Building Wealth One Book at a Time by Jordanpeterson


									             Building Wealth
            One Book at a Time.

“By the time you finish his book, Fisher    A provocative and insightful examination    A must-have resource for every working
will have dispelled more than a dozen       of why America faces a gloomy and           Canadian who needs to make decisions
investing myths.”                           difficult economic future and what          about their pension plan and how it
—Jonathan Chevreau, National Post           people need to do to protect their money.   affects their financial future.

“A low-cost index fund is the most         There are many ways to make money in         “It’s full of bad jokes, but it may also be
sensible equity investment for the great   today’s market, but the one strategy that    the most important new book an investor
majority of investors. My mentor, Ben      has truly proven itself over the years is    could read right now.”
Graham, took this position many years      value investing. Now, with The Little        —Derek DeCloet, The Globe and Mail
ago, and everything I have seen since      Book of Value Investing, Christopher
convinces me of its truth. In this book,   Browne shows you how to use this wealth-
Jack Bogle tells you why.”                 building strategy to successfully buy
—Warren E. Buffett, Chairman, Berkshire    bargain stocks around the world.
Hathaway Inc.

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