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									 Neighborhood News
 Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church of Pasadena
 November 6, 2008                       Volume 61, Number 6

       This Is What Our Faith Is All About

            o, by the time you read this,      As much as many of us have been
            the endless campaign will be     involved in the presidential campaign,
            over; we will know who our       the campaign on Prop 8 has meant
     new president will be and whether       so much as well. It is personal; these
     the right to marry is still intact.     are our friends who have been asking
     No doubt the economy will still         for equality and acceptance. The
     be shaky, but some of the anxiety       weddings I have celebrated have been
     about the future might be settled. It   gifts to me. I have never had so much
     can’t come soon enough.                 fun in 25+ years of ministry. This is
                                                  what our faith is all about. So
                                                  thank you to all of you who                         Rev. Dr. Jim Nelson
                                                  spent time; thank you to all
                                                  who contributed in any way.         and demanded, equality, who were
                                                  We have been at our best in this    unafraid to be who they are and
                                                  and we should be proud of our       who asked the best of all of us.
                                                  efforts.                             See you in church

                                                 O n November 8, atwep.m.,
                                                      in the Sanctuary,

                                                 to have a party, hopefully
                                                                                             Rainbow Families
                                                  to celebrate, and if not to
                                                  celebrate, then to be together. I
                                                                                            Thanksgiving Feast
       I have very mild asthma, and a        want to invite all the straight people     LGBT families are invited to join us
                                             in our congregation to bring food          for a yummy Thanksgiving celebration
     doctor told me once that my head
                                                                                        on Sunday, November 16, from 4 to 6
     is like a bucket, and that if I pour    and have our LGBT members be
                                                                                        p.m. in Ross Chapel. Bring a tasty side
     enough allergens in, it overflows.      our guests. Please bring food and          dish—a turkey will be provided. For
     The leaf mold in the East was an        drinks and we will work out the            more information, contact Terri Hop-
     overflow for me; the Santa Anas         plates etc. If we can’t celebrate          per at
     sometimes are it here. Anxiety works    victory (oh I hope we do!), then
     like that too—pour enough in and        let’s celebrate ourselves for
     we react. I am looking forward to       standing always on the side of love.              A Time for Logs
     emptying my anxiety bucket a little.    Let’s celebrate those who asked,           On December 14th, the children
                                                                                        and youth of Neighborhood Church
                                                                                        will make Yule Logs, a Neighborhood
                       Sunday Worship Services                                          tradition for the Holiday season. If
                         9:30 and 11:30 a.m.                                            anyone in the church community
                                                                                        is doing any pruning or clearing,
    November 9—“Post Partum, Post Mortem: Now What? “                                   we need eight- to 24-inch cut logs
                 —Rev. Dr. Jim Nelson                                                   for this December project. If you
                                                                                        can help, please call Mary Rider at
            November 16— “So Thank You Already:                                         626.357.5045.Your time is greatly
         A Sermon on Gratitude”—Rev. Dr. Jim Nelson                                     appreciated.

Neighborhood News
Lifelong Learning: Camp! Camp! Camp!
                                                   YRUU/Sr High Camp “Camp Digi-
        Winter Youth Camps at                      tal Love” — 12/27 to 1/1
         DeBenneville Pines                          Using the tools we have in this
                                                   digital age, how can we build com-
       Attending camp gives children
                                                   munity at camp and in the rest of
     and youth the opportunity to form
                                                   the world? We will welcome all the
     connections with other Unitarian
                                                   new campers and create an even
     Universalist youth and adults in the
                                                   deeper, closer community than we
     beautiful mountains of DeBennev-
                                                   already have in YRUU. For youth
     ille Pines.Give your child the gift of
                                                   currently in grades 9-12. Fee:
     camp (and give yourself a vacation)!
                                                   $385 (Scholarships available                                      Sara LaWall, DRE
                                                   form Neighborhood and the
     Jr. High Camp and Coming of                   district); please speak with Sara           ties. Fees: $145/Child, $115/Parent
     Age Retreat — 12/5 to 12/7                    LaWall for details.                           You can find registration forms at
       8th grade ROP teacher Michael
                                                   Elementary Camp — 2/14 to 2/16              the Lifelong Learning Table or on
     Alvarado and DRE Mary Jane
                                                     Elementary Camp is for children           the camp website www.debennev-
     Holden from Throop Church are
                                                   ages 8-12. Children ages 5-7 and  
     camp deans! This special weekend
     camp is designed to fit with our              children not ready to come to camp
     church’s Rites of Passage class and           by themselves are invited to bring

