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					                                             2010-2011 Donors to the JCC

Beyond The Buildings                       Eleanor Baker Feldman and          Susan Friedberg and Dr. Dean Kross   Marla and Dr. Harold Scheinman
Endowment Campaign                            Bruce Feldman                   Estelle Kruman                       Nancy Bernstein and Robert Schoen
Donors                                     Rose and Joseph Field              Ella Kublanov                        Alex Schramm
                                           Sheila and Milton Fine             Rita and Edwin Langue                Suzanne and Brian Schreiber
List includes all donors to the Campaign
                                           Judith Esman and David Finegold    Marilyn and Earl Latterman           Monica Zettler-Segal and
Anonymous (3)                              The Foster Charitable Trust        Catherine Lazarus                       Jerome Segal
Cynthia and Richard Abrams                 Joan B. Friedberg                  Beverly and Allen* Lebovitz          Sara and Ken Segal
Meryl and David Ainsman                    Eva and Gary Friedman              Miriam and James Leib                Martha and John Shanley
Roslyn Arnowitz                            Karen and Jack Friedman            Cindy Goodman-Leib and Scott Leib    Lori and Robert Shure
Sandra Katz and John Aronis                Selma and Robert Furst             Rhonda and Mitchell Letwin           Jane Hepner and Leonard Silk
Wilmer Baldwin                             Sanford Galanty                    Claire and Lawrence Levine           Muriel Silver*
Ellie and Stewart Barmen                   Ruth and Alan Garfinkel            Ruth Levine                          Roz and Dr. Alexander* Silverman
Pamela and William Batz                    Nancy and Dan Garfinkel            Patty and Stanley Levine             Linda and Ken Simon
Eva and Bernard Bauer                      Lynne and Dr. Michael Garfinkel    Dr. Barbara Weschler and             Mr. and Mrs. Richard Simon
Dalia Belinkoff                            Cheryl Gerson                         Stanley Levine                    William Smith
Saul Bergad                                Giant Eagle Foundation             Arlene Levy                          Sandy and Edgar Snyder
Deborah and Sam Berkovitz                  Alex Glanz                         Janet Markel and Barry Lhormer       Violet and Joseph* Soffer and Family
Nancy and Lester Berkowitz                 Megan and Robert Glimcher          Julie and Jason Lichtenstein         Edward Solomon
Rose and Ed Berman                         Mary Jean Goehring                 Robert Linder                        David Speizer
Amy and Michael Bernstein–                 Steffi and Zola Gold               Celia and Dr. Robert Liss            Alexander C. & Tillie S. Speyer
   The Marci Lynn Bernstein                Adolph and Jack Goldsmith          Ruth G. Love                            Foundation
   Foundation                                 Endowment Fund of the           Carol F. and Milton Manes            Judith H. Stein
Shirley and Dr. Mickey Bilder                 UJF Foundation                  Marsha and Bernard Marcus            Mona and Edwin J. Strassberger
Maxine* and William* Block                 Linda and Ed Goldston              Carol Robinson and Jeffrey Markel    Lisa and Marc Tannenbaum
Charlotte and Max* Bluestone               Erica and William Goodman          Mary Marks                           John Testa
Estate of Max L. Bluestone                 Linda and Alan Gordon              Elizabeth Martin                     Rose B. Thompson
Eleanor Blum                               Nanette and Ira Gordon             Anita and Sam Michaels               Charlene and Dr. Allan Tissenbaum
Cheryl and Harold Blumenfeld               Laurie and Dr. Michael Gottlieb    Betty Morse                          Ellen and Dr. Franklin Toker
Barbara and Bruce Booken                   Rita Gould                         Susan and Edward* Moses              Theodore B. Treadway
Arlene and William Brandeis                Marcia Grodin                      National City Bank of Pennsylvania   Rosalyn and Dr. Albert Treger
Samuel Braver                              Aaronel* and Irving Gruber         Julie Cohen and Bryan Neft           Barry Tunick
Emily and Howard Bromberg                  Lori and Richard Guttman           Tobie and Eloy Nepo                  Patricia A. Voye
Betsy Levine and Marc Brown                Muriel Guttman                     Marilyn and Casey Neuman             Jacklyn and Arnold Wagner
Dr. Barbara and David Burstin              Sara and Alan Guttman              Ida Newman                           Jackie and Bud* Wechsler
Sylvia and Dr. Sidney Busis                Sara and James Guttman             Thomas O’Connell                     Judy and Robert Wein
Anna L. Caplan and Irene V. Caplan         Cindy and John Halicky             Frances Ortenberg                    Joan and Dr. David Weinbaum
   Endowment Fund of the                   Irving Halpern Family Foundation   Nancy and Douglas H. Ostrow          Claire and Morris Weinbaum
   UJF Foundation                          Marlene Haus                       Lynn* and Gerald S. Ostrow           Susan and Robert Weis
Gail and Norman Childs                     Frenchie Hickman                   Joni Ostrow                          Arlene and Dr. Richard Weisman
Philip Chosky*                             Dana and Alan Himmel               Dr. Ellen Olshansky and              Andy and Jack Weiss
Marion and Eugene* Cohen                   Vicky and Steve Hoffman               Richard Pattis                    Amy and Lou Weiss
Dr. Richard and Sally B. Cohen             Gertrude Horowitz                  Donna and Robert Paul                Nancy and Jim Wolf
Richard R. Cohen                           Nina Horowitz                      Susan and Gregg Perelman             Martha and John M. Wolf, Jr.
Judy and Robert Danenberg                  Sam Horowitz                       Perlow and Rudolph Families          Leatrice and John M. Wolf, Sr.
Ada and Stanford Davis                     Rhonda and Mark Horvitz            Terri and Jim Polacheck              Wendy Wolf
Kathy and Samuel Dibiase                   Nancy and Joseph Hyde              Seema Pollack                        Jacob Wolhendler*
Gene and Bob Dickman                       Lynne and Blair Jacobson           Richard Rauh                         Stella Yelegina
Daniel Dougherty                           Mary M. Jones                      Todd Reidbord                        Annette Zavos
Kathleen and Gene Dougherty                Hannah and Marvin Kamin            Claire and Vern* Reingold            Angelina Zortea
Virginia Drambel                           Richard Kann                       Alex & Leona Robinson
Lisa and David Dvorin                      Carole and Jerry Katz                 Family Foundation
Dr. Rachel and Brian Eglash                Lucy Katz                          Ann* and Alvin* Rogal
Bernard Elinoff                            Ellen and Robert Katzen            Ilana Diamond and
Yetta and Saul Elinoff –                   Saul Kaufman                          Dr. Ronald Rosenfeld
   Hyman Family Foundation                 Leone Paradise and                 Kate and Joel Rosenthal
Ivan Lee Engel                                Charles Kirshner*               Mayda and Barry Roth
Evelyn Engelberg                           Dr. Judy Vernick and Lloyd Klein   Gerald Rubenstein
Beth and Dr. Daniel Erlanger               Myrna and Steve Kline              Lori and James Ruttenberg
Ruth and Edward Ewaskey                    June E. Klinefelter                Philip Scarsella
Tibey and Julian Falk                      Drs. Corinne and Seymoure Krause   Ruth and Dr. Allan Schachter
2010-2011 Donors to the JCC

