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New Federal Magistrates


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New Federal Magistrates
        INE new federal magistrates have
        taken up appointments to the
        Federal Magistrates Court since
July 2006, three of them in Melbourne.
    More federal magistrates will join the
Court to fill positions announced by the
Attorney-General earlier this year and a
vacancy created by the retirement of a
federal magistrate to take up appointment
as a Family Court judge.
    The appointments will enable the
Court to address the increased workload
that has resulted from the Court increas-
ingly becoming the court of choice of
litigants and the expected workload
from new jurisdiction in workplace rela-
tions and admiralty law and expanded
jurisdiction in trade practices and family
law. Six of the new positions are directly
related to the workplace relations jurisdic-
    Federal magistrates appointed to
Melbourne include Heather Riley, Philip
Burchardt and John O’Sullivan. Their           Federal Magistrates John O’Sullivan, Heather Riley and Philip Burchardt.
joint ceremonial welcome was held on 16
August 2006 at the Commonwealth Law                Other new appointments include: Toni         matters expeditiously, thus allowing the
Courts in Melbourne.                           Lucev, the first resident federal magistrate     higher courts to focus on more complex
    Federal Magistrate Riley has prac-         in Perth; David Halligan in Parramatta;          cases and appellate work.
tised as a barrister in Victoria since 1998    John Morcombe and Adrian Dangerfield                The Court already handles the major-
and is an accredited mediator. She has         in Adelaide; Keith Wilson in Brisbane; and       ity of federal migration, bankruptcy and
been a barrister and a solicitor with the      Frank Turner in Sydney.                          discrimination matters and is taking an
Australian Government Solicitor, which             The appointments will assist the Court       increasing number of family law cases. It
included appearing in the Commonwealth         fulfil its objective to be a simple and acces-   began hearing workplace relations cases
Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the        sible federal court that deals with less         when jurisdiction was given in late March
Federal Court.                                 complex general federal law and family           2006.
    Federal Magistrate Burchardt has prac-
tised as a barrister in Victoria since 1989
and is a qualified arbitrator and mediator.
He has been a senior industrial officer
with the Australian Universities Industrial
Association, assistant general-secretary
of the Federated Australian University               ���������������������������������������� ���������
Staff Association and industrial officer                      �����������������������������
for the Meat and Allied Trades Federation
(Western Australian Division).                    �����������������������������������������
    Federal Magistrate John O’Sullivan was        ������������������������������������������
admitted to practice in Victoria in 2000. He
has been a senior adviser to the Minister         ���������������������������������������������
for Employment and Workplace Relations,           ���������������������������������������������������������
a lawyer with Telstra Corporation
Limited, a solicitor with Corrs Chambers
                                                  ������������� ��������������������
Westgarth and industrial officer with             ���������������������������
the Metal Trades Industry Association             ���������������������
and New South Wales Farmers Assoc-


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