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									                                      S E P T E M B E R                2 0 1 1

                          College Park Scholars
           C omm un it y N e w sle t t e r
                                Each academic year has    community we need to know who we are, and learn
                             its own unique rhythm and    to appreciate one another’s skills, experience and
                             this year is no exception.   points of view.  
                             With an earthquake and          In this issue we share some of the ways that the
                             hurricane marking opening    threads of community have been cultivated. Service
                             week, flexibility and a       Day, held before classes begin, is a pivotal way for
                             special camaraderie          College Park Scholars to engage with communities
                             became the early hallmarks   near the University of Maryland. As you will learn,
                             of this fall semester.       the aftermath of Irene offered a profound glimpse of
                                Move-in schedules were    how interdependent our worlds are.
                             adjusted so families could      For those looking to gain new experiences,
                             get students into the        “Building your Scholars legacy” highlights ways to
Martha Baer Wilmes
                             residence halls before the   get more involved in the Scholars community.  You’ll
storm hit and then return home safely. Orientation        read about how Arts Scholars are experiencing
events evolved into movies and games in the               firsthand that learning does not just happen in the
lounges.  And new bonds of friendships were formed        classroom. We share our excitement about our
as students hunkered down together to wait out the        Scholars alumni in an alumni profile and news of the
storm.                                                    Scholars Alumni Association.      
  At the same time, this year saw some familiar             As a living and learning community, Scholars
constants.  Once again we welcomed a talented and         provides us all with a unique opportunity to
diverse group of freshmen to Scholars who bring a         experience community. I hope through this first
burst of new energy to our community.                     issue of the semester you will feel a connection to
  Our sophomores have returned from engaging              the Scholars community that will continue to
summer pursuits and brought renewed commitment            flourish.
to their academic lives and new aspirations for their
future.   It is this energy and talent that help make     Sincerely,
College Park Scholars a vibrant and strong
community.                                                Martha Baer Wilmes
  Building community is at the heart of the College       Associate Director
Park Scholars experience. To build a strong               College Park Scholars

     Service Day: Cleaning up after Hurricane Irene
By Graham Bennie
                                                          between our faculty and students and is a way
Senior Editor
                                                          to give to the neighboring communities. This
  On the morning of this year’s Service Day,              year, it was clear for many what that service
first-year Scholars gathered in the Comcast                would entail.
Center to be welcomed to this living-learning               Hurricane Irene caused widespread flooding
community.                                                and tree damage and left many in Maryland
  The kickoff to the 16th annual all-day event of         without power for days. By August 29th, some
volunteerism also was an opportunity to explain           Service Day sites were unaffected, while other
that Service Day creates the first connections             programs assisted sites where there was dire
need for cleanup.
  “[Service Day] is a lot of hard work,” said
Jed Nieves, a sophomore nursing major in
Science, Technology and Society. “It’s a pretty
good feeling at the end of the day, though.
Seeing all the work we put in, there’s
definitely a sense of fulfillment.”
  Every year, Science and Global Change
(SGC) students serve at Kenilworth Aquatic
Gardens in Washington, D.C. “Because of the
hurricane, they needed us more than ever,”
SGC program director Dr. Thomas Holtz
  Scholars cleaned up fallen branches and
                                                  Scholars students, faculty and staff make their way to the
raked up other brush. “It really made a           buses for transport to Service Day sites.
difference for them to have us there,” said SGC
Associate Director Dr. John Merck. “With our           Students from Science, Technology and Society
group of students, we cleaned up in a couple           (STS) raked parking lots and cleared debris at the
hours what would’ve taken their usual staff weeks      City of Takoma Park (Md.) Community Center.
to finish.”                                             Dr. Betsy Mendelsohn, faculty director for STS,
                                                        said the students completed important tasks that
                                                        allowed city employees to clear downed trees and
                                                        power lines.
                                                           International Studies (IS) students took part in
                                                        hurricane clean-up efforts at Brookside Gardens
                                                        in Silver Spring, Md., where they have served for
                                                        the past two years. IS students raked and cleared
                                                        debris at the gardens, according to Associate
                                                        Director Carmen DeAnna.
                                                           “While we were working, there were people
                                                        walking around the gardens,” said freshman Cole
                                                        Gibson, a government and politics major. “I think
                                                        it made it more meaningful for us doing the work
                                                        to see people benefiting from it.”
   Business, Society and the Economy
   Scholars (above) sort clothing donations at
   Interfaith Worksʼ Community Vision in Silver
   Spring, Md.