EMMA KAUFMANN CAMP                   The Philip Chosky Charitable &            Ed and Julianne Biehl              Mrs. James Frank
CAPITAL PROJECT DONORS                 Educational Foundation                  Mary and Edward Billante           Rebeca Frankel
Listing includes all donors to the
                                     Rabner Family (Monte & Fred)              Steven Blatt                       Stacey and William Friday
Campaign                             Geri and Steven Recht                     Alona and Sam Bloom                Joan B. Friedberg
                                     Todd Reidbord                             Elliott Blum                       Eva and Gary Friedman
Anonymous (4)
                                     Reingold Family                           BNY Mellon Wealth Management       Barbara and Barry Friedman
Meryl and David Ainsman
                                       Beth and Richard Gluck                  Stacy Bodow                        Karen and Jack Friedman
Amy and David Bahm
                                       Susan and Reuven Moses                  Ronnika Bolden                     Frank Furman
David Baker and Sharon Dilworth
                                       Bruce Reingold                          Stephen Boochever                  Kelly Gable-LaBelle
Eleanor Baker-Feldman
                                       Claire and Vern* Reingold               Barbara and Bruce Booken           Dorothy Gallagher
Susan Ballengee
                                       Michael Reingold                        William Boyd                       Ruth Ganz
Marjorie and Alan Baum
                                     Lori and James Ruttenberg                 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Brand      Nancy and Dan Garfinkel
Deborah and Sam Berkovitz
                                     Cathy Green Samuels and                   Dorothy and Howard Braun           Ruth and Alan Garfinkel
Emily and Howard Bromberg
                                       Michael Samuels                         James Brown                        Adrien and Arnold Gefsky
Jill and Adam Brufsky
                                     Suzanne and Brian Schreiber               Leslie M. Brown                    Philip Gelman
Barbara and David Burstin
                                     Rosalie Shulman                           Dr. Barbara Burstin                Kevin German
Estate of Virginia Kaufman
                                     Lori and Robert Shure                     Leslie Butera                      Eileen Gerneth
Harry and Irene P. Exler
                                     Jane Hepner and Leonard Silk              Stephanie Buzza                    Semyon and Svetlana Geshiktor
Robin and Mark Exler
                                     Ingrid and Eric Smiga                     Marion Caplan                      Sonya Furman and Yefim Getsuk
Lynn and Lance Farber
                                     Shelly and Dan Snyder                     William Cartiff                    Joseph and Geraldine Giuliani
Lynne and Michael Garfinkel
                                     Dr. Solomon and Sarah Goldberg            Joseph Cepek                       Ida and Alex Glanz
Garfinkel Family
                                       Memorial Endowment Fund                 Francine Cicco                     Sarah Glascom
   Essie and Harold Garfinkel
                                     Jessica and Kyle Solomon                  Ellen Clair                        Caryle and Mark Glosser
   Mindy and Steve Garfinkel
                                     Linda and Jeffrey Solomon                 Ann Cohen                          Amy and Bob Gold
   Kate and Sandy Garfinkel
                                     Marcia and Mel Solomon                    Sally and Dr. Richard Cohen        Gary Gold
   Lynne and Michael
                                     Carole Bailey and Andrew Stewart          Meredith and David Cohen           Ruben Goldberg
Doris and Neil Gillman
                                     Kathryn and George Svilar, Jr.            Frances Cohen-Knoerdel             Susie and Jimmy Goldman
Susie and Jimmy Goldman
                                     Judith Tobe                               James Colker                       Gerry Gondelman
Erica and William Goodman
                                     Rebecca and Scott Tobe                    Deborah Comay                      Lee Gordon
Dr. and Mrs. Yram Groff
                                     Robin and Scott Weisman                   Contemporary Concepts              Linda and Alan Gordon
Pamela and David Haber
                                     Amy and Lou Weiss                         Mary Lou and Edward Corcoran       Shirley and Stanley Gordon
John and Cindy Halicky
                                     Marla and Michael Werner                  Cristina Correnti                  Ida S. Gottesman
Suzie and David Hirsh
                                     Mara and Brad Winters                     Carol and Gary Cozen               Dr. and Mrs. Marcus A. Gottlieb
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg
                                                                               Mary M. Croyle                     Regina and William Goyette
   Foundation, Inc.
                                     JCC ANNUAL FUND DONORS                    Eve Dater                          Dana and Richard Green
Beverly and Lee Hurwitz
                                     (JCCAF)                                   Phyllis and Robert Davis           Barbara Greenberg
Hyman Family Foundation Trust
                                     Listing includes donors who have          Ada and Stanford Davis             David Greenberg
Ellen and Gregg Kander
                                     designated their United Way gift to the   Helen Davis                        Michael H. Greene
Donna and Robert Kaplan
                                     JCC                                       Marsha Deaktor                     Melissa Hiller and Jeffrey Griffin
Stuart and Laura Kaplan
                                     Anonymous (65)                            Therese DeFazio                    Susan and Roy Gross
Carole and Jerry Katz
                                     Rabbis Scott and Donni Aaron              Larry DeFrancesco                  Dodi Walker Gross
Elaine and Carl Krasik
                                     Meryl and David Ainsman                   Edith A. Diamond                   Lori and Richard Guttman
Joelle and Curt Krasik
                                     Alexander C. & Tillie S. Speyer           Gene and Robert Dickman            Ann Haalman
Susan Berman and Douglas Kress
                                        Foundation                             Catherine Didycz                   Stephanie and Jeffrey Haines
Jason Kushner
                                     Emma Alper                                Teresa Dungan                      John and Cindy Halicky
Lebovitz Family
                                     Alex Amato                                Duquesne Light                     Geraldine Harris
   Beverly Lebovitz
                                     Dr. Madalon Amenta                        Dr. Rachel and Brian Eglash        Mayer Harris
   Mark Caldone and Paul Lebovitz
                                     Sandra Katz and John Aronis               Marc Ehrenreich                    Leslie Golomb and Ronald Hartman
   Robin and Jeff Lebovitz
                                     Manuel Askin                              Ivan L. Engel                      Donald Hastings
Dory and David Levine
                                     Joan and Alex Baker                       Rhonda and Marvin Epstein          Marlene Haus
Debra and Phil Levy
                                     Jessica Balzer                            Joan Fairbanks                     Lynn K. Pascoe and John F. Heiner
Julie and Jason Lichtenstein
                                     Liza and Adam Baron                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fallon        Sharon Helden
Alexis Winsten Mancuso and
                                     Eva and Bernard Bauer                     Wendy and Steven Feinstein         Celia and Edwin Hepner
   Carl Mancuso
                                     Paul Bendzsuk                             Stephanie Fidel                    Allan and Janet Hirshberg
Rachel Marcus
                                     Dennis Berbach                            Lina Fink                          Vicky and Steven Hoffman
Mary Sachs Trust
                                     Jane Berkey                               Joe Finkelpearl                    Marilyn Holloway
Janet and Donald Moritz
                                     Deborah and Sam Berkovitz                 Jeffrey and Jennifer Finkelstein   Jennifer and Larry Honig
Laurie Moritz
                                     Irene Berkowitz                           Leonna and Barry Fisher            Carole Horne
Alison and Bernard Newman
                                     Nancy G. and Lester Berkowitz             Evelyn Fisher                      Gertrude Horowitz
Rae-Gayle and Mitchell Pakler
                                     Sanford Berman                            Linda Fleisner                     Rhonda A. and Mark S. Horvitz
Barbara and Lester Parker
                                     Faina Bershadsky                          Shayne Fletcher                    Katherine Hrabovsky
Debbie and Mark Pechersky
                                     Niru Bharati                              Roger Flynn                        Rebecca Hurowitz

                                                                               2010-2011 Donors to the JCC

Kathy and Larry Hurwitz              Jeffrey Markel and Carol Robinson    Cathy Green Samuels and              Joanne and Mark White
Beverly and Lee Hurwitz              Jack Markowitz                          Michael Samuels                   Nicole and Matthew Williamson
Esther and Solomon Jarmell           Betsy Bell Martin                    Ruth and Allan Schachter             Janet and Gary Wire
Isadore Joshowitz                    Carolyn Martin                       Dr. and Mrs. Harold Scheinman        Nancy and James Wolf
Jennifer and David Kadosh            Gwendolyn Martin                     Beatrice Schlesinger                 Carole and Harvey Wolsh
Christine Kalogeris                  Sherree Hall and Jill Martin         Nancy Bernstein and Robert Schoen    Laurie and Grant Wood
Richard E. and Bobbi Kann            Anthony Martorella                   Suzanne and Brian Schreiber          Jennifer and Andrew Wright
Aron Minkoff                         Leslie Mason                         Tracy Seewald                        Malcolm Wright
Carole and Jerry Katz                Nehemiah McHugh                      Sara and Ken Segel                   Hannah Yacknin-Dawson
Isa and E. William Keller            Mollie McLister                      Sandra Shaffer-Sipes                 Ralph Young
Ellen and Jack Kessler               Paul McMahon                         Martha and John Shanley              Micaela Young
Sydelle Kessler                      Catherine McMichael                  Shoshanna and Adam Shear             Barbara W. Zelekovitz
Tatyana Khersonsky                   Hagai Meirovitch                     David Shorr                          Angelina Zortea
Johanna Kitman                       Svetlana Meskina                     Lori and Robert Shure                Madeline Zukerman
Sandy Kleban-Simon                   Nicole and Roi Mezare                Joel Siegel
Boris Kofman                         Lawrence Miller                      Gert Sigman                          JCCAF / ADMINISTRATION
Karen and Michael Kozel              Cheryl Moore                         Rhoda and Seymour Sikov              The Ettenson Family Charitable Fund
Blaire Kramer                        Socorro Moreno                       Lee and Myrna Silverman              Jack Goldsmith
Elaine and Carl Krasik               Marcia and Thomas Morton             Adele Silz                           Stuart Nord
Corinne and Seymoure Krause          Laurie Moser                         Barbara Simanek
Edith and Robert Kreider             Marsha Mullen                        Megan Small                          JCCAF / AGEWELL
Jeff Krimsky                         Diane and Cary Newland               Frank Smizik                         Anonymous (37)
Reid Kronzek                         Regina Numrich                       Barbara and Donald Smorul            Sue Bartoletta
Josie Fisher and Mark Kubaska        Andy Offerman                        Sandy and Edgar Snyder               Morton Berkowitz, M.D.
Mary Kay and Gene LaFace             DeeJay Oshry                         Rozalia Somlo                        Dottie Berman
Julia Laird                          Elliott Oshry                        Arthur and Leslie Spiegel            Bertha T. Berman
Morris and Sylvia Lampenfeld         Nancy and Douglas Ostrow             Linda Starr-Panaia                   Suzanne Berman
Aline Lange                          Bruce Padolf                         Allison and Bradley Stein            Frances Cercone
Marcia Kurs-Lasky and Steve Lasky    Derek Parker                         Sharyn and Daniel Stein              Glenn E. Cole
Marilyn and Earl Latterman           Ellen Olshansky and Richard Pattis   Carol and David Steinbach            Dolores Colorito
Belle and Arnold Lazarus             Judi Pearlman                        Judith Sternberger                   Patricia Connelly
Joanne and Jerome Lebovitz           Wendy and Stuart Perilman            David and Meredith Strassburger      David and Joan Cooper
Lynn and Larry Lebowitz              Seema Pollack-Gross                  Donna Studeny                        Tish Corbett
Janet Lee and Matthew Rosengart      Rita and David Pollock               Holly Swartz                         Mary M. Croyle
J. Lehotsky                          John Raker                           Diane Sweeney                        James P. Culligan
Miriam and James Leib                Sophia Regas                         Naomi Swerdlow                       Dolores and Saul Davis
Cindy Goodman-Leib and Scott Leib    Stacey Reibach                       Marilyn Swimmer                      Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Dickter
Caryl and Mike Levin                 Stacey and Andrew Reibach            Toni Tierney                         Betty and Dave Dinkin
Claire and Lawrence Levine           Kathleen Revesz                      Patricia and John Tierney            Rhonda and Marvin Epstein
Sybil Lieberman and Don Levine       P. Richardson                        Franklin and Ellen Toker             Judith Esman
Roberta Mintz and Harry Levine       Beverly and Howard Rieger            Dr. and Mrs. Albert Treger           Joan Fairbanks
Susanna and Richard Levitt           Amy Schulman and Steven Rock         Tri R Sales, Inc.                    Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Fidoten
William B. LeWinter                  DeVaughn Rodgers                     Triangle Institute of Professional   Robert Forrest
Janet Markel and Barry Lhormer       Gabriela Rodriguez-Stabile              Photography                       Paul J. Fuhs
G. L. Lightner                       Beth Rogers                          Gina Tudi                            Nancy and Dan Garfinkel
Celia and Robert Liss                Jeanne Ronschke                      Hollis Day and Asher Tulsky          Mary Ann Gargani
Bonnie Livingston                    Barbara and Jerome Rosenberg         Michelle Verner                      Ida S. Gottesman
Helen and Veniamin Lofenfeld         Janet Lee and Matthew Rosengart      Jayme Vertullo                       Veronica R. Greenberg
Julie Long                           Kate and Joel Rosenthal              Suzanne and Richard Wagner           Frenchie B. Hickman
Ruth Love                            Karen and Anthony Ross               Lucienne and Niel Wald               Ellen Hirsch
Michelle and Martin Lubetsky         Mayda and Barry Roth                 Kyle Walter                          Jennifer and Larry Honig
Marc Luick                           Sheila Rothman                       Rhonda Wasserman                     Rosemary Hulsman
Edward Luppe                         Ruth Rubenstein                      Jacqueline J. Weaver                 Hyman Family Foundation Trust
Jay and Kathy Lutins                 Joanne Rubinoff                      Lauren F. Weill                      Ayten Ilkin
Norma Sue Madden                     Barbara* and Victor Rudkin           Claire and Morris Weinbaum           Walter Jandrasits
Gertrude Mallet                      Audrey Russo                         Goldie and Sam Weinreb               Christine Kalogeris
Alan and Lauren Mallinger & Family   Ilene and Jeff Ruttenberg            Dr. and Mrs. Steven Weisbord         Paul Kotlyar
Sherry Malone                        Lori and James Ruttenberg            Marcia M. Weiss                      Ruth Krieger
Alexis Winsten Mancuso and           Selma Ryave                          Nancy Weitzman                       Sylvia and Morris Lampenfeld
   Carl Mancuso                      Sylvia Sachs                         Harriet Wells                        Daniel Rosen and Shani Lasin
Joshua Mangan                        Alla Safonova                        P. Diane Welsh                       Sofya and Roman Leyzerovich
Jessica Margolis                                                          Anne and Jeffrey Wetzel              Sybil Lieberman and Don Levine

