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									SEE for the 2012 Games Action Plan 2009-2010: WorldSkills Signature Project

The SEE for the 2012 Games Core Group has selected 4 signature projects to focus on
during 2009 and 2010, areas that are described in the „Framework for Action‟ but which
without specific intervention are less likely to be implemented successfully.

Rationale for selecting ‘WorldSkills’ as a signature project

WorldSkills is the „skills olympics‟, an international celebration of the best performers in
vocational skills areas ranging from beauty therapy, landscape gardening, building and
cabinet making to web design, floristry and engineering. Typically there are over 40 skills
competitions, and our UK Team will compete hard for gold, silver and bronze medal places
against 50 other countries. WorldSkills is being hosted in Calgary (2 nd-5th September 2009),
and then in London two years later (6th-9th October, 2011). Yorkshire sees the potential in
using WorldSkills as a means of raising awareness of, and celebrating vocational skills in
the region with a range of benefits likely to arise:

         Great learning and employment opportunities for the competitors of all ages1

         More Yorkshire businesses engaged in the skills agenda in an exciting way inspired
          by the Games and the benefits of getting involved in skills competitions

         Higher profile and recognition for participating institutions and any „training
          managers‟ that get involved in coaching the skills competitors

         Opportunity to tackle specific skills shortages in the region through a celebration of
          talent in these areas, and the inspirational momentum subsequently created

Where does this signature project fit in the region?

Yorkshire Gold Strategy
    More people with more skills at higher levels than ever before

         Enhanced awareness, profile and perceptions of Yorkshire and the Humber at home
          and abroad

SEE Framework for Action
   Competitive Outcome: Priority 4: Maximise opportunities of WorldSkills 2011 / UK
     skills competitions to foster skilled and competitive young people

What’s the Legacy?
   Greater recognition of the value of high level vocational skills in the region‟s business

         Success at WorldSkills and the publicity that celebrates our region‟s competitors will
          help create role models that inspire other young people in Yorkshire and the
          Humber‟s schools, colleges, higher education institutions and businesses

 There are specific age limits for WorldSkills and EuroSkills competitions aimed at engaging younger people, but WorldSkills UK branded
skills competitions, of which there are 70 per year, are open to all age groups.
              Y&H WorldSkills Working Group – SEE for the 2012 Games
         1    Draft Action Plan 2009-2010
Draft Action Plan

   1. Form a small working group to develop and oversee this signature project in 2009-
      2010 including preferably representatives from UK Skills, the AoC and / or an FE
      institution with a track record in delivering skills competitions, a Sector Skills Council,
      the LSC and SEE 2012 Secretariat

   2. Audit all skills competitions that are planned to take place in Yorkshire and the
      Humber (not just those relating to WorldSkills) and promote this information widely
      e.g. to the SEE 2012 virtual network; via the new SEE 2012 website (from June
      2009); through Yorkshire Gold bulletins and website to engage further interest and

   3. Identify regional and sub-regional „WorldSkills‟ champions between May 2009 and
      March 2010

   4. Consider whether there is a specific need to fill skills competition gaps i.e. are there
      any vocational skills areas where we know we have strength as a region and in
      sectors that we feel will be most affected by the London 2012 Games, where we may
      strive to encourage new competitions to be developed from scratch...and / or build
      on the Competence to Excellence project

   5. Consider the potential for celebrating skills competitions as part of „Open Weekend‟
      24-26th July 2009 – this marks the „3 years until the Olympics in London‟ e.g. can we
      organise skills demos, „come and try floristry‟, „cabinet making‟ style events for the
      general public through the SEE Network? Perhaps linked to the Squad UK or newly
      selected „Team UK‟ WorldSkills competitors from our region (tbc confirmed 16-19th
      June 2009 / see last page for squad details)

   6. Appraise, and then select, one more innovative idea from the Network / Core Group
      for this signature project e.g. can Olympic athletes / their coaches helping train
      WorldSkills / other skills competitors making best use of LLUK national report on
      „coaching excellence‟, and making an explicit link between the Games and
      vocational skills

   7. Maximise marketing and publicity opportunities before, during and after Calgary
      2009 and London 2011; and other skills competitions outside the scope of
      WorldSkills that nevertheless contribute to the legacy desired in our region

Using the draft action plan ideas above, the proposed working group (action point 1) met for
the first time at LSC Bradford on the 5th of May, and further defined the opportunities for
maximising the Games and skills competitions in this region; and produced a more detailed
list of specific actions to be taken forward between May 2009 and March 2010.