                                                                                               R egistrationsincludebeaAll regis-
     is also open to all youth in grades           their parents. Parents may attend                             may faxed,
     6-8. During the weekend, there will           with the understanding that if their              mailed or e-mailed.
     be time for community building,               children are younger than second            trations should           minimum
     self-reflection, creating learning            grade, they will accompany them             $75.00 non-refundable to deposit to
     challenges, and deepening spiritual           throughout the day and be primarily         hold the camper’s space. Payment
     growth. Youth $145 (Scholarships              responsible for them. If their chil-        may be made via PayPal, check,
     are available form Neighborhood               dren are third grade or older, par-         money order or credit card.
     and the district); please speak with          ents will be expected to assist with                                          Sara
     Sara LaWall for details.                      some of the workshops and activi-

Child Dedications – November 23                                         YRE Calendar November
This special ceremony, held during our regular service times,           9        Classroom Sunday (In service for 1st 15 minutes)
dedicates a baby or child to our community and our com-                 16       Classroom Sunday
munity to them. The dedication ceremony is a celebration of             23       Intergenerational Service (No classes K - Sr. High)
the blessing of new life, an expression of the parents’ hopes                    Apple Communion & Child Dedications
for their child, and a call to the parents and the congregation’s       30       Thanksgiving Weekend – ONE Service at 10 a.m.
members to lead and nurture the child’s spiritual life as it                     (No classes K – 8))
grows. Infants and children of all ages are welcome. To partici-
pate, please fill out a form on the Lifelong Learning table or
download one from our website. For questions please contact                  Upcoming Lifelong Learning Classes!
Sara LaWall at

Holiday Pageant Alert—Calling all young thespians!                      Next “New” Sunday Forum, Nov. 2 in Ross Chapel
We are casting for this year’s Holiday Pageant! Please come to an       Calling all generations. Join Jack Wills (professor, author, and
informational meeting between services on Sunday, November 23,          Church member) and friends for discussion and action as we
at 10:45 a.m., in Ross Chapel. Susan McCarthy, our pageant direc-       explore the issues of our day from the perspectives of our
tor, will go through the details of this year’s service and rehearsal   own generations and our UU community. Using The Economist
schedule.The pageant will be held during both services on Sunday,       as our primary source for topical discussions, we invite par-
December 21. Speaking parts must be available for rehearsals on         ticipants of ALL ages and backgrounds into lively discourse; we
Saturday afternoons in December. For more information, please           hope to bridge the gap of community between generations
contact Sara LaWall at                      and take action on the current issues.

