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                          A service from

                   Company Number: 360244
               VAT Registration Number: 6380244G

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                        INFORMATION PACK


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Global Offices                                          3

CXC Ireland                                             4

Simple, easy to use package                             5

Benefits of                             8

Getting Started                                         9

Business Expenses                                       10 Security                                11

What the contractor is required to do                   12

Terms and Conditions                                    14

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                           INFORMATION PACK
            Global Providers of Accounting Services to Contractors


CORK                                                          DUBLIN
Cork Airport Business Park                                    28 Merrion Square,
Cork                                                          Dublin 2
Ireland                                                       Ireland

Tel:   +353 (0) 21 483 9339                                   Tel:   +353 (0)1 611 0707
Fax:   +353 (0) 21 238 0198                                   Fax:   +353 (0)1 481 1594
Email:                                    Email:

UNITED KINGDOM                                                NEW ZEALAND

Suite 33-39                                                   Suite 5E, 17 Albert Street
65 London Wall                                                PO Box 105 232
London                                                        Auckland City
EC2M 5TU                                                      New Zealand
Tel:    +44 (0)207 374 6957                                   Tel:    +64 9 358 4133
Fax:    +44 (0)207 374 6987                                   Email:

SOUTH AFRICA                                                  HONG KONG & CHINA

Unit 18 Eden Village                                          128-132 Caine Road
PO Box 2743                                                   Mid Levels
Edenvale 1610                                                 Hong Kong
Tel:    +27 8 2875 2384                                       Tel:   + 852 9763 9967
Email:                                Email:

AUSTRALIA                                                     USA

Sydney                                                        Suite 13
Suite 1 Parkview                                              3223 3 Avenue South
48 Raglan Street                                              Seattle
Manly                                                         WA 98143
NSW 2095                                                      Tel:     +1 206 652 1473
Tel:    + 61 (02) 9976 5576                                   Fax:     +1 206 381 3376
Fax:    +61 (02) 9976 5584                                    Email:

Offices also in New York, Malta, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne & Perth

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                        INFORMATION PACK

                          CXC Ireland

CXC Ireland commenced providing accounting services to contractors
in 2002 and has grown steadily over the years. Our service maximises
take home pay and minimises the administration burden for

CXC Ireland is operated and managed by chartered accountants.
Michael Dineen and Fergal Lennon are both Fellows of The Institute
of Chartered Accountants.

CXC has offices in Cork and Dublin. CXC Ireland has a team of thirty
Accounting and Client Services personnel.

CXC works with contractors in Ireland and continues to progress and
grow steadily, providing services nationwide, from our offices in Cork
and Dublin.

CXC is the market leader and our services are recommended by top
recruitment agencies both nationally and internationally.

Our CXC team here in Ireland are proud of the professional service
they offer and look forward to providing for your accounting needs.

CXC has developed the online “” service for long term
contractors who want to manage their own company.

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                                INFORMATION PACK

           Simple, easy to use package
Are you a contractor with your own company or are you considering setting up your own
company? We have the solution for you: is a secure online accounting package which is tailor made for the
contracting market in Ireland. It is easy to use, highly secure and can help you to take
control of your business in these challenging times.

It allows business owners, with no previous accounting knowledge, to take control of their
own monthly accounts, with an easy to use accounting package. It also has a built in
payroll package. is a service provided by CXC Consultants Exchange Ltd. CXC has been
in operation in Ireland since 2002 and we are the leading specialist accountants for
contractors in Ireland providing our services from our offices in Dublin and Cork.

Log onto today for more information and a free demo.

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                               INFORMATION PACK

                   allows you access to your accounts anytime anywhere with our highly
secure online facility. You are completely in control of your company‟s day to day book

You can input unlimited transactions, unlimited employees and unlimited customers.

Our quicklinks allow you easy access whether you are creating an invoice, creating
salaries, inputting your business expenses or any other transactions.

Quicklinks                                    Help and Support

NO installation, NO upgrades, NO backups to be worried about and you can‟t lose your
data. There are no setup fees or upgrade fees to worry about and you can cancel your
subscription at any time.

The Help and Support section allows you to easily find the answers to your queries. If you
can‟t find the answer in our knowledgebase then you can contact our free online support.

