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					GSM-Control SMS software
The most easy and low cost way to make your PC application wireless
• makes a PC as 2-way communication center with GSM-
  modem using standard SMS service
• interfaces devices with GSM-modems, users with phones
  and existing PC applications together
• configures, transfers, reports, secures and interfaces the
• M2M automation, info systems, field personnel guidance,
  customer service etc.
• open interfaces to other PC applications: DDE, OPC and
• alarms, reporting, metering etc.

The GSM-Control runs on a PC and accesses HMI and other
Windows applications or directly field devices by using DDE
or OPC interfaces. GSM-Control also supports the reading/
writing of data from/to SQL databases. The remote                           n customer applications
control is based on GSM SMS messages two-                                   n Excel, SQL etc.
direction communication, where the GSM-                                     n SCADA etc.
modem is connected to the computer’s                                        n info systems
standard (RS-232) serial port and GSM
cellular phone (remote GSM phone) is
used by remote operator(s). Also the
communication between two GSM-                                               GSM-Control
modems is supported, i.e. remote
GSM-modems can be used instead                                  SMS
of remote GSM phone.
The data exchange through                   n user interfaces
GSM-Control can be initiated                n PCs, PDAs
both from GSM and Windows                   n phones
                                                                               PC with GSM-modem
1. From GSM environment - by
sending SMS message to GSM-
Control, where the received
message is checked and
processed according the GSM-                                              n devices with GSM-modems
Control current configuration.                                            n automation, PLCs
The received SMS message                                                  n service automates
can contain some data to be
transferred via DDE, OPC or SQL
from GSM-Control to other MS Windows
applications (e.g. to PC operator interface
applications or field devices through appropriate
communication servers) or databases. This
SMS message received can have the corresponding
response message configured (also possibly containing
data values obtained by via DDE, OPC or SQL) - in this case
                                                                GSM-Control - for example, send some acknowledgment SMS
GSM-Control will respond with SMS message to the sender.
                                                                message possibly containing some data for delivery via DDE,
2. From PC Windows environment - when some alarm or             OPC or SQL.
event occurs in MS Windows application (e.g. in PC operator
                                                                Moreover, it is possible to send (manually or automatically
interface application or directly in the field device) and
                                                                through DDE or OPC) any pre-configured text message
the corresponding alarm or event condition is specified
                                                                (“standard 1-way messages”) from GSM-Control to remote
in GSM-Control. In this case GSM-Control will send the
                                                                GSM operator or device. The SMS messages also can
correspondingly configured SMS message (possibly
                                                                be received from any (not configured) phone number (so
containing also some data obtained via DDE, OPC or SQL) to
                                                                called “ANYUSER” feature) and correspondingly replied with
remote GSM operator or device linked to this alarm or event
                                                                information depending on contents of received message.
condition. The receiver of such SMS message can respond to

The GSM-Control can be used on internet - it is possible to        DDE or OPC Server (or DDE or OPC Client in case of direct
send SMS messages by e-mails from GSM-Control to GSM               sending/receiving of SMS Messages via GSM-Control). The
network and to receive SMS messages as e-mails from                GSM-Control has extended functions and support to SCADA
GSM network. In this case GSM-Control may run without              systems incl. Wonderware InTouch (for HMI) and I/O Servers
GSM-modem connected - modem is replaced by e-mail                  (for field interfacing) developed with Wonderware I/O Servers
connection.                                                        Development Toolkit.
The GSM-Control may be accessed by any Microsoft
Windows (NT, 2000, XP, 95/98) program working as a


                                                                                           Customer applications
                                                                                           Excel, SQL, SCADA etc.
                                                                               SMS           DDE/OPC interface             devices
GSM-Control Configuration Program allows quickly and easily
link SMS messages with DDE, OPC and SQL items                                                   GSM-Control


                                                                                 GSM-Control reports all events and
                                                                                 communication traffic as well as result
                                                                                 of GSM-modem initialization

New features in GSM-Control version 4.0                            • Each DDE, OPC or SQL item can have “Description” field
                                                                     where item content can be freely described
The new release of GSM-Control (version 4.0) has completely
                                                                   • “Users” can be configured to receive SMS message only,
modified GSM-Control Configuration Program for user
                                                                     SMS message and additional voice call, voice call only
friendly and convenient use. Also the following additional
                                                                     (instead of SMS message)
new features are added:
                                                                   • Days of week added to “User Time Shifts”
• SMS Messages to be sent from GSM-Control to remote               • Alarm messages can have corresponding Alarm
  GSM operator or device now are called SEND messages                Acknowledgment messages
• SMS messages which can be received by GSM-Control                • Alarm messages (as well as Alarm Acknowledgment
  from remote GSM operator or device now are called                  messages) can contain additional DDE, OPC or SQL items
  RECEIVE messages                                                 • One SMS message can contain items from several
• Both DDE and OPC interfaces are supported in the same              different SQL connections (queries)
  GSM-Control Communication Program

 Description                                                  Order Number           Other wireless KLINKMANN sofware
                                                                                     GSM-Dial, conventional data connections
 GSM-Control v4.14 SMS Center Software for PC,
                                                              PR000673               with GSM-data
 3 phone/modem numbers, sw only
                                                                                     GPRS/WAP-Tool, 2-way queries to SQL
 GSM-Control v4.14 SMS Center Software for PC,
                                                              PR00067                database over WAP
 unlimited, sw only
 Hardware Kit: TC35T GSM-modem, antenna, power
                                                              PC GSM SET
 supply, modem cable to interface PC to GSM network


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