2010-2011 Donors to the JCC

Sandra Ludman                         Rita Gould                            JCCAF / EARLY CHILDHOOD               Barbara Mendlowitz
Ron Macejka                           Melissa Hiller and Jeffrey Griffin    DEVELOPMENT CENTER                    Joan and Sam Prizant
Alexis Winsten Mancuso and            Aaronel Deroy Gruber* and             Anonymous (2)                         Barbara and Jerome Rosenberg
   Carl Mancuso                          Irving Gruber                      Suzanne Berman                        Ilene and Jeff Ruttenberg
Estelle and Melvin Mann               Jane Haskell                          Judith and Robert Bernardini          Shoshanna and Adam Shear
Mary Marks                            Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Hillman         Bev and Zack Block                    Susan Silversmith
Pearl L. McCourt                      Steve and Vicky Hoffman               Barbara Braunstein                    Judy and Ed Spahr
Richard Meldon                        Irene and Rabbi Walter Jacob          Posy and Jack Brill                   Leslie and Arthur Spiegel
Diane and Cary Newland                Ellen and Jack Kessler                Susan Cohen                           Jeanne and Barry Tenenouser
Fran Ortenberg                        Paula G. and Alan H. Klein            Nancy and Gary Cohen                  Dr. and Mrs. Steven Weisbord
Yelena Ovchinnikova                   Brian Kruman                          David and Joan Cooper                 Elaine and Howard Weiss
Smadar and Jerome Parness             Estelle Kruman                        Larry DeFranceso                      Carole and Harvey Wolsh
Ruva Ritov                            Claire and Lawrence Levine            M.J. and Robert Galanter
Rosalyn Robin                         Patty and Stan Levine                 Susan Galya                           JCCAF / EMMA KAUFMANN CAMP
Jeanne Ronschke                       Roger Levine                          Patrick Gurian and Katharine          Anonymous (2)
Mayda and Barry Roth                  Andee and Michael Lowenstein             Gleason                            Lisa and Steve Botos
Mildred Rubenstein                    Dr. Milton and Lois Michaels          JoAnn Goldberg                        Pamela Cohen
Ruth Rubenstein                       Ann Murphy                            Linda and Robert Goldstein            Shawn and William Elman
Stephen J. Rusnak                     J. Robert Myers                       Linda and Alan Gordon                 Robin and Mark Exler
Frank and Cecelia Rzewnicki           Nancy Bernstein and Robert Schoen     Dodi Walker Gross                     Lynn and Lance Farber
Sylvia Sachs                             Endowment Fund                     Stephanie and Jeffrey Haines          Sondra and Richard Glasser
Donald Sauer                          Virginia Norkus                       Rosanne and Anthony Harrison          Jan and Mitchell Hoffman
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Scheinman         Jack Porter                           Ruth and Morris Hecht                 Rhonda A. and Mark S. Horvitz
Carmine and Dolores Sebastian         James Porto                           Kathy and Larry Hurwitz               Diane and John Inserra
Eileen and Robert Sheer               Christa Andersen and Terry Potter     Joseph D. Hyde                        Adrienne Irwin
Isaac Shvartsman                      Robert Qualters                       Jean and Samuel Jacobs                Wendy King and George Lasnier
Susan M. Singer                       Robert C. and Gene B. Dickman         Ellen Jones                           Cheryl Moore
Elaine Siskind                           Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish   Goldie and Joel Katz                  Steve Orstein
Minnie Sklar                             Community Foundation of the        Roman Petrov and Tatiana Kasakova     Fran Rubin
Lois Smolovitz                           Jewish Federation of Greater       Dr. Chadd E. Nesbit and               Suzanne and Brian Schreiber
Sharon S. Snider                         Pittsburgh                            Dr. Morgen A. Kelly                Lenny Silberman
Lois Solomon                          Mayda and Barry Roth                  Bobbee and Elliott Kramer             Marcia and Mel Solomon
Yetta Speiser                         Nancy Bernstein and Robert Schoen     Sybil Lieberman and Don Levine        David and Meredith Strassburger
Alvin and Judith Stein                Suzanne and Brian Schreiber           Don Linzer                            Shirley Weinsweig
Robert Stinogle                       Rosalyn Sherman                       Neil Niren                            Dr. and Mrs. Steven Weisbord
Jane Stokar                           Barbara and Larry Shuman              Arline and Gerald Polinsky            Robin and Scott Weisman
Rose B. Thompson                      Andrea and Robert Stanger             Sandra K. Poureshmenantalemy
Ann Jean and Louis A. Waldman         Frank Talenfeld                       Dolly and Jay Reznik                  JCCAF / FITNESS
Jacquelin G. Wechsler                 The Pittsburgh Foundation             Nancy Roth                            Ruth and Abraham Horowitz
                                      Marsha Zuckerman and                  Barbara* and Victor Rudkin
JCCAF / AMERICAN JEWISH                  Michael Tobias                     Diane and Edwin Silverman             JCCAF / JAMES & RACHEL
MUSEUM                                Frank and Ellen Toker                                                       LEVINSON DAY CAMP
                                                                            Susan and Paul Stein
Anonymous (2)                         Barbara and Emil Trellis              Jeanne and Barry Tenenouser           Anonymous
Marilyn Asimow                        Jacklyn and Arnold N. Wagner          Rebecca and Thomas Wiles              Liza and Adam Baron
Edith and Egon Balas                  Susan Bails and Howard Wein                                                 Judy and Thomas Conroy
Dr. Charles and Pamela Berlin         Susan and Robert Weis                 JCCAF / EARLY CHILDHOOD               Joan and Ben Forman
Richard Berlin                        Amy and Lou Weiss                     DEVELOPMENT CENTER – EARLY            Esther and Harold Garfinkel
Rabbi Aaron and Dr. Michelle Bisno    David Wilkins                         LITERACY AND CHILDHOOD                Salvatore J. Grande
Charlotte Bluestone                                                         DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE
Rochelle and Irv Blumenfeld           JCCAF / CHILDREN, TEENS AND           In Honor of Ilene Ruttenberg          JCCAF / MEMBERSHIP
Charlee Brodsky                       FAMILIES (including After-School      Arleen and Marvin Adelson             SCHOLARSHIP
Dr. Barbara Burstin                   Care)                                 Eva Blum                              Stuart Nord
Elizabeth Castonguay                  Anonymous (2)                         Posy and Jack Brill
                                                                            Laura and Elliot Dinkin               JCCAF / SOUTH HILLS JCC
Charles Cohen                         Caryl and Mike Levin
Barton and Teri Cowan                 Alla and Max Likhachev                Phyllis and Phil Feinert              Anonymous (13)
Ada and Stanford Davis                Ken Levin and Marci Mitre             Barbara and David Greenberg           Mr. and Mrs. Carl Banks
The Donald & Sylvia Robinson Family   Dr. and Ms. Bonnie F. Mokotoff        Seema Pollack Gross and Steve Gross   Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Buerger
   Foundation                         Mayda and Barry Roth                  Judi and Irwin Hirsh                  Joseph G. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Eisner            Rose B. Thompson                      Beverly and Lee Hurwitz               Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Daffner
Andrea and Andrew Eller               Angelina Zortea                       Gayle Tissue and Yiannis              Judy and Jon Friedman
Nancy and Dan Garfinkel                                                        Kaloyeropoulos                     Nancy and Dan Garfinkel
Stacey Gentile                                                              Ellen and Richard Kitay               Mary Ann Gargani