     Page 2                                                                                                     November 6, 2008
                                             afternoon or evening (though
       Esperanza Coming Up                   a handful of folks sometimes
    The next Esperanza trip to Tijuana       come very early Saturday morn-
  is November 7-9. Please join us!           ing)—and we typically get back
    The work Neighborhood Church             home by dinnertime on Sunday
  does in Tijuana—side by side with the      evening (carpool rides available
  families and folks from Esperanza—         if you can’t or prefer not to drive
  is an experience not to be missed.         yourself). We stay at the Esper-
  As many of you know, this project          anza “Posada” (summer camp-
  is not just about building homes for       like bunking) and prepare several
  families—it’ s about building com-         of our meals there (breakfast and
  munities. The work is truly fulfilling     dinner on Saturday and breakfast
  and inspirational—and makes a world        on Sunday) and all eat together
  of difference to the mothers, fathers,     as a group. The families we work
  sons, and daughters with whom we           with prepare wonderful, tradi-
  work. We have been extremely fortu-        tional Mexican meals for all the
  nate and privileged to have been able      participants at lunchtime.
  to work with Esperanza over the past         To sign up or get more infor-
  six years through these NC-sponsored       mation, please stop by the Social
  trips and look forward to the next one.    Justice table on the patio, contact
    Participation requires no previous       Beth Colcord at 626.449.3470               Research Foundation documents
  experience—only a willingness to           ex. 18, or Tres Izzard at tres.iz-         the effects of the ever-increasing,
  lend a helping hand! Despite the           zard@ or Wendy Wilson            nonbiodegradable plastics—mainly
  talk about lifting tons of cement          at                plastic bags—accumulating in the
  over the course of a weekend, you                                                     world’s oceans. The film uses re-
  do not need to be a weightlifter to               Our Synthetic Sea                   search and sampling from Hawaii,
  join us! There are all sorts of tasks                                                 the Texas-sized “Pacific Gyre,”
                                              The 7th Principle committee will
  on the job site to do. All youth (14                                                  and the California Coastline, to
                                             present “Our Synthetic Sea,” at
  and over) and adults are encour-                                                      show how plastic debris is a serious
                                             10:45 a.m. on Sunday November
  aged to attend. The more people we                                                    threat to marine food webs.
                                             16, in Cole House.
  have, the more roof we can raise!!
    Most of us will leave LA Friday
                                              This 22-minute film by the Long                            Peter Eisenhardt
                                             Beach-based Algalita Marine

  Drum Circle Meditation                                            Call for proposals!
  Four Thursdays beginning October 23, 7 p.m. in the Sanctuary      Do you have special expertise in an area of interest to our
  Fee: pledging $15/non-pledging $25                                members? Have you thought about offering a class, discussion
  Don’t worry if you’ve missed some classes—all are welcome!        group? We are looking for offerings for winter/spring 2009,
  Drumming has long been time honored spiritual practice.           Lifelong Learning Course Proposal Forms are now available
  Participants will be taught basic rhythms and will all drum to-   on the Lifelong Learning Table and on our website. If you have
  gether creating a powerful meditative beat. The meditation will   something offer, please fill one out and turn it in either at the
  then be guided by the instructor toward spiritual discovery       table or by mail to the office attention Lifelong Learning no
  and inner peace.                                                  later than November 30 to be considered for early 2009.

  Plan B 3.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization with
  Rev. Hannah Petrie & Peter Eisenhardt
  Based on the book by Lester Brown of Earth Policy Institute
  Four Mondays beginning November 10, 7 to 8:30 p.m., Rm. 23
  Fee: Members: $15/Non-members $25                                 Attention Young Adults!
  It’s time for Neighborhood Church to join the Plan B Team!        Our VOYAGers (Very Old Young Adult Group) invites you to
  Read this disturbing but necessary book about climate change      meet for brunch on the first Sunday of each month on the pa-
  in community, and discuss how to implement the book’s recom-      tio. We also host regular talking circles on the last Wednesday
  mendations into our lifestyles. This book can be downloaded for   of every month at 7 p.m. in Room 23. Please sign up on our
  free online (       mailing list to hear about future events. Contact Rev. Hannah
  pdf), or purchased at our bookstore, or any major bookstore.      Petrie at

Neighborhood News                                                                                                           Page 3
Money Matters

             s promised, here I am talking        Did you know that financial sup-
             about money. For the first time     port is a requirement of member-
             in several years, the church        ship in the church’s bylaws?
     experienced a deficit last year due to a     Did you know that is costs nearly
     decline in member pledge payments.          $1600 per member per year to oper-
     As a membership-based nonprofit             ate the church?
     organization, our primary source of          Did you know that over 100 mem-
     income is donations—or pledges—             ber households have not made a
     from our members.                           pledge this year?
       During tough economic times,
     some cut out giving to charitable
                                                 Total Members .......................... 759
                                                                                                     Alyssa Bellew, Administrator
     causes first. Yet more than ever,           Total Member
     places like this church, with its              Households ........................... 512   please do so soon.
     liberal voice and message of hope,          Total Households That
     are needed by its members and the
     larger community. Please find a
                                                    Pledged This Year................. 401
                                                 Total Households                                I fpledgingmembership coordina-
                                                                                                      you have any questions about

