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									                                                                                                  Volume 1, Issue 5
   Oak Grove Elementary                                                                         September 21, 2009

   The Nutshell
   Keeping You Informed about Oak Grove News and Events

   Newsletter Title
            Writers-in-Residence Update
Upcoming Events
             Sally Foster
Sept. 21     Track 4
             Track 4          Richard Krawiec is scheduled to be at Oak Grove working with the 4th
Sept. 25
             tracks out       grade classes the week of September 21st and October 2nd, 5th and
             Yearbook         October 7th-9th.
             Cover Contest
Oct. 1
             submissions      Richard Krawiec has published two adult novels (one nominated for a
             due              National Book Award), a collection of short stories, four plays, a
             Meet the         screenplay, a poetry book, a chapter book for children and 2 Young
Oct. 3       Cary Fire
                              Adult biographies, including one on Yao Ming which was cited as one
                              of the "40 Best" books by the Pennsylvania Librarians Association,
             Sally Foster
Oct. 5       Tracks 1, 2
                              and is used by Florida as part of their Language Arts curriculum. He
             & 3 begins       has published hundreds of short stories, poems and essays. His
             Track 3          magazine feature articles have won national and regional awards. He
Oct. 16                       writes a monthly column for Raleigh News and Observer. Mr. Krawiec
             tracks out
             Jellybeans       has received Creative Writing Fellowships from the NEA and the NC
Oct. 17
             Family Night     Arts Council. He also wrote the Beginning and Intermediate Fiction
Oct. 21      Early Release    Writing curriculum for UNC-Chapel Hill, where he teaches online.
             Sally Foster
Oct. 25                       Richard recently received the 2009 Excellence in Teaching Award
             orders due
             Performance      from UNC-Chapel Hill for the Fiction Writing class that he teaches at
Oct. 26      by Seona         UNC. Oak Grove is very lucky to have Richard Krawiec to work with
             McDowell         our 4th graders!
             Wake PTA
Nov. 22      Healthy          Richard Krawiec's writer residency is supported by a grant from the
             Lifestyles Run   United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County, Inc. Additional
                              support is provided by funds from the North Carolina Arts Council with
                              funding from the State of North Carolina and the National Endowment
                              for the Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art.
Please send articles to
next bi-monthly issue of                                    Yearbook Cover Contest
The Nutshell will be sent
                               The yearbook committee has launched the Yearbook Cover Contest for the
October 5, 2009.
                              2009/2010 yearbook. This year's theme is "P.A.W.S." Students are invited to
                              submit artwork that best illustrates one of the P.A.W.S. traits. All students have
                              received paper and instructions/rules in art class. Turn in your artwork by October
                              1st for a chance to win a free yearbook! Finalists in each grade will be invited
                              to display their submissions at a reception in their honor and receive a certificate.
                               Questions? Contact the yearbook committee at
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                                       Attention Parents!
Please consider voting for Oak Grove as the Best School in America. If we win,
we'll get $20,000! Pass this along to friends and family. So far we have a
few votes, but the top school only has a few hundred votes! We can beat that!
Here's the link to vote:

                         Come Meet the Cary Fire Department
The Cary Fire Department is hosting a National Fire Prevention Week Safety Day at Fred G. Bond Metro Park on
Saturday, October 3, 2009 from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. This is a free event for the whole family. Throughout the day
Cary Fire Personnel will be on hand showing off a variety of Cary's fire apparatus. Other safety agencies including
Cary's Police, CERT Team, Cary EMS and Cary's Inspections and Permits Department will be available to issue kids’
ID's and provide valuable safety information for your family. Barring an emergency or any unforeseen
circumstances, Carolina Air Care's helicopter is scheduled to drop in for a visit.

From 11:00 am - 3:00 pm, kid's can compete in the Kid's Combat Challenge. In this event, children run through an
obstacle course for an official time competing in their respective age groups. The course consists of seven obstacles
including a 22' inflatable slide, a stop, drop-and-roll station, crawl low in smoke simulator, dummy drag and house
fire simulator. Age groups include 3, 4, 5, and 6 year olds, 7, 8, and 9 year olds and 10, 11 and 12 year olds.