                                                                             2010-2011 Donors to the JCC

Darcy and Michael Gordon         JCC’S BIG NIGHT: Peace, Love &         James P. Goldman, AIA ~ Sports         Allegheny Valley Schools
Jean Hartz                       the IKCs                                  Facility Consultant                 American Brasserie
Vic and Ginny Joyce              Presenting Sponsor                     Ellen and Gregg Kander                 Andrew Leo Hair Salon
Patricia C. Kanavich             PNC Bank                               Carole and Jerry Katz                  Arbonne
Estelle and Jacob Katz           Premier Sponsor                        Ellen and Jack Kessler                 Artisan Plastic Surgery Renew
Betty L. Looksho                 Highmark/SilverSneakers® Fitness       Susan Berman and Douglas Kress            Skin Care, Laser Center & Spa
Esther I. Miller                   Program                              Lynn and Larry Lebowitz                B2 Restaurants
                                 Lead Sponsor
Sue Neubert                                                             Cindy Goodman-Leib and Scott Leib      Dr. Roxana Barad ~ Aesthetic Laser
                                 UPMC Health Plan
The Oleinick Family              Corporate Sponsors
                                                                        Lieber Hammer Huber & Bennington          Center & Medi-Spa
Stacey Reibach                   Anonymous (2)                          Robert and Celia Liss                  Barbri Bar Review
Gerald Rubenstein                A&L Motor Sales                        Littles                                Beehive Needle Arts ~ Mt. Lebanon
Leonard and Joan Scheinholtz     Meryl & David Ainsman and              Catherine and Mark Loevner             Cathy Reifer and Sam Braver
Alice Troup                         Ainsman, Levine & Drexler, LLC      Louis Plung & Company                  Budd Baer Inc.
Alice Weiss                      Aladdin Food Management Services       Jeffrey Markel and Carol Robinson      Cabot Creamery Cooperative
Harold C. Weiss                  Cheryl Gerson and Bruce Americus       McCrory & McDowell LLC                 Cappy’s Café
Dr. and Mrs. Barry J. Zeichner   B&R Pools & Swim Shop                  MedExpress                             Carabella
                                 Ahmie E. Baum CFP®, UBS Financial      Meyer Unkovic & Scott LLP              Carol Maurin Photography
JCCAF / SOUTH HILLS JCC DAY                                             Northwestern Mutual Financial          Caroselli, Beachler, McTiernan &
                                    Services Inc.
CAMP                                                                       Network ~ Jim Ruttenberg               Conboy
                                 BBR Services
Esther and Harold Garfinkel                                             NuGo Nutrition                         Choices
                                 big Burrito Restaurant Group
Jennifer McLaughlin                                                     Elliott Oshry                          City Theatre
                                 BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Amy Schulman and Steven Rock                                            Oxford Development Company             Coffee Tree Roasters ~ Squirrel Hill
                                 BPU Investment Management, Inc.
                                 Marc and Betsy Brown                   Parkvale Bank                          Common Plea Catering
JCCAF / SOUTH HILLS JCC EARLY                                           Penn Fixture & Supply Company          Contemporary Concepts
CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT            Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney
                                 Sidney and Sylvia Busis                Pittsburgh Oral Surgery, P.C.          Corky & Lenny’s
                                 Barbara and Gerald Chait               PJ Dick / Trumbull                     Cornerstone Restaurant
The Beamon Family                                                       Pollock Begg Komar Glasser LLC         Costco
Joyce and Scott Cessar           CIBER, Inc.
                                 CleanCare                              R&B Mechanical, Inc.                   Courtyard Marriott ~ Canton, Ohio
Stacey and Jason Cobb                                                   Richard E. Rauh                        Courtyard Marriott ~ Pittsburgh
Colleen and Richard Earley       ColdCypress, LLC
                                 Common Plea Catering                   The Redwoods Group Foundation             Downtown
Raissa and David Federline                                              Robert I. Glimcher Family Foundation   Courtyard Marriott ~ Shadyside
Barbara and David Greenberg      Concept Art Gallery
                                 Del Monte Foods                        The Rock Family                           Oakland
John Hall                                                               Karen and Tony Ross                    Adriane and Mark DePante
Debra and Phil Levy              Desmone & Associates Architects
                                 Dollar Bank                            The Rudolph Family                     Designspace
Alexis Winsten Mancuso and                                              Audrey Russo and Joseph Parrish        Dina Ellen
  Carl Mancuso                   Dunkin’ Donuts (Heartland Rest.
                                    Group)                              Lori and Jim Ruttenberg                Dinette
Sandra and Robert Mihok                                                 S&T Bank                               Donato’s Restaurant
The Richardson Family            Eyetique
                                 Federated Investors Foundation, Inc.   Nancy Bernstein and Robert Schoen      Doubletree ~ Cleveland
                                 Fifth Third Bank                       Suzanne and Brian Schreiber            Dress Circle
                                 First Niagara Bank                     In Honor of Jerome Segal               e.b. PEPPER
Ronna and Dan Askin                                                     Shady Side Academy                     Evelyn James Interiors
Community Day School             Fort Pitt Capital Group
                                 Franklin Interiors                     Silk & Stewart Development Group       Fairmont Pittsburgh
Computer Tech Class                                                     Linda and Ken Simon                    Feathers
Tova Finkelstein                 Jack and Karen Friedman
                                 Full Bowl Catering                     Smallman Street Deli                   Fiddlesticks
Tracy Grandelis                                                         Square Café                            Fireman Creative
Kathy and Larry Hurwitz          Giant Eagle
                                 Caryle and Mark Glosser                Strassburger McKenna Gutnick &         Helen Fishbein
PPGC ~ AFP Conference                                                      Gefsky                              Food For Thought Deli
Batia and Todd Rascoe            Groff Orthopaedics
                                 Ina and Larry Gumberg                  Toshiba Business Solutions             Four Winds Gallery
Mayda and Barry Roth                                                    University of Pittsburgh               Framework
Samuel M. Goldston Teen          Marcia Gumberg
                                 Lori & Richard Guttman and             UPMC Cancer Centers                    Francesca’s Collections
  Philanthropy Endowment Fund                                           Veritas Contracting LLC                Ruth and Alan Garfinkel
Ida Steinberg                       Guttman Oil
                                 Darryl Hall                            Walnut Capital                         Girasole
                                 Hefren-Tillotson, Inc.                 Winchester Thurston School             Glam Salon
                                 Henderson Brothers, Inc.               Witt Pest Management                   Glassworks ~ Ilene Levy
                                 Jennifer and Larry Honig               The Children and Grandchildren of      Eric Goldberg
                                 The Hurwitz Family and BL Sour            John and Lee Wolf                   Goldstock Jewelers
                                    Cream and Dips                                                             Green Oaks Country Club
                                                                        JCC’S BIG NIGHT: Peace, Love &         Heinz Field
                                 Hyman Family Foundation
                                                                        the IKCs                               Heinz Hall
                                 Iron City Uniform Rentals
                                                                        Auction Donors                         Invitations Unlimited
                                 ISS Facility Services                  91 Wood Fired Oven
                                 Jacobson Associates Inc. / Wagner                                             J.Hilburn
                                                                        Advantage Sport & Fitness              J-Film Festival

