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                          Naseem Nagar, Phase – III, Qasimabad, Hyderabad

        Scheme of 1st Term Examination for the Academic Year 2011 – 2012
                                   Class: IV
Unit # 1:     “The Wise Owl”
              Answer the following questions
              Word / meaning, all question and true or false.
              Working with words: Q. No: 1
              Articles: a / an / the
Unit # 2:     “Poem a night in June”
              Word / meaning
              Answer the following questions
              Q. No: 1, 3 and 5 find the odd – one – out from the lists
              Working with words: Q. No: 1 and 2 using “Yet”
Unit # 3:     “Sorry wrong number”
              Word / meaning
              Answer the following questions
              Q. No: 1 adjectives, phrases and adjective phrase with example using of “No”
              1.    Some and any                       2.     A lot of many and much
              3.    Masculine / Feminine

Unit # 1:   “Food making in plants”
Lesson 1:   Ex: A & B from book, Ex: D & E from Journal.
            Ex: F answer the following questions Q #1 to 5
Lesson # 2: “Adaptation in Plants”
       :    Ex: A from book, all the exercise B to D from Journal
Unit # 2:   “Reproduction in Animals”
Lesson 3:   All the Exercise A to D from the Journal, C from book
Lesson 4:   “Adaptation in Animals”
            Ex: A and C from book. Ex: B and D from Journal.

Chapter # 1:        History of Computer
Chapter # 2:        The Computer Generations
Chapter # 3:        Computer Devices
Chapter # 4:        Processing Devices
Note: Learn all exercise from book & copy.

Unit # 1:  Numbers
           Ex: 1.1, Q. 1, 2, 4, Ex:1.2, Q. 2, 5, Ex:1.3,Q. 2, 3, Ex:1.4,Q. 1, 2
Unit # 2:   Factors and Multiples
           Ex: 2.1,Q. 2, 3, 4, Ex: 2.2, Q. 1, 2, 3, 6, 7
GEOMETRY:         Ex: 6.3,Q1, Ex: 6.4
DEFINITION:       Triangle, Perimeter, Circle

Lesson # 1:   “The Earth in Space”              All the exercises are done in book and journal
Lesson # 2:   “Climate”                         All the exercises are done in book and journal
Lesson # 3:   “Our Country”                     All the exercises are done in book and journal
Lesson # 4:   “The Western High Lands”          All the exercises are done in book and journal
Lesson # 5:   “River Indus and its plain”       All the exercises are done in book and journal

ORAL:           (Question / Answer)
Q. 1: Where is Green Wich?
Ans: Green Wich a place in England is at 00 longitudes.
Q. 2: Which two oceans are covered with ice?
Ans: Antarctic and Arctic oceans.
Q. 3: When did the Earth come into being?
Ans: About 5000 million years ago.
Q. 4: Where is lime stone found?
Ans: In the salt ranges.
Q. 5:   Which is the closed planet to the sun?
Ans: Mercury is the plant closet to the sun.
Q. 6: When and where did the Indus Civilization began?
Ans: About 4500 years ago Indus Civilization began in the Indus Valleys.
Q. 7: Where is Mangla Dam situated?
Ans: On River Jhelum.
Q. 8: Which country is the largest wool producer in the world?
Ans: Australia.
Q. 9: Which poet wrote the National Anthem?
Ans: Abul Asar Hafeez Jullundari.
Q. 10: Name the source of river Indus.
Ans: Lake Mansorowar (Tibet).
Q. 11: Who coined the word Pakistan?
Ans: Chaudhary Rehmat Ali.
Q. 12: Who is the most important person in the federal government?
Ans: Prime Minister.
Q. 13: Which is the largest desert?
Ans: Sahara desert.
Q. 14: Name the largest country in area?
Ans: Russian federation.
Q. 15: Name the largest sea.
Ans: The south China Sea.
Q. 16: Which is the largest International Organization?
Ans: The United Nation Organization (UNO).
Q. 17: Which is the largest rain forest?
Ans: The Amazon rain forest in Brazil.
Q. 18: Who is the explore of Arctic region?
Ans: Pytheas
Q. 19: Name the Pakistani Scientist won the Nobel Peace prize?
Ans: Dr. Abdul Salam.
Q. 20: In which year Antarctica was explore?
Ans: In 1911.

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