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					Thirty Years of Bank Assistance to WSS
    “Maximizing Scarce Resources”

     The World Bank Water Forum
             May 6, 2002
              Alain Thys
   Retired World Bank Division Chief
     “Maximizing Scarce Resources”

•   Country Situation in the 1960s
•   Deficiencies of Sector Institutions
•   Bank Strategy
•   Examples of Applying Bank Strategy
      Country Situation in the 1960s

•   Newly Independent Nations
•   Scarcity of University Graduates
•   Extremely High Urban Growth (7-10%)
•   Water Supply and Distribution Shortages
    Deficiencies of Sector Institutions

Operations by non-autonomous Govt agencies

•   No right to keep revenue collected
•   No control over cumbersome procurement
•   No incentives to recruit promising staff
•   Poor maintenance
     Deficiencies of Sector Institutions

•   No commercial accounting
•   No internal agency logistics
•   No investment planning
•   No flexibility in spending budgets
     Deficiencies of Sector Institutions

Deficiencies of Commercial Operations:

•   Poor customer records
•   Lackadaisical meter readings
•   Poor bill collections
•   Inadequate tariff levels and structures
     Bank Strategy of the 1970s

Identifying and Understanding the
  Relevant Decision-Makers:
• Cameroon: Minister of Economy, CCCE
  and the Electric Power Authority
• Tunisia: Agriculture and Water Resources
• Morocco: Public works and Interior
• Brazil: National Housing Bank
      Bank Strategy of the 1970s

Reviewing and Sharpening Existing Outlines
  for Sector Development:
• Selection of Priority Projects for
• Decisions on Scope of Needed Reforms
• Establishment of Programs to Implement
• Obtaining Approval from Key Ministries
      Examples of Applied Strategy

•   Cameroon ( Creation of SNEC)
•   Tunisia ( Creation of SONEDE and ONAS)
•   Morocco ( Creation of ONEP)
•   Brazil ( Supporting the SFS through BNH)