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									                                            By: Kerri Procida

                                  Four Loko,            lime, lemonade, and cranberry lemonade.
                                  or what I              The biggest issue with Four Loko is the
                                  like to call it,      amount of caffeine (sugar) and alcohol
                                  Four “Loco”           there is in one can. According to Steve
                                  is a type of          Clarke, director of the
                                  that has                        FOUR LOKO RANKED
                                  become                            FOURTH IN SALES
                                  extremely                         GROWTH AMONG
                                  popular with                   ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES
high school and college students across the
map. I like to call it Four “Loco” because I
                                                        College Alcohol Abuse Prevention Center,
think you would have to be crazy, or loco
                                                        “Fatigue is the body’s way of saying it’s had
(crazy in Spanish) to drink this type of
                                                        enough to drink and it’s dangerous to
alcoholic beverage. Four Loko is a type of
                                                        continue to try to fool your body that
malt beverage that combines the two most
                                                        you’re not as drunk
deadly combinations you could mix in a
drink; alcohol and caffeine. It was
introduced in the United States and parts of
Europe in 2005 and its popularity has sky
rocketed within the past 5 years. According
to a recent study done, in 2009, Four Loko
ranked fourth in sales growth among
alcoholic beverages at 7-Eleven stores in
the United States. It is available in eight
different flavors: grape, fruit punch, orange
blend, watermelon, blue raspberry, lemon

                                                           HIGH LEVELS OF CAFFEINE
                                                         CAN ALSO RAISE YOUR HEART
                                                         RATE AND BLOOD PRESSURE,
                                                            CAUSING PALPATIONS.

                                               Not only is Four Loko extremely dangerous
                                               to drink, it is also very unhealthy. It
                                               provides no fiber and hardly any protein at
                                               all, less than 1 gram to be exact. However, it
                                               has plenty of carbohydrates and sugars in it.
                                               In one can alone, it has
as you really are... So you might perceive
that you are less impaired when in actuality            IN ONE CAN ALONE, IT HAS 65
you are not less impaired.” High levels of              GRAMS OF CARBOHYDRATES

caffeine can also raise your heart rate and              AND 60 GRAMS OF SUGAR!

blood pressure, causing palpations. 

                                               65 grams of carbohydrates and 60 grams of
                                               sugar! Here’s an example to better help you
                                               understand how unhealthy Four Loko is. I
                                               have tried many times on my own to lose
                                               weight but it never seemed to work for me.
                                               I would always give up within a week. My
                                               mom had been on Weight Watchers for
                                               some time now and she lost a good amount
                                               of weight, so I decided to join. With Weight
                                               Watchers, it’s all about points. Every food
When you mix a stimulant (energy drink)        has a point value and you’re only allowed so
with a depressant (alcohol) you are sending    many points a day. So you can eat whatever
mixed messages to your nervous system          you want, but if you eat 3 slices of pizza and
which can in time cause cardiac related        a Pepsi for lunch, that better be the only
problems.                                     thing you’re eating all day because that’s a

lot of points. The number of points that          company would make some changes in the
you’re allowed to eat per day is determined       way Four Loko is made by removing the
                                                  caffeine, guarana, and taurine from all its
                                                  products. According to an article written on
                                                  November 16th, 2010 by the Washington
           HAVE 2 POINTS LEFT OVER.”
                                                  Post, there was a section of what Four Loko
                                                  was equivalent to and this is what they
                                                  came up with: “One example is three beers,
by your weight, sex, physical activity at work,   a can of Red Bull and a large espresso.
and if you’re pregnant or not; I am allowed       Another one is comparable to drinking five
24 points a day. I figured out what the point     or six beers. Lastly, five standard drinks, and
value of 1 can (23.5 oz) of Four Lokos would      three to four cans of coke.” Could you
be according to Weight Watchers, and it           imagine yourself and how you would act if
was 9 points. Now keep in mind that for 9         you drank three redbulls in a short amount
points, you could have a fudge brownie            of time? You would be bouncing off the
delight dessert at Applebees and STILL have       walls! Combine that with alcohol and you
2 points left over. So you can see, not only      have got a bad situation. Not only are you a
does Four Loko have no nutritional value          drunk, you are an awake and alert drunk,
whatsoever, but it is also all empty calories.    and no one wants a drunk who is full of
Empty calories are calories that provide no       energy. The best thing they can do is go to
satisfaction towards hunger; it’s basically       sleep and rest. Unfortunatley, when you
useless.                                          have alcoholic drinks with caffiene in them,
                                                  sleeping is not an option anymore. They will
                                                  be full of energy and acting, well drunk.

On November 16, 2010, Phusion Projects
issued a press release stating that the

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