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                            INFORMATION PACK has a number of excellent features including:

      Financial Overview

      Business Expense Creation                  Invoice Creation & E-mail

      Pay Creation                               Bank Reconciliation

      Reports include: VAT Return Report, P30 (PAYE/PRSI) Report, Balance Sheet
       Report, Trial Balance, Trading profit and loss report

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                                INFORMATION PACK

               The benefits of
   Your Limited Company will be owned and controlled by you
   View your accounts anytime anywhere in real time
   No installation, no upgrades, no backups
   Highly secure hosting facility
   Create and issue invoices for time worked to your agency/client
   Create salary with payroll package
   Calculation of tax and PRSI based on your salary
   Provision of details to be inserted into your P30 each month
   Record business related expenses
   Financial Overview of company on a day to day basis
   Detailed accounting reports
   Online support

          Major benefits of working with CXC:
   Preparation of the financial accounts and corporation tax calculations for submission
    to the Tax Office annually.
   Preparation of the accounts for the Companies Office for submission
   Completion of your Income Tax Return as required to be filed by all company
    directors annually.
   CWM Wealth Management Ltd is a CXC service which offers expert financial advice.
    You can avail of free, professional, tailored financial advice from a team of specialist
    Qualified Financial Advisors.
   Provision of a Tax Clearance Certificate for the company from the Revenue each year
   CXC Privilege Card
   Additional support services available

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                               INFORMATION PACK

                              Getting started
Limited Company: CXC can provide you with assistance in setting up your limited
company if you do not already have a limited company in place. We can establish a
limited company on your behalf with your chosen name. Time must be allowed for this
process and may take approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

We can also offer you a pre-established Limited Company which would allow you to
commence immediately. If you require a specific name under which to trade, we can
assist you to change the name of the Company.

Insurance: It is a Legal Requirement for you to ensure you have the basic insurances of
Employers Liability and Public Liability cover in place for your Limited Company.
Please contact your own insurance provider to arrange this cover

Starting up:

   Terms and Conditions: must be completed and faxed to:

       +353 (01) 481 1594 or +353 (021) 238 0198 or
       emailed to your CXC contact.

   As it is your own limited company you will need to provide your limited company
   details to the agency/client including Certificate of Incorporation, VAT Registration
   Certificate and Bank Account Details for contract preparation. Insurance certificates
   also provided if required.

   Your Login details will be forwarded to you by email including additional information
   on our services. We will also require further details for your payroll, certain forms may
   need to be completed.
   These forms would be:

       Form 12A or P45: To claim the correct Tax Credits CXC requires your P45.
        Alternatively you can complete and sign a form 12A. This allows you to get Tax
        Credits in your name as a director of your limited company.

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                               INFORMATION PACK
Business Expenses

All expenses claimed must be incurred by you “Wholly, Exclusively and Necessarily”
for Business purposes.

You may claim the expenses listed below, depending on your specific circumstances.

CXC provides you with the appropriate Business Expense Claim forms.

Please note that CXC will require you to provide receipts to prove these expenses were
incurred as you will need to justify these expenses to the Revenue.

Sample List of Expenses you may be able to claim:

   Public transport including Train/Taxi/Dart/Luas
   Subscriptions to journals, magazines
   Membership of professional organisations
   Seminar and Conferences expenses
   Business mileage – a mileage rate is claimable for journey undertaken for business
    purposes (these will be the civil service rates as they apply to your car type)
   CXC Fee
   Telephones, Landline and Mobile phones
   Internet Costs, Installation and usage
   Consumables, Stationery, Postage
   Books and publications
   Self Education Courses
   Pension contributions
   Computer, Laptops, Office Equipment
   Relocation expenses (If you are relocating to Ireland or within Ireland to take up a new
   Permanent Health Insurance (PHI)

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                                INFORMATION PACK Security
The following steps are taken to ensure your data is protected:
Security features
      We enforce automatic lockouts when incorrect passwords are entered - alerting us to
       any attempts to hack in.
      We don't allow the browser to save your login, which eliminates access from a stolen or
       compromised computer.
      If you are logged in and don't use for an extended period you will be
       automatically logged out.
      To keep your data secure we use the same security and encryption techniques that are
       used for internet banking.
    data is stored in our highly secure data centre.

How is more secure than desktop software?
Unlike desktop applications, your data is not stored on your computer, so if your laptop is lost or
stolen no one can access your data without a login. Online applications are much more secure
than emailing your accounting data or transferring your data on discs.

What you are required to do…

To sign up with CXC simply complete the three page Terms and Conditions form and fax
to: +353 (01) 4811594 or +353 (021) 238 0198, or email it to your CXC contact.

Once CXC receives your completed form, CXC emails you a „starter pack‟, which
contains information and forms for completion.

On an on-going basis, you will have to fax or email your completed time sheets to your
agency/company within the specified timeframe.

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                               INFORMATION PACK

Fee structure
There are three service levels available Executive, Premium and Standard.