          Y&H WorldSkills Working Group – SEE for the 2012 Games
      2   Draft Action Plan 2009-2010
SEE for the 2012 Games: WorldSkills Working Group

Meeting Date: 5th May

Present: Kay Butterfield (LSC), Steve Housden (Construction Skills), Patrick Gormley (UK Skills),
Gordon Sibbald (Leeds City College) and Alan Graver (Secretariat SEE for the 2012 Games)

Patrick Gormley, UK Skills Partnerships Manager provided the group with a comprehensive
overview of:

 WorldSkills UK competitions how they work, where they are, and information sources that
  describe the detailed processes and benefits of these 70+ competitions taking place across the
  UK each year
 WorldSkills Calgary 2009 and opportunities for celebrating Yorkshire „Squad UK‟ achievements
  and progress
 WorldSkills London 2011 and how there are still many opportunities to ensure Yorkshire get‟s
  fully involved
 The marketing and promotional information resources already in place so that any region could
  utilise / potentially tailor them to their needs

Gordon provided an overview of what Leeds City College already does in respect of skills
competitions, scholarships, employer engagement and National Skills Academy activity.

Kay references a number of activities where the LSC is already involved in WorldSkills (funding
partner at national level) and could be involved at regional level by engaging other individuals e.g.
National Apprenticeship Service Employer Engagement Team.

Steve outlined the way in which Sector Skills Councils are / could be engaged in skills competitions,
and reported that to build on a forthcoming (12th May) MoU meeting between UK Skills and The
Alliance of Sector Councils, he is a route into the regional Alliance structures. He also described the
excellent skills competition events hosted by Leeds College of Building as an example of good
practice in the region.

Alan provided a brief overview of the importance of linking the work and actions of this group – and
making it relevant to – the SEE for the 2012 Games Core Group and the wider partnership
structures evolving in respect of „Yorkshire Gold‟ (please see

Other partners that have been engaged / might become members of this working group in future

 Aidan Jackson, Lifelong Learning UK England Manager
 Caroline Rowley, Regional Director Association of Colleges for this region

The working group has not agreed to meet on a regular basis as such, rather we wish to
communicate remotely to update each other on key areas of progress against the attached action
plan initially; and then come together again in 2009 as necessary when we feel another meeting is
justified or welcomed. Future meetings would best be timed at least 1-2 weeks ahead of SEE for the
2012 Games Core Group meetings currently scheduled for 14th of July and 15th of September 2009.

          Y&H WorldSkills Working Group – SEE for the 2012 Games
      3   Draft Action Plan 2009-2010
A number of key opportunities were agreed:

 Yorkshire and the Humber has the largest regional „Squad‟ for Calgary; we find out on the 30th of
  June whether any of our 11 young squad members are selected for Team UK and the chance to
  compete in Calgary in September. We wish to ensure that we capture this „moment‟ of team
  selection at the House of Lords and ensure that Yorkshire celebrates the success and talents of
  these young people. Letters will be going out to all Regional Ministers (from UK Skills) and we
  would hope that Rosie Winterton can make this occasion.

 The recruitment of a regional, and possibly 4 sub-regional „Champions‟ using UK Skills‟ draft
  specification for this role; having these champions in place – typically FE Principal level, but this
  might equally be senior level officers in strategic partner organisations) will help ensure a
  sustained action plan for this activity across Yorkshire and the Humber.

 Communicating the benefits to employers in our region about investing in talented employers
  and allowing them the freedom and time needed to train hard for skills competitions. This may
  involve a number of employer engagement routes, not least the National Apprenticeship Service
  and Sector Skills Councils. UK Skills has produced excellent marketing literature that outline
  business benefits which could be harnessed to good effect in our region.