       During the Service Day kickoff (right) at
     the Comcast Center, Scholars alumnae (left
    to right) Nicole Eisenberg and Brittney Seiler
         announced the implementation of a new
        Cambridge Community and College Park
     Scholars Pledge. The pledge is designed to
    reinforce the ideals of the living and learning

                                                                                         September 2011        2
   Patrice (Bynum) Cameau’s job is not
your typical 9-to-5 position. As the
founder of Commun Public Relations, a
consulting firm in Hyattsville, Md.,
Cameau works beyond what some
consider normal business hours as the
constant voice and connection
                                             Scholars alumna (2003)
between her clients and the media. The       Patrice Cameau is the
former American Cultures Scholar             founder of Commun
represents clients ranging from the          Public Relations.
recording artist Wale to the non-profit
organization USO.
  Tony Lewis, winner of the 2011 Steve
Harvey "Best Community Leader"
Hoodie Award, is also a Commun PR
client. Cameau worked with Lewis to         creating strategic communications and public relations
create a digital media campaign to raise    campaigns, Cameau handles all of the administrative and
awareness of his award nomination.          accounting tasks that coincide with running a business. “It
“Patrice is extremely diligent and very     hasn’t all been easy,” she said. “Sometimes you need to try
tenacious about serving her clients,”       things out a couple of times before you get it right.”
Lewis said. “She believes in your brand        Despite the challenges, Cameau loves what she does.
which causes her to treat it in a           Remembering the first time one of her clients was featured in
considerate and delicate manner.”           The Washington Post, Cameau said she almost cried because she
   Cameau received her Bachelor of          was so happy. “Whenever I successfully pitch a client and a
Arts degree in communications from          reporter said, ‘we’re going to put the story in next week’s
the University of Maryland in 2005, and     issue,’ I get the same rush every time.”
her Master of Arts in public                   Cameau is also passionate about her experience with
communication from American                 College Park Scholars and her time at the University of
University in 2010. Before founding         Maryland. “I grew up and went to school in Prince George’s
Commun PR, she interned for VIBE and        County,” said Cameau, who earned her Scholars citation in
SPIN magazines, worked for Ketchum          2003. “But here I was in this program with people from around
Public Relations, and spent two years as    the world!”
a seventh-grade teacher. Cameau                Cameau plans to bring her experience to students who want
freelanced on the side, creating PR         to learn about the communications field.
campaigns for former classmates.               Currently, Cameau is working on Commun College, an
   Cameau knew that she wanted to           initiative that would introduce college students to the world of
take her love for public relations to the   communications. As part of the program, she is developing
next level. “If I really wanted this to     “Terps in Entertainment,” the inaugural event of the series,
grow, I knew I needed to devote 100         which—if given the green light—would feature University of
percent of my time to it,” said Cameau,     Maryland alumni who are working in the communications and
whose focus at Maryland was in public       entertainment fields.
relations.                                     Her advice to current Scholars? “Delve in headfirst and
   In 2006, she founded Commun PR,          understand there is a learning opportunity in everything that
which is a take on the words                you do,” she said. “If this is something that you want to do, then
“communications” and “community. In         you need to keep going and going until you get it.”
addition to counseling clients and          
          --Devin Miller

