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									                                  Dublin - Travel Plan in Context
In Dublin, peak time traffic has increased by over 40% in the last ten

Car ownership has increased from 250,000 in 1989 to 600,000 in 2004
and is forecast to increase further to 2 million by 2010 in the GDA

Recognition by the DoT that, despite investment in public transport
through Transport 21 car use will continue to increase – TDM

Mobility Management Plans or Travel plans are an increasingly
important tool in the delivery of a modal shift

DTO –Dublin's Travel Plan Guidelines to create a National Policy on
Travel Planning as part of development control
                       Benefits of Travel Plan for Workplaces

Reduced parking overheads in the medium to long term and reduced
pressure on the car park

Frees up land for redevelopment

Improves staff and visitor accessibility

Evidence of Corporate Social Responsible

Travel plans constitute staff benefit – smarter travel choices

Can be used for environmental accreditation – ISO 140001

A happier more productive workforce
                                                Why we are here
New hospital development
        Adult redevelopment
        National Paediatric Hospital
Planning – Travel Plan required by DCC as part of the planning
Parking constraints – inner city location
Unique and exceptional challenge - building a new hospital side by
side with a fully operational hospital
The hospitals have taken a sustainable, innovative and pre-emptive
approach to addressing site access, parking, congestion and car-
                                                   What do we do

Travelways Commuter Centre – a central point for all matters
concerning commuting
Managed by Vipre Ireland on behalf of MMUH and CUH - a joint
Implement Travel Plan with the objective of developing a sustainable
transport policy - focused on travel alternatives

Travel plan designed to reduce car usage by 23% by 2009
Communication – staff, patients and visitors
Generate and deliver innovative services

Carsharing –
Pool Bike Scheme
Negotiate travel related discounts/offers for staff
Lobbying: Internally and Externally
Accessibility maps
Administrate and promote Taxsaver Commuter Tickets for employees
Shuttle service
News, view and communications
Marketing campaigns

82% of staff rate the service as good or excellent

As of September 2006, Travelways had already achieved a 16%
reduction in car use, one year ahead of target.

Staff participating in the public transport Taxsaver Commuter
tickets scheme has more than trebled since Jan 2005.

Significant increase the number of staff choosing to cycle

Winner of The Irish Times Living Dublin Award 2007, also taking
first place in the “Business in the Community Category”

Special merit “Better Place to Work” in the HSE Achievement
Awards 2007
                                                Thank You

Barry McKenna
Travelways Commuter Centre Manager
Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
Eccles Street
Dublin 7
Telephone: +353-1-8032607
Email: or

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