 We need to use communications effectively in order to help identify talent amongst our colleges
  and businesses so that the region can put forward serious contenders for future WorldSkills UK,
  EuroSkills and WorldSkills competitions – not just Calgary 2009, Lisbon 2010 and London 2011
  but future competitions as well on a sustained basis.

The group agreed that the most important objective in Yorkshire and the Humber during
2009 and 2010 is to raise awareness of WorldSkills with colleges, employers, strategic
partners and of course talented individuals who can be inspired to complete at the highest

We agreed that there were significant parallels between the journey of a top athlete at the Olympic
or Paralympic Games and that of a skills competitor going for gold at WorldSkills (or indeed
EuroSkills or any high level skills competition).

Our key messages in Yorkshire and the Humber include:

 We want more skills competitors

 We want a higher level or quality of skills competitor as the bar is always being raised

 We want high quality partnerships that support skills competitors to success

 We want to develop the capacity for skills competitions in Yorkshire i.e. appropriate networks
  and support for training managers and competition host venues

 More recognition for all people taking part in competitions

          Y&H WorldSkills Working Group – SEE for the 2012 Games
      4   Draft Action Plan 2009-2010
The specific actions agreed by this working group were as follows:

Action agreed                                       Who‟s             Timeline
1. Interview with Caroline Rowley AoC to            AG                6th May
   update on this meeting and obtain further
   input re: this draft action plan – establish
   opportunities for communicating with all
   colleges re: request for „Champions‟ (see
   note below)
2. Inclusion of press release in the next SEE       AG with PG        Due for distribution to the
   for the 2012 Games Newsletter                                      virtual network (450
                                                                      partners in Y&H) Friday
                                                                      8th of May
3. Establish whether there is time / opportunity    KB to discuss     KB to advise after
   to have WorldSkills marketing information /      with Gary Rae /   speaking with Gary /
   DVD / Yorkshire Gold Skills Banner at the        Nicola Puttnam;   Nicola – probably all
   CoLaS in Harrogate on the 21st of May            AG to ask         materials needed a week
                                                    Banana Kick re:   before..15th May?
                                                    skills banner;
                                                    PG to supply
                                                    material if
4. Patrick to attend National meeting with          PG with SH        Meeting (London) 12th
   SSCs and feedback meeting notes /                                  May; Notes to follow in
   agreements / MoU arrangements to this                              May / June when
   working group; SC to advise on how this is                         available
   then adopted in our regional TASC network
5. UK Skills to write to Rosie Winterton to see     PG                PG to advise when letter
   if she can attend the 30th June House of                           has gone to Rosie
   Lords „Team UK Selection‟ launch; if yes,
   inform Yorkshire Gold Communications             AG                AG to report to YG Ops
   Network of the media opportunities                                 Network 18th May and YG
                                                                      Comms Network 2nd June
6. Disseminate „Champions‟ specification to         AG with CR        Next SEE Group meeting
   AoC and SEE for the 2012 Games Core              (AoC) and SEE     – 13th May – can be
   Group as advised. (Notional target of 5          Group             included in agenda item
   champions in Y&H by March 2010. Links                              to update on WorldSkills
   include NTA Ambassador Network.
7. Provide update on this action plan to the        AG with SH        13th May, Leeds
   SEE for the 2012 Games Core Group                please
8. Identify at least one College in Y&H willing     GS with AG        Gordon will share this
   to organise a „skills demo / come and have                         idea with SLT w/c 11th
   a go‟ style event / competition for students                       May and liaise with AG /
   or local community linked to Open Weekend                          Yorkshire Gold if it is
   (24th-26th July). This marks the 3 years to go                     possible – maybe 3
   until the Games period, and Yorkshire Gold                         vocational areas possibly
   wish to identify a relevant skills linkage and                     linked to specialism /
   can perhaps help ensure some publicity /                           2012 key sectors. AG to
   marketing support.                                                 support with publicity via
                                                                      YG Comms Network (2nd