                                                                                       September 2011            3
Building your Scholars legacy
Students, staff tell how to get involved
By Devin Miller                        said. “You’re getting up in front of     One sophomore tutor said the
Senior Editor                          families and your peers and putting   program provides a break from her
  You made it through the first few     into words what it means to be a      busy schedule. “Once a week, you
weeks of class, got over any start-    Scholar.”                             meet with your little buddy, and he
of-the-school-year jitters, and your      For some students, being an        or she is so excited to see you,”
fall semester is officially in full     Ambassador helps them to create a     said Kelly Yanchulis, a Global Public
swing. Now is the time to get          bond with Scholars. “You feel         Health Scholar. “It really breaks up
involved in the College Park           invested in the community you’re      the monotony of going to class.”
Scholars community and learn what      living in and it helps you to give       Senior Matt Viens, an
other students are doing to leave      back to everything Scholars stands    Environment, Technology, and
their mark on the program.             for,” said Scott Kincaid, a           Economy alumnus, said the STARS
   College Park Scholars offers        sophomore Arts Scholar.               program is a learning experience for
students opportunities to engage in       Another avenue for student         both sides. “As much as I’m teaching
the community through groups such      involvement is Lakeland STARS, a      them, they’re teaching me,” he said.
as Ambassadors, Lakeland STARS,        tutoring program for first- through       Members of the Student Advisory
and the Student                                                                              Board see their
Advisory Board.                                                                              participation as
   Scholars Associate                                                                        essential to creating a
Director Martha                                                                              connection between
Baer Wilmes said an                                                                          students and faculty.
important first step                                                                          Each program has two
toward actively                                                                              student advisors who
participating in the                                                                         provide feedback on
Scholars community                                                                           academics and
is to attend                                                                                 extracurricular
introductory                                                                                activities to the
meetings. “You don’t have to                                                 Scholars Central Staff.
commit by going to the first                                                     “Being on the Board can help
meeting,” Wilmes said. “You’re just                                          improve your sense of belonging to
learning whether the group is a                                               a community,” said Mian Khalid,
good fit.”                                                                     sophomore advisor for Global
                                       Opportunities to get involved in
   Scholars Ambassadors, which is      College Park Scholars include          Public Health. “It’s where I get my
always accepting new members, is a     (clockwise from top left) the Student  Maryland pride.”
group that attends open houses,        Advisory Board, Scholars Ambassadors     Although the application period
hosts prospective students on          and Lakeland STARS.                    for SAB has passed for this year,
campus overnight and serves on                                                Scholars can still get involved by
student panels.                        sixth-graders from nearby Paint        joining the academic affairs, student
   “Ambassadors gives students the     Branch Elementary School. Tutors      activities, or advocacy committees.
chance to represent their Scholars     are paired with a student, providing Ben Parks encourages students to
program, their academic major, their   homework help and mentoring           think about “leaving their legacy
hometown, and themselves,” said        once a week.                          with Scholars,” whether it be
Ambassadors Coordinator Brent            “It’s an awesome experience to be helping plan the semi-formal dance
Hernandez, assistant director of       able to provide support to a          or promoting recycling in the
College Park Scholars.                 student and help them to see that     residence halls.
   Junior Emily Summers, a Life        college is attainable,” said Lakeland    Each of these groups thrives on
Sciences alumna, joined                STARS Coordinator Ben Parks, who      student initiative. By branching out
Ambassadors her freshman year.         also is the coordinator for the       beyond your Scholars program, you
“Ambassadors is great for              College Park Scholars Student         can play a vital role in the ever-
improving public speaking,” she        Advisory Board.                       growing Scholars community.