€250 per month. For the Executive Service CXC undertakes the following:
      Initial company set up with Companies Registration Office
      Set your company up on
      Preparation and issue of invoices for time worked
      Input all financial information and maintain accounting records
      Calculation of PAYE and PRSI based on your salary
      Preparation and filing of P30 PAYE/PRSI return each month
      Provide assistance with business related expenses
      Preparation of year end accounts
      Preparation and filing of corporation tax return
      Preparation and filing of personal income tax return
      Preparation of company registration office return


€175 per month. For the Premium Service CXC undertakes the following:
      Set your company up on
      Preparation and filing of P30 PAYE/PRSI return each month
      Provide assistance with business related expenses
      Preparation of year end accounts
      Preparation and filing of corporation tax return
      Preparation and filing of personal income tax return
      Preparation of company registration office return

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                               INFORMATION PACK

€99 per month. For the Standard Service CXC undertakes the following:.
      Set your company up on
      Provide assistance with business related expenses
      Preparation of year end accounts
      Preparation and filing of corporation tax return
      Preparation and filing of personal income tax return
      Preparation of company registration office return

The fee is allowable for Tax purposes and therefore costs you less.

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                                                        INFORMATION PACK

   Terms and Conditions:                                                                    Page 1 of 2

Terms and conditions of the agreement between, and application to become a member of CXC (hereinafter
called the Company) whose office is situated at Cork Airport Business Park, Cork, Ireland and
________________________________ the member, hereinafter called the Member.

The Terms and Conditions represent an agreement between the Company and the Member whereby the
Company agrees to supply the services described in the above brochure of and is subject to the
same terms and conditions.

The Member is engaged by the Company in the capacity of __________________________ (insert occupation)

The member will provide signed expenses sheets detailing expenses “Wholly, exclusively and necessarily”
incurred by the member in the course of carrying out their work. These returns and receipts will enable these
expenses to be claimed as allowable expenses for Corporation Tax purposes.

The member will undertake all the company directors‟ responsibilities and ensure all Revenue and legislative
requirements are complied with. Responsibility for the submission of Revenue returns, accounts and Company
Office returns all rest with you the member.

The Member will not have any recourse to a grievance procedure within the Company. The Member shall not at
any time during or after the period of service with the Company divulge or use any confidential information
concerning the business or interest of the Company or any other associated companies.

The Member shall not at any time during or after the period of service with the Company divulge or use any
confidential information concerning the business or interest of the Client. All documentation and other property
belonging to said Client must be returned upon completion or termination of the contract to the Client.

Under no circumstances will the company be liable for loss of profits, whether direct or indirect, or any indirect or
consequential damage whatsoever.

The Company's fee for this service to you as a Contractor is

      €250 per month for the Executive Service,

    €175 per month for the Premium Service, or

     €99 per month for the Standard Service.

Signed...............................................    at (place) ………………………       on (date) ____/____/_____
         (Typed signature will suffice)

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                                         INFORMATION PACK
Section A - Personal Information:                                                                        Page 2 of 2

Full Name:                                                    Date of Birth:                         /       /
Gender: F        M
Marital Status                 Married Y       N
Contact Phone Numbers:         Mobile:                                                 Work:
Email Address:                                                Nationality:
PPS Number
                                               EU Passport                            Work Permit
Type of visa which will allow you to
                                               Working Holiday                        Work Authorisation
legally work in Ireland
                                               Student Visa                           Spousal Visa
NB:-Please note you must attach a copy of your Passport and Visa (if applicable) to this form.
                                               IT                                     Teaching
                                               Finance                                Surveying
Employment Industry:
                                               Marketing                              Construction
                                               Engineering                            Other
Insert Occupation
                                               Newspaper                              Friend
How did you hear about                         Agency / Company                       Web
                                               Other (Please Specify)

Section B - Company Information:
Name of Company                                                          VAT Registration Number
Company Registration number
Company Year End                                                 Incorporation date
Tax Clearance number                                             Tax Clearance renewal date
Notification of Annual Return date
Name Director 1                                                          Shareholding
Name Director 2                                                          Shareholding
Have you had a previous accountant         Y       N
Previous Accountant Details
Contact                                                                  Email Address
Tax credits issued
Preferred payment frequency                Weekly          Monthly            Previous Tax paid
Do you have a P45?                         Y       N                 If yes: Previous Gross

Were you receiving Unemployment                               If yes please provide us with a current Certificate from
              st                           Y       N
Benefit from 1 of January?                                    the Social Welfare.

Do you have employees at present?                             How Many?

Section C – Company Bank Account Information:
Company Current Account                        Y       N             Company Loan Account                Y   N
Company Visa Account                           Y       N             Others                          Please specify

Signed:          __________________
                                                             Date:                /        /

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