          Y&H WorldSkills Working Group – SEE for the 2012 Games
      5   Draft Action Plan 2009-2010
Action agreed                                                Who‟s                 Timeline
9. Identify competition areas for which there is             PG to lead; may       Preferably no later than
   currently low take up in the UK and see                   need to engage        1st October – a key date
   whether Y&H could fill these gaps                         Yorkshire             in the YH „events
                                                             Forward / other       calendar‟ when Charles
                                                             partners once         Allen (LOCOG Chair
                                                             gaps are              visits the region and
                                                             identified e.g.       where we‟re looking to
                                                             food service,         make „announcements‟
                                                             jewellery,            about projects inspired by
                                                             milling and           2012
                                                             turning, graphic
10. Setting regional targets for WorldSkills                 PG to advise          As soon as target
    competitions – this may become more                                            information becomes
    important during 2009 and 2010 as John                                         available so we can share
    Denham‟s WorldSkills 2011 targets are                                          in this region
    translated by regions
11. Invite Aidan Jackson LLUK on to this                     AG                    Working on this with
    working group / SEE 2012 Core Group                                            Sharon Pickering (SEE
                                                                                   2012 Chair) for Aidan to
                                                                                   attend in July (as he can‟t
                                                                                   make the 13th May
12. Make the National Apprenticeship Service                 KB to share           Preferably an agreement
    Employer Engagement Team aware of                        with Nick             in place about how this
    WorldSkills and agree how this might be                  Wilson                might work by SEE Group
    included in their activity with employers –              (LSCYH) and           meeting mid-July
    support this team with „business benefits                supported with
    literature‟ from UK Skills                               literature as
                                                             necessary from
13. Marketing and Publicity – Key Moments of                                       Continuous feed of press
    Opportunity                                                                    releases to:
 30th June – Team UK Selection                              All                   SEE for the 2012 Games
    Announcement                                                                   communications
 September 2009 – „Send Team UK off to                      All                    Yorkshire Gold
    Calgary‟                                                                           communications
 Open Weekend „skills demos‟ if feasible                    All                    LSC communications
 September 2009 – „Welcome Team UK                          All                    UK Skills
    back from Calgary‟                                                                 Communications
 WorldSkills UK competitions in Y&H region                  All                    Strategic Partner
    in 2009 at Askham Bryan College, Leeds                                             communications
    College of Building and Kirklees College                                        AoC / College
    (Dates range from 16th May – October)                                              communications
 Please add in further ideas here                           All                    Others as necessary
14. AG to make links with Young People‟s                                           AG – PG – Suzy Alderson
    Enterprise Forum Executive Group as they                                       (YPEF Executive
    wish to help lead on WorldSkills activity too                                  Director)

 Despite winning silver in Japan the UK won‟t be sending a graphic design skills competitor to Calgary because of the
need to improve the calibre of skills competitor to compete at this level
            Y&H WorldSkills Working Group – SEE for the 2012 Games
        6   Draft Action Plan 2009-2010
    and have presentations by the Edge due in
    May 2009. Send WorldSkills promotional
    literature to YPEF
15. Progress suggestion of a „Yorkshire                              SA – AG to share
    WorldSkills‟ style regional event with                           information to see how
    Yorkshire Forward and partners led by                            this idea is positioned –
    YPEF                                                             YF likely to be involved
16. Invite Nicola Parr (YPEF) on to the working                      AG to invite NP to next
    group to ensure links between this working                       meeting when agreed for
    group and YPEF-led activity on WorldSkills                       2009

Other ideas, mentioned, but not formulated into actions yet:

 Communicating that there is still opportunity for YH to get involved in WorldSkills London 2011 –
  July 2012 is the cut off date by which finals have to have taken place that could be considered
  for 2011

 Harnessing the „excellence‟ objectives of the various National Skills Academies in Yorkshire and
  the Humber

 Developing the From Competence to Excellence programme and / or LLUK suggestions in such
  a way that training manager capacity is developed significantly in the region; furthermore,
  Patrick reports that the „Conservatory‟ has a role to play in supporting training managers in
  future so links need to be made between these activities for maximum impact

