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									           Lincoln Christian School Foundation Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

                                   May 13, 2011, at 6:45 a.m.

                              Lincoln Christian Elementary Library

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding and in all your
ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

The meeting was opened at 6:48 a.m. with prayer by Keith Miles.

Foundation Board Members Present: Peter Schroeder, Keith Miles, Don Magee, Jim Fay, Tom
Teckmeyer, and David Chapin and Barry Lockard representing the school board.

Also attending: Mark Wilson, and Mark Powell

Meeting minutes from May 13, 2011 were approved with no changes.          Peter Schroeder
moved and Tom Teckmeyer seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Keith Miles welcomed Jim Fay to the board. Jim brings wealth of knowledge of finance and
banking to the board. His wife is Mary, and he currently has two daughters attending Lincoln
Christian School, Tessa who will be a sophomore and Emma who will be in the 6th grade.

Financial Report
Mark Powell updated the Foundation Board on the financial picture of the Lincoln Christian
School. It appears that the school will finish in the black for a second straight year and the
amount of surplus will be somewhere between $125,000 and $225,000.

Executive Director Report
Fundraising Update
Total FEG raised for the month of April was $4,000. Total FEG giving from June 1 through April
(11 months) is $514,000, or 120% of the annual goal. Total 2010-11 FEG pledges outstanding
are now less than $2,000. Total annual fundraising for 2010-11 is just over $600,000.

Family Education Grant (FEG) Event Review
The FEG Dinner raised over $300,000 in pledges for the Family Education Grant program.
Pledges are still being returned and a final pledge count will be available in early June. This
year’s event increased from 116 attendees in 2010 to 187 attendees in 2011 (38% increase).
We also increased the total number of tables from 18 to 26 (a 30% increase) and lowered the
no show rate from over 20% in 2010 to less than 10% in 2011. The total FEG Fundraising goal
for 2011-12 is $600,000, and we currently have over half committed in pledges.

The first Thursday in May is a great time to have the dinner, and also concurs with the annual
National Day of Prayer. The FEG Planning Committee would like to continue to have this event
the first week of May at Lincoln Christian School. A new goal is to do periodic electronic FEG
updates to the donors that have given to the scholarship program. Many thanks go to Dave
Chapin, Debbie Moore, Kerry Dworak, Scott Louderback and Tim McEwen for serving on this
year’s FEG Planning Committee and facilitating a successful FEG fundraising dinner for a second

Science and Apologetics Gift
In April, LCS received a $30,000 gift and a $25,000 commitment each year for the next 4 years.
The focus of the gift will be integrating a Christian worldview with the Bible and Science
Departments. Resources will be used to support LCS science teachers in receiving a master’s of
science at the Institute for Creation Research, and scholarships for LCS students to attend
Summit Ministries and the Worldview Academy. Applications for these scholarships have been
completed and LCS will be sending 7 students this summer to these camps. This gift will allow
for the much-needed upgrade of facilities and equipment in both the elementary and high
school. First year planned improvements include microscopes for the elementary and a smart
board and new science tables for the high school.

LCS Spring Crusader Newsletter
The Spring Crusader Newsletter was mailed on April 20, 2011. The current goal is to do 3
newsletters each year (Fall, Winter, Spring) which will enable us to consistently capture address
changes as most U.S. Postal Service forwarding addresses are good for 6 months.

Troy Power, Sue Chapin, Cherie Anderson and Mark Powell met three weeks ago regarding
software and the logistics for the 2011 auction. It was agreed that we will start the process of
gift solicitation much earlier (June 1 after FEG) and that there is a need to focus on new donors.
Troy Power attended the Bolt Auction on Saturday, April 29 to review their logistics. The date
for the LCS Foundation Auction is Friday, November 18, 2011 at the Champions Club.

Online giving is now available both on the LCS school web site and the Foundation site. There
is a slight cost associated with online giving. We will evaluate the number of gifts and amounts
given online over the next year.

Foundation Tax Return
The 990 update was given by Keith Miles. He stated that all foundation board members will
receive a copy of the annotated 990 forms soon. Keith believes the foundation is currently
adhering to all the IRS regulations. Tom Teckmeyer had questions regarding the cost of the tax
return. It was verbally agreed upon that submitting the return in a timely and professional
manner was consistent with the goals of the foundation and worth the added expense.

Betty Petersen Gift
Board members discussed the upcoming retirement of Betty Petersen and how the foundation
should be involved. Peter Schroeder motioned and Jim Fay seconded an appropriate gift
amount. Fundraising will begin immediately for Betty’s gift. I will send an email out to the
school families making them aware of this opportunity as well as the upcoming all-school party.
Superintendent’s Report
Mark stated that the School Board and Foundation board have worked very well together the
past year. Here is what he reported:

   1.     For the Board’s approval: Vocal Music- Kirsten Jergensen- May Doane graduate,
        excellent references, blue-chip student teaching and internship, strong Christian
        witness, capable, enthusiastic, with a sense of the Lord’s calling. Junior High Science-
        Jaime Kubik- 7 years experience teaching JH Science, Masters Degree in counseling,
        married with 2 children (the oldest is six and will be at LCS in the fall), very relational,
        loves kids, burdened to support students needing assistance, highly recommended,
        strong Christian walk.

   2.    The replacement for Julie Henslee working with international students is Greta
        Bloyd. She will team with Jeff Nelson who will help by recruiting and Sherry Simons who
        will help by sponsoring special events. All are very well qualified to serve and are
        excited about the prospect of working with our international students.

   3.     I’ve been meeting with Daneda Heppner and Bridget (our IT consultant) regarding our
        internet connection upgrade needs. We need to upgrade our bandwidth in order to be
        able to offer all the technology services needed to keep our students current. It looks
        like we’ll stay with Windstream and ask them to increase our bandwidth. We consulted
        with and received bids from Time Warner, Windstream, Future Technologies, ESU Coop
        purchase, and Quest. Part of the reason for remaining with Windstream involves the
        difficulty of changing providers, but they also were the least expensive at the level we
        are requesting. However, as we find ourselves needing additional bandwidth, the ESU
        Coop purchase agreement has a better price structure.

   4.     I’ve spent a great deal of time with the Family Education Grant, meeting with the
        committee and making decisions regarding grants, meeting with families to go over
        their detailed FACTS report to determine if they have additional factors that might affect
        their grant, and answering questions over the telephone. Overall, I believe the program
        is meeting a significant need, and is being administered as fairly as possible in order to
        meet genuine needs for families who desire Christian Education for their children.

   5.    It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to interview a number of new families for
        admission. We have some strong students with diverse backgrounds coming in so
        far. I’ve been impressed with the quality of kids I’ve interviewed.

   6.    I met with Bob Bettenhausen, Rod Zach, and Matt Farup regarding our BC/BS Health
        Insurance. Bob said that the exact plan we are on now will not be available, but
        recommended a plan that is very close. The total cost of the plan is $360,873, but we’ll
       need to add a couple of teachers to that before we have the final figure. Bob has
       offered to donate $10,000 again to cover the higher deductible we agreed to last
       year. Two years ago it was $500, this year $750, and next year $1,000.

School Board Report

Barry Lockard reported that he recently had a transition meeting with Dennis Nun, Barry
Lockard, Rod Zach, and Mark Wilson. They also recently met with Bill Lahman about being a
new board member and assisting in the transition.

Other Business

Next Foundation Board Meeting:             6:45 a.m. on Friday, July 15, 2011

Future Board Meeting Schedule:             September 9, November 11

With His grace and mercy Tom Teckmeyer closed us in prayer.

For Christ and His School, Mark Powell, Secretary

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