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									    Barack Obama

    Cammy S. Bourcier
PowerPoint by Argenis Collado

• Barack Obama (Barry) was born on August, 4,
• Barry was born in Honolulu, Hawaii
• I think Barry is most famous for is being a
  senator and for being our first black president
• I chose Barry because he is really funny and
  his life is really cool
•   In berry’s house hold when he was born he lived with his dad Barack Hussein
    Obama, mom Stanley Ann Dunham
•   when Barry's parents divorced. berry’s mom got married and his family changed

•   Now his house hold is step-dad Lolo Soetro and Maya Soetro his Step-sister

•   When berry was born he was born in Hawaii

•   Stanly divorced her husband Barack Obama then about 3 years Stanly met
    another man named Lolo Soetro so hey moved to Indonesia

•   When Barry went to school in Indonesia and always felt left out

•   Stanly divorced Barry's step-dad and made the choice to move berry back to
    Hawaii in 1971 with his grandparents. Around when berry was 10
                       Teen Years
• He lived with his grandparents

•Barry was always troubled most of his teen years because he
always felt abandon by his parents

•When he was in high school he was not treated as a normal

•They treated him as a black person not as a regular person
and that really made him angry.

•For most of his teen years he felt like an outsider because the
way people treated him

•Also because he felt like he was caught between 2 worlds like
Hannah Montana

•He didn't know if he should hang with the black community or
the white

•He didn't really know how to act.

•When Barry turned to an adult he wasn’t called Barry he was Barack

•He stared college in 1979 in los Angeles when he wasn't in class he was
thinking about political stuff

•After los Angeles he went to occidental the teachers said he had presence
•In his sophomore year he transferred to Columbia university in new York

•After that he tried to become a community organizer in Illinois to me it
sounded like It was the hardest job.

•In Illinois he became the state senator
President While Obama Was Born

            John F
         Positive Contributions

•In 1985 he gets a job as a community organizer to make
getting jobs easier for every one

•In 1995 Barack wrote an autobiography about his life and his

• in 2002 he makes a speech in Chicago opposing bush
administration’s plan to invade Iraq.

•2006 Barack wrote his second book

•2009 Barack becomes president

• 2009 Barack signed a 787 billion dollar stimulus package
               3 Questions

•If I could ask Barack 3 questions they would

•1 what are the challenges of being president

•2 did you think you were going to win the
2008 elation

• 3 are you going to run for the second term or
are you going to retire
 What I learned about Barack

Barack Obama is really interesting
because of his life story. For example
his parents divorcing and he moves
place to place like all over the world
such as Indonesia, new York, los
Angeles , Chicago, Hawaii, all different
• Barack Obama Cammy s.
  Bourcier 2009 Broomall ph
  19008 mason crest publishing
Maker: Argenis

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