 Emphasising the opportunity for skills „teams‟ to take part in EuroSkills competitions

 Ensuring that activity is not limited to „young people‟ rather that the culture of competitions is
  applicable to people of all ages and ability

 The opportunity for working with UK skills on a brochure that could be „over-branded‟ by the
  Y&H region (more discussion required on this opportunity)

 Working with the AoC as effectively as possible to engage with colleges and building on their
  specialisms e.g. the Directory of Colleges highlights college specialisms – could that lead into
  conversations about the college getting more involved in skills competitions; could something be
  written in to their college statements / publications to evidence a commitment to skills
  competitions etc

 Co-ordinated delivery of master-classes across the region with employers

 Building further engagement with Yorkshire Forward (Bev Foster has been engaged by UK
  Skills already and Bev is also aware of Yorkshire Gold and the SEE for the 2012 Games Group)

Contact details for the working group

Kay Butterfield, LSC               01274 444138 /
                                   07770 641918
Steve Housden, Construction Skills 0113 2521966 or
                                   07919 394907
Gordon Sibbald, Leeds City College 0113 284 6361
(Thomas Danby Campus)
Patrick Gormley, UK Skills         07515 326445
Caroline Rowley, AoC               01422 311300 /
          Y&H WorldSkills Working Group – SEE for the 2012 Games
      7   Draft Action Plan 2009-2010
                                          07734 912879
Alan Graver, SEE for the 2012 Games       01904 340942 or
                                          0794 000 4560
Potential new members for next meeting
Aidan Jackson, LLUK
Nicola Parr, YPEF

          Y&H WorldSkills Working Group – SEE for the 2012 Games
      8   Draft Action Plan 2009-2010
Appendix 1: Skills Competitions Audit in Yorkshire and the Humber (May 2009)

The WorldSkills Brochure indicates that the following skills competitions are due in the region during
    May 16th – Floristry skills competition, Askham Bryan College (Heat)
    June 3rd-4th – Heating and Ventilation & Plumbing & Electrical Installation skills
      competitions, Leeds College of Building (Heats)
    June 6th – Landscape Gardening skills competition, Askham Bryan College (Heat)
    June 16th-19th – „Team UK‟ selections for World Skills Calgary 2009
    July 3rd – SkillBuild Competition, Kirklees College (Heat)
    September 2nd-5th – WorldSkills Calgary 2009
    Sept 29th – Oct 1st: Heating and Ventilation skills competition, Leeds College of Building

Sector Skills Councils have informed us of the following skills competitions / additional information:
SEMTA: Have a dedicated WorldSkills co-ordinator; sent us a WorldSkills engineering brochure
covering Aeronautical Engineering; Autobody Repair; Automobile Technology; Car Painting; CNC
Milling and Turning; Engineering Challenge; Industrial Electronics; Mechanical Engineering: CADD;
Mechatronics; Mobile Robotics; and Welding. Contact: Joanne O‟Brien T: 07595 201588

LANTRA: WorldSkills UK Landscape Gardening competition (Heat) being hosted at Askham Bryan
College, 2nd June. Contact: Angela Radley, Skills Development Officer: British Association of
Landscape Industries, Project Manager: WorldSkills UK Landscape Gardening Competition. T:
02476 698 658

Creative and Cultural Skills – Northern Design Awards, 18th June 2009. Categories include:
Product Design, Illustration, Photography, Digital Media, Architectural Design, Graphic Design and
Young      Northern       Designer*.    Organised      by     Leeds      Metropolitan    University Contact:

Lifelong Learning UK: has worked with the FE sector (Colleges, WBL and ACL) to identify best
practice in skills competition „trainer training‟ and has developed an action plan to develop a „best
practice‟ framework for use by teachers and trainers. The key role - and skills involved - of high
quality coaching, mentoring and teaching in success (or otherwise) in skills competitions is a factor
frequently-overlooked. In sport, as in skills, those assisted by good coaches and teachers with the
skills to support and motivate, do better than those without access to such skilled
professionals. Report supplied: “Coaching for Excellence” and a document relating to mentoring
units. Contact: Liz Bevins thus far, but now Aidan Jackson, England Business Manager T: 07725