                                                                                              September 2011           4
                           PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT
Arts Scholars to help bring hit Broadway musical RENT to life on stage
By Sydney Carter                                              and create in the East
Associate Editor                                              Village of New York City
                                                              during the late 1980s and
  It’s a “season of love” for the Arts program as             early 1990s—the height
rehearsals for the University of Maryland School of           of the HIV/AIDS
Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies’                       epidemic. The Maryland
presentation of RENT are underway. The show opens             students involved say
Oct. 21 with Arts Scholars and alumni—actors, lighting        they have artistic
designers and the stage manager—working on and off            ambitions that motivate
stage to bring the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-             them to accurately
winning rock opera to new life.                               communicate the
  As opening night approaches, those connected to             whirlwind story of RENT.
the Arts program buzz with anticipation for their roles         “I think RENT is what
in the beloved multimillion-dollar musical that ran on        made me want to do
Broadway for 12 years                                         theatre,” Meinero said. “I
  Arts alumnus David Todd faces the challenge of his          saw it and thought, ‘This
role as Angel Dumott Schunard with genuine                    show is so beautiful, I
excitement. “It’s something outside my comfort zone,          want to be able to do
outside the box for any guy to play- a cross dresser,”        that.’”
Todd said.                                                      Alan Mingo directs
  Pride fills Arts Scholar Jonathan Helwig when he             UMD’s vision for
reflects on his role as ex-rock star Roger Davis. “The         Jonathan Larson’s
darkness and complexity that Roger brings to the              masterpiece. Mingo
stage is a very interesting and educational perspective       played Tom Collins in the
on the AIDS epidemic that began during the 80's and           Broadway production of
90's,” Helwig said.                                           RENT and now returns
  Megan Meinero, an Arts teaching assistant, worries          to his alma mater to
about casting the right light on the show at the right        bring the 1996 classic to      RENT runs Oct. 21 to
moment as the lighting board operator. “Even though           the Clarice Smith              Oct. 28 in the Kay
I’m not on stage, I still feel like a performer sometimes     Performing Arts Center.        Theatre of the Clarice
because I have to be there, in the moment, just as            The original production        Smith Performing Arts
much as they do,” she said. “And it’s great to feel that      —based loosely on              Center, ticket information
way, to have that connection to the piece.”                   Puccini's La Bohème—           can be found here.
  And each of them credits the Arts Scholars program          debuted at the New York
with preparing them for their RENT roles.                     Theatre Workshop.
  “I was the stage manager for the Arts Fair my                 “It’s so different working on the actual material that
sophomore year, which was a very large production,”           is in the score,” said Todd, a senior computer science
said Arts alumnus Michelle Heller, who is the stage           and theatre major. “Because now it’s a matter of
manager for RENT. “Without that experience, I think I         unlearning our previous misconceptions of what we
would have had more difficulties working with this             saw on stage and what we saw in the movie to make
many people in one room.”                                     our own version of RENT.”
  Meinero said the Arts Scholars Program helped her             The show’s beauty comes from more than just song
come out of her shell and be comfortable with herself         and dance, with a touch of poignant dialogue thrown
as an artist. “I think if I wasn’t that way now, I wouldn’t   into the mix. As the actors rehearse, artisans craft the
have gone out for anything to do with RENT,” the              props and scenery while members of the production
senior theatre major said. “I wouldn’t have auditioned,       crew plan the lighting and stage design.
I wouldn’t have agreed to board operate and I                   “I think theatre’s best when all the elements- the
wouldn’t be so excited to do it.”                             acting and the design- come together to create this
  The cast and crew will tell the emotional story of          beautiful mesh of work,” Meinero said. “Hopefully that
poverty-stricken artists battling to survive, perform         can happen this time around.”
                                                                                                  September 2011          5
Scholars Alumni Association revives, extends outreach
  This semester will be an              official Special
important one for College Park          Interest Club.
Scholars alumni as the program has        The meeting
put new energy and resources into       also included a
its outreach.                           brainstorming
  The revitalization of the College     session,
Park Scholars Alumni Association        resulting in
began with the hiring of Sarah          three areas of
Cardona this summer as the              focus for the
coordinator of alumni outreach, and     revitalized
continued with an exploratory           College Park
meeting Sept. 17th.                     Scholars
  At that meeting, Cardona,             Association:
Scholars Executive Director Greig       reengaging the
Stewart, and alumni representing        Scholars alumni
several programs discussed ways to      community;             The College Park Scholars Alumni Association is
strengthen the Scholars Alumni          connecting             revitalizing the organization through social media and
Association.                            Scholars alumni to identifying new leaders.
   Khris-Ann Small, a junior            current Scholars
kinesiology major from Olney, Md.,      students; and
and Advocates for Children alumna,      leveraging Scholars alumni to
said she attended the meeting to        promote the Scholars “brand.”
regain the connections that made          And while Scholars alumni and           COLLEGE PARK
Scholars such an important part of      staff at the meeting made progress
her life for two years.                 in developing new direction for the     SCHOLARS HISTORY
  “I got involved so we, as current     program, these steps are only the
undergrads and scholars alumni, can     beginning, according to Cardona.
combine our efforts with degree-          The next step is to populate the            IN 1996, COLLEGE PARK
holding scholars alumni to create a     alumni board. The revamped                   SCHOLARS STARTED TWO
long lasting networking atmosphere      organization will include four              VERY IMPORTANT SERVICE
within the scholars community,”         officers, additional members of the                 PROGRAMS THAT
Small said. “These last two years as    Board of Directors at-large, and            CONTINUE TODAY: SERVICE
an undergrad are crucial for us to      representation from the Junior
                                                                                    DAY AND LAKELAND STARS,
build ties with people we aspire to     Alumni constituency.
be like.  But most of all I wanted to     As the group continues to                      THE AFTER-SCHOOL
be a part of an organization that       develop, Cardona said they will              TUTORING PROGRAM FOR
was not mainly student-run, so I        communicate all developments and                    PAINT BRANCH
could get a feel of what it is going    opportunities to the Scholars                  ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
to be like in the ‘real world.’”        alumni community through the                            STUDENTS
  The association will spend the fall   College Park Scholars website,
semester improving communication        Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the
efforts via a new website, renewed      alumni section of the Scholars
presence on Facebook and                Weekly E-Newsletter, and the                   SINCE COLLEGE PARK
LinkedIn, and a semi-regular feature    Community Newsletter.                        SCHOLARS WAS FOUNDED
in the Community Newsletter.              Alumni interested in contributing          IN 1994, 7,675 STUDENTS
  The new direction for the             to the Scholars Alumni Association’s
Scholars Alumni Association             revitalization should contact Sarah
                                                                                        HAVE EARNED THEIR
originates from the organization’s      Cardona at                   PROGRAM CITATIONS.
induction into the University of        
         --Anna Kowalczyk
Maryland Alumni Association as an

