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					                                         BARRY – PAGE 24

(Gym. BARRY is lying on the bench press. He has loaded on too much weight, and is having great trouble
lifting it)

(Enter GAVIN. He is dressing increasingly “gaily”)

GAVIN                 Hiya Barry.

(BARRY grunts)

GAVIN                 Isn’t that thing supposed to be going up and down?

BARRY                 (Through clenched teeth)
                      Called isotonics. You have to keep the weight very, very still.

GAVIN                 In that case, very impressive indeed.

(With great difficulty, BARRY rolls the dumb-bell onto his hips and sits Up)

BARRY                 What are you wearing?

GAVIN                 (Innocently) What?

BARRY                 Are you alright?

GAVIN                 Fine. (pause) So what’s Denise gonna think when your chest starts bursting out of
                      your pyjamas?!
(BARRY scoffs)

BARRY                 You’re the only one I know who wears pyjamas.

GAVIN                 I’ll have you know flanelette can be very sexy. You should try it some time Barry,
                      might do wonders for your relationship.

BARRY                 It’s gonna take more than that to fix things between me and Denise.

GAVIN                 Oh?

BARRY                 I don’t want to talk about it.

GAVIN                 OK Barry.


BARRY                 She’s not... “fulfilled”. What does that mean? Gav? What the hell does that

GAVIN                 I’m not sure exactly, but it probably means she’s not fulfilled.

BARRY                 Ever since she started taking those line dancing classes I can’t put a foot right.
                                       BARRY – PAGE 35

(Public Phone-box)

(Barry is on the phone - he looks dreadfully tired and unkempt. We hear through the PA, the DISC-
JOCKEY, from off stage on “Love Songs Till Midnight,” as a song finishes)

DISC-JOCKEY          And that was Barry White, singing his classic ode, “Love Serenade” I never get
                     tired of listening to that. And as it happens we have another Barry on the line.
                     Hello Barry.

BARRY                Yeah. Hi.

DISC-JOCKEY          And you’ve got someone special you want to dedicate a song to?

BARRY                I do, yeah.


DISC JOCKEY          And who would that special someone be then Barry?

BARRY                Um...well. It’s for my wife.

DJ                   She has a name?

BARRY                Yeah, yeah she does.


DJ                   And what would her name be Barry?

BARRY                Denise.

DJ                   Good. See, that wasn’t so hard was it? And how long have you been together?

BARRY                Five years. Up Saturday. Afternoon. Bout two o’clock.

DJ                   Oh dear. Does this mean you’ve had a falling out with Denise. A lover’s tiff?

BARRY                Ah. Yeah. It’s a bit more than that but yeah.

DJ                   Don’t want to talk about it? That’s fine. But you’re missing her right now, and
                     you want to try and reach her with a song. Maybe a special song that has meaning
                     for you both. A song that brings back memories of special times you’ve shared,
                     before things started to go wrong. Is that right?

BARRY                Er...Yeah.

                                        BARRY – PAGE 36

DJ                   What would you like to say to Denise then Barry?

BARRY                Say?

DJ                   Go ahead.

BARRY                Denise...this song...this song’s for you.


DJ                   Come on Barry, you can do a bit better than that can’t you? If you want her back
                     you’re going to have to tell her how much you feel about her.

BARRY                (Hiding tears) We miss you.

DJ                   Okay then Barry, I guess we’re not really getting anywhere here are we. So what
                     song would you like to dedicate to Denise.

BARRY                Can you play “I Will Survive,” by Gloria Gaynor.

DJ                   Interesting choice. Not one I would have recommended. But... there it is... All
                     right Denise, if you’re listening, this is Barry asking you to come home, with “I
                     Will Survive”...

(“I Will Survive” comes up on the PA)

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