                                                                                                 contact our
                                                                                                             or membership, please
     way to continue to give responsibly            Contributing This Year ......... 323
     of your financial resources. All gifts                                                      tor, Kim Hayden, at 626.449.3470
     great or small are greatly appreci-          If yours is one of the member                  X 21 or khayden@uuneighborhood.
     ated. So please give what you can           households that has not yet pledged             org.
     rather than not giving at all.              or made a pledge contribution,                                                Alyssa

         “Winter DeBenneville Camp!!!
Our theme this year - Spirits In Snow
  Enjoy a California winter weekend! Save the date for our
annual Winter DeBenneville Pines weekend retreat in the San
Bernardino Mountains. Winter camp will be February 6-8.
  It’s a great opportunity for relaxation and fun for all—fami-
lies, couples, singles. Winter weekend retreat will include arts
& crafts, frisbee golf, a variety of workshops, snow sports
(weather and precipitation permitting)! Look for the registra-
tion table on the church patio beginning Sunday December 6.
For further information or to volunteer for the winter camp
committee, contact Cheri Gaulke at or
  Though we hope for snow, we can’t guarantee it :-) We can
guarantee plenty of spirits, however!”
                  Judy Wallace,
                                                                                     Bye Bye Black, Hello Green
                                                                       Cole House aka Neighborhood House Update:
                     Pastoral Care                                     The roof and roof rafter repairs are now complete. As re-
The Pastoral Care Service Team sends thanks to all the people          ported in September, in an effort to continue Neighborhood
who filled out the volunteer survey forms during the services          Church’s important stewardship of this beautiful and historic
on October 19. More than 100 forms were received. One vol-             building, we are now re-staining it. After consulting with long-
unteer wrote, “This is a great part of our church.”                    time church members, community experts, and historic pres-
  More forms will be available in the Narthex in future weeks.         ervationists, we convened a group of historically and aestheti-
Just add them to the collection plates or leave the on the table       cally minded church members who selected a new suitable
by the door and we will get them.                                      color palette. By the time you read this, she’ll have fresh new
           Sid Gally, for the Pastoral Care Service Team               look. Bye, bye black, hello green!

    Page 4                                                                                                      November 6, 2008
                                                 N ei g hbo r ho o d Chu r c h C al endar
                                                                      N o v e m be r 2008
         SUN                    MON                  TUE              WED                THU               FRI               SAT
                     02               03                 04                 05                06              07             01/08
    Sunday Forum, 10:30am/      No on 8 Rally,                      Neighborhood          YRE Comm                       Post Election
                    Chapel               3pm                       Meditation 7pm,      Meeting, 7pm/                     Party, 5pm/
                                                                            Rm 23             Lvg Rm                      Sanctuary
     Special Congregational        Preachers                                             Drum Circle                      (11/8)
         Meeting, 12:45 pm        Sons, 7pm,                                              Meditation,
                                      Chapel                                           7pmSanctuary

                     09                10                 11                 12               13               14                 15
   Sunday Salon, 5pm/Chapel       Plan B with    Service Team,       Social Justice      Drum Circle                     Voyagers, 7pm/
                                Hannah, 7pm/      12pm/Dining      Council, 6:30pm        Meditation,                     Cole House
                                                  Room                Dining Room      7pm/Sanctuary
                                       Rm23                          Social Justice
                                     Finance                         Knitting, 7pm/
                                 Committee,                           Living Room