2010-2011 Donors to the JCC

Jocelyn Fur Earmuffs                 Todd Reidbord                    Gerry Gondelman                       Whole Foods
Joseph Orlando Gentlemen Clothiers   Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel     Sharon and Danny Greenfield           Wilson-McGinley
Joshua Franzos Photography           Roberta Weissburg Leathers       H. Marketing Services Inc.
Kards Unlimited                      Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and   Joel Hausman                          JCC Endowment Funds
Tim Komen                               Museum                        Arnold Hoffman                        Edna & Larry Abelson Fund for
Sue Friedberg & Dean Kross           Marcia Rosenthal                 Kathy and Larry Hurwitz                  Special Needs
L&M Optical Outlet                   Rusted Root                      Susan and Stephen Jordan              Joel M. Alcoff Endowment Fund
La Cucina Flegrea                    Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse          Hannah and Marvin Kamin               The Allen “Ace” Aizenberg Boys and
Lamar Advertising                    Saks Fifth Avenue                Janet and Michael Kamon                  Girls Varsity Basketball Teams
Dorothy Lampl                        Schiller’s Pharmacy              Joan Bluestone Landorf                Aviraz-Rosenfeld Family Israel Teen
Larrimor’s                           Bob Sendall                      Susan Lane                               Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                            Suzanne F. Bender Memorial
Marilyn and Earl Latterman           Seven Springs Mountain Resort    Sally and Fred Lehman
                                                                                                               Membership Fund
L’azur Salon & Spa                   Shadyside Market                 Claire and Lawrence Levine
                                                                                                            Sylvia Berger Fund
Les Halles                           Shadyside Nail Salon             Sydelle Meyer
                                                                                                            Jack & Esther Bergman Fund
Levin Furniture                      Rosalyn Sherman                  Barbara and Eugene Myers              Marci Lynn Bernstein Playgrounds
Louis Anthony Jewelers               Silky’s Crow’s Nest              Denise and Jack Nairn                 Nancy Bernstein and Robert Schoen
Macy’s ~ Waterfront                  Six Penn Kitchen                 Point Park University                    Endowment Fund
Maids and More                       Skin Beautiful Medical Spa &     Barbara Rackoff                       Marsha W. & Alan D. Bramowitz Fund
Mario Lemieux Foundation                Hormone Restoration Center    Nancy and William Rackoff             Catherine & Harry Burke Music School
Marjie Allon Fine Stationery         William Z. Spatz, DMD            Betty and Larry Rich                     Scholarship Fund
Maxalto                              Specialty Luggage                Barbara and Jerome Rosenberg          Linda & Stanley Bushkoff Family
Mirbeau Resort & Spa                 Spoon                            Dr. and Mrs. Harold Scheinman            Endowment Fund
ModCloth                             Square Café                      Lynn Segel                            Gertrude F. and Dr. Paul S. Caplan
Burton Morris                        Sunnyledge                       Barbara and Daniel Shapira               Endowment Fund
Morton’s                             Sydney Love Bags                 Albert and Anita Lopatin Smolover     Phil Cohen Endowment Fund
Mosaic ~ Susie Perelman              Tambellini’s Restaurant          SongWhale LLC                         Phil Cohen Memorial Fund
Mozart Room                          Tennis Village                   SS Kemp                               Ralph Davidson Special Needs Fund
                                                                                                            Stanford & Ada Davis Young People’s
Murray Avenue Grill                  Tessaro’s                        Dr. Mervin S. and Marcia M. Stewart
                                                                                                               Theater Fund
Nachum Golan Interiors, Inc.         The Carlton                      Suzanne and Richard Wagner
                                                                                                            Jacob & Bertha Dickman
National Council of Jewish Women     Tournesol                        Susan Bails and Howard Wein
                                                                                                               Child Care Fund
New York Nails Salon                 Trader Joe’s                     Jeffrey Weinberg                      Diskin Fund for Performing Arts at
Omni William Penn                    T’s Upholstery Studio            Jill and Ansley Westbrook                South Hills JCC
One Kings Lane                       Tumi                             Leatrice and John M. Wolf, Sr.        Jack L. Friedman Memorial Scholarship
Pamelas                              Vanilla Pastry Studio                                                     Fund for Senior Adult Activities
Steve Pepper                         Terri Wagner                     JCC’S BIG NIGHT: Peace, Love &        Samuel N. & Yetta Frishman Memorial
Peter Braasch Acupuncture            Walnut Grill                     the IKCs                                 Endowment Fund
Peter’s Pub                          Walnut Grove                     In-Kind Donors                        Isadore Gerber Scholarship
PetSmart®                            Waterworks Cinema                ABC Imaging                              Endowment Fund
Picket Fence                         Wear the Shift                   Alpha Graphics                        Ginsberg Family Fund for Children’s
Pitt Basketball                      Judy and Rocky Wein              Alpha Screen Graphics                    Judaic Programs
Pitt Football                        Weisshouse                       Bill Chisnell Productions             Caryle & Mark Glosser Endowment
Pittsburgh Bagel Factory             Willi’s                          Common Plea Catering                     Fund
Pittsburgh Ballet Theater            Dr. Alvin Wostein                Create Studio                         Martin Gluck, Samuel &
                                                                      Designspace                              Jennie Gluck Fund
Pittsburgh Glass Center              Zipper Blues
                                                                      FastSigns                             Jacob & Gertrude Goldberg
Pittsburgh Musical Theater
                                     JCC’S BIG NIGHT: Peace, Love &   Frank Fuhrer Wholesale                   Children’s Fund
Pittsburgh Penguins
                                     the IKCs                         Henne Jewelers                        Bert & Gussie Goldman
Pittsburgh Public Theater                                                                                      Membership Fund
Pittsburgh Steelers                  Donors                           Herrmann Printing
                                     Jean Atkins                      HMS Marketing                         Jean R. Goldstein Educational, Cultural
Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium                                                                                  and Religious Fund
Platinum Salon                       Richard Barna                    Invitations Unlimited ~ Robin
                                                                                                            Lillian Goldstein Senior Adult Volunteer
Plum Pan-Asian Kitchen               Sharon Bernstein                    Gordon
                                                                                                               Leadership Award
PNC Broadway Series                  Charlotte Bluestone              Lamar Advertising                     Irving and Rita Green Memorial Fund
PNC Pops                             Marion Cohen                     Lindenmeyr Munroe                     Anne Unger Greenberg Fund
Point Brugge Café                    Carol and Gary Cozen             Mosaic ~ Susie Perelman               Howard Guttman
Pool City                            Dan Taylor Interiors, Inc.       Perspectives                             Cardiovascular Program
Johno Prascak                        Betty and Dave Dinkin            Pittsburgh City Paper                 Hausman Family Endowment Fund
Precision Landscaping, Inc.          Helen and Joseph Eaton           Rauh Jewish Archives & Heinz          Loren R. Hirsch Memorial
Pro Football Hall of Fame            Beth and Dan Erlanger               History Center                        Bereavement Fund
PSO BNY Mellon Grand Classics        The Fine Foundation              Sir Speedy Printing ~ Oakland         Zola Hirsch Fund for Special Needs
                                     Robin and Abe Friedman           The Jewish Chronicle                  Fred Hoffman Maccabi Memorial
                                     Lori Abrams and Ed Frim          The Prop Shop                            Scholarship Fund
                                     Lynne and Michael Garfinkel      Trust-Franklin Press Co.              Jewish Sports Hall of Fame
Red Dog Grooming
                                     Jan Glick                        Typecraft Press Inc.                  Nathan H. Kaufman Fund for Adult
Regency Transportation                                                                                         Swimming Programs
                                     Linda and Robert Goldstein       Whirl Publishing

                                                                                      2010-2011 Donors to the JCC

Kirshner/Paradise EKC Scholarship Fund   Ruth & Ben Seigel Aquatic Fund          Robert Spiegel Memorial               CLAIRE AND VERN REINGOLD
Klee College Loan Fund                   Shapera Endowment Fund                     Endowment Fund                     EMMA KAUFMANN CAMP
The Kleinerman Fund                      Roslyn Sher Music Fund                  Connie S. Sherman Music               SCHOLARSHIP FUND
Marilyn Kramer Memorial Fund             Mark Shiffman South Hills JCC Fund         Endowment Fund                     Anonymous
Curtis and Joelle Krasik &               Isabel Soltz Shiflet Senior Adult       Sandy and Edgar Snyder Israel         Jamie Stern and Marc Adelsheimer
   Scott and Laurie Krasik                  Endowment Fund                          Experience Endowment Fund          Meryl and David Ainsman
   After-School Care Fund                Max & Gussie Shore Children’s           Stark JCC Orchestra Endowment Fund    Frani and Milo Averbach
The Gary L. Kress Fund                      Scholarship Fund                     Phyllis Unger Memorial
                                                                                                                       Annelyn and Richard Baron
Earl Latterman Family Fund               Gladys and Abraham Shore Endowment         Endowment Fund
                                                                                                                       Margaret Bell
Ida & Samuel Latterman Volunteer            Camp Fund                            B. C. Weiner and Margery Ash Weiner
   Mitzvah Award                         Lewis I. & Libbye A. Shusett Memorial      Memorial Fund
                                                                                                                       Joan and Bernard Bloch
Ricky Lebovitz Emma Kaufmann Camp           Fund for the Stroke Program          Leatrice and John M. Wolf, Sr.        Elliott Block
   Scholarship Endowment Fund            Joel Sigal Maccabi Fund                    Family/JCC Endowment Fund          Cheryl and Harold Blumenfeld
Nathan S. Levenson Enrichment Fund       Kenny Silverblatt Memorial Fund for                                           Gerda and Abe Bretton
Sidney L. Lifsher Memorial Fund             Emma Kaufmann Camp                   ENDOWMENT FUND DONORS                 Linda Buchman
Lenny Litman Performing Arts Fund        Jerry Silverman Music School Fund       Estate of Jack Gordon                 Francine and Ivan Caplan
Lubisch Family Wellness Fund             Tamara and Leonard Skirboll             Estate of Charles E. Kaufman          Norbert Cohen
Dora & Joseph Marcus Camp                   Endowment Fund                                                             Columbus Jewish Foundation
   Scholarship Fund                      Allan & Rose Smith Memorial Fund        ALLEN “ACE” AIZENBERG                 Trudi and Jerome Danenberg
The Justin Mark Children’s Library       Stuart Smith Fund                       BASKETBALL UNIFORM FUND               Sharon and Neil Danzger
   of the JCC                            Gertrude & Meyer Spiro                                                        Deborah and Gerald Davis
                                                                                 Susan and Barney Guttman
Lillian & Jack Mervis Fund                  Endowment Fund                                                             Gene and Robert Dickman
Bernard Meyer Centennial                 Marvin “Bunker” Stein Memorial          AVIRAZ-ROSENFELD FAMILY               Cyma* and Gerald Dolan
   Membership Fund                          Endowment Fund                       ISRAEL TEEN SCHOLARSHIP FUND          Rhoda and Richard Dorfzaun
Jack Morris Endowment Fund for           Rhoda Lee Tabachnik & William
                                                                                 Eva Blum                              Amy and Gary Dubin
   JCC Aquatics                             Tabachnik Children’s Theater Fund
                                                                                 Lila Hirsch Brody and Victor Brody    Rhonda and Marvin Epstein
Sam B. Morris Membership Fund            George I. Teplitz Membership
Novick Braun Youth Lounge Fund              Scholarship Fund                     Rachel and Leonard Feinberg           Stephanie Ettelson
Steven G. Oswald Endowment Fund          George I. Teplitz Youth                 Anna Lee and David Firman             Harriet and Ronald Fibus
William & Goldie Ostrow College             Endowment Fund                       M.J. and Robert Galanter              Sarah Gross Fife
   Scholarship Fund                      Sidney Tobin Endowed Fund               Eleanor Granowitz                     Carol and Patrick Fleming
Lynn & Gerald S. Ostrow Family Fund      Jackie Unger Memorial Fund              Judi and Irwin Hirsh                  Joan and Ben Forman
   for Special Needs                     Florence and Nathan Wedner              Janet and Michael Kamon               Yetta and Arnold Freedman
Passamaneck Fund                            Membership Scholarship Fund          Joel Kranich                          Ruth and Alan Garfinkel
Harry Pearle Memorial Fund for           Bud Wechsler/“Doc” Greene               Dorita and Emanuel Krifcher           Wendy and Asher Garfinkel
   Emma Kaufmann Camp                       Geriatric Wellness Fund              Maxine Kruger                         Ellen and Robert Garvin
David Perelman Substance Abuse Fund      Nathan & Belle Weinstein Fund           Patty and Stan Levine                 Sue and James Gelsey
Irving A. Jaffe & Judith Jaffe Pollock   Arlene & Richard Weisman Family Fund    Jan and Maggie Levinson               Marilyn and Mark Glazer
   Emma Kaufmann Camp                    Robert & Marlene Zukerman Health        Carolyn Massaro                       Linda and Joel Gluck
   Scholarship Fund                         Club Endowment Fund                                                        Linda and Ed Goldston
                                                                                 Pamela Meacham
Reich Family Endowment Fund                                                                                            Barbara Weizenbaum and
                                                                                 Helen Naimark
Claire and Vern Reingold Emma            JCC Endowment Funds
                                                                                 Nili and Harold Paransky                 Robert Gorby
   Kaufmann Camp Scholarship Fund        Administered by the Jewish
                                                                                 Chaya Pollack                         Linda and Alan Gordon
Abe Robin Memorial Fund                  Community Foundation of the
Donald Robinson Art Fund to Support      Jewish Federation of Greater            Barbara and Jerome Rosenberg          Debbie and Jonathan Green
   JCC Gallery Exhibits                  Pittsburgh                              Zivi Aviraz and Leonardo Rosenfeld    Terri Greenberg
Shirley & Harold Robinson Endowment      Marlene Averbach Memorial Fund          Yale Rosenstein                       Ann Haalman
   Fund for Health Center Upgrades       Louis Brody Endowment Fund of the       Rina Shuldiner                        Scott Handmaker
Sally & Fred Rock Family Fund              UJF Foundation                        Rafael Tarnopolsky                    Ida and George Hantgan
Jock Rosenberg 30+ Basketball Fund       Rosella and Gilbert Broff Scholarship   Madelain Tauberg                      Ruth and Morris Hecht
Samuel & Libbie Rosenberg                  Endowment Fund                        Walnut Capital Management             Hillside Elementary School
   Art Exhibit Fund                      Herman and Rebecca Fineberg             Joan and Jerome Wolfson               Eva Holzer
Ilene & James Ross Fund                    Endowment Fund for Special People     Marion Zlotnik                        Esther Horvitz
Louise & Sam Roth Family Fund            Benjamin and Jane Glass Endowment                                             Kathy and Larry Hurwitz
Josephine & Solomon Rudkin                 Fund for Special Needs                BUD WECHSLER / “DOC” GREENE           Lindsey and Jon Isaacson
   Memorial Fund                         Adolph and Jack Goldsmith               GERIATRIC WELLNESS FUND               D.D. Robert and Elizabeth Jackson
Larry Ruttenberg Endowment Fund            Endowment Fund                        Amy and Dean Drezner                  Jewish Sports Hall of Fame
Arnold Ryave Men’s Health Center         Joseph “Ziggy” Kahn Memorial            Mayda and Barry Roth                  Perry Jubelirer
   Memorial Fund                           Endowment Fund                        Jacquelin G. Wechsler                 Barbara and David Kalla
Larry Sadja Memorial Fund                JCC/Beyond the Buildings                                                      Carole and Jerry Katz
Linda & Barton R. Schachter Family         Endowment Fund                        CARYLE AND MARK GLOSSER
   Endowment Fund
                                                                                                                       Clarice and Robert Katz
                                         JCC/Miriam and Paul Kossis              ENDOWMENT FUND
Ruth G. & Allan B. Schachter                                                                                           Michael Katz
                                           Early Childhood Equipment
                                                                                 Caryle and Mark Glosser               Ellen and Jack Kessler
   Israel Study Fund                       Replacement Fund
Melanie Scheinberg                       Mark Allen Robinson Day Care Fund                                             Julie and Danny Kleinman
   EKC Scholarship Fund                  Rogal-Ruslander Endowment Fund                                                Vivian and Steven Korner
Sayre Scheiner Memorial Fund             Larry Ruttenberg Basketball Fund                                              Reda and Bertram Kossis

