Task Three themes 2009 by rhsenghonors2


									                                      Julius Caesar

1. Even the noblest human beings have personal flaws and blind spot that can
   undermine their success-- and destroy them.

2. Honor is more important than ambition.

3. If a political leader has done something wrong, it is all right to get rid of him or

   her by whatever means necessary.

4. If you ignore the lessons of history, you are doomed to repeat them.

5. In certain situations it may be justified for a political leader to bend or break the

   law for the good of the country.

6. Murder is acceptable in some situations.

7. Loyalty to one's country is most important.

8. Loyalty to one's friend is most important.

9. No cause, political or otherwise, is worth dying for.

10.   One man's hero is another man's villian.

11.   People should never compromise their ideals or beliefs.

12.   Personal ambition, when unchecked, can interfere with the ability to lead or


13.   Violence begets (causes) violence.

14.   Violence can be (or is sometimes) justified.

15.   Words are powerful weapons.

16.   “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

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