                                                                                              September 2011            6
                                                    Supporting Scholars
                                                If you have an interest in providing financial
                                                support to College Park Scholars, please
                                                contact Greig Stewart, or choose one of the
For more information, please visit              following options:
  any of the following websites:
                                                1.You may send a gift by check. In this case,
                                                please make the check out to UMCP
        College Park Scholars                   Foundation and indicate the area you wish to
                                                support, if any, in your check's memo field,
                                                next to 'College Park Scholars'. Gifts made
       Undergraduate Studies
                                                by check without a notation beyond the
                                                program name will support the College Park
   College Park Scholars Alumni                 Scholars general fund.
                                                2.You may contribute an online gift, through
UM Office of Parent & Family Affairs             the University philanthropy site. Please
                                                choose College Park Scholars as the fund.

                                                3. If you are a University faculty or staff
                                                member, you may use payroll deduction as
                                                the method of payment, and you may indicate
 Questions, comments, ideas, or                 your preferred donation amount and the
         suggestions?                           period during which the deductions should
                                                begin and end. Please contact Greig Stewart
           Please email us                      if you are interested in this option.

                                                On behalf of all of us in the College Park
             Like us on Facebook                Scholars community, thank you for the
                                                consideration of your support.
             Follow us on Twitter               Please visit our website for more information.

                     CONTRIBUTORS - September 2011

 Graham Bennie
Senior Editor
 Devin Miller
Senior Editor
 Sydney Carter
Associate Editor
 Anna Kowalczyk

Public Relations
 Sibia Sarangan
Multimedia Specialist
 Martha Baer Wilmes
      Associate Director
 Brent Hernandez
      Assistant Director
 Kimberly Davis
      Communications Director

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