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					“The Most Dangerous Game” Quiz                    English I

Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank to the left of the number.

______1. As Rainsford sits and smokes, what startles him?
              a. the cry of an animal                c. Ivan the Cossack
              b. gun shots                           d. his falling pipe
______2. As soon as Rainsford reaches the island he_____.
              a. falls asleep                c. hunts with Zaroff
              b. changes clothes             d. sees a Cape Buffalo
______3. General Zaroff knows Rainsford because he _____.
              a. is related to him                   c. has seen him on television
              b. has hunted with him before          d. has read his book
______4. Zaroff enjoys hunting humans because they possess_____.
              a. souls        b. reason      c. instinct      d. marijuana
______5. What happens if the huntee refuses to be hunted?
              a. he gets tortured by Ivan                     c. he gets thrown to the dogs
              b. he gets thrown into Death Swamp              d. he gets to go back home
______6. What kind of trail does Rainsford leave for Zaroff?
              a. straight     b. narrow      c. crooked       d. loopy
______7. Rainsford injures Zaroff by ______.
              a. tying a knife to a springy limb              c. setting up a dead tree trap
              b. jumping from a tree                          d. pushing him into Death Swamp
______8. As the dogs catch up with Rainsford he decides to_____.
              a. shoot himself                       c. flee in the boat
              b. hide under Zaroff’s bed             d. jump into the sea

Answer by writing out True or False.

____________9. General Zaroff falls into the water as he tries to catch his falling pipe.
____________10. The largest man Rainsford had ever seen was General Zaroff.
____________11. Zaroff is described as having the face of an aristocrat.
____________12. Hunting became boring for Zaroff because he had perfected the sport.
____________13. Zaroff thinks killing humans is hunting. Rainsford thinks it’s murder.
____________14. Rainsford says the weak were put in the world to give the strong pleasure.
____________15. Zaroff gets the men he hunts from New York City.
____________16. If Rainsford wins, he gets to live in Zaroff’s chateau.
____________17. Ivan gets killed by the pack of dogs—they thought he was Rainsford.

Answer the following questions. Use as much detail as possible.
18. What is the name of the island on which General Zaroff lives?

19. According to Rainsford the world is made up of what two classes?

20. What is Zaroff’s one passion in life?
21. How is the island perfect for hunting humans?

22. List two of the four rules of the game.


23. What is the conflict between Zaroff and Rainsford?

24. What strategy does Zaroff use on his final day of hunting?

25. Who wins? Describe how he wins.

Match each literary term with its correct application by writing out the term on the line.

setting        mood                 imagery               indirect characterization
irony          protagonist          antagonist            foreshadowing

____________________26. Rainsford because he is the main character
____________________27. the animal’s scream, the sound of the gun, the blackness of the
                      night, Rainsford’s cry when he falls overboard
____________________28. early 1920’s on a small island in the Caribbean Sea
____________________29. Zaroff because of his idea of a “new animal”
____________________30. creepy, dark, frightening
____________________31. Zaroff says he is civilized because he has electricity, yet he murders
____________________32. Zaroff says that Cossacks are savage, and he is a Cossack.
____________________33. When Zaroff says that he hunts more dangerous game than the Cape
                      Buffalo, this hints that his new animal is a human.

Extra Credit—worth up to eight points!!
Game can mean both “contest” and “an animal to be hunted.” Use each definition to explain two
possible meanings of the title.

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