2010-2011 Donors to the JCC

Kozloff & Meaders                   Marcia and Mel Solomon                Gene and Robert Dickman             Ryna and Herbert Meyers
Bobbee and Elliott Kramer           Florita and Arthur Sonnenklar         Phyllis Didion                      Estelle Mintz
Corinne and Seymoure Krause         Oren Spiegler                         Raymond Dittner                     Jane and Ed Moravitz
Daniel Krifcher                     Janet Fromkin and Ronald Stiller      Madelon Edelstone                   Tamara and Stephen Moritz
Janet and Walker Kulka              Joel and Miriam Suldan                Elyse and Martin Eichner            Diane and Cary Newland
Arlene and Stephen Laidhold         Gertrude Supowitz                     Rhonda and Marvin Epstein           Susan and Gregg Perelman
Joanne and Jerome Lebovitz          Leroy and Elaine Supowitz             Annette and Harold Felser           Terri and Jim Polacheck
Martha and Jon Levin                Grace and Bernard Sweer               Ilene and Jeffrey Felser            Jo Ann and Charles Queenan
Ellie and Shelly Levine             Marilyn Swimmer                       Deborah and Robert Fidel            Reva Rack
Patty and Stan Levine               Madelain Tauberg                      Edythe and Arthur Fidel             Carol and James Ratner
Florence Lipscher                   Steven Teich                          Stephanie Fidel                     Stacey Reibach
Amy and Frank Lowenstein            Barbara and Emil Trellis              Evelyn Fisher                       Debra and Arnold Reichbaum
Andee and Michael Lowenstein        Rhina and Leon Tuck                   Robin and Abe Friedman              Todd Reidbord
Natalie and Arnold Lustig           Michael Turner                        Esther and Harold Garfinkel         Sally and Fred Rock
Amy and Stu Manela                  Barbara and Israel Vahaba             Nancy and Dan Garfinkel             Jeanne Ronschke
Carolyn Marks                       Shari and Carl Waldman                Toby Frank and Martyn Gefsky        Jeanne Rosen
Mary Marks                          Catherine and Robert Walker           Linda Geistman                      Barbara and Jerome Rosenberg
Michaela Master                     Ethel Weikers                         Stacey Gentile                      Mayda and Barry Roth
Suzanne and Sherman McLaughlin      Joan and Sheldon Weinstein            Miriam and Hyman Ginsberg           Ellen and Loren Roth
Anna Stein and Neal Merker          Dr. and Mrs. Steven Weisbord          Amy and Bob Gold                    Arlene and Steven Sablowsky
Elaine and Todd Miller              Amy and Lou Weiss                     Linda and Alan Gordon               Cathy Green Samuels and
Robin and Alan Miller               Gineen Weiss, Lois Mendelson &        Rita Gould                             Michael Samuels
Anita and Bernard Morris              Staff of JCC Therapeutic Nursery    Rita Green*                         Ruth and Allan Schachter
Karen and Don Morris                Charlene and Steven Wendell           Ina and Larry Gumberg               Suzanne and Brian Schreiber
Jaime, Marisa, and Lexi Neaman      Debbie Maslia and J. Paul Whitehead   Ann Haalman                         Alece and David Schreiber
Susan and Tom Netzer                Marcy and Richard Williams            Evelyn Haber                        Laura and David Schrieber
Diane and Cary Newland              Bernard and Ruth Winer                John and Cindy Halicky              Barbara and Daniel Shapira
Kathy and Alan Pattak               Debra Zidell                          Jan and Mitchell Hoffman            Cynthia and David Shapira
Laura and Andrew Petrini            Melanie and Barry Zingler             Carole Horne                        Sophie and Robert Shapiro
Adam Pollock                        Shirley and Al Zionts                 Joan Horvitz                        Frada and Norman Shapiro
Todd Reidbord                                                             Rhonda and David Horvitz            Debbie and Joel Sigal
Bruce Reingold                      DAVID PERELMAN SUBSTANCE              Nancy and Bob Hoyt                  Louise Silk
Eric Robbins                        ABUSE FUND                            Kathy and Larry Hurwitz             Diane and Edwin Silverman
Rosalyn Robin                       Sally and Fred Lehman                 JCC Early Childhood Development     Nancy Silverman
Beverly Robins                                                               Center Teachers                  Huvvy and Meyer Simon
Dorothy Roffman                     FRED HOFFMAN MACCABI                  Susan and Stephen Jordan            Tamara and Leonard Skirboll
Sally Rogalsky                      MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND             Judith and Richard Kasdan           Elayne and Philip Smith
Mildred and Joseph Rubenstein       Barbara Hoffman                       Ellen and Jack Kessler              Marcia and Mel Solomon
Sadler Hayes Associates, Inc.                                             Annette and Barton Kilian           Allyson and Coby Sonenshine
                                    GARY L. KRESS FUND
Sharlene Sakol                                                            Phyllis and David Kimmel            Florita and Arthur Sonnenklar
Linda and Barton Schachter          Cynthia and Rick Abrams               Myrna Kingsley                      Elaine and Leory Supowitz
Michele and Eric Schaffer           Cheryl and Bruce Americus             Sandy Kleban-Simon                  Marsha Zuckerman and
Beatrice Schlesinger                Kathy Arnheim                         Elaine and Carl Krasik                 Michael Tobias
Leanne and Harvey Schneider         Malori and Barry Asman                Dorothy and Aaron Kress             Suzanne and Richard Wagner
Ann and Irving Schoenberg           Liza and Adam Baron                   Frances and Michael Lando           Beverly and Ronald Wasserman
Suzanne and Brian Schreiber         Nancy and William Berkowitz           Larrimor’s                          Janis and Kenneth Wasserman
Florence Comensky Schwartz          Rachel and Henry Blaufeld             Sally and Fred Lehman               Kathy and Raymond Wayne
Ilene and Louis Schwartz            Barbara and Bruce Booken              Cindy Goodman-Leib and Scott Leib   Susan and Robert Weis
Dan Stern and Melanie Segal         Barbara Braunstein                    Julie and Jason Lichtenstein        Marla and Michael Werner
Lester and Arlene Shapiro           Posy and Jack Brill                   Sybil Lieberman and Don Levine      Erika Shore and Barry Wofsy
Rosalyn Shapiro                     Lila Hirsch Brody and Victor Brody    Roberta Mintz and Harry Levine      Carol and David Wolcoff
Isabel Soltz Shiflet                Lois and Jerry Browdie                Jay and Kathy Lutins                Debra Zidell
Diane and Mark Simon                Barbara and David Burstin             Alexis Winsten Mancuso and          Marlene and Robert Zukerman
Susan Simon                         Sidney and Sylvia Busis                  Carl Mancuso
Beverly and Jimmy Small             Francine and Ivan Caplan              Rita Marcus                         GERTRUDE & MEYER SPIRO
Stefanie and Jason Small            William Cartiff                       Mary Marks                          ENDOWMENT FUND
Stanford Smith                      Rachel Check                          Nikol Snee and Stanley Marks        Lori and David Smith
Albert and Anita Lopatin Smolover   Karen and Lloyd Clarke                Sherree Hall and Jill Martin        Vivian and Geoffrey Smith
Shelly and Dan Snyder               Ruth and William Cohen                Aaron Metosky
                                    Phyllis and Robert Davis

