode & settings
                       buttons ,stride length
Sportline WV3477PW     adjustable from 15 ft ,large
                       Large display electronic
                       pedometer for walkers and        $4-$8
                       hikers. Includes a personal
                       stride adjustment feature.
                       Counts steps to 99,999.
                       Records from .01 to 1000
                       miles on large electronic
                       digital display. Walking
                       handbook included One to
                       five foot stride adjustment
                       range Pendulum movement
                       Tough belt clip Single button
Sportline SP2795BK     stride set and single button
                       Pace and Distance Tracker
                       Yellow : Go Smart Pace +         $30-$50
                       Distance is ideal for runners.
                       It tracks calories burned with
                       new active engine
                       technology and separately
                       tracks running segments.

         Picture       Features                                        Information                    Prices
                             Heart rate monitor                       This trainer allows you        $300-$350
                             Elapsed timing                           to easily track your
                             Alarm                                    location, elapsed
                             Speed and Distance (GPS)                 timing, calories burned,
                             Calorie counter                          and your heart rate to
                             Chest strap                              help you exceed your
                             Target zone indicator                    performance goals. The
                             Uploadable data                          10 heart rate target
                             Digital transmission                     zones make it easy to
                             Tracks heart beats per minute or         personalize and evolve
                              percentage of maximum heart              your workout as your
                              rate                                     performance needs
                             10 Heart rate target zones               change.

Timex Ironman Global
                             Continuous accurate heart rate           The training computer          $100-$120
                             3 target zones settings (bpm and         is great for beginners
                              %bpm) with out of zone alarm             who want basic heart
                             Coded heart rate transmission to         rate and timing
                              avoid cross talk from other heart        features. It displays
                              rate monitors                            calories burned so you
                             Tracks calories burned during            can monitor progress
                              workout                                  while on the go. Strap
                             Includes upgraded comfortable            the Polar® RS100 on
                              textile transmitter                      your wrist and hit the
                             Full stopwatch with countdown            ground running.
                              timers and 99 laps
                             Full watch functions with
                             Water resistant to 50 meters

Polar RS 100
                             For committed runners                    Enhance fitness training       $230
                             Continuous accurate heart rate           and improve overall
                             Accurate measurement of running          athletic performance with
                              speed, distance, and pace                the Polar® RS300x SD
                             3 target zones settings (bpm and         Running Computer Watch.
                              %bpm) with out of zone alarm             Choose from 3 target
                             Coded heart rate transmission to         heart rate zone settings. If
                              avoid cross talk from other heart rate   heart rate goes out of the
                              monitors                                 particular zone the alarm
                             Tracks calories burned during workout    will alert you. This watch
                             Includes comfortable textile             is perfect for committed
                              transmitter                              runners. Take off running
                             Full stopwatch with countdown timers     with the Polar® RS300x SD
                              and 99 laps                              Running Computer Watch
                             File memory to track last 16 workouts    today!

Polar 300X SD                Full watch functions with backlight
                             Water resistant to 50 meters

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