                      16               17                 18                 19               20               21                 22
     Rainbow Families, 4pm/       Plan B with                          US vs John           Finance
                    Chapel      Hannah, 7pm/                         Lennon, 7pm/         Committee,
                                       Rm23                         Neighborhood          7pm/Rm 24
                                                                   Meditation 7pm,
                                                                            Rm 23

                     23               24                 25                 26                27              28                  29
    Apple Communion, Child        Plan B with     Board Meeting,     Social Justice
                                                     7pm/Music       Knitting, 7pm/
    Dedications, 9:30 & 11:30   Hannah, 7pm/                          Living Room
                    Services           Rm23                               Voyagers
                                                                     Talking Circle,
                                                                    7pm/Music Rm

                     30                                               Ongoing                                   31
                                                                                                        Neighborhood Walking Group/
                                                                                                         7am Parking Lot
                                                                   Spiritual Writing/11:15am Rm 22
                                                                   Sr High Youth/ 11:30am Rm 23

               The Flowers on the Altar Are                                                  Older and Wiser
                In loving memory of my parents,                      These young people recently celebrated birthdays:
                   Roy and Beatrice Goddard.                  Maeve Brophy, Kira Short, Lulu Panzanella,
                                                  Jane Conner Evan Whitmore, Jacob Novak,
                                                              Spencer Doughtie, Garrett Butterworth,
            In celebration of our marriage and family.
                                                              Cooper Lebeda, Claire Feld, Rhys Podell,
  For all who came so far to celebrate our joy – We love you.
                                                              Olivia Leadbetter, Hunter Komuro,
          Nancy Nielsen-Brown and Helena Chui Cady Cole, Jaiden Curlin, Charlie Franck,
        The flowers on the altar are for my wife, Sharon.     Gideon Cooney-Lebano, Mia Coomes,
    Thank you for loving me enough to marry me yesterday.     Devon Rodriguez, Kamillye Calvillo,
               To our future of life, love and peace.         Madeline Bush, Brenna Coates, and
                                                  -Love Karen Sofia Mathews

Neighborhood News                                                                                                   Page 5
             Neighborhood Church
                           Founded 1885
                   A Liberal Religious Community
       Affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association
                           Telephone: 626 449-3470 Fax: 626.449.3472
                                       Web diva: Julie Hiroto.

               Inreach                      Senior Minister .......................................Rev. Dr. Jim Nelson
                                            Assistant Minister for Social Justice .... Rev. Hannah Petrie
         Do you need help?
                                            Director of Administration .............................. Alyssa Bellew
     Your church community stands           Music Director .............................................. Stephen Grimm
          ready to try to help.             Director of Religious Education......................... Sara LaWall
   If you need financial assistance, you    Membership Coordinator .................................. Kim Hayden
   can seek help by contacting one of       Pastoral Care Coordinator.................................. Lyn Munro
   our ministers by mail or by phone.       Pastoral Care Team Co-coordinator ........................ Sue Iri
                                            Pastoral Care Team Co-Coordinator ............ Libby Meyer
                                            Social Justice Coordinator ................................ Beth Colcord
         Newsletter Schedules               Office Coordinator ............................................ Rick Jimenez
    Deadlines          Covers Events        RE Program Assistant ...................................... Erika Stallings
  Fridays at 5 p.m.       From To           Facility Coordinator ..................................Anna Cremarosa
   November 9           Nov 20 Dec 3        Bookkeeper .........................................J. Brooks Washington
   November 23          Dec 4 Dec 17        Administrative Assistant ...............................Rachel Lopez
                                            Bell Choir Director ......................................Audrey Vaughan
    Editors: Dick Price & Sharon Kyle
                                            President ..................................................... Christine Bender
Photographers: Ned Racine & Lee Brainerd,   Minister Emeritus .................... Rev. Dr. Brandoch L. Lovely
              Sam Palahnuk

The Neighborhood ChurCh                                                                          NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE
301 North Orange Grove                                                                                    PAID
Pasadena, California 91103-3599                                                                    Pasadena, Calif.
Address Service Requested                                                                          Permit No. 1514

                                                                                            Time Value—Dated Material

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