Asset Skills: In the Cleaning sector the UK Clean Team squad won four of the UK‟s eight gold
medals at the first ever EuroSkills event in Rotterdam in September 2008. The UK Cleaning team
first showcased their talents as finalists in the Asset Skills UK Team Clean Challenge. We are also
the driving force behind the inclusion of cleaning at EuroSkills and at the forthcoming WorldSkills
event in London in 2001. Asset Skills has also been involved in a series of Team Clean events in
Prison nationally & therefore also in Yorkshire & Humberside. Team Clean Challenge 2009 –
“Between March and September 2009 Asset Skills will be testing and selecting the next squad of
young cleaners for two major skills competitions. We are looking for cleaning teams to go forward to
represent the UK at EuroSkills Lisbon 2010 and WorldSkills London 2011. Please email or phone 01604 233 336. Other contact: Terry Roberts, Regional Manager
– North T: 07827 947524

          Y&H WorldSkills Working Group – SEE for the 2012 Games
      9   Draft Action Plan 2009-2010
Sport and Active Leisure: Hull Football in the Community and Hull FC Enterprise Academy „case
study starting 1st April 2009, with activities taking place in September

Appendix 2: Squad UK Brochure, YH members and training managers

Squad Member        Skills Discipline             Home Town    Studied at                D.O.B.
Daniel John Cain    Autobody Repair               Grimsby      Thatcham College          18/04/87
Adam Metcalf        Bricklaying                   Hull         Hull College              16/10/87
Liam Gardner        Cabinet Making                Gilling West Leeds College of          08/01/89
Ben Eaton           Car Painting                  Sheffield    Thatcham College          16/02/89
Katie-Ann           Fashion Technology            Wigan        University of             07/02/87
Eardley                                                        Huddersfield
Robert Kelly        IT PC and Network Support     Leeds        Leeds College of          20/01/88
Grant Finch         Landscape Gardening           Scarborough  Askham Bryan              28/03/91
Luke Denby          Landscape Gardening           Skipton      Craven College            14/08/90
                                                               and Askham
                                                               Bryan College
Heather Adgie       Painting and Decorating       Leeds        Leeds College of          10/03/88
Andrew Johnston     Welding                       Addiewell    Leeds College of          03/04/87
Jack Heaton         Welding                       Hemingbrough Leeds College and         08/02/88
                                                               Doosan Training

Training Manager      Skills Discipline           Role / Institution
Michael Burdett       Bricklaying                 Programme Leader, Tutor Bricklaying, York College
Harry Turner          Landscape Gardening         Landscape Manager, Horticultural Lecturer, Askham
                                                  Bryan College
Kevin Calpin           Stonemasonry               Professional Lecturer, York College
Patrick to confirm please if any of the other training managers are in Yorkshire-based institutions

Other notes since compiling this draft plan:

LLUK, Aidan Jackson contributions / interest in being involved in this area of activity; mention of
From Competence to Excellence; mention of LLUK‟s Catalyst Programmes; idea to build up a
network of teachers / tutors who haven‟t yet but might be encouraged to get involved in future skills
competitions / as well as networking with those who are already training managers etc. Suggestion
that the region asks itself what does it want to be known for e.g. RES sectors, and then see whether
skills competitions marry up with those key sectors (get RDAs involved; mention of good practice
models in Northern Ireland and South East where employer champions for 2012 are also
champions for WorldSkills 2011).

Suzy Alderson:

Drafted by Alan Graver, SEE for the 2012 Games Yorkshire and the Humber Secretariat
1st draft: Reviewed by YH WorldSkills working group 5th May 2009
This draft: Approved for update to SEE for the 2012 Games Core Group, 13th May 2009

          Y&H WorldSkills Working Group – SEE for the 2012 Games
     10   Draft Action Plan 2009-2010
T: 01904 340942

         Y&H WorldSkills Working Group – SEE for the 2012 Games
    11   Draft Action Plan 2009-2010

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