                                                                              2010-2011 Donors to the JCC

GLADYS AND ABRAHAM SHORE           Cassandra and Robert Mull             Jay and Kathy Lutins                 MARCI LYNN BERNSTEIN
ENDOWMENT CAMP FUND                Anita Neaman                          Linda and Jeffrey Mates              PLAYGROUNDS
Marsha Gelman                      Donna and Gary Otto                   Michael Mihok                        Karen and Tom Bernstein
Joanne and Richard Shore           Deborah and Albert Rosenberg          Stephen Miller                       Bobbee and Elliott Kramer
                                   Michele and Robert Rosenberg          Ellen Olshansky and Richard Pattis
HARRY PEARLE MEMORIAL FUND         Isabel Soltz Shiflet                  Adina and Aron Preis                 MELANIE SCHEINBERG EMMA
FOR EMMA KAUFMANN CAMP             Alexander Zane                        Mayda and Barry Roth                 KAUFMANN CAMP SCHOLARSHIP
Janie Calig                        Janice Zane                           Arlene and Steven Sablowsky          FUND
Frances and David Fall             Linda and Paul Zane                   Stuart Silverman                     Ava and Peter Alt
Jane Pearle                                                              Catherine and William Sirkin         Ilene and Irwin Barney
                                   JACK MORRIS ENDOWMENT FUND            Florita and Arthur Sonnenklar        Cheryl and Harold Blumenfeld
IRVING AND RITA GREEN              FOR JCC AQUATICS                      Scott Soodik                         Toni Brockway
MEMORIAL FUND                      Eugenia Avery                         Joanne Tishman                       Sandy and Harvey Brotsky
Sarah Carson                       Sylvia and Sidney Busis               Arlene and Richard Weisman           Michele J. Caplan and Family
Rhonda and Marvin Epstein          Judy and Thomas Conroy                Rabbi Stephanie Wolfe                Marlene and William Conway
Evelyn Fisher                      Donald & Sylvia Robinson Family       Debra Zidell                         Jean and Harold Davis
Fort Pitt Capital Group              Foundation                                                               Sharon and Stanley Dektor
Nancy and Dan Garfinkel            Mark Fichman and Ruth Fauman-         KENNY SILVERBLATT MEMORIAL           Ellen and Mark Diamond
Robin and Lawrence Greenfield        Fichman                             FUND FOR EMMA KAUFMANN               Diane and Gary Fleishman
Carole Horne                       Ronda and Jonathan Fisch              CAMP                                 Barbara and Joel Flesch
Diane Iselin                       Yetta and Arnold Freedman             Betty Jean Mervis                    Ruth Valadez and Gary Garcia
JCC Early Childhood Staff          Martin and Sally Goldhaber            Terri and Jim Polacheck              Lynne and Michael Garfinkel
Bobbee and Elliott Kramer          Dr. John Hitchcock                    Florence Shapiro                     Michele Gebhardt
Dorothy and Aaron Kress            Hannah and Marvin Kamin               Gloria Silverblatt                   Mindy Goldenberg and Family
Ruth Lessing                       Terry and Cindy Lerman                                                     Nancy and Patrick Gormley
Sybil Lieberman and Don Levine     Sahli and Donald Mrvos                LARRY RUTTENBERG                     Lynn and Steven Hecht
Ryna and Herbert Meyers            Chana and Brad Perelman               ENDOWMENT FUND                       Hope Hoetzer-Cook
Elliott Oshry                      Rita and David Pollock                Kathie and Arnold Green              Adrienne Irwin
Adam Pollock                       James Rudolph and William Rudolph                                          Jill Jackson
Jeanne Ronschke                    Marcia and Stephen Schachner          LARRY SADJA MEMORIAL FUND            Barbara and Dave Kalla
Cathy Green Samuels and Michael    Jessy and Jay Stein                   Robin Sadja Feldman                  Elizabeth and Paul Katz
   Samuels                         Amy and Lou Weiss                     Beatrice Sadja                       Steven Kessler
Debbie and Joel Sigal              Leonard Weitzman                                                           Constance Kocis
Linda and Kenneth Simon                                                  LEATRICE AND JOHN WOLF FUND
                                   Carol and Michael Yahr                                                     Lynn Kronzek
Florita and Arthur Sonnenklar                                            Mary Sachs Charitable Trust          Jan and Maggie Levinson
Susan and Peter Tanzer             JACK AND ESTHER BERGMAN               Leatrice and John M. Wolf, Sr.       Lipsitz Family
Gina Tudi                          FUND                                                                       Karen Madden
                                   Susan and Morton Gurrentz             LILLIAN AND JACK MERVIS FUND
Arlene and Richard Weisman                                                                                    Marcia and Robert Marcuson
Jennifer Olbum and Robin Wertkin                                         Susan and Morton Gurrentz            Linda and Jeffrey Mates
Audrey and Richard Zinman          JOSEPHINE & SOLOMON RUDKIN                                                 Carl Metosky
                                   MEMORIAL FUND                         LINDA & STANLEY BUSHKOFF
                                                                         FAMILY ENDOWMENT FUND                Esther and Jim Neft, Adam & Joel
IRVING A. JAFFE & JUDITH JAFFE     Cynthia and Rick Abrams                                                    Felice and Harvey Rosenblum
POLLOCK EKC SCHOLARSHIP            Meryl and David Ainsman               Linda Bushkoff
                                                                                                              Arlene and Steven Sablowsky
FUND                               Cheryl Gerson and Bruce Americus                                           Jerry Sambol
                                                                         LOREN R. HIRSCH MEMORIAL
Jerry Balbot                       Kathy Arnheim                                                              Paula and Jeff Scharding
                                                                         BEREAVEMENT FUND
                                   Natalie and Richard Berger                                                 Margaret and Timothy Sinback
ISABEL SOLTZ SHIFLET SENIOR        Judith and Milton Black               Allegheny County Funeral Directors
                                                                           Association                        Florita and Arthur Sonnenklar
ADULT ENDOWMENT FUND               Dara Chengappa
                                                                         The Baum Consulting Group            The Stanutz Family
Emily and Joshua Baxt              Carol Cohen                                                                Janet Stavish
Selma Baxt                         Mary Lu and Edward Donnelly           Buncher Family Foundation
                                                                         Sylvia and Sidney Busis              Rebecca Tanner
Roselie Brenner                    Sally Fingerett                                                            Penny Temeles
Rhonda and Marvin Epstein          Linda Geistman                        Dean K. Wetzler, Jr. Funeral Home
                                                                         Gene and Robert Dickman              Lorie and Rich Turian
Betty and Herzel Fakiro            Sharon and Danny Greenfield                                                Leah C. Valadez
Ellen and Peter Gabor              Horovitz, Rudoy & Roteman LCC         Helen Epstein
                                                                         Rita and Paul Glosser                Shirley and Irwin Weiner
Lillian Gruer                      Vivian and Alan Lawsky                                                     Charlene and Steven Wendell
Patricia and Timothy Kermer        Cindy and Terry Lerman                Dorothy and Michael Gordon
                                                                         Sara and Lawrence Gordon             Jordana Yahr and Family
Hilary Spatz and Max Levine        Frances Leventon                                                           Carol and Michael Yahr
Roberta and John Lisi              Barbara Weschler and Stanley Levine   W. Richard Holloway
                                                                         Selected Independent Funeral Homes   Beverly and Charles Yaskanich
Ethel Mandel                       Christine and Ralph Little
Sylvia and Manuel Mason            Jane and Michael Louik                Irma Silverblatt
Francine Mayer                     John Lovelace                         Eva and Walter Vogel
Susan Mazer                                                              Shirley and Albert Wein

