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					                                                   Lesson Plan Summary Sheet
Teacher:        Howerton
Subject:        Biotech I
Topic:          Lab Skills: Metrology

 Date        Essential Question(s)                            Activities                             Vocabulary      Summarizing Strategies/Homework
10/11   How is math used in the         Discuss metric conversions                              Metric prefixes   Read Section 3.1
        biotech lab?                    Do Metric Math Practice sheet                           including micro
                                        Take Metric Quiz at end of class
                                        View Powerpoint on Metrology
10/12   What is metrology?              View the Powerpoint on Metrology                        Metrology         Pre-lab Lab 3a
                                        Complete the Metrology Note Guide                       Accuracy
10/14   How are different volumes         View Powerpoint on Measuring Volume                   Graduations       Do the Reflection/Analysis
        measured in the biotech           Do Lab 3a: Measuring small volumes in a biotech lab   Dispense          Pre-read and set up (pre-lab) Lab 3b
        laboratory?                       Skill demonstration: Pipeting
10/15   How are very small volumes        Do Lab 3b: Measuring very small volumes in a          micropipet        Do the Reflection/Analysis
        measured in the biotech            biotech lab
10/18   How are very small volumes      Complete the Pipeting Secret Code activity as a skill   none              Using the rubric, complete all lab write
        measured in the biotech lab?     demonstration.                                                            ups to this point
10/19   How can we be sure of our       Discussion of calibration and validation of             Validity          Explain to the absent student how to
        measurements in a lab?           instrumentation.                                        Verification      calibrate a balance.
                                        Calibration of the balances                             Range             Pre-lab Lab 3c
10/20   How is mass measured in the     View Powerpoint on Weighing Materials                   Mass              Complete the Data Analysis/Conclusion
        biotech laboratory?             Do Lab 3c: Measuring Mass                               Weight            Pre-lab 3d
                                        Skill demonstration: Weighing                           Tare              Complete sheet on page 42 of lab
                                                                                                 Analytical        manual
10/21   How are micropipets             Do Lab 3d: Checking for accuracy of micropipets         calibration       Complete the Thinking Like a
        calibrated?                      using a balance                                                           Biotechnician
                                                                                                                   Prepare for a quiz tomorrow
                                                                                                                   Turn in Notebook tomorow
10/22   How are solutions made in a     Take the Test on Metrics and Measurement                Solute            Pre-Lab 3e
        biotech lab?                    Read sections 3.2 and answer questions                  Solvent

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