All participants receive Survivors' T Shirts while they last, and those that win their respective age groups will be
awarded trophies. A trackless fire truck ride will be on hand to entertain the younger kids and parents who have
never grown up!

  Join us for Family
 Night at Jelly Beans!                                         The Wake PTA Council is happy to
Oak Grove will be at Jelly Beans for a family                  announce the 2009 Wake PTA Healthy
fun event! Saturday, October 17th from 5pm                     Lifestyles 5k Run / Walk on Sunday,
– 7:15 pm (but you are welcome to skate                        November 22, 2009.
longer at no additional charge).
                                                               Join the some of the PTA executive
Admission is $6 per child ($1 extra for in-line
skates). We will have items for raffle as                      committee for this fun event! You can
well. You may see your favorite teacher or                     find more information at
Ollie there as well.                                 
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    Relink your VIC for Oak Grove! Every time you use your rewards card on HT
   products at Harris Teeter, Oak Grove receives a portion of those funds! Go to
             and look for the link:

                                   “Together In Education”

 For more information, go to the Oak Grove School website, click on PTA and then
              click on Collectibles. Remember our school code is 2674.

        Sally Foster is Here
             Notice Date Changes

September 21 – 25th for Track 4 (they will get
reminders when they track back in from
October 19 – 23)

October 5 – 16 for Tracks 1, 2 and 3                   From the Media Center – The
                                                       Media Center is starting a Birthday Book
All orders will be collected on October 23rd. We       Program. This program allows parents to
are hoping to consolidate this for everyone this       purchase a book for the Media Center in honor
year.                                                  of their child’s birthday. The birthday books are
                                                       currently in the Media Center for selection by
If you have more than one child at Oak Grove           the student. A bookplate will be placed inside
                                                       the book. The student will be the first person to
and only need one packet, feel free to email
                                                       check the book out. The book will be returned
Mandy Patterson at                                     to the Media Center to be used by other We will do our              students in the future. Each month, the Media
best to ensure you get only one packet.                Center will send home a letter for all upcoming
                                                       birthdays during the month. Please feel free to
Thank You!                                             contact Ms. Rosser or Ms. Wagner with any
                                                       questions. (387-4475)

                                       Did You Know?
                      Box Tops for Education Can Expire!

Each Box Top for Education has an expiration date printed on it. After that date, the box top
cannot be redeemed and is worthless. Please be sure to check the dates and submit them in
plenty of time so they can be sent in to the company for redemption!
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              National Childhood Cancer Foundation “Cure Search”

With the support from Oak Grove's Student Council, we will be holding a one day fund-raiser, "Cure
Search" to support the National Childhood Cancer Foundation. Students are invited to wear a hat
all day at school on Friday, Sept. 25th. If a student wishes to wear a hat, then he/she must donate
$1 to NCCF. (No checks made out to Oak Grove). Students should not wear a hat that is
distracting. Teachers will be collecting the money in their classrooms.

Thank you in advance for your support of such a worthwhile cause.

Mrs. Michot
School Counselor

      Seona McDowell Performance on Monday October 26th
               presenting Citizens of the World

SEONA MCDOWELL is one of the most unusual and versatile performers to come
out of Australia and New Zealand. She has received Australia’s OZ Music Award for
best female folk singer in 1979 & 1980. Drawing from her own colorful background,
as well as her extensive travels, her repertoire of traditional and contemporary songs
from around the world is both broad and unique. The enthusiasm derived from the
many cultures she has encountered inspire her audience and contribute greatly to
the demand for Seona’s educational programs.

“Why do most people not consider themselves to be world citizens? We live on this
planet together; we share the same air and are warmed by the same sun. This
program is about understanding cultures throughout the world and how people have
traveled and incorporated their cultures into new societies. Prejudice is caused by
ignorance. If we understand that there are usually practical reasons as to why people
dress differently, eat, what maybe to us, strange foods and talk in different
languages, then we are grasping that we are all human beings on planet Earth and
being so, we are all interdependent and must cooperate globally to survive.” Seona
will have the students playing in her world band, singing on the microphone, doing
hand actions and dancing!
"This program is supported by a grant from the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County, Inc. Additional support is provided
by funds from the North Carolina Arts Council with funding from the State of North Carolina and the National Endowment for the
Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art."

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