2010-2011 Donors to the JCC

RALPH DAVIDSON SPECIAL NEEDS     Esther Horvitz                       Suzanne and Brian Schreiber       George Buckler
FUND                             Rose and Murray Hundert              Melanie and Michael Shuster       Sylvia and Sidney Busis
Robert Davidson                  Armenia Ierovante                    Barbara and Edwin Siegel          Margaret Cohen
                                 Irene Janovec                        Lynne and David Siegel            Jan and James Coppersmith
RHODA LEE TABACHNICK AND         Robert Kania, M.D.                   Rhoda and Seymour Sikov           Concetta and David Dattilo
WILLIAM TABACHNICK               Carole and Jerry Katz                Marjorie Silverman                Gene and Robert Dickman
CHILDREN’S THEATER FUND          Kell Group                           Audrey and Ralph Silverman        Sylvia Fischer
Nina and Robert Schor            Rita and Elliott Kleinman            Jennifer Simpson                  Sheila Footer
Robin Tabachnik                  Reda and Bertram Kossis              Patricia and Keith Skultety       Rita and Carl Frankel
                                 Marilyn and Brett Kranich            Lester and Hilary Smith           Leila Friedman
RICKY LEBOVITZ EMMA              Jeffrey Krasnow and Rachel Krasnow   Florita and Arthur Sonnenklar     William Friedman
                                 Janet Kreisman                       Arthur and Leslie Spiegel         Sheila Levine and David Fudge
                                 Harriet Kruman                       Carol and David Steinbach         Lynne and Michael Garfinkel
Anonymous                        Cheryl Kubelick                      Diana Stern                       Cyril Getsie
Anna Adler                       Shirley Kurtz                        Marilyn Swimmer                   Sandra Golding
Rad and Meena Agrawal            Jeanne and Donald Lambert            Zara and Nathan Tabor             Judy Goldman
Allegheny Center for Digestive   Robin LaPorte                        Elly and Mitchell Toig            Marian Goleman
   Health                        Solange Lebovitz                     Susan and David Topolsky          Gerry Gondelman
Allegheny General Hospital       Lois and Joseph Lebovitz             Barbara and Emil Trellis          Dorothy Grinberg
   Medical Staff                 Joanne and Jerome Lebovitz           Verbofsky & Associates, LLC       Hanna Gruen
Teela Banker                     Beverly and Allen* Lebovitz          Sophie and Edward Vincent         Rosanne and Anthony Harrison
Ellie and Stewart Barmen         Karen Lebovitz                       Jacklyn and Arnold N. Wagner      Patricia Holmes
Elsa and Kenneth Beckerman       Carol Lederer                        Suzanne and Richard Wagner        Randy and Elliot Keyne
Rose and Ed Berman               Beth Tabor Lev                       Sandra Wasserman-Fischman         Mary Jo and Paul King
Sharon Chesler Bernstein         Cheryl and Ben Levey                 Gail and Irwin Wedner             Ellen and Richard Kitay
Bette and Harold Bigler          Richard Levine                       Evelyn and William Wedner         Corinne and Seymoure Krause
Eva Blum                         Sherma Levine                        Deborah and Thomas Wein           Francine and Alan Lefkowitz
Pamela and Richard Burkhart      Sybil Lieberman and Don Levine       Claire and Morris Weinbaum        Barbara and Charles Lehman
Sally Calig                      Lipsitz Family                       Claire and Norman Weiner          Suzanne and Charles Leonard
Eleanor Caplan                   Sharon Loftus                        Helene and Stanley Weiner         Stanton Levenson
The Carpenter Family             Andee and Michael Lowenstein         Gisela and Konrad Weis            Julie and Jason Lichtenstein
Valerie Carpenter                Douglas MacPhail                     Arlene and Richard Weisman        Lori and David Liner
Concetta Cibrone                 Elyse Marsh                          Sheila and Bernard Werner         Temma and Mel Lipsitz
Rhoda Claitman                   Susan and Carol McGinty              Rose and Russell Williams         Local 8183 USW
Nancy Cohen                      Metropolitan Shadyside Condo Assn.   Meredith Wisniewski               Nancy and Michael Mallinger
Randi and James Cohen            Jerome Meyers                        Elaine and Charles Wittlin        Val Matta
William Conroy                   Rachel and Karl Meyers               Toby and Joseph Wolfe             Norma and Edgar Michaels
Anita D’Angelo                   Elaine and Todd Miller               Debra Zidell                      Ellen Missry
Kimberly and Rocco D’Angelo      Marcie Mitre                                                           Deborah Mohr
Anna D’Angelo                    Dr. and Mrs. Ricardo Mitre           SALLY & FRED ROCK FAMILY          Cheryl Moore
Patty and Edgar Danovitz         J. Moldovan                          FUND                              Pearl Moore
Frances and Morris Denmark       Janet and Donald Moritz              Sally and Fred Rock               Allyn Morrow
Gene and Robert Dickman          Benita and Marvin Morris                                               Susan and Ed Moses
Shirley and Donald Farkas        Dot and Ron Moser                    SAM B. MORRIS MEMBERSHIP          O’Brien, Rulis & Bochicchio, LLC
Elizabeth and Mark Freed         Ellen Berne and Paul Needle          FUND                              Loretta and Francis Ozog
Esther and Harold Garfinkel      Suzanne and Stuart Newberg           Claire Morris                     Melissa Rosenberg
Nancy and Dan Garfinkel          Margaret and Jack Offenbach                                            Claudia and Mark Rubenstein
Ellen and Robert Garvin                                               SAMUEL BLAUFELD MEMORIAL
                                 Sandra and Bernard Pinsker                                             Lori and Jim Ruttenberg
Sandra Golding                                                        FUND ~ Benefitting Emma
                                 Harvey Potashman                                                       The Scaife Family
Betty and Kenneth Goldman                                             Kaufmann Camp Capital
                                 Rita Reese                           Improvements                      Pamela Schiller
Gerry Gondelman                  Carol and Miguel Regueiro                                              Suzanne and Brian Schreiber
Barbara Weizenbaum and                                                James Agras
                                 Denys Resnick                                                          Ronna and Jay Schulhof
   Robert Gorby                                                       Marjorie Allon
                                 Mary Ann Riesmeyer                                                     Patricia and Alan Siger
Sara and Lawrence Gordon                                              Kathy Arnheim
                                 Lisa Ritter                                                            Marjorie Silverman
Sharon and Danny Greenfield                                           Ronna and Dan Askin
                                 Barbara and Jerome Rosenberg                                           Sheila Solomon
Ron Greening                                                          Barbara Baumann
                                 Judy Rosenberg                                                         Florita and Arthur Sonnenklar
Beth Grill                                                            Nancy G. and Lester Berkowitz
                                 Zivi Aviraz and Leonardo Rosenfeld                                     Jessy and Jay Stein
Carol and Jack Grodin                                                 Blaufeld Schiller & Holmes, LLP
                                 Joy and Eliezer Rosenthal                                              Ronald Tambellini
John Hauser                                                           Rochelle and Irv Blumenfeld
                                 Sheila Rothman                                                         Tener, Van Kirk, Wolfe & Moore
Francie Hausman                                                       Barbara Braunstein
                                 Marvin Rulin                                                           Thompson, Calkins & Sutter LLC
Susan Henick                                                          Posy and Jack Brill
                                 Sue Schaefer                                                           Paul Titus
Pamela Hershey                                                        Sandra and Leonard Browdie
                                 Cheryl and Fred Schilling                                              Dorothy Trosky

                                                                                  2010-2011 Donors to the JCC

Maxine Solomon and Marty Trust       FOUNDATIONS/CORPORATIONS/                Gertrude Seder Fund of
United Food & Commercial Workers     GOVERNMENT                               The Pittsburgh Foundation
  ~ District Union Local One         Anonymous                                S. J. Noven Memorial Fund of
United Steel Workers of America ~    Alcoa Foundation Leadership Grants       The Pittsburgh Foundation
  Local 3199                            for Arts Managers                   Pittsburgh Jewish Pre-Kindergarten
Sybil and Peter Veeder               Alexander C. & Tillie S. Speyer          Educational Improvement
Claire and Morris Weinbaum              Foundation                            Foundation of the Jewish
Lois and Gary Weinstein              Allegheny Regional Asset District        Federation of Greater Pittsburgh
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Weisbord         Beatrice Schutte Foundation            PNC Foundation
Judith and Bernard Weiss             The Buhl Foundation ~ Henry C. Frick   Raymond and Elizabeth Bloch
Joanne and Bruce Wilder                 Educational Fund                      Educational and Charitable
Rita Yeasted                         Buncher Family Foundation                Foundation
                                     Charles M. Morris Charitable Trust     The Robert Spiegel Memorial
SAMUEL N. AND YETTA FRISHMAN         City of Pittsburgh ~ Community           Endowment Fund at the Jewish
MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT FUND                 Development Block Grant—              Community Foundation of the
Employees of Littles Shoes                Luke Ravenstahl, Mayor              Jewish Federation of Greater
Regina Pallatino                          Doug Shields, Council President     Pittsburgh
Julie and Rocco Procida                   Bill Peduto, Councilman           Samuel M. Goldston Teen
                                     Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ~           Philanthropy B’nai Mitzvah Group
STANFORD AND ADA DAVIS                  Department of Community &           United Way of Allegheny County
YOUNG PEOPLE’S THEATER FUND                                                 Weiner Family Foundation
                                        Economic Development—
Joan Benjamin                             Senator Michael Stack
Lois and Jerry Browdie               Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ~         IN-KIND DONATIONS
Ada and Stanford Davis                  Keystone STARS                      Rachel, Adam, Jonah, Aaron &
Marilyn and James Davis              Donald & Sylvia Robinson Family          Gabriela Berger
Phyllis and Robert Davis                Foundation                          Steven Berger
Arlene and Stephen Laidhold          The Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust    Eric Bodnar
Ryna and Herbert Meyers              Elizabeth Shiras Charitable Trust      Lynne Carvell
Terri and Jim Polacheck                 through the PNC Charitable Trust    Judy Danenberg
Sally and Fred Rock                     Review Committee                    Diamond Bridal Collections & Special
Phyllis and Stanley Rosenstock       The Ettenson Family Charitable Fund      Occasions ~ Andrea Collins
Ruth and Allan Schachter             The Fine Foundation                    East End Food Co-op
Barbie and James Stern               The Herbert G. Feldman Charitable      Carl Fertman
Melva Weisberger                        Foundation                          Carolyn Flamm
                                     Hyman Family Foundation                Bethany Foster-Wilhelm
STEVEN G. OSWALD ENDOWMENT                                                  Andrew Gold
                                     Ida and Bernard Behr Holocaust
                                        Memorial Education Fund             Paul Klepchick
Eleanor and Alfred Krasnow           JCCA (Jewish Community Centers of      Michael Lipman, Shirli Nikolsburg
                                        North America)                        & Talia
                                     Jewish Community Foundation of the     Melissa Perez
                                        Jewish Federation of Greater        Debbie Sindler
Ethelreda and Elmer Holzinger
                                        Pittsburgh                          Louis Smith
Tamara and Leonard Skirboll
                                     Jewish Federation of Greater           Aaron Ufberg
ZOLA HIRSCH FUND FOR SPECIAL            Pittsburgh                          Eva Vogel
NEEDS                                Jewish Healthcare Foundation           Matt Weinstein
                                     Jewish Sports Hall of Fame             James White
Sara Blask
                                     Louis Brody Endowment Fund at the      Randal Whitlatch
Lila Hirsch Brody and Victor Brody
                                        Jewish Community Foundation of      Henry Willis & Sukanya Srinivasan
M.J. and Robert Galanter
Nancy and David Johnson                 the Jewish Federation of Greater
Lois and Joseph Lebovitz                Pittsburgh                          *Z”l of blessed memory
Patty and Stan Levine                Massey Charitable Trust
Gail and Albert Nord                 Morris & Fannie Skilken Family
Chaya Pollack                           Foundation
Sylvia and Donald Robinson           National Endowment for the Arts        All listings represent donations from
Zivi Aviraz and Leonardo Rosenfeld   Pennsylvania Council on the            September 1, 2010 through August 31,
Eleanor Wedner                          Arts—Partnership Stream ~           2011, except where indicated. Our goal is
                                        Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts   to recognize each valued donor with
                                     Funds at The Pittsburgh Foundation:    complete accuracy. Despite our best
                                        Alyce Friedberg Memorial Fund       efforts, however, errors sometimes occur.
                                                                            Please notify the Development Office at
                                        of The Pittsburgh Foundation
                                                                            (412) 521-8011, ext. 232, and we will be
                                        Barbara and Marcus Aaron Fund       happy to correct any mistakes.
                                        of The Pittsburgh Foundation


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