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									   How to Effectively Hire a Ghost Writer
                                                                                    By Matt Bacak

In today's busy world, whether your business is large or small, it is easy to become over
whelmed with day-to-day tasks. Suddenly you realize that you need to update your web presence
content or you need to have a processes and procedures manual on-hand in case of key personnel
being out. It just becomes too much to handle! Or perhaps you need to produce articles to
promote your business, but writing simply isn't your forte. What do you do? It's simple; hire a
ghost writer to assist you in performing your writing tasks.

Professional, well-qualified ghost writers can be contacted via any number of freelance project
posting sites such as or and others. These freelance
project posting sites permit a buyer who needs writing projects completed, while maintaining all
rights to the material upon payment, to post a project description and allow "Work for Hire"
freelance writers to bid on your project. You can set the time length during which bidding is
permitted and even request samples of the writers' work for review.

When posting a freelance writing project for bid on any project posting site, you should strive to
communicate facts clearly so that service providers can bid accurately on your project.

      Establish exactly what length, in number of words or pages, you are requesting to be
       written for you.

      Define exactly the content and purpose of your requested project. Some examples of
       content types are web content, search engine optimized web content, magazine article,
       resume, processes and procedures manual, how-to report, ebook, or white paper. The type
       of writer that will bid on one type of job may not be well suited to another type of project.

      Define format requirement. These requirements include exactly what format you want the
       data should be delivered to you as a final product such as MS Word, plain text, or rich
       text format.

      Determine precisely the deadline for delivery of your final products. If you have an exact
       need date for your material, state that date in your project description. Those writers who
       cannot meet your deadline will simply not waste your time reading their bids.

      Communicate any other requirements. You may want content to have bulleted points, or
       to have margins of 1.5 inches on every side. Any requirements that you desire in your
       final product should be stated in your project description. Most freelance writers, upon
       accepting your project award, copy your exact project description into their information
       files to ensure they are working to your specifications.
The online freelance project posting systems allow you to review the portfolios of the writers
who are members of that system. You can select based on criteria such as previous feedback,
length of time on the system and other factors to view a selection of service providers'
information. You can then select a few service providers which appear to fit your needs and
invite them to bid on your project, if you wish.

Keep in mind when reviewing service providers' feedback reports that no one makes everyone
happy all of the time. If a 5.0 is a perfect rating, and a writer has over 20 projects on which they
have received feedback, you can expect at least one client to have not given even an exceptional
writer a perfect score. Be realistic and look for service providers with a feedback rating near the
top as well as those at the top of the ratings.

Once bids have been placed on your project, review those bids. It is wise to identify which
service providers bidding on the project included in their response your exact project
requirements. If you stated that you desire 30 articles written and the bid stated the provider will
write 15 articles for you, it is clear that they did not read the project description. That kind of
inattention to detail when bidding can indicate a general lack of attention and your project
deserves to be treated with care. A good service provider will tell you in their bid exactly what
services they will provide for how much money and within what timeframe. If those key items
are not contained in the bid, move on and review the ones that have clearly responded to your

If you request samples of work from the service providers bidding on your project, you can
expect to receive anywhere from one to two articles per bid to as many as ten articles attached to
bids. Read at least one sample from each bid to learn about that writer's style and tone. If the
sample style fits with what you have in mind and their bid reflected care and precision in
bidding, you should add that writer to your "short list".

As soon as you have honed the respondents down to three or four bids that are from reliable
providers, choose based on price and turnaround time that best suits your personal needs. There
are many, many wonderful freelance writers working in the global marketplace of the Internet
today. Let them relieve you from some of your job stress by writing documentation and content
for you!

About Matt Bacak:

In 2010, Matt Bacak won 2010 Internet marketer of the year, after becoming well known for helping
people dominate the internet using his techniques and strategies. In 2005, Matt wrote his first books
which became a best seller on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles websites. He has been marketing online
for over a decade now and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

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