Aerodynamics 2011 ESO Event Materials Safety Advisories A is for Anatomy by liaoqinmei


									       2011 ESO Event Materials & Safety Advisories

A is for Anatomy                              Materials
                                               Models, Slides and pictures of human
Safety Concerns:
None                                            body systems
                                               See event sheet (page 18) for body

Categories                                    Materials
                                               Category cards – The GA ESO will limit
Safety Concerns:
None                                            categories for students to research to the
                                                following: mammals; amphibians and
                                                reptiles; insects; rocks and minerals;
                                                birds; endangered species; fish;
                                                scientists; inventions; trees; units of
                                                measure; space and solar system; human
                                                body; weather

                                                 Internet resources, dictionary

Chopper Challenge                             Materials
                                               One sheet 8 ½ x 11 inch 60-90 lb. card
Safety Concerns:
Use caution with scissors                       stock
                                               3 standard paper clips
                                               Scissors (will not be supplied at
                                               Rulers (will not be supplied at

Crime Busters                                 Materials
                                               Goggles – chemical safe & splash-proof
Safety Concerns:
                                               Lab apron/ coat
Use caution with the mystery powers. Take
                                               Variety of white powers (e.g.- salt,
great care to ensure that students do not
touch, taste, or feel the substances with       granulated sugar, Plaster of Paris, salt,
their bare hands.                               flour, cornstarch, baking soda, limestone,
Wear goggles at all times                       and sand)
                                               Water
Teachers monitor the use of the Iodine – It
                                               1M hydrochloric acid (vinegar)
is toxic, even in the 10% solution sold in
                                               Iodine solution – (DO NOT use pure
drug stores. Iodine will stain.
                                                iodine or tincture of iodine)
                                               Lab Supplies: magnifying glasses, plastic
                                               Finger print samples
                                               Variety of pens
       2011 ESO Event Materials & Safety Advisories

Deep Blue Sea                                Materials
                                              Pictures or slides of: Ocean Flora, Ocean
Safety Concerns:
None                                           Fauna, Ocean Vessels
                                              Questions about physical features,
                                               phenomena, geography, and ocean
Disease Detectives                           Materials
                                              Various objects (real or in photo) related
Safety Concerns:
None                                           to diseases or injuries
                                              Situations in which diseases or injuries
                                               may occur
                                              Disease data represented in tables or
Don’t Bug Me                                 Materials
                                              Preserved or living specimens
Safety Concerns:
                                              Pictures of specimens
If live specimens are used ensure that
                                              Questions related to classification of
animals are treated ethically and humanly
Do not allow students to interact with the     insects and non-insects
live specimens without adult supervision
If preserved specimens are used, ensure
that none are in formaldehyde

Grasp A Graph                                Materials
                                              Various types of graphs (pictographs, bar,
Safety Concerns:
None                                           line, pie, etc.)
                                              Graph paper
                                              Calculator

Large Number Estimation                      Materials
Safety Concerns:                              Develop practice questions
None                                          See page 60 of ESO manual for sample
                                               specimen list

Mystery Architecture                         Materials
                                              Building materials for tower (example:
Safety Concerns:
Monitor use of straight pins or any other      straight pins, paper cups, drinking straws,
sharp object.                                  paper clips, tape, string, paper, etc.)

Name the Scientist                           Materials
Safety Concerns:                              Create practice concentration game
None                                          Develop practice quizzes
                                              See page 77 for sample list of scientists
       2011 ESO Event Materials & Safety Advisories

Paper Rockets                                    Large plastic soda straw
Safety Concerns:                                 Sharpened pencils (same size as straw)
Do not fly rockets toward other students.        2 sheets of 8 ½ x 11 paper
Points could cause an eye injury.                One roll of cellophane tape
Use caution with scissors.                       Scissors
                                                 Ruler

Rock Hound                                      Materials
Safety Concerns:                                 Rock and mineral collection
If rocks or minerals are broken to determine     Prepare chart (student generated, no
cleavage, goggles must be worn. This test         internet pictures)
is not recommended.
Simple Machines                                 Materials
Safety Concerns:                                 Pictures or examples of simple machines
Monitor the use of the pulley so fingers will    See page 112 for list of simple machines
not get caught.                                  Develop practice questions
Monitor the use of screws with sharp points.

Structures                                      Materials
Safety Concerns:                                 25 straws
Use caution with straight pins                   10 straight pins
Dispose of any pins that prick a student’s
Water Rockets                               Materials
Safety Concerns:                             2 liter soda bottle
Goggles must be worn if within 10 meters of  Straw used for launch lug
the rocket launch site.                      Various other materials that are
                                              permissible to add to the outside of the
                                             Construct a practice launch pad
Which Way Is North?                         Materials
Safety Concerns:                             State Road Map
None                                         Rulers

Wildlife Safari                                 Materials
                                                 Variety of wildlife ecology questions
Safety Concerns:
                                                 Specimens
                                                 Wildlife field guides

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